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Writing Day #01

Hello all! Thank you so much for all the encouragement yesterday! It means more than you know! 💜

Now, on to writing!

Time spent: 1 hour

Music: 2cellos classical playlist

Accomplished: I’ve started a new section of chapter 21 in Royce’s perspective. I think one of the main reasons why writing this chapter has been so difficult, is that I’ve been writing from the wrong POV. Hopefully I have it right this time!

Another issue I need to work on, is making my three POV’s distinguishable and unique. It’s fairly challenging to write in first person with three POV’s. I constantly worrying that the voices will blend together. 😬😅

Plans for tomorrow: try writing in the morning. Continue working on this section.

Thank you guys! I love you all! 😘

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my process of planning out stories and writing them


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possible angsty plot points

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being excited to add new ideas to the story, angst included

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suddenly stuck or hits writers block or a lack of motivation/inspiration

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editing/rpoofreading/looking for mistakes

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posting and waiting for the readers to discover it, especially angsty or major plot updates

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First things first. sorry for taking so long to update! This chapter came out longer than expected. I promise the next is going to be shorter.

Also thanks to @lunalocura for being my Beta! She is an amazing person who has been helping me a lot.

Gotta mention here @eloctromagnetic too for helping me with the akuma!

Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 3

“Alright. This is definitely not okay.”

“You think??!!”

Adrien was very close to losing his nerves. He tried to keep himself calm, walking quickly around his room with big and steps: screaming would only get him discovered by Nathalie or, even worse, by his father.

Plagg, on the other hand, was sitting relaxed on Adrien’s desk with a half-eaten piece of Camembert by his side. The amount of melting decreased after Plagg ate a bit, but the black substance continued to drip off the kwami.

“Kid, stop walking in circles, you are making me dizzy,” Plagg said with a lazy tone, taking a small bite off of the smelly cheese (which looked even creepier with Plagg’s new appearance).

“How can you be so calm about this?” Adrien directed a bewildered look towards his kwami. “First, you didn’t tell me about the ring being damaged after Shockwave’s attack and t-then the detransformation almost killed me and you!” He pointed an index finger towards the little god, “you were sleeping all day and now you are melting and you just don’t car-“

“Hey! I do care!” Plagg shouted. “Just because I don’t look worried doesn’t mean I don’t care about what is happening around,” leaving his food behind, he flew towards Adrien’s direction, stopping mere millimeters away the boy’s nose. “Especially,” he narrowed his eyes, which were more frightening than before, “if a chosen of mine is being hurt because of it,” he finished, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at a now ashamed Adrien.

“Sorry,” Adrien whispered. Being lectured by Plagg always reminded Adrien that no matter how lazy and cynic the kwami was, he was still a powerful being with 5000 years of experience.

Plagg only huffed.

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pokemon hcs pt. 1

have you ever thought about what pokemon team the hamilton characters would have if they were in the universe?

boss’ memo : this is more of an au because i don’t know what chill means and also i hAD TO CUT THIS SHORT?? oops! oh, and, and–these aren’t their full parties! these are their significant pokemon =)

  • alexander gets a squirtle !! he’s named her blot !!!! she doesn’t know what she’s doing and kind of thinks that everything is food but he adores her nonetheless
    • he also owns an audino who was traded to him by lafayette–the audino is male, named ange, and helps alex out with self care!!
      • audino are often used for trainers who have difficulty taking care of themself simply because their helpful nature ! they’re also good pokemon for those who have panic attacks or anxiety, as the feelers on their ears can pick up the change in heartbeat !
    • blot is related to john’s blastoise !
      • alexander also owns a hoothoot–or, rather, he has a hoothoot that follows him around and he doesn’t want to catch said hoothoot because he kind of wants a braviary,,, unnamed hoothoot likes to perch on alex’s hair !
    • alex is very selective with the pokemon he keeps on his team, and the pokemon he usually has out is his squirtle!
      • he has a dream team, which includes an alakazam !
      • (yes, alex wants to be the very best, like no one ever was)
  • john owns a blastoise named cabbage and she’s cranky and intimidating and has a scar on her right eye but she adores john with all her heart and is ready to throw down if you as much as have a negative thought about him. she’s won most of her battles, and while john isn’t the most powerful trainer–the moment cabbage appears? everyone runs !!! because cabbage is not playing around and sees all opposing pokemon as a threat to her john,,,
    • they met when he was fishing one day and accidentally pulled up a squirtle, which he subsequently tried to hide from everyone and as he didn’t know what to feed her, he gave her cabbage
      • she was quite a fan of the cabbage and the rest is history
    • he also owns a medicham whose name is syrup–he’s a big fan of naming his pokemon after food !! syrup knows calm mind just for him !
      • he hatched syrup and raised her from the beginning !
    • john also has a skarmory who he’s named avocado. despite the cute name, if you ever decide to have a sky battle with john and he uses avocado, you can expect your flying pokemon to be badly injured at the end,, john is quite ruthless when he battles !!
    • i imagine john runs a pokemon daycare !
  • hercules owns a cleffa named rocky because this little guy knows metronome and will absolutely destroy you (and he has an affinity for randomly selecting the ‘-punch’ moves, such as thunderpunch, ice punch, fire punch, etc)
    • hercules also has a volcarona named marmalade ! he only uses his volcarona if he feels he’s in danger,,, his volcarona is his pokemon that he uses for flying ! she’s pretty protective over him, and tends to be the pokemon that follows him around, rather than rocky.
      • (because rocky is short tempered and will attack any threat on sight while marmalade calmly waits for orders)
      • marmalade was his first pokemon !
    • he owns a leavanny named pine ! she helps him out with making clothes !! pine is his most recent pokemon, but she’s very in tune with his emotions regardless ! she’s a pretty big fan of his!
    • herc owns a skitty named rouge !! rouge is kind of a brat? though, he does win all the cute and smart contests !
    • his goodra’s named periwinkle, and she’s also v punchy,, she and rocky stay in their pokeballs because they’re always ready to pick fights with other pokemon, even during times of peace,,
    • he owns a kecleon named rescue, who he actually got from john! rescue is kind of meowth-like (minus the talking) in that she’s very human with her behavior. she’s very high levelled–only marmalade outranks her! she’s a trained service pokemon, and if there’s any pokemon who can help herc out if he goes nonverbal, it’s rescue!
    • hercules seldom trades any of his pokemon because he grows very attached to them, hence his large party
    • hercules runs a fairy-type gym !
  • lafayette owns a lucario named josephine and she’s really good for him, as she helps him in reading the atmosphere. in addition, she can also sense when he’s upset and generally helps out with his low empathy!! she mega evolves (because of course she does) and she knows she’s better than all the other pokemon,, she usually has a smug expression ! you can usually find her lurking a few feet behind lafayette !!
    • lafayette is the last member of the elite four that you encounter and he helps you out if you black out (which you do when someone destroys your entire party in pokemon)
    • he has a absol named raoul, as absols help sense disaster and raoul has saved laf’s life many-a-time !! raoul is higher levelled than josephine is, but he tends to keep to himself and as a result tends to only be released if lafayette has a bad feeling about something or is getting ready to battle !
    • lafayette also owns a gengar named davet, who has a habit of escaping his pokeball and hiding in lafayette’s shadow,, davet doesn’t actually mean any harm ! he’s v friendly and adores lafayette v much !
      • davet is a shiny! and lafayette had no idea for the longest time, as shiny and nonshiny gengars look very alike
    • josephine was his first pokemon, who he hatched from an egg!! he caught davet during a haunted house dare, and he met raoul when the absol tackled him in order to save him from another trainer’s pokemon gone rogue !
  • george (washington) has a kangaskhan he affectionately calls “nana”!! nana is older than he is, and practically raised him,, she doesn’t have a baby in her pouch, but it’s fine, as she treats george like her baby and one would know better than to mess with the fury of a mom! nana is blind in one eye, but this doesn’t mean she can’t use crunch to decimate all those who oppose ‘er. she’s v high level and terrifyingly fast,,
    • he also owns a dragonite named sir hog, and sir hog doesn’t seem to mind his name at all,,, he’s a tank and can shrug off several fairy or ice type moves with no problem at all !
    • his houndoom is named loopsy and she’s usually the pokemon he has at his side !! she’s a trained service pokemon and helps george whenever his ptsd flares up !
      • (george names his pokemon like he names his dogs)
    • he owns an empoleon named george jr who is aptly named as george jr is essentially george in pokemon form,, he hatched george jr from an egg and will affectionately refer to the large metal penguin as his son,,
    • george beat the prior champion, king george, and as such is the current pokemon champion!
  • aaron owns a bulbasaur that he’s named theodosia the third (there’s no theodosia jr yet–he’s planning ahead) and he’s vowed to protect this bulbasaur with his life,, it’s unknown if theo iii knows truly how much aaron loves her,,,
    • his pidgeot is named pierre and he’s larger than most pidgeots!! pierre is the most affectionate pokemon you’ll ever find,, he still thinks he’s a tiny pidgey and tries to perch on aaron’s arm / head,, aaron is suffering but he adores pierre so it’s all fine
    • he also owns a gulpin who enjoys trying to eat his items,, she’s close to evolving and is trying to gather more mass, and aaron is aware of this–she always looks sorry when he has to wrangle his berry case away from her, but he’s not upset,, he understands. her name is lima bean
    • aaron is that one guy who has at least seven pokemon just casually following him around because they like him
      • most of the misc pokemon are cat pokemon?? he has at least three skitty that follow him and there’s always one purugly. watching. 

                                                             a thank you.

okay today i reached the 400 follower mark and i knew i was getting close, but until this morning, when i innocently realised that a couple of extra people had followed.  and then came the crying and the shaking that has kept going all day.  i am in awe.  the thought that there are 400 individuals out there who have at one point made the decision to be here, to read my writing, is INCREDIBLE. it’s just something almost u n f a t h o m a b l e to me. i never expected this.

some of you followed me on MYRCELLA,   and i remember that when i made her, i thought i was picking someone that would be liked, instead of someone i cared about. (pls don’t get me wrong, i love her, but this whole blog was me trying to be likeable)  and then i came here, and i found my feet. i started to write a character that i care about so, so much,  in a way i haven’t felt in a long time. i love willas,  he has developed so much and become more than i ever thought in just the short space of time that i have been here. i firmly believe that a lot of this is down to you, my darling, dear partners.  you make willas who he is, make me feel comfortable enough to explore in this way.

so i want to say THANK YOU. last night i posted that i had a headache, and so many of you came to me to make sure that i felt better. you are the very best of this community. every fandom, every group has it’s bad periods, and i know and understand the anxiety here,   but you – the people reading this – are amazing. you make one girl in rainy SCOTLAND so damn happy,  you give a person, who six months ago could barely leave her house without her boyfriend because of her anxiety, the confidence to find herself. you don’t fix my life or cure my mental health or anything like that,  but you give ACCEPTANCE,  and that - my darlings - is the most important thing in the world. you make me happy, you give me a space to express myself and be honest and creative, you accept me.   and that,   is worth all the weight of gold in the world.  I LOVE YOU. you are such a light point in my life.  please know, if you ever need me,  i am here.

please remember that you,  the person who is reading this,  are doing an amazing thing for a person you do not know that well.  and that is incredible.  soon, i will do a giveaway – or something – for you all, but i have a holiday booked and this is all i can offer for now.

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if i could tell the world just one thing, robert/aaron, teen. 

aaron’s hands wont stop shaking. long after he’s put a ring on robert’s finger, and gripped at them so tight their skin went white with it. long after he’d pulled impatiently at the knot in robert’s tie, and traced the red blemish on his throat with his tongue.

long after robert put aaron’s fingers in his mouth, warm, like he was taking holy communion.

long after.

“what are you doing up?” robert asks when he joins aaron in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

“donno. couldn’t sleep.”

“are you thinking about…” he doesn’t finish that, prison, because he knows he doesn’t have to. because he’s in denial, and aaron’s finished being angry about it.

“no. i’m not. i just.” he puts his hands out to show robert the simmering movement. robert takes them in his. he’s warm and soft and it’s almost a miracle. aaron always thought his hands would be his own. rough and broken and waiting to break hard against something.

to fight.

“hey. what’s going on?”

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anonymous asked:

The shovel talk scene. I remember someone talking about it, but I can't remember who (I'm sorry!) stating how it shouldn't happen. What is your view of it? (Because of racism and/or homophobia) Thanks for your time!

Okay, so I found the post you were most likely referring to. I think it’s this one where Maia explained what the ‘shovel talk’ is to an anon, and the problems she had with it. Link here

I will be honest anon, I cringed a little during the scene. Not because I don’t think brothers or sisters or even fathers shouldn’t give that talk (my father has had many a shovel talk with people I was dating at the time, and I will admit, even then it pissed me off) , but because there was so many other things going on in that scene. I wouldn’t say Jace was homophobic, but he did bring in some slutshaming when he automatically assumed that it was a ‘fling’ for Magnus whilst Alec is the innocent, who is extra sensitive and would be the one hurt easily hurt, and it irks me because we’ve seen time and again that Alec has just as much power to hurt Magnus. In fact, it is the people who are more often than not slutshamed that are the most sensitive. Why? Because they already have to deal with society’s criticism of who they love and who they choose to have sex with and they build up walls, walls to protect themselves, walls to keep that center of them from being bruised some more. So yeah, just because Magnus is the more experienced of the two of them, doesn’t automatically mean that he’s the one who would do the hurting. Alec could as easily do the hurting as well. The number of lovers you’ve had has no bearing on the amount of pain you can inflict on the person you love. So yeah, I had huge problems with the slutshaming, especially coming from a man who in the previous episode was having sex with a seelie in the house of his host. A very gracious host mind you because if that had been me, his ass would have been out the door faster than he can say dark seelie.

As for the racist connotation to the talk, yes I had a problem with it as well. Because Jace is a white male, a white SHADOWHUNTER, giving the “Do not hurt my brother or else speech” to an Asian DOWNWORLDER. Now, I’m not Asian, so for an Asian’s perspective of the talk, I will once again refer you to Maia’s post, but I do recognize the imbalance of power in that situation. Plus, he was speaking from a place of superiority that still comes back to me wondering why he had to go there. Especially after he admitted that he felt how happy Alec was through their parabatai bond. I know to himself, he thinks he’s coming from a place of being the protective younger brother, but newsflash, Alec Lightwood is 100% capable of looking after himself. He is 100% capable of fighting his own battles (as we’ve seen him do several times over). He doesn’t need Jace showing up to protect his virtue from the big bad Asian ‘Downworlder lothario’. And as much as you might have a problem with me repeating it, there’s no way anyone can hide from this fact: Jace was a white man, giving ‘the talk’ to an Asian man. That act, has racial connotations, especially considering the history of white people not wanting other races to ‘taint’ their virginal offsprings. 

So yeah, I didn’t like the scene. I also didn’t like that it further reinforced the fact that although Malec got intimate for their first time, they were not given the treatment the straight couples got, and instead we got a fade out and Jace telling us about how happy Alec was during their first time (like seriously though. Why not just bloody show us a happy Alec after the fact, snuggling with his boyfriend?). But I liked how they both smiled at the fact that Magnus wouldn’t tolerate Maryse being in his house for anyone else but Alec, and how they both agreed on the open bar. 

Accept love, but don’t abuse it-
Destroy hatred, don’t just dilute it.

E.H. Swan

Late Night Thoughts 2/14/17 11:59am


This oneshot idea has been written in the notes of my phone for literally forever, so last night I started writing it up.

Fluff ahoy. Post-Tokyo.

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover what he was feeling as he trudged towards the main room, doing so as quietly as he possibly could. Such a skill wasn’t usually difficult for him considering his level of stealth.

But when fatigue was thrown into the mix, his footsteps were a little louder and stealth kind of went out the window.

Robin yawned as he moved. His legs felt sluggish and his signature red backpack was weighing heavy on his shoulders, even though there wasn’t that much stuff inside. He had a feeling his mask was slightly askew too but he wasn’t too bothered considering he’d be taking it off soon enough.

As the doors opened with a whoosh, Robin couldn’t help but smile as the familiar scent of home filled his senses. The faint aroma of pancakes with the smallest hint of tofu in the air, the slight burn smell from the game station running throughout the day, whiffs of the girls’ respective perfumes.

It always hit him harder when he’d been away for a while.

“Rob!” Came a surprised but upbeat voice.

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anonymous asked:

Which fics have had the most influence on your writing?

This is a tricky one actually, because aside from the fic that convinced me to have a go at writing fic instead of original stuff (by the love @mulderscullyinthetardis) there haven’t been any watershed fic moments for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fic, (give me all the @malibusunset-xf-blog, syntax6 classics and all the tumblr stuff I consume daily) but my writing style hasn’t changed much as a result of reading fic.

If anything, I would say that I’ve learned more what I don’t like from reading fic. There’s certain common words (particularly in smut), certain OC things that for me are not something I enjoy reading, so I try and navigate away from them. My main influences are al the books I loved growing up, Roald Dahl, LM Montgomery, Wilkie Collins, Keats, Yeats… people who love words and play with them until they become something new!

Perhaps @somekindofseizure‘s work mught be the closest thing I have to a stylistic checksheet, her mastery of language always resonates with me, the way she creates these gorgeous images but without losing the pace of her plots is something I would love to emulate.

I also have huge respect for @sunflowerseedsandscience for the sheer speed and creativity that she puts out great plot driven stories. I am much more comfortable navel gazing so I’d like to let her influence me for good.

But the truth is, I have no one major influence, but am also influenced in small ways by everything I read. I’m a bit of a sponge, and that makes it hard to isolate one great influx of ideas and easy to find lots of pieces of other talented writers creations floating inspirngly in my brain when I sit down to write

An Announcement from the Mod

I’m just going to get this out of the way: I no longer have any motivation to continue this blog. As much as I am grateful for each and every single one of my followers, and for the wonderful, talented people I have met and written with through it, I must admit that I no longer get the joy out of roleplaying that I used to. Recently, I have had a hard time looking forward to answering messages and replying to threads. There are also several other projects of mine that I’d like to be focusing on that have been getting pushed aside due to the amount of time it takes for me to maintain this blog. Once a hobby starts feeling like a chore, it’s a sure sign that it may be time to leave it behind. I will be leaving this blog up, in case I ever want to come back, and to preserve the threads and questions posted here.

Thank you to everyone who followed this blog, sent in questions, and interacted with my muse. Your kind messages and support are what kept this blog going for as long as it did. Nothing means more to me than when people praised my portrayal of a character that, a few months ago, I would have sworn no one cared about.

Now that one bombshell has been dropped, it’s time to drop another.

I would like to take this time to reveal that I am also the mod of askwaterghoul, meaning that this indefinite hiatus will also extend to that blog. The previous statements also apply to this character. I had a lot of fun writing for both of them while they lasted. Thank you all for letting me portray these two for you.

I am definitely not finished writing for the Ghost universe. I have recently set up an Archive of Our Own account where I hope to post some fanfiction in the near future. I am also open to the possibility of private RPing over Skype. Anyone who is interested in that (or who just wants to keep in touch!) can request my contact info and personal blog url. There are many people on here whose characters I adore who I would hate to leave behind for good.

Thank you all again for all the good times I have had on here. Once more:

Ave Satanas.


one of my favorite times when i was teaching was i was teaching second grade to have them listen to music and draw what they think the music is about. so this one boy drew something from an ipad video game and i was like wow that’s pretty cool and he told me about the game. and his  friend next to him was like “yeah i play that game too!” and the boy was like “yeah we play it together all the time!” and i asked if they were friends and the boy was like “yeah! he’s my best friend!” and then he turned to his friend and RUBBED NOSES TO EACH OTHER LIKE ESKIMO KISS


SO PURE,,,,,,,