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You're a fucking loser with indy books barely making money. Who gives a shit what you think about making comics.

I received a bunch of messages in this vein, but yours didn’t have any political rants or racial epithets, so you get a response. Congrats.

When it comes to writing blog posts about making comics, I’ve always tried to make it clear that I am not a guru and don’t have anything close to all the answers.

Maybe that’s okay.

Survival bias is a state where people concentrate on only the most exemplary subjects and try to emulate them, not realizing that they’re the exception, not something typical. 

If you try to figure out how to be a “huge successful writer” by only looking at superstars and big moneymakers, you’re almost certainly going to fail. Don’t get me wrong, every creative person has tremendous hardships and rejections in their careers at different points, but the level of success a J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or Robert Kirkman now have is highly unusual and not something you can reproduce.

Maybe it’s a good idea to get a bit of advice from someone currently in the trenches, someone slowly building their name bit by bit who’s honest about what worked and what didn’t as they go along.

I’ll admit, there’s still survival bias involved in my career (many people pitch their ideas to Image, many more want to work at Marvel), but I try to temper my optimistic advice with reality wherever I can. It may not be as impressive, but it’s certainly more realistic.

I’ve known friends and colleagues who wanted their creative careers to appear like Athena, a perfect armored warrior-goddess instantly striking awe and fear into all around her, who sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus. (Seriously, that’s the legend. Mythology is fucking weird and awesome).

It doesn’t happen that way. It never will. The people I’ve known who acted that way about creativity quickly burned out on top of a pile of half-baked concepts and unfinished work. They wanted blinding inspiration and success or nothing and nothing was what they got.

If you make things you will struggle, screw up, and hate the choices you’ve made at times, but if you stick with it you will also learn and grow. Sometimes it won’t be about money. Other times that, and keeping a roof over your head, might be your only concern. Everyone’s journey is different. You can learn a bit from other people but in the end you have to go out there and do it yourself.

If you’re spending your time staring at my little bar charts shaking your fist about my success or lack thereof, you’re using way too much energy in an unproductive way. Go make stuff or go looking for Athena and see where it gets you.

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sunny idk if its just me but like the screen cap with the Angry Disappointed team, like, shiro's body language seems a lot harsher? like pidge and lance are turned to the side, while hunk, coran and allura are facing him. however, i cant help but feel just... bad??? worried? about shiro's posture. he has his back to keith. i can't fully word why this stresses me out but, like, considering their relationship, him having his back to keith is worrying;; (i mean they hugged but that.. felt distant?)

OKAY BUT. AFTER WRITING THAT S+K LEADERSHIP STUFF IN THE LAST META I KIND OF HAD AN EXCITING REVELATION!!!! im literally in the process of yelling about it on discord right now. so i can already tell you this won’t be my most coherent analysis bc im genuinely so excited to think about this LMAO. you’re getting my Live Reaction to this angle of interpretation. 

Their previous encounter is important to recall here, Keith definitely would have every reason to believe that Shiro is Angry and Disappointed at him, so that’s how Shiro looks. Just hear me out for a second because that probably sounds strange. I’m not saying Shiro isn’t those things, but. I think there’s a cool ‘but’ here. Let’s find out what that is! 

so the mindscape parallels are really cool in 4x01 and I honestly think this is deliberate mirroring. But. But there’s more! Look at where the eyes are placed in this shot you’re talking about and describing to me. Look at how you’ve just described how it made you feel, and look at the perspective here. Especially look at Shiro’s and Pidge’s eyeline: 

Yeah. From this distance, it looks like Shiro is almost looking directly at us. A zoom-in proves that it’s not completely centre:

But god MY GOD. HECKANSDOH. it’s pretty damn close when you look from this distance

We just…. it really can be felt. The way this is positioned, it hits us. Just like it hits Keith. 

Now i’m stepping away and looking more from a perspective of audience rather than just Keith, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be in Keith’s place here. We’re meant to see this from where he is standing. I think that’s one of the reasons why it has made so many people feel so strongly (note: one. there’s a lot going on here). 

If we are supposed to be there with Keith and seeing it with him, it could potentially explain why this particular shot looks this way. Everyone really does look so harsh. Granted, there is frustration and anger here. but it really does seem SO GOD DAMN INTENSE. bECAUSE TO KEITH IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE RIGHT NOW. FOR MANY REASONS. 

Keith can be pretty good at judging character but he is not so good at determining how OTHER PEOPLE judge HIS character. He is great at being objective in terms of the mission and making a decision for the greater good, but he is not objective in terms of how he thinks and believes other people see him. How he sees things regarding his relationships w the team or how they see him is not the Objective Truth (and vice versa). 

Also note, all of the shots of Keith in comparison are much closer to him. No close-ups of the team. It tends to pan sideways, Keith’s pans in towards him. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that starts once he starts delivering his speech to the team about Shiro finding the black lion: 


You can see we’ve gotten closer to Keith as he’s talking. Also look at that parallel!!! Keith’s eyes look like they’re close to the centre of the screen too. Just like Shiro’s did before. Not quite on us but we still feel close. 


Long answer is Long so more under the cut:

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Gay Chicken

pairing: fake dating!reddie

rating: undecided

All the characters are 17+ here!


“Are you asking me to play long term Gay Chicken, Tozier?”

His gaze hadn’t moved from his history book as he muttered the question, excluding the small notion of him shooting a confused glance towards his best friend. As much as he hated reading ten pages of general world history that’s been nailed into his brain in the course of an hour long class period, he’d take the boring text over getting dragged into one of Richie’s usually-bad-ending-games any day of the week.

… That’s only half a lie.

“Yes! Well, no, okay, listen to me Eds,” Richie put a quick finger up before he could be nagged about the nickname, “everyone already thinks we’re dating, so let’s make a challenge out if it. We pretend we’re dating, go on dates, hold hands, blah blah mushy mushy feelings gay shit, and whoever falls in love first, loses.” A messy grin was on Richie’s face, and as he held up a pinky as imaginative contract, Eddie could already feel himself signing it in bold black letters.
Eddie knows better, he’s known better since he took his first breath. There will always be hesitance in anything he does, simply because his mother could have said it was dangerous. Hell, his mother could’ve told him the clouds were made of toxic gas, and he would’ve never left the house again. Now being older, more mature and a little less naive to the world, he knew it was all just a facade to keep him to herself. Unfortunately, his mother would always remain as the voice of his demons.

He finally looked up from his book, a small pause in his movements as he searched Richie’s all too excited eyes. “I dunno Richie, this could end in, both very bad ways.” As the years went on, the Loser Gang drifted. Of course, they still hung out every once and awhile, Bill dragging everyone to his house for a movie night, or Mike insisting everyone to come and relax in the barn for a while to catch up. It hadn’t made him miss the quarry meetups or the barrens any less, of course, and losing Richie to a stupid, emotionally dangerous game could very well teeter him off the edge.
“Oh c’mon Eddie! This could be a master plan! Even if one of us don’t go gay for each other, we can always use it to prank the fuck out of the losers.” Eddie doesn’t quite understand how fucking with his feelings could be a prank to his slightly distanced friends, but Richie seemed to have his heart set on this. “Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to ask me on a date, Trashmouth?” Eddie snarked with a grin, holding his pinky against Richie’s, not hooking it just yet.

“Nah, sorry dude, my heart forever belongs to your mother and her fat pussy.” Richie replied with a dramatic voice. The asthmatic of the two made a disgusted face, hooking his pinky with Richie’s in a quick motion.

“You got a deal, asshole, may the most… lovable win?”
Richie twisted his hand, his palm against Eddie’s as he interlocked their fingers. Eddie’s heartbeat picked up and he could feel it quicken in his chest.

May the most lovable win.”


heY u fuckin guys this is just a preview for a fic i hope i can get the motive to write. i saw a post somewhere talking abt a fake dating!reddie and i fucking ADORE that trope so! i decided to try and see if this would spark any interest.

please tell me if I have any mistakes! rb’s are very appreciated!

My NYC Trip and Meeting Sam

I wasn’t going to write this post because I don’t feel the need to share, but I want to be able to comment about Sam and MacKenzie on some of these posts.  I was in NYC for the Charity event Sept 30.  My brother and I arrived on Wed. so we could see some Broadway and enjoy the city. We are Broadway geeks

We went to see Dear Evan Hansen at the Wed. matinee because those were the only tickets we could get.  The Tony-winning star Ben Platt does not do the matinees so we saw the understudy.  It is a stunning show with wonderful individual performances and a relevant story.

We didn’t go to Sam’s appearance at Macy’s because they already had 200 people signed up and we had theatre tickets for Thursday night anyway. We saw Hal Prince’s Broadway which was really good and Hal Prince himself did a talk back after the show.

Friday, we went over to the Orvis Store on 5th Ave for Sam’s appearance. Barbour has a joint promotion with Land Rover and Orvis.  They had a Barbour tricked out Land Rover there and Sam took pictures with fans upstairs.  It was pretty low key compared to the Barbour Store and Macy’s appearances. We met Sam and he asked my brother how tall he was - he’s 6′2″ which I could see is the same as Sam. I think Sam also appreciated talking to a guy since my brother was the only one there except for store staff. He doesn’t watch the show and only knows who Sam is through me. As Sam was leaving the store he said “Thanks for coming” and I said we’ll see you tomorrow night.  He turned around and asked “You’ll be there?” I said yes and he’s said good.

Outside the Orvis store, there was a small crowd of fans.  Sam stopped to sign a MPC shirt for a fan. My brother had his iPhone ready and asked Sam if he would say hello to Ruth (our sil) who is a big fan. Sam graciously said hello. When I figure out how to post it, I will.

Friday night we went to see an off Broadway show that was only 80 minutes. We got something to eat then my brother said he wanted to go over to Dear Evan Hansen and see Ben Platt at the stage door. There was a big crowd there and they have barricades around the stage door to keep the crowd organized.  I saw the Broadway Tony winning actress Kelly O’Hara with her husband, they went in the stage door to meet the cast.  We waited and waited and waited for the cast to start coming out. Finally a couple of them came out to greet their fans but we were still waiting for Ben Platt.

I had my back to the crowd and the stage door and was looking across the street because I was frankly bored by it all and I was tired. Suddenly my brother says, “There’s that Sam guy.” I whipped around and he pointed and I could see the top of Sam’s head making his way down the gauntlet to exit the fan crowd.  No one recognized him except us. When I finally saw Sam he was holding MacKenzie’s hand and they ran across the street. Sam was wearing his gold suede jacket and jeans.  MacKenzie had on a black skirt, I think, and high heeled short boots.  She look BEAUTIFUL.  She is just stunning in person. When they reach the other side of the street, they wrapped their arms around each other and walked quickly down the block and around the corner. They looked happy and energized. I felt like I had just seen a unicorn because how many fans have seen them together in person?

I was tempted to follow them - for a split second - but then I thought that was really stalkerish.  I could have gotten my phone out and taken a video or picture but I’m not the type of person who would video someone without their knowledge.  I believe public figures have a right to enjoy their personal time.

Saturday night at the Charity Event I mentioned a couple things to Sam. I told him I saw him after DEH and asked how he liked it.  He said it was tremendous (I’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly what he said!).  Then I asked him if he was at Arthur Miller’s The Crucible after the Tartan Day Parade last year.  He looked at me and said yes!.  I told him I was in the audience and saw him there.  He said “You are everywhere!.” (I thought, no, Sam, YOU are everywhere!)

After our meet with Sam my brother was waiting to use the men’s room when Sam walked up to use it, too.  They had let some women use the men’s room because of the overwhelming number of women at the event - there were only about 8-10 men total. My brother told Sam he could use it first then they talked for a couple minutes about Dear Evan Hansen and how much they liked it.

My brother’s assessment of Sam is that he’s a regular guy. My assessment is the same.

I’m posting this for fans who want to read about my experience meeting and seeing Sam (and MacKenzie).  I don’t care whether the deniers believe me or not.  They can go jump in a lake.

Updated: I totally forgot to mention the reason I originally gave the info about seeing Sam and MacKenzie as an anon to Purv.  It was nearly midnight when we got back to the hotel and I know Purv is in California so I messaged the info to her.  i really didn’t want to post it on my blog because I don’t consider myself a truther and I don’t post about Sam’s personal life except when I’m outraged by screen shots.  I’m glad now that I did give her that info when I did because MacKenzie posted the DEH playbill on her IG on Saturday evening, which corroborated my story. 

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25 Bughead ? I love your writing *-*

Holy wow that means a lot to me. I just recently got enough confidence to actually post my writings online again so the amount of positive feedback I’m getting from such kind amazing people like you just WOW just wow!

25. librarian/avid reader au (i made Jug the library assistant like they have at schools here I hope that’s okay <3)

Betty Cooper loved the library. It was quiet, gave her plenty of time to dedicate to her mountain of essays currently accumulating. A Double Major was the only way she could make Alice Cooper happy. Journalism and Criminology. It’s not that she didn’t love them, it’s that combined there was a lot of paperwork and halfway through the second semester of her junior year, she was starting to drown.

“I hate you, you know that?” she heard someone mutter behind her.

Betty couldn’t help but turn around. Curiosity would kill this cat one day, but finding the answers was bred into her DNA. What was surprising though, was that no altercation was taking place, not really. There were no men whisper arguing about a drug deal gone wrong, but instead, a very pissed off looking man covered in ink.

He was tall, dark, handsome, with a crown beanie sitting atop his head and a frustrated scowl on his face. Betty recognized him as one of the library aids, working here as part of a school/work program offered to first-generation college students. He had been in a few of her classes too. Jughead Jones. It was a hard name to forget.

She probably should have helped. That would have been the good girl thing to do. But she got a kind of sick pleasure out of watching him struggle.

“Why are you like this? Why? We have three printers. Only three, in a school of thousands right before final exams. You think it’s funny to just die on me like this and eat the poor kid’s printed essay? That could easily be half his grade.”

“It’s only 25%,” she had not noticed before the ginger man standing beside him, looking tired, strung out, and about as dead as she felt.

“Shut up Archie that’s not any way to negotiate with a printer.”

Betty couldn’t help the laugh that erupted. It was much too loud for the library atmosphere, but it was the first time she’d felt mirth in months. The two boys looked back, expressions a mix of surprise and frustration.

“Let me help you,” she offered, standing to her feet. Printers weren’t old cars but she’d been there when the Register’s printers had shot down right before print a few times.

The guy named Archie looked confused, “Are you going to yell at it? Because Jughead already tried that.”

“We weren’t yelling, we were playing Good Cop, Bad Cop. It’s holding your paper hostage and we need to get it back.”

She rolled her eyes, opening the machine and setting to work. There was a bit of an ink situation, but once that was cleaned up she had the thing roaring back to life in a matter of seconds. Soon all 20 pages of whatever essay had been written were spit out, at last free from their mechanical captor. Both Jughead and Archie looked at her stunned.

“Oh my God marry me,” Jughead murmured.

Betty smiled sweetly, “Normally it’s coffee before marriage but for you, I’ll make an exception.”

Seemingly unperplexed by the conversation at hand, was holding the papers tightly, murmuring sweet nothings to the white sheets. Something about keeping his football scholarship.

“Of course,” Jughead gave her a wry smile, “Where are my manners. I get off at in about fifteen minutes and there’s this really amazing coffee shop that’s half as expensive and twice as good as Starbucks.”

“I’ll be waiting, good cop.”

For Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

App: Fitbit

☀ 62F


6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻  
128+ oz Water 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
Sunscreen 👍🏻
10,000-15,000 Steps 👍🏻
Lay Out Clothes 👍🏻
Make Bed 👍🏻

Tuesday was the kind of day, where you sit down and say, “Why the Hell am I writing about this?” So. It was a pretty eventless day overall and I don’t want to bore everyone to death. Here goes. I had my driving lesson and we did more parking exercises. The instructor says once I can park without instruction that we’re going to do freeway. That both excites and scares me. Excites, because I need to learn it. Scares, because–freeway.

Well, that was truly all I really did yesterday. Not unless you want to hear about taking 18 of Nick’s wrinkly shirts to the dry cleaner. I did drive there myself, as I’m trying to make up some lost ground.


App: CRON-O-Meter Gold

So. I’m still experimenting with homemade meat substitutes before I start writing posts about my findings. This one is made out of sprouted tofu and some seitan. The flavor actually wasn’t too bland and while I don’t hate the texture, it does give off that puffy kind of feeling you might expect from bread and I’d like to find a way to give some variety to the texture (perhaps some diced veggies). Warmer, but still needs some tweaking. 

I’m still struggling to go 100% vegetarian, but I’m doing what I can at the moment and not mad at it. It’s hard when we eat out because it’s hard to find something that has balanced macros and will keep me full for longer than thirty minutes. Sometimes there will be a vegetarian menu item, but it’s not dairy free and food intolerance sort of supersedes to be completely honest… Also, my fiance has been cooking more to give me a break. I’m so busy that I’d probably turn full bitch-face if I had to come home and then cook and clean, but when he cooks there will definitely be meat (grateful for the help but that is the situation). I think once I’m working and have to take all my food with me to work I’ll be able to do it, but right now the only thing on my mind is finishing this externship. 

Biceps and Triceps

App: Fitbit

Treadmill Warmup (10 minutes)
Pushups: 35
Triceps Dips: 3 x 12
Triceps Press: 75 lbs, 3 x 8
Dumbbell Bicep Curls: w/ 20 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Hammer Curls: w/ 17.5 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Supine Bicep Curls: w/ 15 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Triceps Bench Press: w/ 15 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Triceps Extension: w/ 25 lb dumbbell (single), 3 x 8

My Monthy Workout Challenge, Week 2

Monday: 30 minutes walking
Tuesday: 30 minutes treadmill cardio, 96 minutes walking
Wednesday: 73 minutes walking
Thursday: 31 minutes treadmill cardio, 50 minutes walking
Friday: 33 minutes treadmill cardio, 81 minutes walking
Saturday: 72 minutes walking
Sunday: 138 minutes hiking

7 days complete, 634 active minutes

Blizzard, I could write you a two page essay on why there needs to be more neon skins.

Heroes of Olympus as popular text posts
  • Percy: ''Fun drinking game: Take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated.''
  • Annabeth: ''Do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking?''
  • Jason: ''If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that one time i didn’t understand that my waiter was just trying to give me my change so i fist bumped him instead ''
  • Piper: ''People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting “what the fuck that’s illegal” or “you can’t do that” let me talk dear god''
  • Leo: ''Back by unpopular demand: me''
  • Hazel: ''I watched my brother drop a remote on his foot and the only thing he said was “i am so sick of being alive”''
  • Frank: ''Listen, I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you, you need to ask yourself why.''
  • Nico: ''Gayer than intended: an autobiography''
  • Reyna: ''Girls aren’t playing hard to get… They don’t want you.''

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five steps for not writing a boring story? i can never ever write something that doesn't end up boring 😂

Hiya! Thanks for your question. Writing an engaging story is complicated, but it can be done.

First off, there are so many aspects to writing a gripping story. Honestly, it can’t be done in five steps (and certainly not in one blog post). To prevent a boring story you need strong characters, an exciting plot, good pacing… the list goes on and on.

So rather than type out a 3000+ word response, I’m going to give you a mini-masterpost of the key aspects of writing a non-boring story with links to other LGF posts. Here you go:

How Not to Write a Boring Story:


How to Write Better Descriptions

Showing vs Telling

How to Create Interesting World-Building


How to Create a Unique Character Voice

Writing Unique Dialogue

How to Prevent Your Story from Being Dialogue-Heavy


What Do You Do When Your Main Character Doesn’t Jump Off the Page?

Three Types of Character Traits

Writing Character Arcs


How to Make Your Conflict Less Plain

The Element Every Story Needs

How to Avoid Unnecessary Scenes


Why Your Story Feels Too Fast

How to Pace a Scene More Quickly

Pacing Through Details


What to Write in a First Chapter

How to Avoid Info Dumps in the Beginning

10 Ways to Start Your Story


How to Build-Up to a Climax

Plotting the Middle

Creating and Maintaining Tension


Traits of a Strong Ending

Examples of Narrative Endings

Dual Duties of Chapter Endings


What Aspects Make a Good Story?

The Four Horsemen of the Bore-Apocalypse

Thanks again for your question! If you need any more writing advice, feel free to send in another ask! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

The Problem with Modern Clown Breeding

Alright, this may be out of line, but there’s an elephant in the comically-undersized room and it’s high time we addressed it. Simply put, breed standards have become stringent to the point where inbreeding, and all the health issues that come with it, is rampant in the clown-showing circuit. Confused? Let me show you an example.

This is what a Belgian Spurthigh looked like in the late 1800s. Like most breeds in the Japing group, it was bred for function over form - those distinctive bony spurs on its hips, for example, protected the pelvis during particularly intense pratfalls. But over the last 100 years, we’ve exaggerated these features to a grotesque degree - take a look at the modern Belgian Spurthigh.

A single-minded focus on aesthetics has turned the breed into a warped caricature of its past self, and a veritable time bomb of health issues. Cataracts and hip dysplasia are so common that newly-hatched chucklets have to be tested for them, and the hip spurs are so pronounced in utero that they run the risk of puncturing the egg sac. Let me emphasize that again: in their current state, they cannot lay eggs naturally - to prevent the eggs from puncturing themselves, you have to give the mother a C-section and pull the strings of egg sacs out like a bunch of handkerchiefs tied together. This is not a state any living thing should exist in.

But how did it get this bad, you ask? Blame clown-showing authorities like the American Kook Club. The breed standards they set defining “ideal” clowns have gradually called for more and more pronounced features. When individuals win big events like Jokesminster, every breeder of that breed wants to to have the winner sire a litter with one of their clowns. When everyone is focused on a single, homogeneous ideal, inbreeding runs rampant and the breed’s gene pool shrinks dramatically.

So what do we do now? Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy solution. Preserving high-risk breeds may require crossing over with related breeds (in the case of the Belgian Spurthigh, we’ve seen some success with Andalusian Fool mixes). Clown breeders must continue to put pressure on the AKC and other authorities to prioritize health when defining breed standards. The clown breeds we know and love are in danger, but I believe that if we work together, we can continue to have happy and healthy clowns for generations to come.

The thing about Harry Potter as a character is that he is insanely observant when he actually cares enough to pay attention. Meaning 90% of the stuff he deems unimportant flies over his head, but he makes these huge leaps of logic and intuition when he bothers to focus. Like in the books when it comes to anything relating to Voldemort or Death Eaters or People Not To Be Trusted (Draco, Umbridge). Growing up, he had to be able to see when a situation was going south long before the frying pan or Dudley’s fists came his way. But he also had to be able to ignore and tune out the constant flow of shit and neglect he was treated to.

If you think about it, for all the better aspects of Hogwarts, it still followed this same basic pattern. He had to pay close attention to the things trying to kill him (even classes took a back seat to this), but find a way to ignore and not acknowledge all the rumors and staring and people thinking he’s a prat or the heir of slytherin or a liar. I think this is why the arguments that Harry is a mushroom and notices nothing, and the arguments that he is deductively brilliant can exist side by side. He’s both. It’s also why, in my opinion, he tends to be ridiculously observant of Ginny once he starts to notice her as something important. She barely exists in the early narrative other than Someone to Be Saved. It’s also why Ginny can sometimes feel like she ‘comes from nowhere’ in the narrative. As far as Harry is concerned, she did come from nowhere. The switch in Harry’s brain went from Doesn’t Matter–Ignore to Very Important–Pay Close Attention, and BAM, there she was. Everywhere.