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Hi, I'm interested in hearing a bit about how you write Garnet, if you have the time. Thank you!

Not sure how strictly writing-related I can make it, but I’ll certainly give it a try! 

I went looking for earlier wordy Garnet posts, and I found some here, here, here (this post is quite old and kinda funny to read with what we know now, but it - and its tags especially - still reflects a lot of my main Garnet feelings), and here, if you want to check them out.

I think one of the most important things to keep in mind with Garnet in general and that I see people struggle with post-Jailbreak is that she is her own person. In a writing sense, this is especially important if you’re going for Garnet POV. If I want to include Ruby and Sapphire in things, and I often do, the way I kind of conceptualise it is that, rather than Ruby and Sapphire piloting a mech called Garnet, you have Garnet going around with Ruby and Sapphire sitting on her shoulders and occasionally chattering like those little angels and devils they use for consciences in old cartoons, you know? A bit like in this promo.

Fusion is obviously a concept that has both none and many parallels and almost-equivalents to us humans, which is, I think, what makes it so fascinating, and why writing from the POV of someone who lives her life as a fusion is both challenging and interesting - and potentially very rewarding. Fusion “headspaces” like the stuff we’ve seen in the show with Malachite and Stevonnie can be an interesting thing to explore. In Garnet’s case, there’s sometimes just one person there, but most of the time it’s really three people - only in times of great upset or crisis, close to splitting apart, does it become two. She’s also not this even split of Ruby and Sapphire traits that can be neatly sorted into two baskets or whatever, and things like “Garnet is crying out of this one eye, means it’s Ruby who is upset” just don’t work. Keeping It Together is an amazing episode for getting a better understanding of Garnet and I feel I’ve rewatched it countless times while getting into a Garnet-writing space (also, post-KIT hurt/comfort is an instant win if you want to pander to me, just fyi).

With the obvious big deal of fusion out of the way, we have the other big Garnet issue, which is her future vision. Rebecca Sugar gave a nice summary of it in this year’s Comic Con interview:

[Garnet’s] future vision is specifically their combined power. There’s a way I like to think about Garnet’s future vision: Sapphire can see the future if she is completely passive. When you see her in the past and she knows what’s going to happen, it’s what will happen if she doesn’t intervene with anything, she’s a completely passive character at that time. Ruby is extremely impulsive and was able to derail what she knew would happen by changing it. Garnet’s future vision is not Sapphire’s future vision, it’s a series of possibilities based on what would happen if she did do something. Sapphire on her own would never do something but they can track possible outcomes of their combined personalities. That’s why her power is not always flawless, but a lot more expansive. 

We know from examples such as Pearl’s deception in Cry for Help that Garnet has to actively look into the future and seek out probabilities - in that instance, her attempts to find a specific future outcome with Peridot completely blinded her to the fact that Pearl was the one fixing the communication hub. From a ficcing perspective, it can be a real gift if used right, especially in more plot-heavy things. It also gets pretty heavy when you consider just how many highly realistic visions of things going wrong Garnet puts herself through on a regular basis. Kinda related, a nice thing to notice is Garnet usually fiddles with her shades when she’s actively using future vision.

More technical things, hm… don’t try to write her accent. Trying to render a dialect or accent leads to an unintelligible mess of weirdly placed apostrophes more often than not and can really take you out of a story (it’s frustrating to have to puzzle over what a character just said). Just write what she’s saying and get the speech patterns down as best as you can and have faith that your readers know what Garnet sounds like.

Garnet generally doesn’t talk a whole lot, but when she does she makes it count and it is usually in brief, straightforward statements. She’s hilarious (Master of Comedy™) but her jokes tend to be these deadpan things with killer delivery rather than, say, Amethyst and Steven’s ridiculous puns. She’s super Cool and quite a bit reserved, but in a very deliberate way, like she’s keeping up an image (which she is, because she is also a big dork - especially if we’re talking about love and fusion). She also isn’t very… hm, I’m not quite sure how to put this, but… she isn’t very dramatically physically demonstrative most of the time, or rather she has her own brand of it, she’s just kinda lowkey casually physically affectionate, accepting, and present? Like carrying Steven around (often on her head) or letting Pearl cling to her and hide behind her, stuff like that.

This is the usual, of course, which only serves to highlight occasions where it’s all flipped; where Garnet clings to Pearl and quietly screams over Smoky Quartz for an entire minute, for example, or breaks down when faced with the fusion experiments, or gathers up her entire family and hugs the hell out of them. Dunno, it’s just that like so many things about her, she really makes it count and it stands out to me. I like that we’ve had more and more of these instances - a big thing with Garnet now compared to Garnet in season one is how much more open and relaxed she is, and this progression is something I adore and hope to see more of (I also really really want to see more of her goofing off with Amethyst). You can also sort of keep track of this if you take note whenever she removes her shades (which has been happening more and more often, too!), usually in really touching, honest moments, taking great care to be approachable, and allowing herself to be vulnerable.

Notably, while Pearl is the show’s go-to Exposition Provider, it’s usually Garnet who sits or kneels down to Steven’s level and calmly explains something about his powers or Gem magic or Rose to him. She has this whole… special gentle tone of voice when she does it, I love it, it’s the best. In Log Date she does this for Peridot, too. Another one of my favourite things was brought up during last year’s Comic Con and it’s the fact that Garnet never asks questions - that’s an actual official guideline for SU writers:

Q: When it comes to tie-ins like the comics, for example, what kind of input do you have?

REBECCA SUGAR: I’m very much in the show all the time, and everything that gets made somewhere else is like a little harder to collaborate on because the show takes up so much of my time, so we talk broad things about the characters. For example, Garnet never asks questions. Ever. She’s sure of everything she says, so if you’re putting this in, she’ll never ask a question.

IAN JONES-QUARTEY: If you see Garnet ask a question in something, it’s not canon.

It’s neat that this is a thing in-universe, too. Notably it was recently amusingly lampshaded in Know Your Fusion, when she wanted to ask Steven and Amethyst what they were planning together and ended up getting Pearl to ask them for her. Even her backstory episode is called The Answer - and it features what is perhaps the root of this, a great scene of confused newbie fusion Garnet being told by Rose Quartz:

No more questions. Don’t ever question this. You already are the answer.

She is often almost aggressively positive about herself - Garnet always wins, Garnet is awesome, all that (very true) stuff. It’s very much a part of her rebellion: we know now that she’s had (and has) to prove this (herself, her own right to even exist) over and over - hell, in her very first seconds of existence she was called “disgusting”. From another recent interview, a note related to that:

Garnet’s confidence is so much of her character, because it’s something she earned, and this was the first time we’d get to show her original state, a being that exploded out of an outrageously romantic gesture.

The above interview also mentions the team dynamic often being split in a Garnet + Pearl/Amethyst + Steven sense, and this is something I find very interesting. Garnet and Pearl are the ones who’ve been through the war, who’ve been with Rose the longest, who pal around and reminisce with Bismuth, and who for better or worse know Homeworld best (the reveal in The Answer that Garnet herself was never actually on Homeworld puts an interesting spin on things, making her “experiences” exclusively filtered through Ruby’s and Sapphire’s own).

Going from there, contrasting Garnet with Pearl is interesting because Garnet, to me, besides her efforts to be the dependable stoic leader of the Crystal Gems, has this whole “lover not a fighter” air about her. She fights when and because it’s necessary, because otherwise she quite literally wouldn’t get to exist - it’s not something she sees or paints as great and glorious and that she derives personal satisfaction or pride from, like Pearl often does. Rose’s Scabbard with their contrasting descriptions of the strawberry battlefield is a good in-show example of this, I think.

If you’re up for more Garnet meta, there’s some good stuff here, in particular a bit I really like featuring a nifty summary of her unique connections with each of the other CGs:

Garnet is willful. Garnet is protective. Garnet is loving. She is an Earthling like Amethyst; a fusion of love like Steven; a leader like Rose; a fighter like Pearl. Garnet is also an embodiment of balance: Ruby is fire, Sapphire is ice.

Finally, since this was supposed to be about writing, let me just grab my Garnet fics from my masterpost and put them here.

Beneath My Palms

Amethyst tends to comfort simply by existing. Pearl is fussy and overprotective. Garnet appreciates them both. Keeping It Together episode tag. Mild Polygems. | AO3

That Original Lifeline

Protection, comfort, and safety, or the Terrifying Renegade and the Fusion through the years, and a small tribute to those “five times plus one” fic formats of old. Pearl/Garnet. | AO3

The Hidden Law Of A Probable Outcome

The beginning of the rebellion. Pretty much everything is new to Garnet, but some things are new to Rose and Pearl, too. Or: Eloping to Earth is a grand idea. Garnet, Pearl/Rose, and a guest star, The Answer episode tag. | AO3

Every Time We Open Up Our Eyes

It may not be a role she ever wanted to play, but she likes to think she isn’t doing too shabby. Garnet and her team. Or: well, Gems talking, mostly. Garnet POV snippets from what we’ve so far seen of the Barn Arc, and a sort of intro to The Answer and the Steven Bomb. Gamethyst if you squint. | AO3

There’s also a couple in which Garnet isn’t the focus, but plays an important role:

A Language Of Its Own

On the nature of human affection-related rituals, their application in several established Gem relationships, and fusion. But mostly kissing. Pearl/Rose, Garnet/Rainbow Quartz. | AO3

Peel Away The Bark

Wallowing in guilt and drowning in apologies, or: Pearl POV snippets from the Week of Sardonyx and its aftermath. Pearl/Garnet, Steven. | AO3

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Spock believes Bones is incapable of any emotional control or holding back anything. Spock discovers how wrong his assessment is when he discovers how much sadness and loneliness he bottles up and bears constantly. Spock finds this unacceptable, and vows to try and make Bones happy any way he can. (whether Spock knows he's in love with Bones yet is up to you.)

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

Humans are emotional.

It’s not like this fact is new or surprising, but Spock still can’t help but feel lost, and a little bewildered, when he gets caught in the middle of an emotional storm – something that is near constant with Dr. McCoy. Leonard McCoy is an exceptional doctor, he’s one of the most skilled surgeons Spock has ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he is a brilliant researcher. Despite all this, the doctor is also a man who is completely run by his emotions. Indeed, he is quite incapable of exerting any sort of control over them, and always seems to be in a passionate state over one thing or another.

To Spock, it seems like a most inefficient way to live, and quite exhausting as well.

There has never been any cause for Spock to question his assessment of the doctor, and he is quite confident that he has the man all figured out.

Humans are contrary.

They refused to be so easily classified, and Leonard McCoy is the absolute worst in this case. He seems to thrive on completely destroying Spock’s expectations and careful classification.

The landing party had been attacked by Klingons when they were checking on a human colony. The casualty rate is high, the med-bay is absolutely full, and Spock gets his first hint that he may have completely misjudged the doctor.

The captain had sent Spock down to get treated for a phaser wound on his arm, nothing that he though warranted concern, but orders were orders.

“Spock! What are you doing here?” The doctor catches sight of him, and makes his way through the crowd to where he’s standing awkwardly by the door. “Did you get hit too?”

A frown creases the doctor’s brow, and he looks Spock over from head to toe, with a clinical look in his eyes. “Just a phaser wound on your arm? You’re going to have to wait. I’m up to my eyeballs in here and it always seems like I have too much staff, except when there’s a crisis, then I don’t have enough!” he half growls, running a hand distractedly through his hair, making it stand up at odd angles.

Spock lifts an eye brow, though he doesn’t say anything about the emotional outburst. “Of course, doctor,” he acknowledges.

“Great, take a bed and I’ll-”

“Doctor McCoy! We’ve got a dpw, looks like a bat’leth.”

McCoy immediately turns away from Spock, an intense look crosses his features. “I’m on my way. You stay there,” he says, almost as an afterthought, not even glancing over his shoulder as he hurries off.

There had been that brief emotional outburst, but now the doctor is all efficiency, checking charts and monitoring his staff with a coolness that Spock can admire.

“Shit, they got her good. Prep her for surgery right away, we’ll see if we can’t get that internal bleeding to stop so our regenerators can do their work. M’Benga, you’re in charge here, funnel all patients directly to me in surgery, I have a feeling I’ll be there awhile.”

Curiosity makes Spock follow to the viewing area. His wound, while painful, is not in immediate need of attention and he would far rather witness the doctor at work.

The first patient survives, the second does not. The doctor labours for two solid hours before he finally calls it. Spock waits for it, wait for the emotional outburst that he knows must be coming, because that’s just how the doctor is, when he can’t control something, he gets passionately emotional.

Nothing happens.

McCoy strips off his bloody gloves, pulls down his mask, and calmly says the time. There’s a brief moment when his shoulders slump, but they straighten almost immediately and he retreats to the prep room, presumably to change out of his bloody clothing and get sterilized again.

It takes maybe twenty-minutes, and then he’s back in the operating room, trying to keep one more person from death.

Humans are hard.

Leonard had been working for over twenty straight hours. There had been a virus on Moab IV that was targeting specific genetics that had been bred into the human colonists. When the Enterprise had arrived, there’d already been two deaths, and Leonard had been determined to find a cure before there was anymore.

He had not succeeded.

Three more deaths, two of them children, yet Leonard hadn’t even batted an eye, he’d continued his research until he’d succeeded in saving the rest.

Spock knocks on the door to Leonard’s private office. There’s a growled response that Spock decided to take as permission, and he steps through the door.

Leonard is at his desk, a glass of amber liquor in his hand, but all he’s doing is staring at it. “What do you want Spock?” he asks, his tone soft, voice tired, but there is none of the excess emotion that Spock had expected to be subject to.

“I came to inquire after you. The captain is concerned and has expressed his wishes that you get some sleep before starting on your reports.” Spock steps further into the room, positioning himself closer to Leonard. “I was wondering if I might take a look at your preliminary findings?” He reaches for the PADD in front of Leonard, his fingers grazing lightly over the exposed skin of his writs as he leans down.

He’s nearly overwhelmed.

“Oh he did, did he?” There’s a twist in Leonard’s smile that Spock doesn’t recognize. The doctor sighs, and leans back in his chair, closing his eyes.

Spock is still fighting through the mess of emotions - anger, fear, desperation, sadness, loneliness – that had been transferred in that brief touch when he had purposefully lowered his barriers.

“It’s my little girl’s birthday today,” he says softly. He doesn’t look at Spock, doesn’t give any indication to how he’s feeling, but Spock can practically taste his emotions on the air, can feel them still swirling in the back of his mind.

“You miss her.” It’s an observation, not a question.

“Course I do. She doesn’t have time for me anymore though. Can’t say I blame her, I’m all the way out here after all.” Leonard shakes his head, and now Spock can see it, the sheer force of emotion that Leonard is holding back.

Every day. It’s bottled up and compartmentalized a burden the doctor is bearing all by himself.

Spock can see why he loses it sometimes; venting his frustrations to the world so no one looks closer to see the loneliness he’s keeping to himself.

For some reason, this doesn’t sit well with Spock. He doesn’t like this new knowledge. It feels heavy and uncomfortable, it tugs at him to do something, to find a way to make Leonard’s burden a little lighter.

Spock resolves to do some further research.

Humans are complicated, emotional beings, but he very much wants to see Leonard McCoy happy.

Now with a Part 2: Bones POV

Clexa AU: after Lexa and her girlfriend broke up, Woods leaves her own home for road tripping. She was in every state of America and then meets positive and funny (at the first sight) Clarke, who is trying to find her long lost mother. Griffin convices Lexa to take her in the unending road, and this is the beginning of their friendship and even more.

And here I am again thinking about us. Maybe what we had could’ve lasted if we only threw away our pride. See we wore it like an armor, cold and rude and heavy. It covered every inch of skin on our bodies whenever we clashed, whenever we disagreed, whenever we made a mistake. Maybe if we took it off, steel won’t be met with steel and instead, we’ll find our arms wrapping our bodies together until we realize, we were never trying to fight. What we had was never a battle, we wore our pride like an armor but maybe it was our only threat. All we had to do was forgive. Forgive me for leaving, dear, and I’ll forgive you for not making me stay.
—  Me (JNH). Thoughts and musings.
Car ride.

hiiiiii can you write something about also being a singer and you’re on carpool karaoke with James and Harry?

Heyyy thank you so much for the request! It was quite hard to write this one actually… I’m sorry if it sucks. I used one of Taylor Swifts song. Let’s just ignore the fact that Taylor and H were dating.

Harry opened the black car door for her and Y/N sat down on the passenger seat.
“Hi James.” Y/N said and put her seat belt on.
Harry got into the back before also greeting James and fastening his seat belt.
“Thank you guys so much for helping me get to work. The traffic is horrible lately.” James said.
“Oh no problem. Haven’t got anything planned anyway. So let’s start the journey, yeah?” Y/N asked and made herself comfortable in her seat.
“Yeah, I guess.”
James started the engine and began to drive the three of them through the busy streets of Los Angeles.
“So you guys are dating for a while now, right?” James asked them.
“Almost a year, isn’t it?” Harry said.
“Wow, that’s incredible. And you’re still good, yeah? Nothing bad going to happen?“
“No, no. Absolutely not. We’re all good.” Y/N said and looked out of the window.
“We really are. S'great that we don’t have a lot to do right now. Finally have some time for each other.” Harry said and put one hand on Y/Ns shoulder.
“You’re both on a little break, right? I mean that’s great but like… I kinda miss you guys.” James said and pretended to look at them sadly.
“We try to be on a break, at least. Isn’t that easy when people call you and persuade you to help them get to work.” Y/N said and giggled at James offended ‘Shut up!’
“So like I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the company or I’m bored of you two but could we maybe listen to some music?” Y/N asked then and turned to look at James.
“Of course.” James said and turned on the music player.

Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you’ve done Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood, hey!
Y/N and James were full on singing along to Y/Ns world hit while Harry was just occasionally singing a few lines and bopping his head. After the song ended James shut off the music player again,
“So something that I always asked myself since you guys are together is if you write songs about each other. I mean for example ‘Bad blood’ could have happened after a fight, right?”
They both hesitated a bit before Harry decided to speak up,
“I mean it’s obvious that we write from personal experience but not every song is always about what people think it’s about. We did write songs about each other but I hope that ‘Bad blood’ isn’t about me. Wouldn’t be that nice, babe.”
Y/N laughed and turned around to squeeze Harrys knee,
“Don’t worry. I only wrote ‘I knew you were trouble’ about you.”
James laughed at that and shook his head incredibly,
“So it’s really true. But I mean that’s a break up song… How…? Why…?”
“That song happened at the very beginning when we met. He was a bit of an arse back then.“Y/N laughed again.
“Oi!” Harry exclaimed and looked at her with a frown.
“Alright… I really don’t want Y/N to leave this car and write another break up song so…”
James turned the music back on and this time ‘Perfect’ started to play.

And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out
And if you’re looking for someone to write your break up songs about
Baby, I’m perfect
Baby, we’re perfect
James turned the music off again and because he was standing at a red light he turned to the both of them and leaned on the console in the middle,
“This song is so about Y/N, right?”
Y/N began to blush and Harry mumbled a “I mean…”
James closed his eyes briefly before slamming his fist down on the console,
“This song is about Y/N, am I right?” He asked louder this time.
The traffic light had already turned green again and the cars behind them started to honk but James didn’t start to drive.
“James? The light turned green.” Y/N said after a few seconds and tried to supress a giggle at James outburst.
He only shook his head at the two of them and started the engine again.
“All I ever wanted was the truth.” James said with playful hurt lacing his voice.
When he turned the music on this time ‘Infinity’ started to play and all of them sang along loudly.
“I feel like you should do a duet together. Or we could be a band.” James said excitingly after the song was finished.
“Let’s do that.” Y/N said and Harry mumbled a ‘yes’ in agreement.
“My grandad always wanted to join 1D so let’s let him join our band.” Harry said and James cooed at that.
“That would be so cool. I love your grandad.” Y/N said and nodded in agreement.
“And we’ll call it “James Corden and the Lates” . That’s great. ‘Cause you know your grandpa is ‘the Late’.“
“And Y/N and me?” Harry asked and chucked.
“You two are the ’s’ from Lates.”
“Fair enough.” Y/n laughed.

They were driving a while more, singing along to a few more of their hits until they came to a stop in front of the building were they originally took off earlier.
“Thank you guys so much for helping me get to work. I really appreciate it.”
“No problem. You can call us anytime you need us to.” Y/N said and leaned over to hug him briefly.
“Thanks for having us, James.” Harry said and patted James shoulder.
“Bye. I’ll see you soon.” James said and Harry and Y/N both left the car.
Before Harry could shut his door though James spoke up again,
“Huh?” Harry asked and poked his head into the car again.
“Don’t mess it up with Y/N.”
“I won’t.” And with that he shut the door.

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25 for hinny, said by harry if you please :) congrats for the followers milestone!

25. “I thought we could go back to whatever the hell we were!” (Hinny)

“I wish you’d just talk to me.”

They were lying on a blanket in the Burrow’s orchard, watching the stars. It’d been three weeks since the Battle and they hadn’t wasted a moment returning to each other’s embrace.

“What do you mean?” Harry said defensively. “We talk all the time!”

“Yeah, except that I’m sick of tiptoeing around the hippogriff in the room.” Ginny’s voice was flat with annoyance.

“What hippogriff.” His voice was devoid of emotion as he stared at the sky.

Keep reading

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Loved your meta on Jon Snow! Could you elaborate this: "if we’re talking about grrm creating *special* characters that’s theon or jaime objectively"? Would love to read your thoughts on them!

SURE I CAN ELABORATE (and thanks glad you enjoyed reading that <3)

okay so let’s go in order: jaime.

  • okay so jaime is an amazing example of ‘how to write a guy who seems despicable and then turns out is actually the most sensed person moral-wise around’ - OKAY I know it’s an unpopular opinion so bear with me because a lot of my opinions re jaime are not mainstream but is2g I have reasons. 
  • thing is: usually characters like jaime are straight-up assholes. I mean, when you meet this guy he’s in an incestuous relationship with his sister, generally behaves like an ass with most people and the first main thing he does plot-wise is crippling bran, which given the HE KILLED HIS KING backstory makes people go like CHRIST YOU ARE DESPICABLE. now in general you don’t see characters like that having redeeming traits that predate their shitty actions and at most they have redemption arcs where they die to atone for their sins and stuff, but thing is: jaime is subtle in that sense. because I’m not counting asos (I’ll get there in a minute) but there’s a lot of hints in the previous two books showing you that he’s not the asshole he looks like. meaning: it was stated early in the beginning that he waited for ned to come and *take the throne* even if he sat on it for who knows how long when killing aerys when he could have claimed it himself, and if it had been cersei LIKE HELL she’d have waited for ned, he’s the only family member tyrion does not want to see dead and who treats him nicely/who arguably loves him, even if you loathe him he always somehow talks sense (his drunk conversation with cat in acok is imo a character development masterpiece because you could see cat was morally right but he was technically having a lot more points especially when talking about how hypocritical is of her/her family to assume that you can always hold up your honor/fulfill your oaths). mostly, he’s at least on some level entirely aware of how fucked up he is - I mean, the moment I fell for jaime as a character was when he pushed bran out of the window and said the things I do for love with loathing. from which you deduce that he’s entirely aware that he’s doing something shitty and that he’s doing it out of *love* same as he does pretty much everything in his life, and then I was like man this guy is interesting.
  • and then you get to his chapters and man, JAIME. so, the moment you get into his head, you find out that this guy who until now you found wholly despicable actually stayed faithful to cersei all his life like your standard fairytale knight, that he actually wanted to be a fairytale knight all his life, that he joined the kingsguard both because cersei kind of convinced him to but also because HE WANTED TO BE LIKE ARTHUR DAYNE, that he actually turned out that cynical after two years of guarding aerys during which he arguably developed some bad case of ptsd (man he has a patented checking out method he advices brienne to use whenhe’s sure they bloody mummers might rape her..) and that his supposedlyu most despicable act - killing his king - actually saved an entire city and was everything but dishonorable if you looked at the facts. on top of that when he loses his hand he goes on what I call the reverse redemption arc of the century, as in - the thing is that we’re told that jaime is the same as cersei. (or so she thinks). until we have just her opinion, we might assume it’s true. then it turns out that he used to be an… actual nice person who doesn’t give a fuck about power (honest HE DID NOT TAKE THE THRONE??), and who wanted to be arthur dayne, was the only person in his family who did not abuse his brother, doesn’t judge people on their appareances like 90% of westeros (that was even before he lost his hand, if you look at it after he realizes that brienne is competent he doesn’t demean her for her looks anymore), actually is waaaay less sexist than the average (actually he’s one of the few people who don’t automatically look down on women), has turned out the way he did also thanks to his father being himself (because lol the tysha situation was pure abuse also as far as jaime was concerned never mind tat we could argue about how cersei turns textbook abusive partner after he loses his hand) and the adforementioned ptsd and that brought him to his lowest point aka pushing bran out of the window. then he loses his hand, has to face the fact that he’s not cersei’s mirror, meets brienne, decides that he wants to be the person he used to be again and - like, everyone argues about the supposed redemption arc that jaime has or doesn’t have, but imo the thing is that he started from being a basically good person, turned into a fairly horrid one due to circumstances he couldn’t have much of a say in and now he wants to go back to being the decent-ish person he was before and man, where do you see that in fantasy mainstream fiction? usually that kinda asshole stays an asshole or has the death driven redemption arc, you don’t find out that he actually was on of the most moral/modern-thinking characters in that bunch. (sorry guys jaime’s moral compass imo is a lot less screwed than it loosk like, because he’s a realist about oaths and the likes and he’s not the kind of idiot who’d put his king’s life over the entire city’s and who felt that conflicted about protecting someone who raped his wife. actually show!jaime sorta raping cersei in the sept was ridiculous also because book!jaime is like, I LOATHE RAPISTS UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY. I mean.) also I’m 100% of the opinion that his riverrun arc just shows that - he didn’t want to go, he managed the mission without technically breaking his oath and making use of the fact that he knows people think he’s a despicable person and by the end he’s just… Done with the capital D when it comes to doing what his family wants him to do or things he doesn’t want to - I mean, he goes off with brienne in a second when he sent her on a legitimate heroic quest before, who are we kidding? that is the one thing he wanted from life tbh. he even said it in asos, at some point the kid who wanted to be like arthur dayne had turned into one of the outlaws they despised that much. 
  • tldr jaime is an incredibly complex and layered character who deconstructs perfectly both your typical asshole backstabber, the arthurian knight and the courtly love trope (both with brienne and cersei) at least and imo if it wasn’t for theon he would be the most original/innovative/well-conceived character in asoiaf tbh - except that then you have theon.

so, theon:

  • christ where do I start. okay, let’s start from the deconstruction - I ranted about it a while ago but lol I can’t find the link (it’s under my janie writes meta tag if you want to look for it) - but like, theon’s a flawless destruction of the traitor trope. like, usually your typical backstabber betrays the hero/heroine, who usually doesn’t die but is majorly fucked because of that - anyway most times they stand back up, get their revenge and said backstabber gets their due and usually they did it for their own personal gain or jealoiusy and it’s always from the betrayed’s POV. also by the end we’re all happy when the backstabber gets their due.
  • theon utterly and completely destroys that because a) we get HIS pov and never robb’s, b) his betrayal is the result of a situation he had no choice in which brought him to have to deal with severe mental issues, c) when he gets his comeuppance it’s so horrific that just people with zero empathy actually would think he deserved ramsay, d) he thought he’d take WF for his personal gain but ended up losing everything instead, e) he’s the person who regrets most his own actions and he wishes he had died with robb, f) HE’S NOT DEAD YET, g) and not just that, he did one of the few arguably truly honestly 100% heroic fairytale TM actions in the books (as someone once said, him saving jeyne and jaime saving brienne in the bear pit are arguably the only two truly fairytale-worthy things anyone’s ever done in ASOIAF and look at who is behind them…) which gave him narrative redemption/catharsis since it also was a mostly selfless action done for someone no one could give two fucks about. that’s already groundbreaking territory because that shit rarely happens in mainstream fiction but it’s not even all of it.
  • okay so, acok!theon is hardly a nice person, but I think it’s very inspured that if you take into account where he comes from (the hostage situation and howhe can’t reconcile coming from a background and being unable to fit in another, never mind the IF YOUR FATHER REBELS THE GUY YOU’D LIKE TO BE YOUR FATHER COULD AND WOULD PROBABLY KILL YOU) it shows that such a context does not breed well-adjusted people, and the thing is that while I think taking WF was a ridiculous delusional fk-up, actually siding with his father was normal - I mean, in retrospective ofc he’d side with robb but in his position of course you pick your asshole family rather than your bff when picking the latter leaves you disinherited, IN A SOCIETY BASED ON HOUSE BELONGING. ops. and when he knew robb was the only prson who gave two fucks about him overall, and he still was having his AH BUT HE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ME phase to convince himself he was better off in pyke. and the fact that he takes a decision most of us would take even if it’s not the right one narrative-wise when he’s also not easy to sympathize with and the decision harms the supposed heroes of the story (the starks) is imo a+++ writing because like, I’m 90% sure that people hate theon that much because it’s a human decision and most of us would the same in his shoes, but it’s not too easy to admit that… especially when the character taking it is not relatable.
  • on top of thart you have one of the most beautiful identity arcs in fantasy fiction AT LEAST but honest it’s probably the best one I ever read and I read a fair amount of novels. like you can sum it in ‘we think we know this guy, then we see that his head is a shitty place to be, we realize he has serious identity issues in the sense that he’s split between two cultures and can’t make sense of it, we see him going waaay deep into that rabbit hole until he loses about everything for it, then he gets brainwashed into thinking he’s someone else and someone subhuman for that matter, and then he actually goes back from that on his own and finally realizes who the hell he’s supposed to be and the moment he does he does the Heroic Deed Of The Book TM’ and it′s beautiful, because when have you ever seen that much effort put into giving that amount of depth to a character whose technical actions are supposed to be all-around despicable? like guys theon’s identity arc is a punch in the stomach to read but I swear I rarely read a thing with such a cathartic ending and given that grrm gave that sl to a character the audience was not supposed to sympathize with going by your regular tropes I kee on thinkign it was a literary stroke of genius if you look at it from the technical crafting-a-story sense
  • also I could go on a long rant about how on top of that you also have one of the best narratives re an abuse victim I read in my life (because like if you count everything, the guy’s been a victim of some kind of abuse all his life way before ramsay was in the picture) and actually that’s also why I’m 99% sure he’s not headed for the cathartic death, it makes a lot more sense if he survives the story in spite of everything but this post is already hellal long and my laptop lags (guys really it’s taken me an hour and twenty to get up to this point ew) so in conclusion
  • tldr theon is absolutely groundbreaking because not only he’s a trope deconstruction, but narratively he’s the result of a lot of choices that are not mainstream or popular when it comes to that kind of character, has honestly the best written chapters in the entire thing if you ask me and he’s absolutely not the kind of character you find easily in mainstream fiction. what I mean is that jon is a chosen hero deconstruction but he’s still a chosen hero and the world is full of them, jaime is already more rare but you can find chaarcters who have some traits in common with him, and I’ve never once in my life read a character that was comparable to theon when it came to sheer originality/reading something I never ran into before. (I could SORT OF MAYBE say the same for brienne but brienne is also the warrior woman trope and there’s a lot of that around tho brienne is the best instance I’ve sene of it - anyway she’s not *original* per se, it’s original in the way grrm approaches it. anyway this is not about brienne and it’s really too long so I’m gonna cut it here) so imo theon’s actually the best character grrm has singlehandedly conceived/churmed out in his career if not just in asoiaf (but I read enouhg of the rest to be sure of that assessment) and yeah okay I’m done XD
Are Women Not Artists, Too?

Doing research, reading articles, listening to music – the usual for me.

But there’s something about the articles I’m reading that bothers me. Let’s see, what could it be…hm, well, I should explain that the articles I tend to read are about women of rock: Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon – you name ‘em, I’ve probably read at least one article on them. And they’re all people I love and like to read and know more about. So what’s the big deal? What am I so bothered about?

Let’s start with a popular music journal, like…oh yes, like Rolling Stone. Let’s start with them. And honestly, if anything that I say in this offends anyone (or Rolling Stone themselves), I have one thing to say to you: the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Here’s the headline of a post I recently found on Tumblr made by the official Rolling Stone blog: Ronnie Spector on sobriety, life with Phil and dating John Lennon.

Now, sounds like a gossip magazine headline, am I right? Well here’s the big fuckin’ issue with it.

Whether you know who Ronnie Spector (of the Ronettes) is, you can probably glean from the fact that Rolling Stone wrote about her that she’s a music artist. More specifically, a singer, and the Ronettes were a girl group during the ‘60s. The issue is that the headline calls out two men when seemingly baiting the reader to check out the article on Ronnie. Do you get it yet? No? Okay, let me highlight.

Ronnie Spector is an artist, a singer. She’s, to a less important extent (I’ll explain), a woman in music. BUT to a more important extent, she is an ARTIST. JUST an artist. Do you see where I’m going with this?

All right, to help you understand further, let’s go with that Guardian article that mentions the plagiarism case between George Harrison’s song “My Sweet Lord” and The Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine”: “There was a legal dispute about whether the melody and very nice chord sequence, with that distinctive diminished seventh, had been lifted from The Chiffons’ ‘He’s So Fine’. Maybe, but no one comparing their mindless “doo-lang-doo-lang” backing vocals with Harrison’s extraordinary multifaith mantra – which moves from Hallelujah to Hare Krishna – could dispute he was doing something new.”

So apparently The Chiffons’ background vocals are “mindless” compared to that of George Harrison and the repetition of his “extraordinary” religious mantras. What is this supposed to say? Among a few different things, mostly that, oh yes, male rockstars’ work is regarded more highly than women’s.

Now, you’re probably gonna say: “Yeah, but George Harrison was in the most popular band in the world, plus he was a really successful singer-songwriter and guitarist as a solo artist. The Chiffons and Ronnie are just singers part of girl groups.”

Oh, really? Ronnie and The Chiffons are just singers? Well what about Elvis Presley, then? (Not to mention Elvis largely stole credit aka did not reward the original songwriters or recording artists of some of his most popular songs – who were sometimes black – the royalties they deserved, hence gaining popularity as a white man banking on the inherent racism in the music industry and around the world in general at the time…)

So what this whole thing is about, if you couldn’t tell, is double standards, and how Rolling Stone and other music journalists have gotten away with this issue since, for example, Carole King remained on Billboard’s album charts for 313 weeks in 1971 with Tapestry (Rolling Stone lists Tapestry as the 36th greatest album of all time, and you know how many albums written/performed/produced by women appear higher up on that list? Actually, with those requirements, there are four, and they take the #30, #26, #23 and #13 spots).

Speaking of Carole King, another example of double standards that Rolling Stone takes advantage of is in their description of her album Tapestry on their greatest albums of all time list that first and foremost list her as a mother and wife and even fucking mention her babysitter before they mention that, oh yeah, she’s one of the most successful songwriters in pop music history. No big deal, just a regular ol’ baby maker and ball and chain, ya know.

Knowing this, I urge you to think more about how women in music (and not just in music – many other professions, but for this I’m just focusing on music) are treated compared to men, not only in how much airplay their songs get, but how they are written about by ‘reputable’ magazines, journals, and news websites like Rolling Stone.

If I want to read about Stevie Nicks, I don’t want to read about her “tumultuous” relationship with Lindsey Buckingham or her relationship with Don Henley.

If I want to read about Rita Coolidge, I don’t want to read about how her presence supposedly contributed to “a rift” between members of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

If I want to read about Ann and/or Nancy Wilson, I don’t want to read about how Ann gained weight or - and this goes for anyone I read about - how good they look for someone in their 60s or 70s.

If I want to read about Tina Turner, I don’t want to read about her connections to Mick Jagger or how awful Ike Turner treated her.

If I want to read about Yoko Ono, I don’t fucking want to read about John Lennon or how she broke up the Beatles.

If I want to read about a woman in rock, I want to read about her music, not her connections to men.

If the men in rock are shown the decency of only having their music discussed in articles, album reviews, or interviews with them, then women should be offered the same treatment.

The Guardian

The day she’s born, you’re pulled back into reality for the first time in almost a thousand years. For the next lifetime this human is yours to protect. She is your fourth charge since the beginning when the gods left Guardians like you in charge of human affairs after almost destroying the human race with their power and petty squabbling. Now every human had its own Guardian until the age of twenty one. After that they were assigned to a group with twenty other humans and two Guardians to look after all of them until they were deemed safe by headquarters. But all of that didn’t matter yet. Right now this teeny blonde human was everything.

         “Clarke,” you breathed out in awe. You gently caressed her cheek, completely in wonder of this new life. She was only moments old, yet you could tell she would be different from any of your other charges. You could only hope to do right by her.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Spock is trying to woo Bones, but said doctor is completely oblivious because there is no way anyone would want a grumpy old divorced doctor, let alone Spock who is amazing and wonderful. Basically poor Bones has some self-esteem issues, and even though he's head over heels in love with Spock, he's so sure there is no way Spock could ever want him.

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

So it’s more Leonard being cantankerous and confused rather than being down on himself, but this prompt seemed to nicely follow another one I did. I hope this is okay for you Nonnie!

Part 1: Spock POV

Vulcans are weird.

Okay, it’s not like Leonard knows many Vulcans, well, really he only knows a half Vulcan so…

Half Vulcans are weird.

It doesn’t take much to figure that out. First they’re all stoicism and logic doing everything so by the book you just want to smack them upside the head with one, and then they’re all wild, deeply emotional displays that leave you staring in open mouthed shock trying to figure out how you’re supposed to process what’s just happened. There’s no middle ground with them that’s for sure, and they certainly keep you on your toes. Well, at least Spock does.

The man is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is impossible to read and defies all attempts to understand him. You’d think for a person that’s so damned invested in logic, that there would be a logical way to determine just what it is that makes him tick.

There isn’t; Leonard’s tried, because that would just be too damn easy now wouldn’t it?

It’s a very good thing that Leonard likes a challenge.

Half Vulcans are confusing.

Leonard has always assumed that Spock only tolerates him because he respects his medical qualifications and abilities. On a personal level, he’s always gotten the impression that Spock would be just as content if their paths never crossed - which, honestly, Leonard was completely fine with because Spock seems to have a very unique ability to rile Leonard up with very little effort.

So imagine his joy when, after a little moment of weakness on Joanna’s birthday, Spock kept randomly showing up wherever Leonard went.

Okay, they’re on a space ship, there’s only so many places a person, especially an officer, can go. Bu it’s still a very big space ship, and there should be no reason for Spock to randomly appear from behind every corner Leonard turns.

Now if it was Jim, Leonard would, does, understand. Now though, he’s seeing more of Spock than he does of Jim. Turn around in med-bay, and there’s Spock watching him with a bland expression that Leonard might mistake for boredom, if not for the fact that Spock’s in med-bay during his free shift. Spock sits with Leonard during meals now, and even walks with him from the officer’s mess toward med-bay when their meal hour is over – and he has no idea when their meal times started lining up, but it’s been every day for a month now.

Then there’s the touching – which if he’s being honest with himself, Leonard doesn’t mind. They’re just small, seemingly accidental, unconscious grazes of Spock’s fingers over him - the back of his hand in the hall way, the inside of his wrist in med-bay, along the back of his neck as Spock passes behind him in the mess hall. Now, they’re not unpleasant, far from it, they send a pleasurable little tingle down Leonard’s spine that he has to consciously force himself not to notice, but it is a little unnerving. Aren’t Vulcans supposed to be touch empaths?

Either way, it all has Leonard feeling jumpier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

“Excuse me, doctor.”

Leonard nearly jumps out of his skin at the sound of Spock’s voice. He turns away from the inventory he’s organizing to look at Spock, his eyebrow rising with a silent demand to know what the hell the man is doing in his med-bay when it’s clear that he has no injury. “Yeah? What is it, Spock? I’m a bit busy, as you might be able to tell.”

“Yes I see that, my apologies for interrupting. I came to inquire whether you would like to join me for a meal this evening.”

Leonard’s eyebrow climbs higher. “You’ve been eating every meal with Jim and I, Spock. Don’t think I can exactly stop you.”

“You misunderstand, Leonard. I was speaking of a private dinner, between the two of us. I have acquired some Kentucky bourbon, and the captain has informed me that you are quite fond of it.”

Leonard stares, his mind frantically tries to process all the information being thrown at it. Is Spock asking him on a date? Do Vulcans date? Does Spock even know what a date is? No, no probably not. That’s just ridiculous. He’s a middle-aged, divorced, human, why had he even thought the word date? Spock probably just doesn’t like bourbon and sees this as the most effective way to get rid of it without being disrespectful to the person who had given it to him.

“All right,” Leonard responds at last, his voice a little wary. “I never say no to a spot of good bourbon. I’ll be by at the end of Beta.”

Spock nods “I look forward to it, Leonard.” Is that- is that a smile tugging at the corner of his lips? It’s gone before Leonard can be sure, and Spock’s out the door and probably back to the bridge.

What in the hell?

Half Vulcans are impossible.

It’s been another long day, and all Leonard is looking forward to, now that all the fires are put out, is his bed and a nice glass of bourbon. There’s only so much hell a man can live through before enough is enough.

He’s just gotten out of the shower when there’s a knock on his door. “Yeah just a minute.”

It better not be someone coming to bring him back to medical. He turned his damn comm off for a reason. If it’s a true emergency Jim can override, but anything short of the plague breaking out or a full on Klingon invasion force his very capable medical staff can deal with.

He pulls on a pair of sweats and throws a t-shirt over his head then goes to let whoever it is in.

The door slides open to reveal Spock standing there with a- “Is that a bouquet?”

He must be more tired than he thought, his imagination is getting the better of him.

“Indeed. May I come in, Leonard?”

“That- Yeah, yeah sure.” Shaking his head, Leonard steps aside to let Spock through, and the door hisses shut behind him.

They stand there for a moment, both of them awkward, just staring at each other.

“So…a bouquet?” Leonard can feel a smile growing, though he’s not sure if it’s hysteria or not, so he tries to keep it under control.

“Yes. For you. I was talking to Jim, and it seems as though the intentions in my romantic overtures to you were not being fully understood. I asked him what he thought the best way was to make my intentions plain-”

Leonard groans and pinches the bridge of his nose. He can feel a headache coming on. “Did you honestly ask Jim for advice on dating? On dating me?

Spock blinks, nods, and then, then comprehension dawns. “I suppose that was not wise, Jim will-”

“Jim is going to tease us for the next millennia, you can count on it.” Still, Leonard smiles, and reaches to take the flowers Spock is still holding.

Their hands brush. Spock trails his index and middle finger up the back of Leonard’s hand, sending that delicious tingling through him all over again. “It is worth it, because now I get to see you smile.”

Half Vulcans are impossibly confusing idiots, but in this case, Leonard can’t bring himself to care. A warm bloom of happiness fills him and his smile widens as he meets Spock’s earnest gaze.

“So, Spock, what exactly are your intentions toward me?”

The Human That Is JackSepticEye

I have spent five years watching youtubers, whether it be games or vlogs or just random crap they do. But in all that time, I have never, ever seen someone as genuine as @therealjacksepticeye.

I’ve only watched him for roughly six months, but in those six months, it’s become so clear that he cares about his fans. It shows in his Reading Your Comment videos, in the way he answers questions when he can, and in his videos in general. He doesn’t put videos out just to have videos. He asks his fans what they want to see, and really makes an effort to please everyone.

Being a youtuber isn’t an easy job, like some people would think and insist upon, but Jack makes it look like the easiest thing in the world to do. I have never seen an ounce of resentment towards his fans or his job on his face when I’m watching his videos, and that speaks volumes about him.

Jack isn’t just the strange, Irishman that yells at his screen and swears all the time. He’s someone’s best friend, someone’s ray of sunlight, and someone’s reason to get through their day.

He’s the one I go to when I’ve had a long day, when I need someone to cheer me up without expecting much of me. The one I go to first when I’m angry and need to chill out, because his smile is infectious and helps me calm down.

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Jack, and I don’t think I could ever repay him for that. But if there was anything he needed, you can bet your ass I’d be willing to help him in an instant.

post show with Ashton

Ashton would be so so so so so so hyper after shows. He would still be talking about the nailed rythem in one of his favorite songs that night, even after you two had showered and were now in bed. you whispered for him to take a few deep breaths, and ran your fingers through his damp hair to get him to calm down a little. But once he realized how tierd he really was, the exhaustion over took him and he would sleep until you had to wake him up the next day.


      It was the laugh that caught him, the hook that was thrown from across the room, glittering as it flew to land into his open mouth. The scout would remember turning, would remember seeing her behind the bar handing the beer to the demolition man, and wondering, ‘Who is that?’

      Capital ‘who’, italicized ‘is’, like in the romances his Ma would read.

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