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Conversations With a Dear Old Friend - Time Circle

Isn’t it a lovely thing
To see a generation spin
Into control, waltz with your past
Ah, I’m tired now
I’d like to sit down
You follow, stamping down a path
Blindly thinking, it’s your own
But I’m tired now
I’d like to sit down
I don’t need to show you my footprints
Lining up exactly where you stand
You don’t need to see we’re the same
Hand wave, Everything’s new for you
Earth brimming with froth of stardust
And you don’t want to hear how old
the stars are
Or that they’ll outlast your life gust


Some things in life are simply too beautiful to write about. No combination of pretty words, no clever analogy, no complex metaphor would quite do it justice.

And that’s what I see when I look at you. You’re an indescribable shade of lovely that has transfixed me to the core.

I am frozen in you.

And my pen refuses to write for fear that it could never capture you as perfectly as you have already captured me.

—  Z.M.

Please be my city lights
in all those lonely, lonely nights
I don’t want to be alone,
can you please guide me home?
I think I lost my heartbeat,
I’m barely standing on my feet

My mind is shattered into pieces,
can’t remember any faces
I wish I knew some of your secrets
to find your so well-hidden weakness

—  // city lights

You know those things that cling to your back
Those indicators of what could be
These are the symptoms of an illness
- you can not see

If you’re way up high
Or sinking so low
These are the ‘friends’ that will start to show

Some you hate
Others you secretly quite like
But all in all
They keep you up at night

You can’t rest
But don’t seem to get anything done
When the insomnia turns to hibernation
That false sense of confidence
-quickly changes to having none

Finding yourself caught in the clutches of defensive
You start to feel the wreckless thoughts immerse
You’ve felt so many emotions
You’ve made yourself become numb
Having shed so many tears
How strange now you can’t even shed one

JoinTheAbyss 🌻(Written and submitted by @timespent-wondering)

Lost touch

A forest has been felled

By axes no one held

Brought to the floor

Like slamming doors

Crushing all dreams that dwelled


But rivers aren’t to blame

When clearest waters drain

And fail to fill

With running thrill

Left empty in the rain


I’m locked up, I’ve lost touch

The key that once fit now only sticks

A hushed kiss – injustice

Like thunder in clouds, love should be loud

Proudly booming across the sky


Just like a dying pen

We’re waiting for the when

Where ink won’t flow

And none will know

How our tale reached its end

It’s hard to go to a place where there are a thousand memories rushing through your head. It’s hard to walk the same ground you once ran all over the city with. It’s hard where the places you fell so deeply in love, is now a faded memory in the back of your head. I wonder if the same thoughts rushed through your head as they did mine. The city where you made me fall so insanely in love with you, is now the same city your making her fall in love with you. This is kinda like your charm, but I’m the end…. I’m the one who gave you all the meaning. I’m the one who kissed you in all the most beautiful places. I will be that memory in the back of your head. As much as you’ll try to replace it.. I was there first. That’s one thing you can never take from me. I’m the one who kissed you in the most beautiful places and when you’re there.. I hope it killed you a little inside knowing it was me. It was always me.
—  coubalgirl10