writing poems on this

I looked at him with so much admiration, I swear you could see the love pouring out of my eyes like waterfalls.
I could also swear to you that he looked at me like all of the other girls, just another body, just another face. I could swear to you that when he kissed me so hungrily like I was his last meal, I could swear to you I was not what he was craving.
I could swear to you that he means so much more to me than I will ever mean to him; and I could swear to you there is no substance in the entire world to numb that pain.
—  v.m // I could swear
Music so loud
I can’t hear my thoughts,
art so bright
I forget your face.
—  // 15 words poem
One of the saddest things
in this strange world
is watching the person
you love crying
over someone else,
and all they wanted
you to do
is to just listen,
while they tell you
the reason why
their heart
is breaking.
—  ma.c.a // Rainy Nights and Lonely Days
We’ll cross boundaries
and fall asleep in our cars,
sip a few drinks too much
and dance our way through bars,
we’ll take those risks
and fall down again
but we’ll always be able
to track down where life began.
—  // youth
I like to hear all your stories being told, not once, not twice but many times. Not because I don’t remember what you said but because I enjoy hearing about who you were before you met me. I like to see the little sparkle in your eye when you tell me about the memories you are most fond of. I love learning new things about you, I love seeing how shy you get when your mum talks about childhood stories of you. You don’t need to feel embarrassed at all about anything, you interest me in every way and I love you for you.
Do you believe you’ll fall in love?” Was something that just echoed in the distance. She couldn’t help but think that a place that was once a site for running, screaming, and brused knees would turn into a home for thinking late at night. “No.” Wasn’t the final answer.
“But… I believe in feelings, and that it is too soon for me to speak for my own feelings when love was never my main function. Love is learned and grown not on the spot like in the movies. You need trust, warmth, understanding, and so many other factors for the heart to feel safe. Love isn’t a kiss in the rain, or a letter sent too late, nor is it the cute guy next to you in geometry; love is a whole nother meaning in its self, if it was so easy to be told then there would be no such thing as a kiss in the rain or that letter that was send too late. I dont believe I’ll ever fall in love, but I do believe I’ll grow in love someday.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write // 4
i’ll never be
“the one that got away”
because you told me to leave
and i did
so what does that make me?
“the one who left”?
“the one who listened”?
“the one that wanted to stay”?
“the one that would still be here if you wanted me”?
—  ”the one that’s still here even though you’re long gone”
(cc, 2017)
my lover has shadows under her eyes as tender as the purple of bruised figs. the winds whisper she doesn’t belong under the light of the sun, but they’ve never seen how her shadowed face glows when it teases the light. her voice itself could blend into the morning mist. when she runs under the sun, i’m just a lost ray of moonlight, running after her to illuminate me. that is, if I lose sight, i’ll dull into non-existence
—  starlit thoughts: extract || e.v
The love that animals have for us is unlike any other.
It truly is love in its purest form… They have no ulterior motives, they don’t use us or abuse us and they don’t play games with our hearts. When they love us – they love us utterly and completely as though we are the center of their universe…
And just as unique as their love is for us, so too is our love for them equally as special. They trust us implicitly – to care for them, feed them and never let them down… and in return, we trust them just as much… to never hurt us, never lie to us, to always be our constant loyal companion; This is the unspoken bond we share.
They truly are the best of us… tiny living vessels that hold a piece of our soul and carry it around with them wherever they go. They are the keystones of our family… We get them to fit in with our lifestyles, then ultimately end up changing our lifestyles to fit in around them as they inevitably become members of our family. Through triumph and tragedy, they’re our constant companions… They are our soulmates… the keepers of our heart… so like us, yet not like us at all… And though they bring with them great responsibility, they are never a burden simply because of the sheer joy they bring into our lives.
No matter your wealth, your status, your age or your gender – every soul on this earth is richer for having loved and been loved by an animal…