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It’s 9 o'clock, and nobody hates you more than you hate yourself.

The truth hurts but
so do most other things. 
I dreamed about you 
but you were nothing like  
When I woke up,  I tried to call you
to tell you 
the world wasn’t as bad as we thought
but if I ever knew your number,
it escaped me in that moment. 
I hope you forgive me my
I get it from my country. 
(Or else the ones who did this
to my country.
I can’t remember which.)

I heard from someone that 
the sky makes room for some things
but not for others,
and I can’t help but think
that my limbs don’t bend the right way.

And anyway, I hope you’re happy after all.
And I hope the sad poems don’t make any sense to you, kid,
I hope you never have to understand. 

And I’m sending my love.
You’ll recognize it by the way
it takes up all the elbow room 
in your new house.
(Sorry about that.
It’s something I’m working on.)

I hope you sleep well, old friend. 
I hope you wake up and
that’s ever been taken from you
is returned to you in full.
—  Y.Z, Found on Your Doorstep, 8 pm on a Saturday

congrats moldova!!! you’re going to the grand final!!

Why do you write in lowercase?

Why do you keep talking about love, about heartache?

I don’t want to hear about your sadness.

Tell me about the peach trees. About the cherry blossoms,

or the way you smiled at baby Groot.

(I know you did.)

Tell me your equivalent of eating yellow paint,

tell me how the cold made your feet curl.

Did you ask the barista for iced coffee?

I want to know if you laughed at Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Tell me about fairy lights, or leather boots,

or the way the bubbles looked against the incoming traffic.

I don’t want to know your misery anymore.

-i don’t even know what makes you happy // bluestruckholly

The problem is that Eren is ridiculously handsome these days.

Sure, Levi had always acknowledged that the kid was kinda cute, especially after he’d started growing his hair out and learned to control his temper better. That had been it, though, and since back then Levi had still been his Captain, he’d never really even allowed himself to dwell on such things. But now when he’s retired - and growing soft with age, as Eren himself had claimed once with a twinkle in his eyes - he’s become painfully aware of just how attractive he finds Eren.

He’s sitting amongst tall grass and wildflowers, more focused on admiring the line of Eren’s broad shoulders than paying attention to what he’s doing with his squad. Since he can’t deny a single thing from Eren, he’d naturally agreed to come along and watch them train. It would be really helpful, Eren had said, worrying on his bottom lip with his teeth in a way that had been horribly distracting to Levi, because even though he’d now officially been promoted to Squad Leader, he could use some feedback on his training methods.

They’ve been at it for what must be hours now, and Levi’s quite impressed. Maybe he really is old and soft, because he’d have allowed at least one break somewhere in between. Eren’s more strict than he would’ve imagined, even tense at times, and Levi’s not at all envious of his squad members.

It’s quite nice, in a way, sitting in the sun and merely allowing time to pass. That’s a luxury in and of itself, he thinks, being able to stop and smell the flowers, both figuratively and literally. He’s plucked a freshly blooming daffodil from the ground and is twirling it in his fingers when Eren seems to have decided it’s finally time for a break.

Without hesitation, Eren comes to him, leaving his squad to cool off amongst themselves. He plops down on the ground next to Levi, a little out of breath but still no less gorgeous. There’s a small frown resting over his features and Levi wants to kiss it away, to press his lips against the crease in his brow and the downturned corners of his mouth.

“Hi,” Eren says and manages a wry grin. “How am I doing so far?”

Levi tears his gaze away from the shining green of Eren’s eyes and instead turns to watch his squad members, most of whom are also on the ground, trying to catch their breath. “Well,” he starts off and intends to go on, but apparently that’s already enough for Eren.

“Really? I don’t know,” he sighs, taking a hand through his unruly hair. He’s discarded his jacket long ago and rolled up his sleeves, and Levi finds himself hopelessly transfixed by the firm muscles in his arms. Not to mention his hands, dear God, those broad palms and long skilled fingers that Levi’s imagined touching him all over so many times that he’s lost count by now.

To top it off, Eren towers over him by now, having grown several inches over the years. That’s completely unacceptable to Levi. This is Eren, his Eren who’d he’d vowed to protect, the perpetually angry and squeaky-voiced kid who’d looked at him like he’d hung the damn moon. His Eren is not allowed to be this attractive, because Levi honestly cannot handle it.

Eren is in the middle of rambling about something when Levi realizes he hasn’t been listening at all. He’s fidgeting in place, that much Levi registers, hands clenched into fists and his stare darting back and forth from Levi’s face to his own feet as he talks. There’s something trapped in the green of Eren’s eyes that reminds him of a panicked animal, and Levi wants nothing more than to soothe him and tame him.

“Hey,” he interrupts, making Eren stop abruptly. “It’s okay. Breathe. Relax.”

It’s a horribly clumsy attempt at comforting him, but Eren’s shoulders do drop a little. “Yeah. Okay,” he repeats with a long exhale. “Sorry. It’s, uh, you being here just makes me a little nervous.” It’s all said in one hasty breath, almost fearfully.

Levi blinks. “It’s okay,” he repeats, and having ran out of things to say, reaches out and hands his daffodil to Eren. “Here. Take this.”

It’s silent for a while, but Eren does extend his hand and pluck the flower from his hand, his face questioning but also a little hopeful. “What?” he asks, as if he hadn’t quite heard right.

“It reminded me of you,” Levi says and opens his mouth to explain further, but when nothing comes to mind, he closes it again. “Make sure you don’t crush it, though. Maybe train your squad a little less intensely.” He’s not sure if Eren can manage that for even a fraction of a second, being less intense than he usually is, but for the sake of his overworked squad members, Levi sure hopes so.

“Thank you.” Eren’s lips are curving into a tiny smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing Levi’s ever seen. “I’ll try to take good care of it.”

“I know you will,” he says, more to himself than to Eren since the kid is already up and ready to continue,  newfound enthusiasm in his voice.

One of the members of his squad outright whimpers when told to get up and resume training, another one actually has the gall to talk back at Eren, but none of them even mention the delicate daffodil now tucked behind his ear.

drawing commission for Brittany

A Question for You

How many of you would be interested in a YouTube channel with tutorials focused on writing? Content may include videos such as: character creation, finding your style, importance of diversity, and many more things. I’ve been considering creating a channel like this for a while now, and now that I’m graduating I figured it may be a good time to start up.
On the same note, does anyone have suggestions for good cameras/editing software/laptops for a startup YouTuber, as well as opinions/suggestions for how to format such videos?


“Everything about this woman was both hard yet soft, delicate yet bold, wild yet calm. She was a storm that called to Cassian; it beckoned him into its grasp. A storm that he didn’t want to avoid anymore. He wanted to give in to the urges that pulled him to Nesta and he wanted her to do the same. So he let go of all pretense, closed his eyes, and leaned in to finally, finally, kiss the catastrophically beautiful woman below him.”

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Let’s talk some more about Cuban Derek Malik Nurse because this has officially become important for my sanity

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House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump
Speaker Ryan responded: ‘What’s said in the family stays in the family.’ GOP leaders now cast exchange as ‘an attempt at humor.’

17 May 2017

Writer Gothic

- You stare blankly at the page. There is nothing on it. You blink once. It is still blank. You blink again. There’s 4000 words on the page.
- You start a sentence with “The.” You get distracted looking for the right word on an online thesaurus. You go back and the word “The” has been written five times in succession, all capitalized.
- You are typing. You turn to look at the text your friend sent you. You have written the same sentence six times in a row. You sigh and write it again.
- You activate spellcheck. You’ve misspelled every word. You begin to cry, and spellcheck underlines your teers.
- You click save. You write another word. You click save. You write another word. You click save. you write another wo—
- You forget a character’s name. You open up the chapter you think you introduced them in. It’s the wrong chapter. You open up another. You cannot find their name. You swear it started with J
- You start writing at 10:00 PM. You are startled by the morning sun peeking in through your windows. You begin writing at 8:00 AM with fresh toast.
- You finally publish the next chapter of your ongoing work. You proofread it 10 times. Upon you reading the live version, you notice you put the the twice.
- You are crying onto the page. Your tears manifest as words of encouragement. Your character promises you they’ll do what you want this chapter.

not to um make a prompt but imagine pcy reaching forward after bbh takes that picture, and bbh is too busy checking over the photo and looking down at the the camera to notice pcy taking ahold of the edge of his jacket and just like… pulling him forward, all slow and subtle, so bbh stands right in front of him, between his knees…

“What’re you doing?” Baekhyun scoffed a little under his breath, curbing a brow as he held the camera aside and smirked in bemusement.

Chanyeol smiled softly, looking downward as he moved his fingers around the stiff fabric of Baekhyun’s jacket, making it crinkled against the creases of his palms. “Nothing.”

“Nothing?” Baekhyun mumbled, but seemed to let it slide as he brought the camera close to his face again, checking over the photo once more. He eased his standing position, letting his knee bump casually against Chanyeol’s thigh as he lulled his weight to one side; ignoring the faint pull of his jacket as the ladder fidgeted with the hem.

“Nothing.” Chanyeol repeated quietly. Baekhyun pressed a button on the camera, going back to capture mode as he leaned back a bit and snapped another photo of Chanyeol; the taller’s gaze still downward and smile still soft.

Nothing.” Baekhyun mumbled under his breath, chortling softly.

cobain-kurt  asked:

Hey! I've been studying a lot of Forensic Science on my own before I head into Uni, and I'm looking specifically at DNA, any advice or useful videos on DNA? If not it's g, not many people pursue a career so specific 😂

Hey @ cobain-kurt we will do our best here, but here are some resources I have used before for DNA.

Some advice: Become familiar with the MEGA 7 software as soon as possible, as it is free and lets you manipulate nucleotide sequences and can be handy in designing primers. Also BLAST will be your best friend in Uni, if your courses have been anything like ours.

My last piece of advice is to keep an open mind about DNA- it isn’t only in humans and there are numerous ways to collect, extract, examine and quantify DNA. Stick with it, DNA gets very complicated very quickly once you leave high school.

Useful Resources:

  • Crash Course Biology: Great for learning the basics, the DNA ones start at about 10 and will be useful for anyone pursuing DNA until 20 or so. Actually, just youtube DNA + educational and look at the vids that pop up.
  • ThermoFisher Youtube: Man the guy they got to talk you through the DNA specific products thermofisher has is great. We had to watch the “Taq Man” in class. Also, this is just a great youtube channel for any science undergrad student that has trouble understanding how automated machines work and why.
  • Primer Dimer Checker: Has literally saved me on assignments. Primer Dimerization is bad, but can be hard to spot yourself if you have no idea what you are doing (AKA me, the first time I was asked to come up with a primer. And the second time…. Also the third).
  • Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing - by John M. Butler, this is one of our 3rd year textbook, a bit dense, but covers the basics of DNA and genetics, how DNA is collected/stored, extracted, sequenced, profiled, troubleshooting, statistics, all the fun stuff. This is a more application approach to DNA. Surprisingly this was a textbook that was actually used in class too.
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell - by Bruce Alberts, this is another of our third year textbook for Molecular Biology (the one where the prof was a dick). To be honest we didn’t really use this textbook at all. It covers the intricacies of the makeup of DNA and that is not our interest. But useful if you want to see how DNA work as a molecule.
  • Wikipedia - surprisingly. Never to be used as a source, but it is a wonderful place as a starting point to figure out everything that is encompassed in a single topic. Downside is that it can get very technical with scary words if you’re not used to the vocabulary yet, and it can lead you down a rabbit whole really easily. A good place to see what you know/don’t know.
  • Too bad Watson can’t remember/don’t have the BioChem textbook. It goes into the chemistry of DNA/proteins/amino acids.

Hope this helps as you continue learning about DNA! 

Ten Years Later

Darkness fell on the City of Love. The Eiffel Tower’s lights shown through the night. Two figures sat stoically on the top, watching over their beloved city.

The one dressed in red swung her legs over the edge “So much has changed in the past ten years… Huh, Kitty?”

Her leather clad companion crouched down beside her, his arms draped on the railing. “Yeah.” He watched a couple down below with their small daughter. “Hey, it’s Alya and Nino!” His smile was bright, but his eyes were sad.

The raven headed girl’s eyes sparkled with tears. “They’ve grown so much… Look at that little angel! I wonder what they named her.”

“Probably something paw-some after meow.”

“Your puns haven’t changed at all.”

“Aw, come on M'lady, admit it, my puns are hiss-terical.”

“If you say so, Chat.”

Neither’s eyes had left the young family below.

“I miss them…” She said softly.

“Me too.”

“How do you think they’re holding up down there without us?”

Chat didn’t respond as he sat beside her and looked down. After a few minutes, he said softly “I think they’ll be okay. After all, it’s been ten years, Mari.”

The heroine started shaking. “I didn’t want it to end like that… I hadn’t even gotten to go on a date with you, I didn’t become a true fashion designer. We didn’t have any kids, or a dog, or a hamster.” Tears began to fall. “I just want to live again, Adrien. Is that too much to ask?” Her voice rose higher with each word. “I just want to live.”

An arm wrapped around her shoulders and she was pulled into a hug.

“Neither of us wanted to die. But we knew the risks… Now, we can still protect those we love… Just not in the way we originally wanted to.” He pulled away and wiped her cheek gently “Besides, bugaboo. We’re together. That’s all that matters.”

And together, they continued to watch over Paris. Just as they had when they had been alive.

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Obi-Wan presses his forehead against Qui-Gon’s until it hurts. He runs his hands through Qui-Gon’s long hair, and breathes in the distinct smell of pine incense that surrounds the man.

“I’m not the man you knew,” Obi-Wan murmurs against his skin. “This war has changed me. Your death changed me.”

A hand wraps around the back of his neck, holding him softly.

“I’m sorry,” Qui-Gon says.

Obi-Wan winces, and squeezes his lips together. “It isn’t your fault.” because you aren’t him. As much as I want you to be, you aren’t him.

Qui-Gon pushes them forward until Obi-Wan is on his back in the bed, and Qui-Gon is over him, one hand holding his body above Obi-Wan’s. Dark hair frames his face, creating a curtain around Qui-Gon’s long face, and causing his eyes to look an even brighter blue than usual, like the glow of a hologram. “I’m still sorry,” he says. “More than I can say. For leaving you, and for coming back.”

“Qui-Gon…” Obi-Wan begins stiffly, ready and willing to argue, but the man above him shushes him.

“I see how much pain I cause you. I feel it.” Qui-Gon shakes his head, long hair swaying. “I would not trade away this life now that I have it. To me, I am Qui-Gon Jinn. He and I are one and the same, but I know that isn’t true with you. It never can be. That is something… something we must both learn to accept.”