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Respect Her "No"

As a 19 year old girl, I was shy and meek and very bad at standing up for myself. I worked at a Denny’s with a lot of creepy and rude customers, and one day a regular customer came in and he asked to borrow my pen. I was the only hostess on duty at the time, and the host stand only had one pen, which I very much needed almost constantly. We usually had more pens but servers would often lose theirs and come raid the host station for replacements. This particular pen was very excellent and I guarded the thing with my life… you all know the kind of pen I’m talking about, super ergonomic design and never runs out of ink and writes on any surface. This pen wasn’t going anywhere, not if I could help it.

Well anyway I told the customer, “oh I’m sorry, I’ve only got the one pen right now and I need it”. He said “don’t worry I’ll give it back when I’m done” and just took it. Well I sucked at standing up for myself and they drilled all that ‘customer is always right’ nonsense into our brains pretty well so I just resigned myself to having to track down another pen. (Not an easy task in that restaurant, there was some kind of black hole for pens there.)

Well another customer, a woman in her 40’s, saw the whole thing go down. After the guy had seated himself, the woman pulled a pen out of her purse, I thought she was just going to give it to me but she actually walked over to the guy, snagged my pen out of his hand, and smacked her pen down on the table and said very audibly “Respect her no.” And then she brought me my pen back. I was so touched by this simple gesture of coming to my defense that I paid for her lunch myself. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes but it honestly taught me so much, it taught me the importance of standing your ground, defending other women, and not letting men get away with ignoring your No. If a man can’t even respect a no on something as simple as borrowing a pen, how could he be trusted to respect you on even bigger issues? Anyway I just think about that incident a lot, the importance of standing your ground and not letting men feel entitled to take whatever they want. Bless that woman, I hope she is having a really excellent life.


I don’t know how to communicate

⏳ Restarting Spell ⏳

a ritual for fresh starts, to remove old energies, and invite new ones in

⏳  to be done at the end of the year, midnights, or the end of each month

⏳  gather: a white candle, salt, two pages, and a fire-safe surface

⏳  write about, or in a sigil, represent the aspects you want to shake off

⏳  on the second page, write the things you wish to usher in.

⏳  place the positive one under the candle, and draw a circle of salt around the candle. burn the negative note.

⏳  if you plan to repeat the ritual, use the back of the positive note to collect the negativities for when you burn it later.

⏳  to do in a group ritual, arrange the candles in a circle or mark all pages with a unifying sigil

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Yo blue im on a super duper important quest to find really good lance centric fics, you know, that high quality top shelf kinda stuff. ive already read ur fic but im lookin for more. Got any recs????????

hey there, friend, you came to the right place! sorry this took so long, I made this whole post and then my computer was being difficult and I lost the whole thing, so this is the second time I’m making it! thank you so much for reading when I dream it happens in blue. I’ve got some great new content on the way, but in the meantime, here are some great reads to hold you over!

<<please check ratings and tags, and all of these are a mixture of ratings and subject matter, so please check and read only what’s best for you!>>

7 Times They Noticed by @em-the-cliche

Lance was alright. He was happy. He was fine. Except when he wasn’t.

“Listen. Are you alright?”
“Uh…are you alright?”
“Are you okay buddy?”
“Are…are you in good health, paladin?“
Are…are you okay, paladin?”
“Hey. You okay?”

His team mates, his second family - they noticed.

A Commutual Contract by @skaylanphear

After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive.

And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling. It doesn’t MEAN anything. Or, at least, that’s what Lance keeps telling himself.

At Rest (Five Miles Behind the Front) by @thisgirlhastales

Shiro is no longer the Black Paladin. He is no longer the commander of Team Voltron. He is a soldier without a purpose and a leader without a legion at his back.

Lance is a seventh wheel. He is not fit to be a leader, and perhaps not even fit to be a Paladin.

Or, in which two Paladins of Voltron learn their true worth, and finally, there is well-earned rest.

Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender

Lance used to be proud of his mental abilities. A pilot. A Paladin. Someone experienced with delving and controlling his mind. But after being captured, and enduring just a single encounter with Haggar, his castle was reduced to rubble.

Rescuing Lance was the easy part - healing him is much, much harder.

Blast Zone by bubblebucky

In the middle of a mission, a bomb going off leaves Lance unable to hear. Still, while he’s deaf, the rest of his team are the ones that won’t listen.

Boom Crash the Sound of My Ship by @maychorian

After a Galra attack splits Voltron, the blue lion is damaged and falls toward the jungle planet below. Shiro follows, and now he and Lance are stranded in hostile territory, fighting to survive. Lance is injured, Shiro is having flashbacks, and help is far away. And the Galra just…keep coming.

Brain storm by @trickstersgambit

Lance managed for years without too many obvious issues. Those who needed to know, knew. Until it became a problem he thought he buried in his awkward early teen years.

calling me to come back by @apvrrish

Keith is a witch who owns a shop where he breaks curses on both magical items and people under spells. Love spells, family curses passed down generations, cursed heirlooms lurking the attic – he can handle them all. But one day a boy named Lance walks into his shop, and his curse is darker and more difficult to break than anything Keith has ever seen before: the curse is draining his magic, and without his magic, Lance will die. 

This is a new favorite of mine!

Dark Blue by @thunder-dor

Lance has a bad habit of comparing himself to his teammates. Lotor needs a Paladin with a weakness.


Lance gets kidnapped and Keith will do anything to get him back.

This is a great fic and Jessie is a writing goddess!!!

Fighting the Surface by @tomminowrites

“Humans have shown quite the impressive drive for survival,” the Galra commander grins. “I want to see you fight against that. The druids claim drowning is quite the painful way to go.“ He tips Lance backward over the water, as Keith and Shiro struggle against their bonds. “If you surface, they die.”

Lance’s eyes widen and he’s pushed backward with a splash.


Keith, Shiro, and Lance are taken captive during a mission planet-side. The commander decides he only needs two paladins for interrogation, and decides to have a little fun while they wait for extraction. Lance is thrown into the deep with the threat that if he swims up for air, one of the other two will be shot. Obviously Lance would rather die than allow that.

Later chapters will, of course, deal with Keith and Shiro losing their damn minds thinking Lance just drowned himself for them.

I helped beta this one! It’s good!

Ghost of the FutureShadow of the Past by @zizzani & @wittyy-name

When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place.

This Lance is faster, stronger, and markedly more mature. Not only that, but he’s distinctly more intuitive about his teammates and A LOT more touchy with Keith.

The team must try and work out how to reverse the two Lance’s places and restore them to their original timelines. Things only get more complicated when the Future Lance can’t seem to remember where he was when the switch happened, and he refuses to reveal anything about his own time for fear of influencing the team’s decisions.

Mirror fic to “Shadow of the Past” by wittyy_name


When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here.

He finds his team to be remarkably familiar, yet distinctly different. They have more scars, a better grip on the whole saving the universe thing, and over a year’s worth of teamwork to bind them together. But the weirdest part? Keith seems to be a lot more touchy with him. Not that he’s complaining… much.

The team must try and work out how to reverse the two Lance’s places and restore them to their original timelines. But despite the fact that they’re still his friends, Lance can’t help but feel a little out of place among a team that’s been through so much with a Lance that just isn’t him. And it doesn’t help that the team is on edge around him, refusing to tell him anything for fear of influencing and changing the past. Things get even more complicated when they have to rely on the team in the past to complete the switch, leaving Lance to little more than sit, wait, and attempt to fill in his future self’s shoes.

Mirror fic to “Ghost of the Future” by Zizzani

give out to give in by @mlp-michaeljones

So typical. So fucking typical, that Lance is the youngest and worst of his siblings, and then the kids come along and he isn’t even the cutest anymore, and he only made fighter pilot because perfect fucking Keith dropped out and even when he piloted a lion he didn’t have a thing like the others, and now he can’t even have Blue. Maybe he was the one to suggest it, but he was barrelling towards this point all along; rock fucking bottom.

When it becomes clear that Allura is a better pilot than him, Lance steps down as the Blue Paladin. It is, after all, the obvious decision. Lance is, and has always been, the afterthought.

But who needs an afterthought?

He Don’t Fuckin Care by ya_ya_rose

Lance knows how to hold his own. But he isn’t indestructible. 

Huddling for Warmth: The Movie by @maychorian

The paladins are heading back to the Castle of Lions after another successful mission when Shiro suddenly realizes that something is wrong. Lance isn’t responding on the comms.

Love and Other Questions by @squirenonny

One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)]

Perihelion by @eclecticinkling

After growing up in the shadow of war, Prince Lance of Altea would give almost anything to bring peace back to his people. So when a Galran ambassador arrives with an offer to make that a reality, Lance knows he can’t refuse. Even if it means binding himself to his enemy’s prince for as long as they both shall live.

say you’re gonna break my fall by @apvrrish

Keith tries to deal with being the leader, and also tries to deal with his feelings about Lance. It’s a process.

Keith looks up and sees Lance staring at him, head tilted at an angle. His eyes are just barely visible through the visor, but his mouth is twisted into a puzzled curve.

“Sorry,” Keith says, flushing. “Lost in thought.”

“You okay?” Lance asks, falling into step alongside him as they follow the others out of the ship.

so much more than space dust by @ad-asterism

When a cryopod malfunctions, Lance is left with amnesia. As he struggles to figure out where he fits in the new formation of the team, the rest of Voltron is racing against the clock to figure out where Lotor will strike next- and their only clue is hidden somewhere in Lance’s lost memories. Lance will have to find a way to remember what he’s missing- or come to terms with what he’s forgotten.

Taking One For The Team by YukiSetsu

A mission gone wrong lands Lance and Pidge in a dangerous situation. When communication with the rest of the team is compromised, they have to take drastic measures to escape. Pidge can only hope that they get out before things get worse and one of them breaks. Especially Lance.

The Reluctant Soldier by @banditywrites

Lance is badly injured on a mission and struggles with his role as sharpshooter.

Thirty-One Days by SidneyJean

Lance experiences loss, in all its ugly faces, for the first time after beginning his journey as a Paladin and discovers just how that changes a person over time. It…doesn’t happen the way he expected. The people around him begin to change, and so does he.

Trembling Lips by @newtsckamander

Lance is an emotional person who cries easily (and does the trembly-lip thing a lot) but tries to stay strong in front of the team.


Five times Lance stopped himself from crying in front of his teammates, and the one time he couldn’t hold it back.

Universal Fates by @celty-me

Alfor, Zarkon, Trigel, Gyrgan, and Blaytz set off on missions across the galaxy to gather pieces of an artifact so Alfor can complete Voltron.

Zarkon encounters a human boy with a missing arm fighting as a gladiator.
Trigel encounters an enslaved young human girl whose genius is being exploited.
Gyrgan encounters a human boy who disabled a pirate ship he and his people had been chasing.
King Alfor encounters a young half-galra boy who aids the king and Coran when they are cornered by bandits.
Blaytz encounters an Altean boy enslaved on a slave trading planet.

Each ally feels compelled to rescue and adopt the orphans they encounter, setting the wheels of fate into motion.

While each child carries the scars of their past, they form bonds too strong to ever be broken. They will find friendship and family with each other, and maybe love, even as events threaten everything they know and care for.

wanna be known by you by @bluewriters

Sometimes Lance feels like he’s been stained blue, the colour of his lion seeping through his skin as he chokes on cold stardust, and he is drowning in waves of blue, blue ocean. Lance has never been afraid of the ocean before.

He rolls over and turns off the lights. He doesn’t sleep.

Watching You Fall by @emerald-ashes

Shiro couldn’t find Lance. He knew he was in danger after his communications ended abruptly. But he certainly wasn’t prepared to find Lance dying on the floor of a Galra base during one their missions.

Words Fail by EagleInFlight

A mind-melding exercise goes wrong, and the five Paladins are now trapped in Lance’s mind. To escape, they must delve through Lance’s memories. Lance learns that in order to save his friends, he has to stop running. But to stop running means to face the worst of himself.

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hey how about some of that hotest sex babe ;)



VICTOR NIKIFOROV is trying to hump his husband through their NASA-grade heat-resistant astronaut suits. KATSUKI YUURI is trying to get into the Mood™ but it’s difficult, because they’re on the surface of the sun and all. They gaze at each other through the space visors, their breaths fogging up the glass. 

[panting, in a sexual way] Babe. Best anniversary present ever. Am I right? 

[panting, in a fatigued way] I don’t know why we couldn’t have just gone to the Saharan Desert or something. I don’t even know how you got us here.

VICTOR frowns. He has explained this to his husband several times already. In fact the entire space ride here was spent having to explain himself over and over again. He had a friend of a friend of a fan who worked at the International Space Station. 

I told you. I wanted us to have the hotest sex ever. 

You can’t even, like. Get to my cock through this suit. 

VICTOR stops. His mouth falls open in shock. A foil! What a foil in his plans!

[laughing] Oh, my god. You hadn’t even thought of that, did you?

[shaking his head furiously] I can still get you off. Without touching you. I can do it, I can do it– 

Several hundreds of kilometers away, government official astronauts try to avert their eyes from the two figures vigorously grinding on each other, try to focus instead on analyzing the solar flares occurring on the northern hemisphere of the star.

[chanting under his breath] I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.


I drive with silence.

It’s a lonely road, and one I never thought I’d travel. I never would have imagined this to be my path of life. It’s been an uphill struggle, with sharp bends and sudden dips—sometimes I lost sight of the top of that hill.

But it’s the hill I chose to climb, and now… here I am, at its peak, looking back into my past. My perspective has changed. Here I am, at its peak, and I’m not looking up anymore.

(Have I left you behind? I reach out, can you take my hand? But everyone is still climbing their hill—I’ve reached the top of mine.) Here I am.

Where do I go now? There’s no more path, no more road to travel, not like the one I had. Will I ever get that back, that path towards something?

Where do I go now?

I’m wandering. I’m lost.

Can you see me, from the top of this hill? Can you see who I am?

See who I am. I am what I love.

And I love you. I love what you do; I love who you are. Each and every one of you—a unique and individual human, climbing their own hill. So take my hand, and we’ll walk this next path together.

—thoughts and feelings from @markiplier’s “I Feel Lost

I’m Not Always On The Surface

If I seem unhappy 

its because I am.

If I’m quiet, 

its because its loud in my head.

Give me silence and you have me.

If I don’t look at you, 

its because my eyes give away my pain.

If I seem like I’m hiding something, 

its only my fear of losing you.

If I say I love you,

I mean it.

Then if you have a feeling I don’t trust you, 

don’t believe it.

Who Killed Markiplier audio post analysis

Okay, so after listening to the audio file on repeat for about an hour and experimenting with various items, my sister and I have determined several things.

1. There was a match lit, then a kerosene lamp (there’s a specific sound to those old lamps)

2. There is some sort of machinery in the background, but we couldn’t make out much. Sounds like it has some sort of fan?

3. The writing sound was made by a fountain pen on old-style paper writing on a wooden surface with uneven grain and a worn finish. (Seriously, you have no idea how many combinations of writing utensils and surfaces we tested this with to get a perfect match.)

4. Judging by the sound of the footsteps, the person was wearing dress shoes and walking on a stone or possibly tile floor, though stone is more likely. (We borrowed some of dad’s shoes and made use of the vaguely chaotic design of our house.)

Also, apologies to @reverseblackholeofwords and @lum1natrix. This is what happens when you tell your sister she can tag people on the post and she has no idea what that means. Also @alcordraws and @markired, we figured you guys might like this, too. (And if not, that’s totally cool, too.)

Friend Things
  • whispering inside jokes/memes during a time when you’re supposed to be Serious™
  • driving nowhere in particular while you try to figure out what to do
  • the “Default Hangout”
  • differing ideas of acceptable movie theater behavior lead to threats
  • ordering from the appetizer menu at 11pm
  • “can we please have separate checks?”
  • borrowed sweatpants
  • the likelihood of sharing food is either 100% or 0% there is no in between
  • “did I leave ______ at your house?”
  • texting each other your weird dreams (capslock optional)
  • using parents’ first names (is it a joke? who the fuck knows)
  • tag-team storytelling 
  • only the shittiest finest jokes 
  • it’s anyone’s guess what fuckery is gonna happen if you make eye contact in public
  • passing the phone
  • aux cord fights
  • why get up if you can just throw the thing to whoever needs it
  • putting on a movie to appreciate while you talk over it
calling gentile allies

I’ve seen multiple posts on my dash just today about the JCC bomb threats and how they’re affecting the Jewish community, and I thought of an idea that gentile allies can help to alleviate some of the heightened anxiety and isolation that a lot of people are feeling right now. Raising awareness is great, but you know what’s also great? Getting to know your neighbors.

So here’s an idea: if you aren’t Jewish, look up whether there is a JCC or synagogue near you. Then keep an eye out for it in local and national news. If you see that it has received threats recently, take a few minutes out of your day and fill out a postcard or a card, and send it to the main office.

I want to emphasize that it’s best if you focus on local institutions rather than ones that are in another state, because it makes it much more personal. The anonymity of the recent threats is one of the reasons they cause so much fear; no one knows if it’s from someone across the street or across the country. Know that there’s someone nearby who is on your side can help balance out that anxiety. I also think cards are better than, say, phone calls, because it strikes me as potentially nerve-wracking if synagogues and JCCs end up with a rash of unexpected calls after getting a phoned-in bomb threat. And cards are very tangible; you can keep them in the office, put them on a bulletin board, point to them when people are having doubts about whether their community cares.

As for what to include in your message, you can really say anything you want in support and solidarity, but here are some things that might be especially nice for them to hear:

  • “Shabbat Shalom!” (if you think the letter will arrive on a Thursday or Friday; this is the Hebrew for “a peaceful Sabbath,” the traditional greeting in many communities)
  • “Happy Purim” or “Chag sameach!” (Purim is a holiday, happening Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12 this year–in general, look up a Hebrew calendar and see if there’s a holiday around the time you’re sending the letter. Tisha B’Av and Yom Kippur are “the ones you can’t say Happy [holiday] on.”)
  • some communities are holding rallies after receiving threats–I know there was one in Springfield, MA–so if your community did, and you attended, definitely mention that!
  • “I am a member of [faith organization], and I think it is important for us to stand with you in these times. My organization has participated/hopes to participate in multifaith activities with the Jewish community.”
  • “I have a friend who went to school at her JCC and she always spoke about how much it meant to her, so I want to show my support.”/“My child has a classmate who attends your programs, and they were very concerned about making sure their friend felt safe.”
  • “I read an article your president wrote in the paper, or I heard about a community-wide event that you lead recently. It sounded great and in the future I hope to engage more with my Jewish friends and neighbors.”
  • ***nothing proselytize-y and nothing political beyond the immediate issue. there’s no need to bring Jesus or Israel into this conversation.***

Obviously there’s more to do beyond this. Educate yourself about antisemitism. Combat it in YOUR OWN SPACES, not just when it comes from your enemies. Show up to events organized by Jewish activists. Show up to multifaith events even if they’re not activist spaces–if your local synagogue is pairing up with a church or a mosque/masjid to run a toy drive, watch a movie, eat pancakes, whatever, grab a friend, find someone new, and introduce yourself.

But still, these things can be difficult. They can require spoons, time, transportation, etc. Writing a postcard only requires a writing surface, a writing utensil, a stamp, and two minutes of your time,  and it, too, helps build your community. Even if you don’t have a local Jewish org to support, please reblog and share the ahavah.

Spell to be Heard

Grab a lipstick, chapstick, or anything you prefer. Write a pentacle on a surface, place the lip item in the center.  I chose to embellish mine with crystals and items that called to me, but they are not necessary. Once you place the lip item in the center, say these words.

“My words are power

I am Heard

I am valid”

May it be!

Use this spell on any of your lip items! Use it for poetry, work meetings, voicing your needs. Enjoy!

You once said you would like to sit beside me while I write. Listen, in that case I could not write at all. For writing means revealing oneself to excess; that utmost of self-revelation and surrender, in which a human being, when involved with others, would feel he was losing himself, and from which, therefore, he will always shrink as long as he is in his right mind—for everyone wants to live as long as he is alive—even that degree of self-revelation and surrender is not enough for writing. Writing that springs from the surface of existence—when there is no other way and the deeper wells have dried up—is nothing, and collapses the moment a truer emotion makes that surface shake. This is why one can never be alone enough when one writes, why there can never be enough silence around one when one writes, why even night is not night enough.
—  Franz Kafka, Letters to Felice‎
Surface Tides CH1

Billdip little mermaid AU with a twist.

Chapter Master List <- click here to find all posted chapters
Tumblr Fic Master List <- click here to find all posted work

Dipper loves the human world. It fascinates him. However his interest is considered dangerous and his Great Uncle Ford is determined to break it. One day Dipper rescues a human from a sinking ship and becomes infatuated on sight. It only puts Dipper closer to leaving his home where he’s felt restless for so long. Inevitably Ford pushes him to the breaking point and he does leave after finding a spell to turn him human with the help of Mabel. Now a human he’s got to get true love’s kiss to stay that way. Bill Cipher is the Prince Dipper saved. He knows someone rescued him even if everyone keeps saying he’s crazy. So, when he finds Dipper, who seems very familiar for some reason, washed up on the beach he decides to keep him and quickly grows protective of Dipper, his first and only friend. Dipper’s still got to make Bill fall in love with him though and he might have less time then he think as Stan and Ford are willing to do anything to bring him home. Even if that means going on land themselves.


Prince William Cipher, or Bill as he prefers to be referred to, leaned on his balcony and watched the sun set over the ocean. It was peaceful today and waves crashed lazily on the beach below. The ocean was being much more peaceful than his day had been.

They want him to marry. Another princess was brought to meet him in the hopes he’d find her acceptable. No. Bill turned her down as soon as he was able and walked from the room. Que the fuss and nagging for the rest of the day.

He is thankful he has a choice. There will not be an arranged marriage for him. However just because he can say no doesn’t mean he will not be sent match-ups nor does it mean they won’t be persistent. It’s annoying to say the least 

He gets an offended letter from the parents of each girl he rejects yelling at him for not immediately falling for their daughter. He keeps them now only so he can use them as kindling for his fireplace. 

Bill will reject every girl in the world if it’ll mean not having to marry one. He doesn’t want to marry now. Being only 19 he just wants to live his life. If he finds someone that makes him happy maybe his mind will change but that person will be someone he finds by himself.

The sky was painted red as the sun went down. If it’s nice he’ll go out in his ship tomorrow. There’s nothing like the open seas after all. It’ll be a perfect place to celebrate another birthday that he’s not engaged or married to someone forced upon him by others.

After the sun sank behind the horizon and the world became dark Bill went back inside.

He has a good feeling about tomorrow.


Dipper swam as fast as he could. The bag over his shoulder was pulled behind him through the current. He’s late, he’s so late. The sun has set and he just had to stay at the surface of the water so he could watch it do so, didn’t he? 

It was so pretty with the sky above the waves turning different shades of red and purple. How could anyone resist watching such a beautiful sight? Dipper sure couldn’t and now he’s way past curfew.

He’s in so much trouble.

Maybe he can sneak into his room without being noticed because he doesn’t have and adequate excuse and telling the truth isn’t an option. Merfolk aren’t supposed to go to the surface. It’s not allowed.

Personally, Dipper finds that thinking dated. Plus, is more of an understood rule than a law. So, it’s not like he’s doing anything illegal. Still, he’s going to get in trouble for it. A lot of trouble for it because this is far from the first time.

Dipper doesn’t get it. The surface is beautiful and the over world makes such wonderful fascinating things. Secretly, Dipper would give anything to explore it himself. Unfortunately, he has fins not legs and thus is stuck in the sea.

There are surely ways to change that but magic that powerful is forbidden except under dire circumstances and then only by professionals. Low level spells are fine though they are still rarely used unless the task can’t be completed without it. 

This is partly because not all merfolk can use magic so using it around those who can’t is considered extremely rude. Having the ability to use magic is actually a rare bloodline trait and Dipper’s family happens to be one of the few with that trait. 

Though he’s capable of magic, and as much as Dipper would like to explore the over world, he needs more reason and motivation than what he has to find and cast such powerful and dangerous magic on himself. 

Not to mention, going to the surface would mean leaving his family. That’s a big component here because he loves his family despite how restricting they are and doesn’t want to abandon them over just wanderlust. 

However, despite what his feelings currently are on the matter, he’s restless and if the right motivation came along, he would leave.

Dipper swims through the streets of Gravity Falls and into the house in the coral that belongs to his family. He hides behind a wall. He’s got to get through the living room to get to his room. This will be tricky. Stan or Ford could come in at any moment.

Right now, the only merfolk around was him and after a quick check, Dipper makes a break for it. When he gets to the center of the room he hears voices approaching from the direction he’s heading and freezes.

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like? i honestly don't get people (haters and those who stopped watching) who say spn has bad writing? of course not ever episode will be as good, but for a show at it's THIRTEENTH season the writing hasn't let up at all (it's just more simplified), sfter all those years i still find the dialogue utterly fascinating. i really don't get it but maybe i'm just biased :/

Yeah, and the thing is the show has gradually moved from what was good writing for season 1 or 4 or whatever, to whatever makes it still work after 8 or 13 seasons… 

Like, the internal mirroring in season 1? It’s there, it’s good, there’s a lot more than you think and you’d basically have to watch the season twice, once forwards and once backwards as soon as you’re done before you forget all the little details to catch all the stuff. I mean there’s some things which are obvious like the Mary and Jess dying either end of their episode things. And then there’s stuff like 1x09 and 1x17 both having Sam and Dean obsessed with drawing something that they’re trying to capture on a piece of motel notepaper or whatever. Little motifs that barely mean anything but give a sort of coherency and nod to earlier writing, which is basically just stuff you do to assure the viewer there’s a sense of having things under control. 

Cycle all the way up to season 13 and you can have so many nuanced references going on that just the MotW in 13x05 mirrors 5 different season 1 episodes, a season 8 main arc thing, a random season 11 motw, or 7x19 even, for the house full of ghosts thing… and probably some other stuff I can’t even remember now, and that’s before we get to the main plot half, and the emotional arcs. And those references aren’t just in there as a competency check, but because it means stuff and it’s relevant. The parallel to Lucas the mute kid in 1x03 who Dean related to? SUPER RELEVANT to his emotional state now. For like the entire season we’ve had 1x02′s “saving people, hunting things” speech lurking around in Dean’s actions visibly decayed and broken from its original meaning. 1x10 was visually referenced and that is important because of the Sam and Dean at odds stuff, and some of their most important yelling at each other about how they see each other and how John affected them and how they see John through each other happened there, all of which is being recycled in how they’re treating Jack. I could keep going but point is, the writing is good surface viewing, and a really rich soup of past canon references for people who want to analyse it, because just showing they understand the story they’re telling is a huge sign of good writing, and makes me confident to assume they do mean basically everything they imply. 

But on the other hand in season 1 you can really feel scared and alone and confused and like the entire universe around them is too big and filled with evil and they’re small and incompetent and just want to find their dad and go home, and that aesthetic is excellent, but you can’t keep going with that past even season 1, so they start to get more people in their lives, even just passing acquaintances at first, and a couple of settled locations. And the story can’t just be the same simple goals over and over again or what’s the point in setting up a big looming battle between good and evil from the very start if it’s just escalating and deescalating clashes with a few important demons, a 4 episode per season main arc about family, and then a bunch  of monster hunts? For one thing they’d run out of hunts :P So more plot, more characters, and it all starts eroding the original aesthetic because better writing for what they’re working with means abandoning what originally made the show good because it can NEVER make the show good again IN THAT WAY.

And by season 6 the mytharc is all concluded, and you basically have to pick the show up and turn it around, and start telling it all backwards, and make it personal instead, because not only is escalating threat meaningless after the victory in season 5, but they have a massive world full of characters and resources and KNOWLEDGE and you can’t have the Winchesters alone against the world. There’s jokes about how in season 1 they wouldn’t know a vampire if it bit them on the arse but then in season 8 Dean just goes and clears a house of them out for his vampire BFF. Or season 1 Dean vs demons and then just cut to him and Crowley drinking together. Like… it’s experience and competence and also just the story can’t maintain itself if it never explores new avenues where monsters stop being scary for being monsters and start being scary for what they say about the characters… Which 2x03 does for Dean, and everything since has been post-picking up the story and turning it around. I mean, that can happen at any point really, but the season 1 approach to monsters was completely unsustainable because they’d run out of monsters. Look at how werewolves never came back until season 8 and when they did, Robbie retconned the crap out of them so they could be used in different stories. Werewolves who transform unknown to themselves and can be monsters without ever knowing it? Are good for like 1 story only, and that was the one they told in Heart. And until you suck it up and retcon it, you can NEVER use werewolves even as incidental monsters. We didn’t even see them in season 6. 

And all these changes are happening all the time, and bit by bit things like “can’t have the Winchesters without any reoccurring side characters to help/hinder them” and “monsters aren’t all evil” and “escalate the mytharc at least a notch higher than previously or start over but make it personal” and all these changes happen one at a time for good reasons, until you end up with a show which looks nothing like the original one but still has its DNA. It’s just grown up into an adult version of itself that can carry its own weight. And that’s good long-form writing.

I don’t actually think the writing has simplified, it’s just behaving in a different way now. Season 1 and 2 were pretty raw and full of character dynamic stuff but the main plot was very simple and tropey because it could afford to be because the show was a bunch of world building and a focus on the MotW episodes, and the main plot was a bonus and a mystery to string us through episode to episode, so the main pull WAS the character stuff between Sam and Dean as an identifying feature of the show. But you can’t tell that story over and over where they don’t know what’s happening and it never comes near them until shit hits the fan. For one thing, they blew all their cards ages ago on things seeded into their life from birth that they had no idea about but were always fated to happen, unless there’s something that happened to Dean that’s just been idly ticking away waiting for him to hit 40 for him to be slapped with some ancient curse Millie Winchester activated poking around with artefacts Henry brought home from work or something. Again, once the demon blood reveal comes you basically pick up the show, turn it around, and start telling in the other direction from the build up to that reveal, and we’re still going in that same direction that Sam’s been reacting to since 2x21. That’s the hugest thing to happen in their family history in terms of plot so everything has to loop around that somehow, and new reveals are just “why” ones not “what” ones, in 4x03 and 5x13.

The show the hardcore original couple of seasons fans are longing for is one that wrote itself out of existence with its OWN good writing. Sam and Dean DEMANDED more characters to interact with to show more facets of themselves and for them to be challenged, so they got Ruby and then Cas. The plot was rolling along building up steam so excitingly that it COULD go to an epic fated apocalypse, and sell that our guys were the ones caught in the middle and ready to save the world. They weren’t the same dweebs as season 1. 

And instead you get this INCREDIBLE character writing… Like, Sam and Dean leap off the page as it were right from the start, and without them being good characters the show would never have amounted to anything because Sam and Dean was all the show depended on to start with. And it’s still going on their charisma and chemistry, but it’s FAR from all that now. They get characters thrown at them to see what sticks, and increasingly characters begin to stick. Characters would basically never be seen again originally. And then a few began to show up over and over after Bobby and then the Roadhouse lot, and season 3 had a whole bunch of actual reoccurring characters and stuff like surprise returns for the Trickster or whatever - things that began to make it feel like the world was populated with more than the Winchesters. And by season 8 when the narrative shifts to being primarily character-based and action driven, repeat characters are allowed to show up and stay in ways that they never would have in the past. You get in season 8 Garth, Kevin and Charlie all coming back since season 7 first appearances, Cas and Crowley get their first season they’re actually both in all the way through at the same time, and then there’s repeat characters introduced in that season for its story. Amelia and Benny, and Abaddon and Metatron. It’s CROWDED. The Winchesters are being defined by the people around them and it’s how they react and make their decisions that affects the story. Which allows for delving right down into them and doing masses of character building because all the plot stuff is affected by character things.

And I think Destiel gets so compelling around this time because the shift to emotional storytelling means it’s less what they do and more how what they do affects them and each other. Everyone’s getting defined more by the people around them but Cas and Dean have this whole weird profound thing going already. 

As we go through all that the story becomes more and more self-reflective. 6x01 and 8x01 both reboot the story in weird various ways, going back to the pilot for inspiration. 6x01 just again is about picking up the story and turning it around and telling it in another direction, but 8x01 gets really meta about it… Dabb era snuck up on us because it starts somewhere in the middle-end of season 11, but the end of season 11 is another pick up and turn around moment, but instead of re-telling it begins to completely deconstruct and break down everything that the story had been previously defined by. Which means in many ways the drift back to trying to tell simpler episodes with season 1 themes and style makes it look simpler, but after you stick out 12 years of the show and then get to it, if you look at what they’re doing, part of the reason why the episodes feel SO good, is because there’s a deep intelligence to it all, at least in storytelling terms. Finding what is fresh by taking the things which are worn down and tiresome and trying to do something with them. Subtly, in season 12… A bit louder for the people in the back in season 13 :P But there’s a clever purpose behind it, and the episodes are engaging for other reasons and as a bonus we’re seeing the characters in ways we haven’t really seen them before. Or as we haven’t seen them for a long long time. 

I think a lot of intelligence in good writing is not forgetting the beginning of the story halfway through or at the end or anything. Which is a serious problem when the show is so long. It’s why you sometimes get lines like in 5x21 where Sam and Dean have an exchange where they talk about remember when we used to just hunt Wendigo (*takes a shot*) or in 12x06 why that was the monster they had that game about… It’s meta commentary for mentioning it to go back to the start, to examine their lives (as we were doing to Asa) and remember how it all began. To get a sense of context and continuity that these are the same guys from the start of the show, who have been through *all that* and are still here, being themselves, in their further adventures. 

I think the style has obviously, necessarily, changed a lot but I don’t think it’s simplified anywhere, just that the changes and evolution it’s been through means that the way it’s told now is different, in this case blending nostalgia with trying to convince us we need to keep watching, still, after 13 years, for some of the weird ideas they have going forwards… I think that involves a LOT of character emphasis like being able to take most of 13x01 to mourn Cas when we know he’s coming back, or this whole grief arc, really. Or look at the evolution of Dean worrying about Cas in season 8, 11 and 12 when he’s missing/possessed and how each time it was significantly louder and more important as what Dean was dealing with and how it was affecting him and how important it was to the narrative as a whole. It’s like someone saying a sentence over and over but repeating it with different emphasis. And louder. And the longer the show goes on the less it can rely on one type of telling and the more it has to rely on the other, although I sort of feel like season 13 is hitting a point where I’m not sure where else they GO from here :P 

It’s flipped right back to season 1 in a way, that there’s very little “main plot” intruding on them, right now, except via grief or having Jack around, which of course just elicits a bunch more character development and emotional arc stuff. But the entire history and complexity of the show is still there, so a regular MotW can turn into a chat with Death, who talks to Dean about cosmic matters. Their world is never not going to be huge now after it’s been escalated so far, but on the other hand, you can go back to that season 1 feeling where character development was basically all they had lying around… It’s all massively complex, but on a sublime lower level to what’s going on in the main plot. 

Same as last year, the plot stuff all just served the emotional arcs and it could be literally anything as long as it gave the right nudges to the characters. So far this season it’s been going much better, probably because it feels simpler and there’s been less direct main plot nonsense going on and letting the characters breathe and deal with the emotional stuff… 

Idk, tl:dr I sort of feel like everything season 11 onwards has just been rewarding fans of the show who kept watching that long, made by people who love the show and are delighted it’s been around this long… Like, if anything, the writing might seem simplified because they’ve written so much show that it’s like a self-fuelling self-nostalgia perpetual motion machine for the last couple of seasons. But the very fact it seems easy and simple is betraying how intelligent some of the writing actually is, because at no point has it let up on the depth it’s written at, and with more show it just means MORE stuff to mirror, parallel and build off of. The writing is probably proportionately better than it ever has been because it’s not a level playing field, it’s a MASSIVE MOUNTAIN of past canon all the new writers have to wrangle, learn, and love before they can start writing. And they show that they HAVE and produce great episodes out of it. 

Dry Bones

Dust collects in a pile under my bed

I figure nobody looks below dark places

No one searches for a problem

Deeper than the surface shows

Everything looks neat and clean

But what about the dust ?

It’s still there

As a pile of dry bones abodes above it

And yet still, no one notices

But what about the trust?

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A Spell to Transform Destructive Feelings

What you will need:

  1. A bowl
  2. Spring water (rain water can also be use, and tap water is fine as a last resort)
  3. A raven or crow feather
  4. Paper
  5. Red pen/pencil/crayon

Before you do this spell meditate on the destructive feeling(s) you wish to transforms & the positive feeling(s) or attitude you wish to attain.

Ready yourself in your use manner before you spell work (anointing yourself, lighting incense, casting a circle, invoking etc)

State the intention of this spell by saying out loud “I am here to cast a spell to transform my destructive feelings into life-enhancing and positive ones”

Place your hand on the bowl of water & say out loud “May my feelings and thoughts be as clear and life-giving as this water”

Now pick up the crow/raven feather and either call upon the spirit of the animal or if you are comfortable & familiar with a deity of transformation for example Cerridwen then call upon them. If you have not worked with deities before, the just invoke the spirit of raven/crow saying something like:


Bird of the Void

Come forth from darkness 

And bring me the light

You who has the power of transformation

I call upon you

to shine your light

And transform all that is darkness within me

Put down the feather and, with your index finger write upon the water’s surface. Write one word for phase which sums up each destructive feeling your harbour, but do not name more then three feelings, as it is too much on which to concentrate in just one spell. As you write each word or phase, project its unpleasant meaning straight into the water by the power of your through. Think it is so and because water is responsive, it will be. Your water container will probably not be very large so you may have to write one word on top of another, which is fine. Think of the previous word as having sunk down below the water’s surface.

Pause when you have finished writing. Now think, instead, about the new feelings and attitudes which you would like to develop. For example, if you have written ‘confusion’, remind yourself you would like to feel 'clarity’ or 'decisiveness' 

Now pick up the raven/cow feather again and say:

“As the crow/raven feather writes words of good feeling within the water so all is well. so shall the mood of the water be transformed, bespelled. so shall it be remade in harmony. And, as this water,so my own mind”

Write as many new words for phrases as you recorded negative feelings (if you wrote 3 negative word, write 2 positive ones). Use the feather as a quill 'pen’ this time. So if you wrote 'fear’ with your finger, for example, you may now want to write 'courage’ with the feather. If the feeling is something that say has come from, for example, being assaulted or some kind of abuse then writing something like 'love’ is just not realistic because the feelings you wish to attain are meant to be something you can actually realistically achieve. If this is the case, instead, write something like 'pursuit of justice’ or 'to move on’, this way you are using the energy in a more constructive manner.

After writing, pause with the tip of the quill still in the water, and add:

Now the script within the water is changed.

Now the feelings within it are rearranged,

Turning from ill to well,

From what causes disease to what brings release.

And as within the water, so within me.

As within this bowl, so within my soul.

All is transformed to harmony, clear and free.”

Lay down the feather and pause again, meditating upon the changed. Anoint your brow with water from the bowl. Using your index finger, draw an equal-armed cross within a circle aka a Sun Cross (⊕). This represents harmony and integration, as well as symbolizing the magic circle.

Now sit down with a with of clean blank paper and a red pen/pencil/crayon. Write again your new positive word(s) or phrase(s), the same ones that you wrote with the crow/raven feather. Also write ’ I [your name], live in these feelings, and they in me.’ Add the symbol of the sun cross (⊕) 

Write this, even if you do not feel anything of the sort, even if you still feel bitter or pessimistic. A spell must have time to work, for natural magic is like nature itself, sometimes slow-moving but deep and thorough.

After the spell-casting, place this magical document under your pillow. Keep it for at least 3 months.

You should now spend some time visualizing or describing life as you intend to experience it as a result of your changed feelings. Dwell on your state (calm, assured, purposeful), your state of mind (good) and your actions (creative). Go into as much detail as you can manage. If you find yourself slipping back into the negative feeling, repeat the word or phrase describing your new feeling. You could chant the word or phrase to yourself everyday as an affirmation of sorts, in some magical traditions words or rhymes of magical impact are repeated in multiples of three or nine, so trying saying your chose word or phrase nine or perhaps twenty-seven times ( three times nine). You could do this as the first thing you do when you wake up.

Be sure to give thanks to the raven/crow spirit, if they are native to the area in which you live, you could feed them as a thank you.

Pour the water outside on the earth or at the foot of a tree, a place that is clean & uncontaminated. This is important because you have 'poured yourself’ into this water, so it need to be give to a place that feels good. The feather can be kept on your altar or stored with your magical equipment for future rites.

Magic should never be used as a replacement for medical treatment and profession help.

Adapted from Spellcraft for Hedge Witches by Rae Beth

5.8 Drabble, 50 words exactly.

She was made ready for the future, by cleansing her past. She had given him the calendar. They had a date. Their future was bright and she was never happier.

Turning back to him after they broke from their Christmas kiss, she whispered… “Meet me by the tree at midnight.”