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im glad that your ethnic background means smth to you too?? i always get kind of offended when people act as if it doesnt matter bc im white anyway :s My parents moved from russia to the usa when they were young adults and i was born there then moved to western europe when i was like 4. I love learning about my background though and it means smth to me you know

yes !!!  it means so much to me honestly. which, sounds like white nationalism, i know. i know. and that’s why it doesn’t seem to matter as much; it’s not a connection to your roots, it’s a threat. which, i understand, bc neo-nazis/etc. have used a lot of our cultures toward their “evidence” of superiority (beyond just the swastika). so now it’s connected in general that white people being proud equals bad things + tumblr sometimes rags on white people anyway (which fair enough, i’m sure as hell not complaining). and as much as i love my slavic background, we’ve been guilty of it, too, we really have. honestly at this point it doesn’t concern me as much if others don’t think my heritage matters (which, i get you on this, though. despite the fact that we are white and the recent surges in slavic white nationalism, historically i think it’s important to make these distinctions, especially considering how ruthless germanics have been in treating us + the general views that eastern europe is “dirty” thanks to the west. if we’re gonna get technical, it does matter. it’s like telling the irish to not be proud - which, at least in america they’re encouraged to be lbr - bc they’re white, even tho they do receive some sympathy bc the brits/americans were ruthless to them, etc. so, no, it legit doesn’t stop with us being white. we have a different & harsher history than Western Whites™, a different culture, different ideas. it does matter when we get to the conversation.) but of being accused of more because my slavic background means something to me. maybe i’ve been on tumblr too long, but damn is that one of my fears bc i’ve seen some illogical arguments. but anyway, our heritage meaning something to us doesn’t exactly equate to everything bad & i really do think it’s cool that your slavic background means something to you. i’d encourage anyone of the same thing but i’m slavic so this just happens to be what i know personally, what i connect to, you feel me?

also, atm we’re kind of at a place where taking some interest in our roots has been important, politically. ie since the crimea crisis, ukrainians have taken more interest in their culture, wearing the traditional flower crowns, as a way to reclaim their identity, etc. and that’s just ukraine, i’m not even touching the other examples of how our roots should matter to us (and i have,, some surprisingly mundane reasons actually, ie stuff that effects population control).

sorry for the rant, i just… it’s a weird topic and i’ve seen a lot of scathing stuff on tumblr (especially a couple years ago) so i feel kinda compelled to protect our positions here. i get what you mean off the bat but slavic troubles aren’t exactly Top of the List knowledge and i don’t need any weird messages lmao. and goodness knows i support anyone who wants to connect with their heritage, to take some good pride in the stories / languages / clothing / etc. that their ancestors have achieved (& i would like to hear about it actually. slav culture isn’t the only stuff the west just… fails to touch, even tho culture in general is interesting).

so anyway, yes nonny, my slavic roots mean a lot to me. it’s so amazing to learn our background. like, traditionally sewing has meant a lot to us, has been a means of divination and protection and so forth, and it’s been really cool learning that considering my family’s professional background in needleworks. it means so much to me and slavic culture is so pretty & under-appreciated in the west, i’m glad you’ve taken an interest in it too! seriously, if you ever wanna hmu about slavic stuff please do so, goodness knows i wanna know everything about it that interests you! i’m so here for talking about slav culture/history c:

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5 things you would find in my bag/backpack

  • my super shitty super heavy laptop and charger
  • a whole kilo of this greek candy called Loukoumi that I got for my friends
  • my tea flask thing which usually has either peppermint or jasmine tea in it
  • my wallet (I just bought a new one and it’s so pretty I’m obsessed with it)
  • pencil case

5 things you would find in my room

  • my plant!! his name is stanley!!
  • my big suitcase that I still haven’t unpacked whoops
  • a huge stack of polaroids and postcards and prints that I bought in europe
  • a mini-bookshelf that has a whole shelf dedicated to harry potter
  • my tiny decorated christmas tree

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

  • date somebody lmao
  • travel through south america and eastern europe
  • learn to write creatively
  • go to law school
  • learn how to cook!!

5 things on my to-do list

  • finish unpacking my suitcase!!
  • find a use for the notebook I bought in Naples
  • start and finish the four internals I have that are due in the next couple of weeks
  • apply for the next UN Youth model European Union
  • figure out what happened to prefect nominations

5 things people may not know about me

  • I was nominated for Young New Zealander of the year last year by Save the Children NZ and UNICEF NZ for my work on their big project for the year!! myself and a group of Youth Ambassadors from both organizations designed, researched and wrote a report on child rights in NZ as part of this collection of reports that went to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
  • I can barely barely speak any sinhalese and as a result I always feel super :///// about my cultural identity because I feel like I’m too white to be properly sinhalese
  • I took sinhalese dance lessons for 13 years and I’m actually about to come out of retirement to participate in a production they’re putting on
  • I’m taking three separate sets of french exams this year, two of which aren’t even compulsory because I’ve never known a self care in my life
  • I got so anxious about the rooming situation on our trip last month that I cried for 15 minutes in my room in london because I was afraid of the french teens on my floor


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Can I please know your name and where you from and how old are you and when did you start writing, what have you inspiration to write?... Only if that okay for you ❤️

um yeah sure 😄 my name’s yoanna , i am from eastern europe (bulgaria) , in my 20s and writing is a recent thing for me 😊 (unless you count keeping a diary from time to time) i started writing to dull the pain of TVD ending and things kind of snowballed from there 😅 as for inspiration - lots of reasons here , main one being kai himself cuz he is absolutely incredible , loml (and 100% redeemable btw ⚠ and most definitely didn’t deserve to get stuck for all eternity alone again 😢) …

You know, you have a (Hellsing) Problem when….

-   your Hellsing-Ordner has over 8,400 images and you have no idea how O.o

-  you’ve read almost every interesting fanfiction, and you acting like a little child on Christmas when a new appears

-   you have over 300 pics, mostly from Alucard on the wall besides your bed

-   you learn Romanian, because of Vlad <3

-   you are going on an excursion for 2 weeks in the Carpathians, just to travel further alone to Cetatea Poenari, the original Castel of Dracula (not Bran -.- ) I’m so excited :D

-  none of your friends want to watch Hellsing with you, because every time when Alucard appears on the screen you squeak happily like a little puppy :3

-   you already know the name of your next pet

-   you learn more  interesting facts about the WWII in Hellsing as you remember from school 

-   you payed already thousands of dollars for fan stuff like cosplay-cloves, t-shirts, guns, books etc.

-  you have already read all history books and romans about Dracula and Vlad the Impaler

-  you writing your master-thesis about Vlad the Impaler because your prof. is  Eastern Europe expert and he research’s a lot on him.

-          you get angry when someone says “Das ist in der Walachei” (In German the word Wallachia also means a vast and barren landscape -.- just few know that it is a real historical and geographical region of Romania)

-  you watched Hellsing in 4 languages and it’s still not enough. (Japanese, German, English, France)

-   you drawing every name from the Hellsing characters on your paper during a lecture like a lovey-dovey teenager

-  you want to learn Japanese just because you want to ask Kōta Hirano a lot of questions

-  you already know your next tattoo(s) and one of it includes in any case “The bird of hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame”

-  you spend a lot of time day and night with fantasizing about how gorgeous/sexy/handsome/ FUCKABLE Alucard is :3

-  you google hours for terms like schediaphilia, toonophilia, fictophil ect.

-  you seriously thinking of going to a therapist and tell him, that you are madly in love with a fictional character

-  all of your friends twist the eyes when you just start with words like “Alucard” “Vampire” “Dracula” “Hellsing” etc.

- your boyfrind who loves anime and who has bring Hellsing in your life reacts jealously of some specific cartoon character :D but he say it’s alright :D 

-  you are happy when someone like alucards-fine-ass  feels in some points just like you <3 (like Alucards tongue :P