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Crime - false eyelashes, rushed notes, black hoodies and high heels, smudged eyeliner, echo of footsteps, splattered paint, loyal to the bone, cracked concrete, impulsive actions

History - sophisticated style, reading for hours, eloquent speech, worn pages, feather quills, literature nerd, knowledge, podcasts, library’s at night, the buzz of electronics

Nature - soft whispers, scrunched noses, delicate teacups, houseplants on every surface, natural light, recipe books, paper straws, watercolours, intricate details, daytime tv

Satire - self satisfies smirks, controversial, protesting, fluent in sarcasm, poker face, battered converse, not trustworthy, class clown, opinionated, very clever

Conspiracy - wild gestures, sleepless nights, happy alone, messy hair and crazy thoughts, can talk for hours, suspicious glances, cryptic texts, quirky decor, bursts of energy

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Long lost family, merguckets? (The deaged stan twins maybe?)

🤝 - Long-Lost Family

I’m aiming to empty all MerGucket prompts in my inbox this month to celebrate MerMay.  Here’s the first one.  You asked for Banjo and Perch, I give you Banjo and Perch!  This ficlet takes place immediately after this art of yours.

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              “What were you two doin’ in the shipwreck?” Perch asked the human guppies he and Banjo had found about fifteen minutes ago.  The human guppies, upon seeing them, had freaked out, making Banjo and Perch concerned that their breathing devices would malfunction and the guppies would get hurt.  So they had led the guppies to the family cave, and now wanted some answers as to who they were.

              “We had a right to be there,” the boy guppy said defensively.  Unlike the girl guppy, he seemed wary of Banjo and Perch.  “It was our uncles’ before it sunk.”

              “…Your uncles’?” Perch asked.  He was currently in human form, wearing some of the clothes the family kept stashed in the cave.  Banjo, on the other hand, was still in mer form, laying down grumpily upon the sand with the end of his tail in the water.  The boy guppy nodded.

              “Yeah!” the girl guppy interjected eagerly.  “And you look just like them!  At least, you look just like the pictures we’ve seen of them.”  Banjo and Perch exchanged a look.

              “At least we know why she’s been starin’ at us like she just won a prize,” Banjo muttered to Perch in Mermish.  Perch nodded.  “What are your uncles’ names?” Banjo asked the girl guppy in English.

              “Stanley and Stanford.”

              “Well, we don’t know anyone named that, so…” Banjo said idly.  He began to scoot back towards the water.  “The exit’s to the left.  See ya.”

              “No, Ban, don’t leave yet,” Perch said.  “They just want information.”  Banjo rolled his eyes.

              “Fine,” he muttered.  He flicked his tail.  “I guess if these human guppies have questions, we can try to answer ‘em.”

              “We’re not guppies,” the boy guppy said.

              “Yeah, ya are,” Banjo argued.  “Yer not full grown.  That makes you guppies.”

              “Wait, are baby mermaids called guppies?” the girl guppy asked.  Banjo and Perch nodded.  “Aw, that’s adorable!”  Banjo snorted in amusement.  “But for reals, why do you guys look like our uncles so much?”  Her eyes widened.  “Wait, did they marry mermaids, and you’re their kids?  Ooh!  Or maybe we’re part mermaid all along, and you’re still their kids, but after they realized they were part mermaid.  Or-”

              “None of those,” Perch said.  The boy guppy narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

              “So you do have a reason for why you look like our uncles,” the boy guppy said slowly.  Perch rubbed the back of his neck.


              “C’mon, man, we just want some answers,” the boy guppy implored.  “I mean, it’d be nice to know what happened to our uncles.  Dad and Grandma never got any closure, since they didn’t find the bodies.”

              “Your dad?” Banjo asked.

              “Yeah, a dad’s-” the girl guppy started.  Banjo waved his hand.

              “I know what a dad is.  I meant, who’s your dad?”

              “Uh, his name is Shermie,” the boy guppy answered. Banjo looked down at the sand, memories from his past life as Stan washing over him.

              Shermie was a pretty great big brother.  Maybe not as good as Fidds, but better than Harper.  Banjo looked over at Perch.  Perch seemed overcome as well.

              “Should we tell ‘em?” Banjo asked quietly in Mermish. Perch nodded.

              “I think so,” he replied in the same language.  He cleared his throat.  “We aren’t yer uncles’ kids.  Because…we are your uncles.”

              “Huh?” the girl guppy asked, cocking her head in confusion.

              “It was this whole thing,” Banjo said dismissively. “When we were Stan and Ford, we messed with someone and that someone decided to sink our ship.  But when we started drowning, we got saved by the person we helped by messing with the bad person.”  The human guppies still looked confused.  Banjo sighed. “Okay, let’s give ‘em names.  We ticked off someone that we’ll call Jim. Jim got angry at us for stoppin’ him from doin’ a bad thing.  Jim decided to sink the ship in revenge.  But when we messed with Jim, we helped this person we’ll call Carla.  And Carla was so grateful that we helped her, when we were drowning in the ship, she saved us.”

              “She didn’t fully save us,” Perch interjected.  “She couldn’t.  She used her magical gifts to effectively reincarnate us as mer eggs.  It was the only way to save our lives.”  Perch looked down.  “Even if our lives still ended in a way.”  The boy guppy rubbed his temples.

              “So you guys are our uncles, but reincarnated as mermen?” he asked.  Banjo and Perch nodded.  “That definitely wasn’t anything like I expected.”

              “How’d you survive if you got turned into eggs?” the girl guppy asked.  “I mean, eggs hatch into baby animals, and baby animals need to be protected.”

              “A mermaid found our eggs in the ship and brought us to her home.  She assumed we were captured by mer hunters or somethin’,” Banjo said.  “She added us to the two eggs she had in her last clutch, and we got raised by her and her mate.”

              “Oh!  You’re adopted,” the girl guppy said.

              “Basically,” Banjo said.

              “I don’t know if I believe you,” the boy guppy said suddenly.

              “Why not?” Perch asked.  The boy guppy crossed his arms.

              “Because it’s weird!  It doesn’t really make much sense.  I mean, for one thing, you guys have southern accents.  Our uncles grew up in New Jersey!”

              “Hey, we talk like the fam’ly we were raised by talks,” Banjo said irritably.  “And what, do ya want us to prove we’re yer uncles somehow?”

              “Yes,” the boy guppy said with a firm nod.

              “…How?” Perch asked.  The boy guppy looked at the girl.  She shrugged.

              “You’re on your own, bro-bro.  I believe them.”

              “You two are siblings?” Perch asked.  The girl guppy nodded.  “But yer the same age.”

              “We’re twins,” the girl guppy said.  Perch frowned.  “Twins are when someone has two babies at the same time.”

              “It’s like a clutch, sorta,” Banjo said.  He scratched his cheek.  “Least, that’s how I remember it.”  After a moment, Perch nodded.

              “Right.  I remember now.”

              “Okay, I thought of how you can prove you are who you say you are,” the boy guppy said.  Banjo and Perch looked at him.  “Tell us something only Stan and Ford would know.”

              “Like what?” Perch asked.

              “Like- well, I can’t tell you, ‘cause if I did, that could help you lie,” the boy guppy sputtered.  Banjo rolled his eyes.

              “Fine, whatever.  Let us think fer a couple minutes.”  Banjo rolled over onto his back to stare at the ceiling of the cave. The water cast a shimmery reflection on the rock, giving it almost the same appearance as glass reflecting light. Banjo frowned.

              Glass reflecting light…  His eyes widened.  The glass face of Stan’s watch!

              “Stan had a watch,” he said.  “It was a gift from Shermie.  Shermie gave it to him right before he and Ford left on their last trip. But Stan gave it right back to him, sayin’ that he didn’t want it to get wet.  He’d be back fer-”  Tears suddenly pricked the corners of his eyes.  “Stan said he’d be back fer it soon enough.”

              But Stan never did come back fer it.

              “I’ve seen that watch,” the boy guppy said quietly. “Dad doesn’t wear it ever.”  Banjo turned around to face the guppies again.

              “Why?” Perch asked.

              “I asked him one time, and he said it was because it wasn’t his watch, it was Stan’s.  But that Stan never got to wear it.”  The boy guppy swallowed.  “No one saw Dad give it to him.  I guess- I guess you guys really are our uncles.”

              “You need to come say hi to Dad!” the girl guppy said, jumping to her feet.

              “No,” Perch said softly.  The girl guppy’s sudden excitement faded.

              “What?  Why not?”

              “I don’t want to see Shermie again.  I don’t- I don’t think I could handle it.”

              “I feel the same,” Banjo said.  “I don’t wanna meet any humans I used to know.”

              “But- but he’s family,” the girl guppy said.

              “Yeah.  But it’d be too hard fer us.  And too hard for him, for that matter.  He thinks Stan and Ford are dead,” Perch said.  “And- and they kinda are.  We aren’t Stan and Ford any more.”

              “You aren’t?” the boy guppy asked.  Banjo and Perch shook their heads.

              “Ma ‘n Pa – our adoptive parents – didn’t know our human names,” Perch said.  “They didn’t even know we used to be human.”

              “How did you figure it out, then?”

              “…It’s a long story,” Banjo said.  He shifted slightly in the sand.  “Too long to tell right now.  They’ll be expectin’ us fer dinner soon.  And yer parents will get worried if you stay away too long.”

              “Yeah, we should probably get going,” the boy guppy said.

              “If you guys aren’t Stan and Ford any more,” the girl guppy said, “who are you?”

              “I’m Banjo, and he’s Perch.  Our last name is MerGucket.”

              “Banjo and Perch MerGucket?” the boy guppy said, raising an eyebrow.  “Those are weird names.”

              “Mer names ‘re gonna be weird to humans,” Banjo said with a shrug.  “What about you?  What are yer names?”

              “I’m Mabel, and he’s Dipper.”

              “Mabel and Dipper,” Perch repeated.  He smiled.  “It’s nice to meet you, Mabel and Dipper.”

              “Nice to meet you too!” Mabel chirped.  There was the sound of voices from outside the cave. “Dipper, I think that’s Mom and Dad.” Dipper nodded.

              “Let’s go.”  He paused.  “Will- will we see you again?”

              “I think so,” Perch said after a moment.  “After all, you know where to find us now.”


              “Dipper, Mabel, where are you?” a voice called from outside.  Dipper and Mabel waved goodbye at Banjo and Perch before hurrying away.  Banjo let out a long sigh.

              “That was…intense.”

              “You can say that again,” Perch mumbled.  He quirked a half-grin.  “You were right, Banjo.  There were still things in the shipwreck we hadn’t found yet.”  Banjo rolled his eyes.

              “Haven’t ya learned yet?  I’m always right.”

Hiking in the woods has always been your form of therapy. There was something about being close to nature that always allowed you to recharge and allow you to relax before going back to work on Monday. It was always uneventful, but this time around when you found two dryads talking to each other you couldn’t help but hide and listen into their conversation.

“You know I was on the TIMBER app the other day.”
“Not again, Karl.”
“Needless to say, my profile picture lacks junk in my TRUNK.”
“Karl, I swear to the spirits I will chop you into firewood for the humans.”
“But that’s okay because I’m a kinky dryad, I put that despite my lacking figure, my BARK was worse than my bite. That should attract some of the kinkier ones.”

The other dryad’s groaning and the awful puns had you in stitches, alerting the dryads to your presence.


Me: Saeyoung Choi deserves so much love, a chance to feel hopeful, tender touches, being held, a shoulder to cry on, restful nights and peaceful mornings, reminders of his worth as a person, good friends, laughter, joy, understanding, soft snuggles, inside jokes, holiday

The Vampire Diaries (S1 Ep 1.01 -1.11) Sentence Starters

feel free to change words and pronouns as needed.

  • “For over a century, I have lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows. Alone in the world.”
  • “You’re really going to run this whole psychic thing into the ground, huh?”
  • “People are going to stop giving you breaks, [Name]. They just don’t care anymore.”
  • “We’re planning a June wedding.”
  • “I can’t tell you what to do. But coming back here was a mistake.”
  • “I promised you an eternity of misery, so I’m just keeping my word.”
  • “Stay away from [Name].”
  • “I was talking to [Name], and she said that the comet is a sign of impending doom.”
  • “Yeah, then you poured [Name] another shot and she told you about the aliens.”
  • “When you lose someone, it stays with you. Always reminding of you of how easy it is to get hurt.”
  • “You can’t just sit there and wait for life to come to you, you have to go get it.”
  • “She used to be way more fun. And… I say that with complete sensitivity.”
  • “They are people, [Name]. She’s not a puppet, she doesn’t exist for your amusement.”
  • “I need a break. She talks more than I can listen.”
  • “Are these bites going to turn me into a vampire?”
  • “Some girls just can’t resist my good looks, my style, my charm… and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.”
  • “I like being the eternal stud.”
  • “They look so cute together.”
  • “Trust is earned, I can’t just magically hand it over.”
  • “Um… I think that my paranoia has turned into full blown hallucinations.”
  • “I already want you dead; don’t give me another reason to make it happen.”
  • “I’ve been in love. It’s painful, pointless, and overrated.”
  • “We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.”
  • “How can you be so arrogant and glib after everything that you’ve done?”
  • “You confuse me for someone with remorse.”
  • “Why does everybody have to die on me?”
  • “Oh my God… you’re in love with her.”
  • “It flares up in the presence of psychopaths.”
  • “When it’s real, you can’t walk away.”
  • “It’s true. I’m shallow. I’m worse than shallow. I’m a kiddie pool.”
  • “ You just spent the night in my bed. There was cuddling. Then you snuck out before dawn so you wouldn’t have to face me. Which, I must say, is a total lame guy move.”
  • “That’s a little melodramatic, don’t you think?”
  • “Vampires can’t procreate, but we love to try.”
  • “I saved your life. And don’t you forget it.”
snippet sun(mon)day

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This is from Rather Be :) 


“There may be a problem,” he told Elizabeth when she’d finished with her shoes. “I have nothing to protect me from the sun, and I am afraid I burn quite easily.”

“You didn’t bring sunscreen?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No. Normally, I use magic,” he explained.

Understanding came over her face. “Oh. Well, don’t worry, I have some back at the bungalow. I can go grab it.”

“No need for that,” Hawke said, pulling a bottle out of her bag. “Here, take mine.” Her grin widened as she looked at him. “I’d offer to do your back, but you know. Wouldn’t want the girlfriend to get jealous or anything.” Before that thought could sink in fully, she’d spun around. “Come on, Tethras! Race you to the water!” She broke into a run.

“What are we, children?” Varric complained. But his competitive nature kicked in a second later and he darted after her with a grunt of annoyance.

Solas looked at Elizabeth, who was staring at him with something like alarm. “Um,” she said awkwardly, glancing away. Her shoulders lifted in a shrug. “I guess I’ll do your back, then.”


See I wasn’t lying about ALL THE TROPES. :D 

I will tag @hollyand-writes@empresstress13, @adventuresinastrangeworld, @beckily! No pressure if you’re busy (and I say ignore the Sunday thing, I certainly did, but that’s up to you :))

mocha--writes  asked:

First impression meme, if you’re still accepting these: Dorian?

First impression

“He’s handsome and gay?? Okay now I have to play this game!” I picked up gaming again purely to play dragon age and to romance Dorian

Impression now

Dorian…..he truly means so, so much to me as a mlm and as a trans person. I no longer feel like I should have to hide who I am or who I love and that I should be authentically who I am. There’s so much to his story that resonates with me and how I feel and his whole story just….he means so so much to me.

Favorite moment

I love just….talking with him and his casual dialogue where he talks about Tevinter really in general when he talks. Well except the slavery thing

I also really like talking with him after his personal quest, regardless of the romance or not. It makes me cry every single time he says in that broken voice: “I wouldn’t like that Dorian.” It’s just something that resonates very deeply with me.

Idea for a story

I want to read about his work in Tevinter and with the Lucerni party and the mad house it would inevitably end up as. Also anything with the romanced inquisitor spending time with him in Tevinter. 

Unpopular opinion

I hate the fandom idea that Dorian wouldn’t love a trans inquisitor or an ace inquisitor. It’s just baffling to me how a man that is large on acceptance and who his whole story is built around wouldn’t love a man regardless if they are cis or not.

Favorite relationship

I want more about his relationship with Maevaris, but for now his relationship with the Inquisitor is my favorite, romanced or just as a friendship. I love how close the two of them get.

Favorite headcanon

Dorian learns and knows better than to be okay with slavery in his country and counts it as another that needs to be fixed in his country for it to move forward and into his vision of the future he wants. Tbh, it’s not really a head canon for me, but rather something I count as canon for my own world state.


anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I hope I'm not too late for the fic thing but, "Crush" was the first work of yours that I read and damnnn that was hot, how do you manage to write something like that and still be in character? I love your writing

Hey, that’s a fun place to start! Glad you liked that one. I think crush was the first fic I wrote for my kink bingo card. I had a card that just happened to have kind of repetitive squares–both feminization and panty kink, both object insertion and sex toy. I’d already written dildo fic, and that felt kinda boring when sex toy can mean so many things, so I wanted to do something a little different. So: what about a fleshlight? Don’t see those too often in fic (or at least, I don’t)–so then the challenge became, how to make a little fic work with this conceit? (another, side-challenge: I feel like I see a lot of women being sort of unfairly dismissive of fleshlights, which seems unfair. If we’re all sex-positive about dildos and vibrators, why mock this? [and of course, we know why, but I wanted to show the stupid little plastic thing in a good light for once. hence, fic!])

I’m really glad you thought it was in character, since that’s always my goal–as much as is possible, considering the brotherly boinking. When I start with a premise like “Sam and Dean play with a fleshlight”–or, for that matter, Sam/Claire existing at all, or Sam and Dean doing virginity roleplay (lawd)–the first thing I do is ask why? Why is this happening? What would it mean if it did? What does the story end up really being about? How can we take the two guys who exist on screen and come up with a series of decisions they’d make which would lead them to this place? crush isn’t really about the fleshlight, obviously; it’s about Sam’s physical power and his restraint, and how Dean gets off on both the power and the restraint. The fleshlight becomes a gift to let him unleash, if only for a few minutes, in a way that’s safe. If it feels in character, maybe it’s because of the ways we’ve seen Sam unleash in canon–both in anger (dangerous) and in bed (fun and animalistic, hoo boy). Late seasons!Sam, though, tends to be more careful, more retiring. Maybe Dean understands that Sam has grown out of the raging flame of youth, but he also wants Sam to be himself. You can’t hurt it, he says, and knows that that’s the key. 

It’s that stuff that makes writing porn-fics way more interesting, for me. Sure, I could just dump them into bed and write the boinky boink and call that done–and I have done that!–but giving it some kind of emotional base makes it worth spending the time on. And hopefully makes it worth your time to read, so–thank you! I always appreciate the reads. :)