writing leopard

Good luck on your tests, @strokinghamster2910 !!

Tapi works hard as well, so I hope both of you are going to succeed!
And to anyone else who struggles with exams and school - good luck to all of you, I know you are doing a great job.

Don’t get too hard on yourself, drink lots of water and remember to take some time off for a snack and to cool off n_n

OTP Idea #194

Imagine Person A and Person B pet-sitting for their friend but neither of them have any idea of what they’re doing.

I drew Tweek and Butters from my blind boxer Tweek au so I would actually kick myself into doing more planning.

I find it funny how Butters looks so much cleaner in appearance than Tweek, which is something I’m trying to go for.

I’m also trying to abandon Butters turtle neck for a sweater but it’s hard man, it’s hard.

okay i really need to start writing again.