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I saw you make a comment on a Danny phantom post mentioning the Phan wars and why people don't support Hartman, could you elaborate on that more, I haven't been in the phandom long and I'm curious

Oh sure! I love to explain things. Firstly, welcome to the phandom! Please leave your sanity at the door, and I hope you enjoy the puns, fun, and so much angst. Nice to meet you! (I apologize beforehand for the long post). 

For those of you who are wondering, this is the post the OP was talking about (x). 

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t around during the phan wars. I’ve only been writing for DP since 2015 and actively on Tumblr since April 2016, when the wars themselves occurred in 2007, 2008. Around that time. 

This post (x) goes into the specifics of the phandom wars. Basically Hartman said he didn’t like m|m or f|f ships and didn’t approve of them. So on Devianart there was this whole ficasco of  truephans (supporters of Hartman’s words directly) vs antiphans ( m|m or f|f shippers). Long story short, lots of hate was thrown around, people couldn’t ship anything without being attacked for it, and no one was happy. 

All because Hartman said he didn’t like certain ships. 

(Though, this lack of shipping is one of the reasons why the phandom is what it is today. Without shipping be turned to angst. Go figure). 

Then there was also the trans!Danny headcanon vs canon vs AU fight. The idea of trans!Danny became a popular, but some phans took it too far and insisted that the headcanon was actually canon. Eventually this got to Hartman and he put down that theory directly with no uncertainty. 

A lot of the dislike also stems from the background of the show itself. Most phans agree that Hartman is not a good writer. Terrible in some ways, and his lack of skill in this area is shown blatantly in season 3. On the third season of DP, many of the writers were fired/had left/had ‘creative disagreements’/ were just not there, including one of the main creators of the show, Steve Marmel. In season three, the characterization is degraded to an almost childish state, the pacing is terrible, and just overall the quality of the show went down.

We don’t like him as a writer to say the least, even if he is a decent comedian. 

There’s also simply just bitterness. If you’ve seen what the phandom done, there is so much beauty and potential to this wondrous concept. It’s crazy. The phandom is still alive even after nearly 10 years after it stopped airing and until very recently without new canon content! It’s insane! I’ll leave this post (x) to elaborate even more, but DP had so much going for it.

And we just feel as if this is all just….wasted. On bad writing. Bad concepts. Bad decisions. DP could have been so much more, and it’s just not met its potential.

Overall, we sort of just feel betrayed by the creator of the show. Both by how he treats us and his creation with lack of respect or care. 

Now, I’m going to more opinions on this last point, but I want to point it out. Whenever Hartman talks to the phanbase… it feels like he’s talking down on us. There’s this fakeness and superiority whenever he speaks that’s a bit unsettling. I don’t know if it’s actually there, but there’s just something not to like. 

All this being said, I don’t actively hate Hartman. I don’t really like the guy, but at the end of the day, if it weren’t for him, DP wouldn’t have been created in the first place. I have respect for him in a sense that he’s a creator and because he’s a human being.  I would talk to him politely, but very critically.  As a said in my post, he’s the weird uncle  that we acknowledge but don’t necessarily listen to.  

However, I don’t respect him  in some ways. As a writer, on a few of his views, and especially on how he treats his fans (not just DP phans).

So yes. We dislike Butch Hartman. I don’t particularly like him as a person to be perfectly honest, and there are several other people who feel the same. However, there are many who see Butch Hartman and see their childhood shows, something to get through hard times, to inspire them, and to simply enjoy. And that’s perfectly fine. 

Just… there’s also lots to criticize as well, and for a phandom like DP who have faced the worst effects of Hartman’s… I’m going to say, carelessness…well, can you blame us for not liking him? 

Sorry for the long post. Hope I answered your question!

(If anyone wants to add information, please feel free to do so. As I said, some of what I’ve said is second-hand knowledge or cues I’ve picked up on myself. Opinions?)