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I’m starting my university life tomorrow, meaning I’m going to have a new schedule that will probably affect the time I spend online. I have some gifs saved, so I’ll mostly be going on queue until I get into the flow of living on campus.

as for the requests in my inbox, I will try my best to get to them done (I’m sure I can find time to do one request a day). unfortunately, I will not be accepting requests from now on! 

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Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language
A/N: I’m getting close to getting caught up with all the stories on my wattpad, sadly I’m not putting out too much new material because school is coming and I’m hella busy, but hopefully I can write more soon! So in the meantime, feel free to send me some requests so I have something to write when I get the time! :D


“I don’t get it, he’s so frustrating!” You complained to your friend, throwing your hands up in annoyance as you walked out of your fifth period. She rolled her eyes, used to your rants by now.

“Y/N, he just answered the question.”

“Yeah, but he was like, ‘well, what Y/N here failed to point out is that-’ before he gave his opinion, that was so unnecessary!”

It wasn’t news that you hated Peter Parker, and it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t like you much either. It had been going on since freshman year when the rivalry began. It started with a simple science fair win on him, then the decathlon being won by your final answer, and both of you suddenly tried to out-do each other in every possible way.

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Requests: anon asked ‘Hi! I know you’re busy, but what do you think about writing a little Destiel when you have some spare time and all previous requests done? Cas don’t know what ticles are and when Dean finds out he tries to make him a giggling mess, just to discover that Cas is not, in fact, ticklish and is very confused about what on earth Dean tried to do with his fingers on his tummy.’

Warnings: Fluff 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 950ish words

A/N: Thanks for the request anon! Sorry that it took quite a while. I hope you like the fic and that I didn’t disappoint ❤️

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“Aren’t you tired, Dean?”

Dean was splayed across the couch and his head rested on Cas’ lap. This gave Cas complete access to play with the strands of Dean’s hair.

“Not at all buddy,” Dean said, getting more comfortable in Cas’ lap. “I’m not ditching you on movie night.”

Dean had chosen an old romantic comedy for the night. Dean and Cas had this thing that they do - every Thursday night Dean would introduce his boyfriend to one of his favourite movies. Whenever he wasn’t too sleepy or tired, Sam would join them.

“Alright Dean,” Cas sighed. He knew that nothing would make Dean change his mind.

Cas continued to run his hand through Dean’s hair. Dean let out a small smile and, without taking his eyes from the screen, looped an arm across Cas’ waist.

Dean never let anyone, other than Cas, touch his hair. There was something about Cas’ touch that was both comforting and intimate at the same time.

Cas turned his attention back to the movie and soon got lost into the story. On the screen, the main character was being tickled by her girlfriend.


“Yeah Cas?” Dean’s eyes which had been on the screen now focused at Cas.

Cas had to restrain from taking a sharp breath when Dean’s olive eyes met his own eyes. Cas loved the freckles sprayed across Dean’s nose and whenever the two were in close proximity, he couldn’t help but count them. But he never got to finish counting them as he was always interrupted.

“Cas?” Dean called again, but a faint blush tinted the hunter’s cheeks when he realised that Cas was trying to count his freckles again. 

“Dean why is Amy laughing when her girlfriend’s hurting her?” He asked, referring to the main character.

A brief look of confusion took over Dean’s face as he turned his face to the screen.

“Oh no Cas, Amy’s not being hurt,” Dean said with a small smile. “Karen is just tickling her to get her to laugh.”

“Tickling?” Cas asked with a frown and a small tilt of his head.

Dean got up from Cas’ lap and sat on the couch next to him so that he could easily face him.

“Cas… are you telling me that you haven’t heard of tickles?”

The angel just looked more confused. “I… um… no Dean. I haven’t.”

Dean’s face stretched into a huge grin with an evil glint in his eyes. Cas knew this look all too well.

“Dean what is-“

Cas never got to finish his sentence as Dean’s fingers attacked Cas’ sides. Dean had a smirk plastered on his face as his hands expertly moved across Cas’ waist and his stomach but the smile slowly faded when he realised that Cas was not affected by Dean’s attempts to tickle him. 

“What are you doing Dean?”

“I- I was trying to tickle you Cas,” Dean muttered sheepishly.

Cas could not help but smile at Dean’s flustered expression.


“Yeah buddy?”

“Are you ticklish?”

Dean’s eyes widened in horror and he tried to move away from Cas. But the angel was too quick for the hunter and soon Dean found himself in Cas’ arms.

“Cas wait-“

But before Dean could finish, Cas’ hands found Dean’s waist and his fingers quickly copied what Dean’s had done. It didn’t take long for Dean to burst out laughing uncontrollably. Cas smirked as he realised how sensitive Dean was and continued to tickle him as Dean squirmed in Cas’ hold.  Dean was laughing so hard that tears had started to form in his eyes.

Cas paused. “Dean, am I hurting you?”

Dean wiped away the tears. “No Cas you’re not. But you can’t keep tickling me!” Dean’s voice was defiant.

“But I love watching you laugh, Dean.” Cas said with a small smile as he looked at Dean.

“You don’t need to tickle me to make me laugh Cas,” Dean pecked Cas’ nose. “Just be yourself.”

“You two are such saps.”

Both Cas and Dean turned around to see Sam looking down at them with amusement in his eyes. 

“Sammy! How long where you standing there?” Dean asked his younger brother as Cas blushed profusely.

Sam raised his hands in a mock surrender and grinned. “I just came down here to see what the God-awful wailing was. it sounded like someone was being murdered.”

“Oh that was Dean laughing,” Cas replied without missing a beat.

“Shut up Cas.” Dean’s ears burned red.

“Wait… Dean gets tickled?” Sam stared at Cas as though the angel just handed him a way to read the Angel Tablet without a prophet.

“Yes Sam, he does.” Castiel smiled.

Sam’s smile widened and Dean looked at his younger brother with horror. “Oh no Sam you don’t.”

“We’ll see about that.”

With that, Sam turned on his heel and made his way back to his room - but not before shooting a smirk in Dean’s direction.

“Great. I’m not going to hear the end of this, am I?” Dean sighed. 

“We’re probably going to start tickling you whenever we need you to do something Dean,” Cas said with a shrug.

“Oh great,” Dean muttered. “My brother and my boyfriend teaming up on me. That’s exactly what I need right now.”

“Are you being sarcastic Dean?”

“Yes buddy, I am. I’m going to go to bed now Cas. I’ll see ya in the morning.” Dean stretched and let out a loud yawn. T

“Dean wait.”

Cas suddenly pulled Dean by his shirt and planted a short but firm kiss on the hunter’s lips. As Cas moved away, Dean grabbed him by the front of his coat and connected their lips together once more. It took a while for the two boys to pull away and they were both out of breath. Cas cheeks were flushed red and Dean had an adorable grin plastered on his face. The latter winked at Cas which made the angel turn flush harder.

“For the record Cas, I’m definitely going to find your tickle spot.”

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MarcoAce, Marco falls in the ocean during a battle and, the idiot he is, Ace follows without thought? (doesn't have to be pairing related)

“You,” Marco coughs as Namur drags them both back onto the ship. “You can’t swim anymore than I can you, idiot.”

Ace laughs, breathless and flat on his back, water bubbling out of his mouth as Izo tries to twist him onto his side, “I forgot.”

“You’ve had that fruit for at least six months!”

“And I spent years jumping in after my stupid little brother when he started drowning!” Ace returns. “It’s an automatic response and I didn’t actually mean to do it.”

Thatch coos, “Aw does that mean you think of us as family now?”

“I think of you as roasted fucking meat,” Ace mutters trying to scramble away to avoid being looked at. “God I regret everything.”

Marco rolls his eyes, Ace was at least starting to fit in with the family more now than he had been before.

The family business

A little drabble for y'all now for @sofreddie and her celebration on reaching 300 followers (yay!) Had to pick a character (Dean because that’s how I roll) and an emotion (I went with pride). And it had to be 300 words or less (which was so difficult!)

Word count: 298 (I said it was hard)

Characters: sister Reader, Dean, Sam

Want to be tagged? Let a girl know!

Was a gun meant to sound that loud?
I was just used to staying in the bunker. It’s not like I didn’t know how to use a gun (or a knife, my fists, hell even a grenade launcher…) but from the moment I moved in with Sam and Dean I tried to stay out of the active side of hunting. They were more then happy with that arrangement. After all, I was their baby sister.
But desperate times and all that.
“Y/N? Y/N!” I could hear my brothers yelling. Not too surprising, seeing how I wasn’t where they’d last seen me and they’d just heard gunshots.
“Over here!”
Turning the corner of the warehouse we were outside of, my brothers slowed as they took in the sight in front of them. I was on the floor, leaning against the impala, smoking gun still in hand and the monster they’d been hunting dead on the ground.
“Y/N?” Dean crouched down next to me while Sam let out a low whistle, and then started dragging the body away.
“Hey D.”
“So, what happened?”
“He managed to break down the door. So I ran out here, figured if I could get to the car, grab a gun, I’d stand half a chance.”
“You did good kid.” Dean said taking the gun from me. “Really good.”
“You almost sound proud about me shooting someone Dean.”
“I’m always proud of you kid. I’m just sorry we dragged you along on this. Should’ve dropped you back at the bunker first.”
“It’s OK, D. People needed saving. It’s the family business after all.” Dean softly chuckled at my words as he stood and helped me to my feet.
“We’ll make a Winchester out of you yet Y/N.”
“I’m already a Winchester!! Jerk.”

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Request: y/n ad Justin are in a relatioship and justin’s writing his new album so he’s been really busy and lately he and y/n weren’t really hanging out much. So y/n feels alone and frustrated, stuff like that, and they end up arguing, even tho she overreacted a little. After that argument, y/n has became a party girl, she’s almost always drunk, she parties all night nd probabl she cheated on him. She’s almost an alcoholist, she uses partys and alcohol to escape from her problems.

“Hey…” Justin says shocked as he meets your eyes. “I didn’t know you would still be awake?” He says closing the door.

You felt a lump in your throat. You weren’t sure whether to confront about how you’ve been feeling lately or to just let it go.

“Same..” You manage to choke out before turning away.

“Is everything alright?” He says concerned.

You nod your head still not looking at him.

Maybe I should tell him…


You almost felt your heart drop at the sound of his voice. You didn’t want to feel this way, neglected and all but with him never around, you can’t ignore the feeling.

“Actually no. I’m not alright. This, doesn’t feel right.” You say turning towards him.

Justin looks at you confused. He throws his jacket on the couch before walking towards you. “What are you talking about?”

You shake your head. “Never mind, forget about it. I’m just going to go to bed.” You turn your heel making your way upstairs.

“Y/N!” He yells, not with anger but confusion.

You stop before looking down. You felt a huge pang of regret ever bringing the subject up.

“You can’t just say you’re not alright then walk away…” He says with a much more gentle tone.

He was right….

You take a deep breath before turning around.

“Look, I completely understand your career. I’ve been by your side for as long as I can remember but last night-” You felt your eyes become watery as you couldn’t even finish the sentence because of how choked up you were feeling. “I needed you the most…” you say almost in a whisper.

Guilt is expressed across Justin’s face. He takes a step closer towards you.

“Babe I’m sorry but I told you last night I had to work late-”

“Because of the album.” You say abruptly interrupting him.

You could tell he was hurt but in your defence he wasn’t the only one. “I thought you supported me.” He says quietly.

“I do, but last night made me realize that what happens if there was an emergency? Can I depend on you to be here or are you going to finish your damn album first?!” You say harshly.

Words were flying out and you had no clue what you were saying but you couldn’t hold back your anger.

“You’re being ridiculous right now.” He scoffs as he crosses his arms.

“Am I?” You say crossing your arms aswell. You felt the need to challenge him, to push him in order for him to realize.

Justin looks at you shaking his head.“Yes you are. I think we should both go to bed and talk about this in the morning.” He walks past you but before he can go furthur you grab his arm.


Justin looks at your grip on his arm before meeting your eyes, shocked. You gently release his arm before looking at him once again.

“Im not going to wait anymore, I want to get this off my chest.” You say trying your best to sound confident but deep down you were afraid of what was going to happen next. You guys rarely argued and you weren’t sure if the aftermath is going to be positive or negative.

You watch as he takes a deep breath. “It was one night, I promis-”

You roll your eyes as you throw your hands in the air as a sign of irritation. “This isn’t about one night Justin! It’s the fact that- …. you are never here!” You say almost yelling the last few words. You felt tears rush down your face. You didn’t want to cry because you felt there was no need to but you couldn’t help it.

Justin looks at you not saying anything. You decided to continue. “For crying out loud, I don’t even know whether to still cook dinner for two or for one? Or if I should wait up for you to get home safely or just go to bed? It’s like I’m living by myself. You don’t even check in to see if I’m alright which I clearly am not, which isn’t fair because I always listen to you and consider your feelings. How come you can’t consider mine?”

Tears were streaming down your face. You felt neglected and alone, and you didn’t know how else to handle it.

Justin takes a step closer but you chose to take a step back. You didn’t need his comfort right at this moment, you needed him to understand. “I do, but you can’t just make me choose between you or my career..”

“If it was the only option, would it really be that difficult to choose?” You say, the tone of you voice was bitter and harsh but you didn’t care.

“You’re not being fair.” He says angrily.

“Neither are you?!”

Justin runs his fingers through his hair as he paces back and forth before pausing to look at you. “Why can’t you understand? When will you learn that this is what I love and if you can’t accept that then-”

“What? Leave?” You say interrupting him once again.

Justin looks at you shocked. “No-”

You quickly wipe away your remaining tears. “For the record, I would never in a million years make you choose between me or your career, I’m not like that. I completely understand everything because you are so passionate about it and have I not been supportive in everything? It sucks that you don’t give me enough credit for always being there when at times no one was? You know, sometimes I can have rough nights, I can have bad days, but I expect you to be there for me just as if it was the other way around.”

Justin was about to say something but you turn to grab your keys and coat. You turn towards him.

“I’m going out and don’t you dare follow me.” You say lastly before storming out the house slamming the door behind you.

Part 2 coming soon!


Requested by @whojr

Daddy Crowley

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 909
Warnings: Pretty much porn without a plot, daddy!kink, swearing
Request: @prynia-loves-her-pyro I know yall are super busy, but could you please write a Crowley x y/n breeding fic when you get the chance? Preferably with some daddy kink please. Keep up the good work!
A/N: This was my first time writing a breeding fic. I hope I did okay!

Crowley watched as you rolled over in your sleep, your body still bare from the previous night. The sheet hid little from his eyes, making him lick his lips. All he wanted was to crawl over you, and ravish you once more. However, he also knew that you needed your sleep. He’d be hearing you scream his name soon.

Smirking, he turned, heading out for the time being. He’d work on whatever was needed until you called for him. Then he was off limits to all of Hell. When he was in the chambers he shared with you, it was instant death for anyone who dared to bother your time together. It didn’t take long for that to be well known, and no one was stupid enough to try.

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Trouble in Canada

Request: “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

a/n: I hope you enjoy this itty bitty 10 page writing that I’ve been working on for a few days now ! 😉 ALSO @whitechocolateperfection wanted some angst so I wrote some angst and I hope y’all enjoy and I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I’ll see you at the next session?”

            You picked your head up from rummaging in your bag and smiled at Ethan, your cooking class instructor, “My husband might be back in town, but I’ll see,”

           Ethan nodded his head steadily.  After a while of looking at each other, you diverted your gaze down towards the wooden table.  You saw his tapping fingers slowly make their way towards your hand that was rested on the table.

           Quickly, you moved your hand, and placed your engagement and wedding ring back on your left hand.  You did’t like cooking with your rings on in fear that they could fall down the drain if you were washing your hands, “Uh, Thanks for the lesson, I’ll see you later.”

           You heard an audible sigh escape his lips, “See you next week, Mrs. Mendes.” 

           As fast as you could, you scurried out the door and saw your friend, Jessie, waiting for you outside.  She saw your flustered expression and smirked, “Looks like the teacher has a crush on the student.” 

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Companions react to inquisitor straight up ripping/cutting their arm off in the most nonchalant manner right after they defeat cory and then going "Eh less weight."



Iron Bull:


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…I couldn’t think of anything for him, take these gifs.





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a birthday gift for @succulent-sam!! happy birthday, gabby!!! I hope you enjoy this little canon ‘verse happiness. <3

now on AO3!

“Do you always understand everything you feel?” Cas asked, one day.

He thought, obscurely, that Spring was the right time for a question like this; or at least this Spring was - a Spring that felt fresh and light and hazy, still dazed by the wonder of Winter’s passing. Dean, sitting in the car beside him, looked washed out by it - or rather, washed clean, Cas supposed he meant. Softened, in any case.

“How d’you mean?” Dean said. He turned to Cas, the bright sun shrinking out the darkness in his eyes - turning them green. Green like go-lights, green like mazes - no, gentler than both of those; green like the water-full leaves of succulent plants. Green like book covers, like peppermint-flavour candies.

“I mean… do you ever feel something that you can’t explain? Something… ineffable?”

Dean pressed his lips together. Cas wondered if he needed to explain the word ‘ineffable’.

“Nah?” he said. “I guess most of what I feel, I know what to call it. I don’t always like it, but at least I know what it is.”

Cas nodded seriously. Dean let the silence rest for a while as they cruised down the Spring-morning road.

“What about you?” he said eventually.

Cas lifted a shoulder.

“I… have a thousand words for how things feel,” he said, “and a thousand things to feel within me. But I… I cannot make them match.”

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College Majors as lines from Hamilton
  • Psychology: Some men say that I'm intense or I'm insane
  • Chemistry: SHA-BOOM
  • Accounting: We need to handle our financial situation
  • History: But Jesus between all the bleeding and fighting I've been reading and writing
  • Business: Shake hands with him, charm her
  • English: He started retreatin and readin every treatise on the shelf
  • Creative writing: You built me palaces out of paragraphs
  • Criminal justice: Stay out of trouble and you double your choices
  • Pre Med/Nursing: Stay alive
  • Education: Give us a verse, drop some knowledge
  • Theater: Yo yo yo what time is it? SHOW TIME!
  • Music: You changed the melody every time
  • Foreign language: I came from afar just to say "bonsoir!"
  • Political Science: Don't modulate the key then not debate with me
  • Current Affairs: How lucky we are to be alive right now, history is happening
  • Fashion: I think your pants look hot
  • Philosophy: You want a revolution, I want a revelation
  • Theology: I'm searching and scanning for answers in every line
Business and Pleasure - Part 15

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,833

Warnings: Swearing, angst

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

By the time you arrived back in New York, you were pretty sure that you had cried out all the tears your body could possibly produce. Your eyes were dry and bloodshot, and you couldn’t stop the constant shivering that had started sometime during the flight back. You spent the entirety of the flight trying not to cry. You hugged your knees to your chest as best as you could in the cramped plane and stared out the window. Thankfully, you had plenty of music on your phone, so you simply plugged in your headphones and tuned out the rest of the world.

Once you landed and collected your baggage, you realized just how late it was. The sun had set during the flight, and it was now well past midnight. You could have easily called a taxi, but you weren’t sure that you could handle being stuck in the back of a taxi for the ride back home. You didn’t want to have to make awkward small talk. All you wanted was to curl up in bed and sleep. 

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Can someone write me a story about a villan’s sidekick where they’re not an idiot, but genuinly want to be as good as their boss and hate being second best

But then they meet the hero’s sidekick and they meet on Saturday’s and discuss how their bosses are dumb, and fall in love-


The King, The Queen, and the Prince

Happy Birthday, @noctsluciscaelum!

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I know your crazy busy with life and use your writing time for drive and winter song but... Could you write a smol sick fic? Nothing long or extravagant! It would be a blessing.

Summary: Yuuri falls ill during a practice at the Ice Castle. Pre-Episode 5.


When Victor excused himself from practice to take a quick phone call, Yuuri was fine. Perhaps a little quieter than normal while he rehearsed a combination spin out on the Ice Castle rink, one gloved hand extended gracefully overhead, but there was no indication that anything was wrong.

He was fine.

How that changed so quickly was anyone’s guess.

Victor was gone for less than five minutes, and when he returned, Yuuri was on his knees in the center of the rink with his head in his hands. Victor took one look and started running, even before he fully registered what he was seeing. He wasn’t wearing his skates for practice today, but that didn’t stop him from running out onto the ice and slipping and sliding for the first few steps before he regained his balance.

“Yuuri.” Victor came to a clumsy stop in front of him, and when he dropped to his knees, the ice soaked through the fabric of his pants. He grasped Yuuri’s shoulder and said, “What happened. Did you fall?”

Yuuri was shaking. His face was so pale that even his lips had lost their color, and he kept squeezing his eyes shut and reopening them as if to clear his vision. “Dizzy,” he said.

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