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wingsfreedom  asked:

Why do you think ATLA comics are poorly-written? Can you make analysis (even if it was short) explains your view on the comics writing style in atla universe, context, the progress with the loose ends in the show and how Gene Yang handles the characters (arc, back/stories)?

Wow, I could spend all day going into detail on this answer. It’s amazing how poor I find these comics, because I’ve sampled Gene Yang’s original works and they were truly great stuff. I’ve already published some more focused reviews, digressions, and essays on various sites about what I disliked in individual AtLA comics. The more worthwhile ones can be found at the following links:

The Promise, Part 1 review
The Promise, Part 2 review
The Promise, Part 3 review
The Search, Part 1 review
The Two Ursas (The Search)
Challenging Aang (The Rift, Part 2)
The Rift, Part 3 review
Rainbow Fire is the new Super Saiyan (Smoke & Shadow, Part 1)
Kei Lo is pretty messed up, and no one seems to realize it. (Smoke & Shadow, Part 2)
Good Idea/Bad Idea (Smoke & Shadow)

To provide a more general answer here, I’ll list some major, connected points of pain that consistently appear throughout the whole run of comics, along with examples.

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My friend Jennifer sent me the coolest thing earlier this month! Check out these awesome old horse bones, an atlas and sacrum–the writing suggests these were old university specimens or otherwise used for natural history study. They’re covered in old varnish but are otherwise in great condition, and they’ll make a great addition to my personal collection. 

By the way, if you have an old fur coat or animal bones or other oddities that you inherited or otherwise came into possession of, and it’s just taking up space, I’m happy to take it off your hands! Contact me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com.

To be that One

Tracing feeling’s curve/ folded back through time/ to be that One
She that made just me/ as all others felt when first they cried/ shared from that very first day
From creation’s core/ as even Earth once believed/ escaped just far enough away to breathe
In this cosmic playground/ life’s dance is king/ a partner needed to swing
Are we Atlas/ carrying a universe of longing/ creator writing love letters played out in time
Run home, little doe