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Ten dimensions of Cloud x Tifa that makes it amazing

What I love about Cloti is that’s nuanced, complex and multi-dimensional. There is a lot to tell about the relationship and there have been dozens of essays dedicated for them. Here are the common themes:

  1. Innocence - We see Cloud and Tifa as children and teens. They held some wide-eyed aspirations that makes them endearing. Cloud wanted to be a hero to be noticed by Tifa, and Tifa wanted to be rescued by a strong hero. Tragically, they lost their innocence in a much harsher way than they deserved. 
  2. Growth - Cloud and Tifa are always a work in process.  From the innocent children we see them, in FFVII we have the older Cloud coming in terms with his identity and Tifa channeling her desire for vengeance into saving the world. Even in AC, Both Cloud and Tifa are overcoming a lot of inner demons. 
  3. Compassion - Tifa stayed with Cloud in Mideel when he was physically and mentally incapacitated. Even at his weakest she has been there to offer her support. Even after Meteor, Cloud and Tifa decided to take care of children as a way to help the world heal. 
  4. Heroism - Cloud wanted to be strong for Tifa and aspired to protect her. His desire to protect Tifa allowed him to defeat Sephiroth even when he was a teen. For Tifa, despite guilt and despair she was able to fight with Cloud for the future of the planet. 
  5. Companionship  -  They saw Nibelheim burn, lost Aerith, fought Sephiroth and live with sins to bear. These memories left them scars yet they share the burden of their pasts together. 
  6. Humanity  - Both Cloud and Tifa are imperfect people. They had moments where they lost hope and seemingly have given up, they also made mistakes that hurt one another even if they have good intentions. They can also be selfish. There were times where Tifa needed Cloud to keep her strong, while Cloud ran away from Tifa because he was afraid to appear weak. 
  7. Healing - Both Tifa and Cloud needed to forgive themselves for their perceived failures . Despite losing a their loved ones, time had allowed the two of them to come in terms with the tragedies. There is no grand gesture or magic that enabled them to heal in an instant.  They took little steps by communicating and being honest about their personal struggles.
  8. Intimacy - The two had bared their souls together in the Lifestream: sharing memories, feelings and their innermost secrets. The two shared the both physical and emotional intimacy under the Highwind and continued to work their relationship after Meteor.  Their close relationship allowed them to speak out their insecurities and fears but at the same time, offer each other support. 
  9. Family - It wasn’t by blood or by marriage, but Cloud and Tifa are able to form a family with their friends and take care of children. While Tifa expressed her insecurities on her role as a mother, living together and overcoming Geostigma and Sephiroth allowed the family to be more united and closer than ever. 
  10. Moving forward - Putting everything together -  healing, forgiveness, family and companionship -  Cloud and Tifa moves on from their past and share a future together. While they would never forget the people they have lost, there are new possibilities, responsibilities as guardians, and many things to live for. “Everything is alright.”

I love that Cloti has a lot of positive themes that tell us about life. There are times that we sink to our lowest, but we can find strength and hope from the people we love. There is no shame admitting weakness and making mistakes, as they people can move forward by forgiving themselves. There is a long, happy life they deserve and I think that after AC, they are heading there. 

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How do you fall back in love with life?

  1. clean your room.  clean space, uncluttered space, space that doesn’t have miasma clinging to it can work wonders.  clean the dishes.  sweep.  take out the trash.  peel the clothes off the floor and wash them, and then actually fold/hang them.  take a long shower.  scrub behind your knees.  brush your teeth.  (this can be utterly exhausting, but try to get it done in a day, if you can.  the end result is worth it.)
  2. pull out your notebook.  it doesn’t need to be a new notebook, but preferably one that you don’t usually write in, or that you haven’t touched in a while.  fuck moleskins.  the yellow legal pad will work fine.  sit in your room, or in the park, or in the library, and write a list.  count clouds.  describe all the colors that you see, and note patterns that arise.  sketch the cracks in the walls.  note the shape light makes when it enters a space.  talk about what the air tastes like, smells like.  what sounds are there?  even the white nose, break that down: air planes, fans, cicadas, anything.  remind yourself that you are sitting in the middle of a space brimming with detail.  remind yourself that you are not in nothingness and emptiness.  your world is fathomless.  it has potential.
  3. drink cold water and try to eat something that isn’t processed.  it does not need to be fancy.  buy yourself an apple with the change between your couch cushions.  eat it outside.  if you’re someone who walks, walk somewhere afterwards, just to stretch your legs.  take your fucking meds.  remember that its a good thing that you are inside your body.  your body is a fantastic and endlessly intricate machine, and even though society has smacked a bunch of poisonous ideas on it, that doesn’t change its inherent worth and splendor.  take care of it.
  4. read a novel.  underline your favorite lines, and write phrases that twist your heart inside your chest on the back of your hand with an ink pen.  read a novel like it’s poetry.  read poetry, something decadent but unpretentious.  watch a movie you haven’t seen before.  if there are free art galleries near you, walk through one.  take your time.  let yourself bask.  if there are patterns in what makes your soul ache, write those patterns down – marbles arches or soot crumbling bricks or dandelions or descriptions of dresses or whatever it is, write them down.
  5. your chosen family is important.  remember, they picked you as much as you picked them.  the love has no obligation.  it is given freely and it is given from a place of compassion.  you are not a burden.  if you need to breathe, take a minute by yourself and just exist, but remember to go back to your people.  when they need you, listen and be gracious.  always be gracious.  the universe sometimes remembers things like that.
  6. listen to new music.  link jump on youtube or related artist jump on spotify or ask the chap beside you in the cafe what their favorite band is, and listen to that.  listen to something that you don’t usually listen to.  we tend to tie up a lot of memory with music.  we are falling in love again.  the soundtrack needs to be specific to that.  
  7. allow yourself to indulge in romantics.  press flowers in old books.  play movies with subtitles and mouth the words.  dance in your room.  wear something that makes you feel good, even if you wouldn’t wear it in public.  write your chosen family letters, even if you hand deliver them.  write poetry, even awful poetry.  revel in its awfulness.  eat dark chocolate and when your chosen family want to go out, try to go out with them sometimes, even if its just to the market.  

The King, The Queen, and the Prince

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past the clouds we’ll find the stars...

Because these two deserve a damn honeymoon (rated M - 1400 words)…

She can’t take her eyes off of morning sun as it burnishes the thick blanket of clouds in orange and red, as wondrous a sight as any of the magic she’s ever witnessed. It’s a welcome distraction, as sleep has eluded her since taking off, her mind still turning with all that has happened and the uncertain future lying ahead. Reminding her that she doesn’t have to face another day alone is the heavy weight of Killian’s head on her shoulder and the warmth of his fingers tangled with hers on his lap. He’d fallen asleep soon after takeoff, mumbling “this bloody contraption better not kill us, Swan” into her ear before pressing a kiss into her shoulder he’d then used as a pillow.

It was only yesterday that they’d been reunited, the final battle over and won. Her parents had begged them to take this time, explaining that David would be taking a break when they got back and prompting that Killian might think about partnering with Emma in a more official capacity in his place. Deputy Jones sounds pretty good to her ears, but she needs to make sure it’s what Killian wants as well. With a full week ahead in Belize, there will be plenty of time to talk. Well, talking isn’t really at the top of her priority list, but she hopes they can squeeze in a few chats between the sex and sun bathing.

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Used to This - Part II

Overview: You’ve lived with the Winchesters for years as a fellow hunter, and everyone has always stayed well in the friend zone. What happens when nightmares come haunting and Dean offers to help? Will things change, or is it all in your head?

Characters: Dean, Reader, with special guest appearance by Sam

Word Count: 2,524

Warnings: Nightmares, crap motel blankets, cold feet, language, and FLUFF

A/N: I thought the first part of this was just gonna be a drabble. Then it turned into a oneshot. Now it’s turned into a mini series. Oops. Blessings bestowed up on @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for fixing my letter errors and giving me all the encouragement. And Lee is the whole reason this second part even exists, so thanks to her for demanding more.

Read: (Part 1)

Cold. I noticed it in my toes first, a sharp sensation that had my feet stretching down in desperate search of my quilt. Chill bumps prickled my legs and quickly traveled up my spine and down my arms. An involuntary shudder briefly shook my shoulders. Where are my damn covers?

A sensation of blissful warmth tickled my memory, and in one quick flash it all came back to me. My eyes snapped open, my chills long forgotten as I blinked and waited for my pupils to dilate. The cold had already answered my inquiry, but my adjusted eyes confirmed it; Dean was gone.

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Imagine your otp being youtubers or video bloggers or it can only be Person A and they asked Person B to join them in making a video. They’ve been dating for a few months or so and things have been going great, ya know?

During filming, they’re joking around and then suddenly, it happens. Accidentally mind you but it’s out there. PERSON A SAYS I LOVE YOU. It just slipped out. I mean they meant it but they didn’t mean to blurt it out so suddenly. (“You have to go sky diving with me!! I promise it’s gonna be fun!” “I love you but if you think I’m doing that then you’re mistaken.”)

And so what happens next? Well, Person A is freaking out like they didn’t mean for to come out the way it did and is now panicking on the inside. They’re sweating and just wants to bury themself in a hole bc oh no! What if Person B thinks it’s too early? Or what if they don’t love me back?? I mean that’s fine bc we’ve just started dating but awkward???

While Person B is just so over the moon that they didn’t realize that they haven’t said it back. They’re blushing so hard but then, snapped out of the trance they’re in and says “Soo” and starts moving closer to Person A who’s still low key panicking “you love me, huh?” A grin slowly making its way on their face. “I love you too” and pecks Person A on the cheek. Person A finally calms down and can’t stop smiling the whole day bc THEY.LOVE.ME.BACK.

When they post the video, their viewers explode bc who gets to have the first time they said I love you to their S.O. on video??

She’s that feeling of having a
pink-n-fluffy cotton candy in
a carnival under
the midday skies with
puffy little clouds.
All jolly and vibrant
like the lights
from a carousel.

Gleeful, Shikha Singh

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