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Phantom of The Opera: gross goth guy lives beneath sewer and writes an opera

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812: seriously who the fuck writes an electropop opera about a 1200 page russian novel

Hamilton: seriously who the fuck writes a hip hop musical about alexander fucking hamilton

Zombie Prom: you know, taking your dead ex-boyfriend to prom may have seemed like a good idea in theory but im not sure anymore

In The Heights: somehow humorous and depressing all at the same time, also gay

Lizzie the Musical: okay im not kidding this time who the fuck writes a musical about lizzie fucking borden

Heathers the Musical: dating creepy guys in trench coats is probably a bad idea

Carrie the Musical: if you make fun of someone for getting their period, you’re in for a big surprise buddy

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: who the actual fuck comes up with the idea to write a musical about the seventh president of the usa

Wicked: green gay meets pink gay and it’s pretty gay

Ghost Quartet: who the fuck comes up with this shit though

Les Misérables: emotional pain feat. gay revolutionaries

Spring Awakening: not explaining puberty to sexually frustrated teenagers is probably a bad idea

Waitress: deep shit blueberry pie and overly lovable characters

21 Chump Street: drugs are not the way to a woman’s heart, apparently

Sweeney Todd: okay no seriously who the everliving fuck comes up with this shit

Love Never Dies: i don’t have any funny joke for this lnd just sucks

CATS: i mean i guess writing a musical about cats may have seemed like a good idea in theory

Starlight Express: what the fuck alw

Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Reaction: Their girlfriend wanting a threesome

||| Anon asked: svt hip hop unit reaction to gf wanting a threesome with another person ( girl or Boy, she doesn’t care ) because she wanted to try it for a long time |||

S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol

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“Well that’s something I can’t refuse but on one condition, it has to be with someone from the group. So who should we invite?”

Jeon Wonwoo

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“Are you serious? There is no way I’m sharing you with anybody. Now come here, I have to teach you a lesson, so you never ask for stupid things like that.”

Kim Mingyu

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“Interesting offer but if you haven’t realized already, I can prove it to you again tonight that I’m more than enough.”

Hansol Vernon

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“We should try it! That way I can finally assure you that you won’t find anything better than me.”

Our community has a pretty active bullshit meter. But Lin is so unapologetically himself, and that’s undefeatable.
—  Daveed Diggs on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop cred
Vogue 6/24/15 (x)
and I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a song; never leave me alone

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For @amalasdraws, inspired by her Hip Hop AU!! Ahh you are great, thank you for all the AU FEELS, the screaming, everything!!! You are great, I love you and your AU!

Oikawa can’t help the smile that lights his face when he gets to talk in interviews with Iwaizumi.

It’s not just that they’re together now, in a relationship.

Okay, so, yeah. That part is pretty fucking fantastic. They’ve come so far from where they’ve started, overcome so much shit that Oikawa doesn’t even want to think about anymore. It really doesn’t even matter that they’re not out to the world because they’re together.

But… it’s still so much more than that.

It’s the fact that they’re a team, here. The music that they make together is so much better, so much more inspired than anything they have ever come up with alone.

Oikawa’s never worked so closely with the same lyricist for so long. Usually it’s a couple of songs, or he works out a few beats for someone else and isn’t really involved in the rest of the process. It’s… hard, really, to share so much with someone else, because music is his life.

It’s not just a job; it’s a passion. A dream.

It’s huge to have it be so intricately intertwined with someone else’s work, but honestly? Now that he’s here?

Oikawa can hardly imagine things working out any other way.

On their own, they were good; but together, they’re great. He’s so proud.

Oikawa looks over at Iwaizumi on the other end of the couch, biting his lip to try and keep himself from smiling too wide. He listens to Iwaizumi speak, answering the interviewer’s question with ease, arms moving around as he talks. It’s what always happens whenever gets really excited about what he’s talking about. He talks with his hands, and Oikawa couldn’t be more pleased with the fact that he knows Iwaizumi well enough to recognize this.

“Well, Oikawa? What do you think?”

Hearing the interviewer calling his name, Oikawa turns his attention back to him and hopes he wasn’t staring too hard.

“Uh, can you repeat the question?” He asks, grinning a little. Iwaizumi just laughs and shakes his head, adjusting his hat. He must have realized Oikawa was staring at him, but his smile tells him he’s been doing the same thing.

“Do you think you’ll keep working together for a while?” The interviewer asks again, leaning forward in his seat, awaiting his answer.

Oikawa just grins.

“I’ll keep making his beats as long as he’s still spittin’,” he replies, shooting Iwaizumi a look before looking back at the interviewer. “And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Iwaizumi hides his smile behind his hand.

The interviewer laughs, clearly pleased by the conversation; they wrap things up, saying their goodbyes and making their way out of the studio. Oikawa’s tired and wants nothing more than to curl up back at home on the couch, but he has to wait.

Iwaizumi must know, or at least he wants the same thing, because he doesn’t seem surprised when Oikawa joins him on his way back to his apartment.

Okay, he must want the same thing. Oikawa keeps looking up to steal looks at Iwaizumi only to find that he’s looking back.

So cute.

Thankfully the trip back isn’t long and as soon as the door slams closed, Oikawa’s kicking off his shoes, tossing down his bag, ready to flop.

Iwaizumi laughs, watching him fumble with his shoes. He tries to step out of his right shoe but it refuses come off properly. He resorts to shaking his foot, groaning when his shoe flies across the hall and slams into the wall. Oikawa fidgets like he wants to go and grab it but ends up just shrugging it off, waving his hand dismissively.

“Tired?” Iwaizumi asks, stepping close enough to rest a hand on the back of his neck. The soft hairs at the base of Oikawa’s neck tickle his fingers and Oikawa sighs into the touch.

“Mhm,” Oikawa hums, letting his eyes flutter closed, “Well, didn’t get to sleep much last night.. By the time I got home, it was pretty late… and besides…” he sighs when Iwaizumi dips his hands under the neck of his sweatshirt, cold fingers pressing against his bare skin. “It’s harder to get to sleep when I’m by myself.”

“Were you lonely?” Iwaizumi grins, but it’s lacking his usual attitude, coming out soft. Sweet. Oikawa smiles, turning to press their lips together for a single chaste kiss.

He tastes warm and sweet, like those candies he was eating on their drive home, like the warmth of the cuddles they share at three in the morning after a long day of recording, when they get silly and snuggly and Oikawa doesn’t even want to get up for food-

Okay, that last part is definitely Iwaizumi projecting, but whatever. He still licks his lips when Oikawa pulls back, cheeks flushed, smile burning wide.

Iwaizumi immediately wants more of it.

“Yes,” he admits. “Your bed’s comfier. Or… maybe it’s just that you’re there. I dunno.”

Iwaizumi chuckles, but allows it when Oikawa presses their palms against one another, fingers lacing together. He tugs, and Iwaizumi lets Oikawa pull him down the hallway, heading straight for the living room. He knows where they’re going, but he still lets Oikawa take him there. It’s much more fun to have Oikawa leading the way, whining when Iwaizumi slows down, making his strides shorter, purposefully drawing out the walk. He laughs, but succeeds; Oikawa reaches for his other hand, pulling him along by both hands until he trips backwards over his feet and they land on the couch in a heap, laughing and snorting.

Iwa-chan,” Oikawa whines, trapped underneath him. Iwaizumi’s landed pretty much on his lap, straddling his waist, and Oikawa pouts at the restricted movement.

“Yes, babe?” Iwaizumi grins down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead, thumbs lingering on his warm skin. Oikawa looks up, a little surprised, still in their public mode - hasn’t moved over to how they can act in private, the pet name making him blush, goofy grin lighting up his face.

Iwaizumi sighs. He’s too damn cute for his own good.

“I can’t kiss you properly like this,” Oikawa says, proving his point by trying to arch up against Iwaizumi and failing. He pouts pathetically, too tired to really put any effort into trying to push Iwaizumi off of him, settling for resting his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips. He digs his thumbs under the fabric of Iwaizumi’s jeans, rubbing circles on his bare skin. It’s nice, light, relaxing; teasing, almost, but really just affectionate. It sends little sparks of warmth up his back.

It really hits home now, how important this is to him. How good it feels… How right.

With a hum, Iwaizumi moves to shift off Oikawa. “Okay, fine.”

Oikawa laughs happily when Iwaizumi flops down next to him on the couch, wasting no time in curling up to his side, hands working off all those clothes that he’s still wearing for reasons unknown - but not for too much longer. Oikawa makes quick work of that. He unzips Iwaizumi’s hoodie, moving it off his shoulders, tossing it down to the floor. His shirt is next, soft fabric sliding over his head before it too is tossed away. Iwaizumi just watches with an amused grin, letting Oikawa move him as he pleases. He unbuttons Iwaizumi’s jeans, too, guiding them off his hips and down to the heap of clothes on the floor, looking quite satisfied now that there are markedly less layers between them.

He loves it when Oikawa is like this. So focused on what he wants, knowing exactly what they both need. He works his way out of his own hoodie, lifting it over his head, grumbling when he gets suck and flails around a little bit before Iwaizumi helps him out of it. He guides it up and off his frame, offering Oikawa a smile once he’s free. Oikawa smiles back, all warm and sweet and Iwaizumi just loves that smile.

A whole hell of a lot.

Oikawa’s too busy watching Iwaizumi, gaze shifting from his face to his strong, broad chest, so Iwaizumi helps him along a little. Unfastens his pants, helps slide them off. Reaching behind the couch for a blanket that he knows Oikawa is going to need.

As soon as he turns back, Oikawa drops back to his side. He hooks his legs over Iwaizumi’s, sliding a hand behind his back, worming his way in close. Iwaizumi chuckles, not moving until he’s sure Oikawa is comfortable.

“Good?” He asks, before draping the blanket over the both of them. Oikawa hums in approval, so Iwaizumi slides his arm around Oikawa’s shoulder, burying his fingers in his soft brown hair.

Oikawa’s quiet, for a moment. He rests his head on Iwaizumi’s chest, eyes fluttering closed, until-


Iwaizumi moves his hands in Oikawa’s hair, fingers curling in the soft hairs at the base of his neck.. “Hey.”

Oikawa sighs happily at the touch. “You know what?” His voice is light, airy.

Iwaizumi can’t help but smile. “What?”

“You were so great in the interview today…” Oikawa presses a tiny kiss to his neck. “I love listening to you talk about your music-”

“-Our music,” Iwaizumi interjects, which makes Oikawa get all silly and cuddle in closer.

“Yeah. Our music.” He grins, almost in disbelief. “I feel so lucky… you know? You were amazing… you’re so passionate… you always bring your best to the table…”

Iwaizumi squeezes him a little tighter. “So do you,” he says, kissing the top of Oikawa’s head, feeling the shiver that trails down Oikawa’s spine. “You gave so many amazing answers. You’re so good at what you do… and you love it so much… I could feel all of that in everything that you said.”

Oikawa tucks himself in closer, burying his face against Iwaizumi’s neck, mumbling something quietly that Iwaizumi can’t make out.

“I can’t hear you,” he says, nudging Oikawa with his nose to get him to look at him properly. “Getting shy all of a sudden?”

Oikawa chuckles, moving enough so that he can talk, but Iwaizumi still can’t see him. He can imagine how his cheeks are flushed, just like always do when he gets real honest. “I’m just…” Oikawa starts, hesitating a little, which isn’t quite his style, so Iwaizumi doesn’t press. He lets him go at his own pace. “I’m just really happy. I wanted… for so long… and was never sure if-”

“Me, too,” Iwaizumi interrupts, “I know. All that - that’s in the past now, though, okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

Oikawa nods, voice wavering, “Okay.” He turns back against Iwaizumi, and his skin is so warm to touch. The skin on skin contact feels so much better, and like this, Iwaizumi can hear Oikawa’s heartbeat.

Slow and steady; rhythmic.

A beat that he will never get tired of hearing.

Though Thinking

As I cross the Verrazano
In the back seat of a beat up Honda,
Windows down since the suns up
Hundred percent juice in my juice cup -
Not concentrated,
G’d up,

I think of my past as I head towards my future
Suture my mind tight
while I’m gettin’ my life right

The presents a present,

One day that won’t feel like a lie
I’ll say those words with a genuine smile
An I’m-not-hiding-anything smile
No-longer-renegade smile
An organic uncultivated,
hundred percent un-concentrated smile,

I’ll be here a while
Don’t worry
Don’t mourn me
I’ll always be a part of your life


[imagine] jealous hiphop unit

He’d take you to the dorm to meet his members, but once you step foot into the dorm, he immediately regrets it, because the boys are all over you. He stands in front of you protectively, threatening the members with a fist and a stern glare. “Get any closer to my jagi and you’ll wake up underwater,” he threatens. “Stop talking about SHINEE with Soonyoung-ah, talk about how cute your oppa is~” he’d say in a high-pitched voice - making it hard to believe this grown child was the leader of 12 other boys and 21 years old. He’d be pouty and begging for your attention once the members wander off, giving you some degree of privacy. You’d be sitting between his legs and watching a drama when a member strolls into the living room, wanting to ask you something, but they’d turn and walk off in the other direction once they see Seungcheol glowering at them.

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Hey get a rythem,,//
Get a rythem,
Hey Get a rythem,,//
when u get da blues,,
Yeah get a rythem,//
Bob ur head, hear da music,
Speak ur soul,
Yeah just get lost and loose it,
If they ain’t with ya, don’t be with em,//
Just get a rythem,,//
When u get da blues,,//**

“15 months,,
Ohh been a long time,,//
FUCK yeah,
God dam,//
3 point,
I touch down,
Here’s da Grand Slam,//
Out tdc,
New fire bitch,
Here I am,//
Pistol empty,
Not cuz of fear,,//
Gone over a prison year,//
The hall ways full of light,
My mind is so fucking clear,//
Doing big things,
Want a leader,
Follow this inlightend path,//
Blots lit up a Wood,//
Cleansed of da pain,
Baptised of my misplaced rath,,//
Its like i took Jesus’s biblical bath,//
See guys with life,,
Cry about my time,,
Stop and do their years in math,//
And they say stay steady,,//
School said,,
Don’t let em see you down,,
Get to that happy place in ur dome,
That’s how ya hit em,,//
He said get that shoulder swagg and get uhh,,

Yeah Get a rythem,,//
Hey Get a rythem,,//
when u get da blues,
Yeah get a rythem,//
Bob ur head, hear da music,
Speak ur soul,
Yeah just get lost and loose it,
If they ain’t with ya, don’t be with em,//
Just get a rythem,,//
When u get da blues,,//

**Texas tryed to bring me down,
In my cell,
no hope around,,//
FUCK these units,
Momma don’t worry,//
This infested gang land don’t scare me,,//
your boys getting swoll,,
I need that commissary,,//
Months go by,,
Later February,,//
I’ll be out wednesday,,
I mean when’s they let me,,//
Things heavy on my heart,,
I wish u could come and get me,,//
But you can’t so my mind is focused,,
Can u see me,,//
Head bobbin,,
im ready,,//
Coach put me in da game,,
those other players,
u can sit em,,//
Cuz I’m in uhh,,

YEAH get a rythem,,//
Get a rythem,//
Hey Get a rythem when u get da blues,//
Yeah get a rythem,//
Bob ur head,
hear da music,
Speak ur soul,
Yeah just get lost and loose it,
If they ain’t with ya,
don’t be with em,//
Just get a rythem,,//
When u get da blues,,//
Uhh yeah,,


In the end was the beginning
And I ended that ‘ish
Life ain’t checkers
Life is chess
Like Papoose says

May look like a pawn
But I move like a knight
With the queen by my side.

I was born a bishop
With a rook in my hands
You think I’m shook
But I’m a king at this dance



The first installment of my vinyl shares coming your way. Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Double LP (Neon Green & Hot Pink). Fucking amazing album for fans of the remarkably unique. The guy is the culmination of centuries of storytelling and the evolution of Hip-Hop. I’m not blowing smoke up unguarded asses here when I say that he is the absolute greatest lyricist every to script words over a beat. Granted, there are different aspects of “great”. Some (emo kids and delicate damsels) may take “great” to mean how an artist’s words “move” them. Okay. Roll with that. lol But that can’t be measured other than in volume, as in, “how many people the song has moved”, which isn’t a fair scale because of marketing. Duh. But I’m talking about unique talent. Originality. Complexity. Design. Creativity in the art of writing. Take it from a writer. This fucking guy is a freak genius. His lyrics are extraordinary. SO extraordinary that they leapfrog over most peoples’ perceptions. He won’t get the credit he actually deserves for a few hundreds years. Maybe more. But art schools and collage-course Creative Writing classes in the far future will be dissecting this guy’s words like they do Shakespeare’s now. They are that fucking amazing. And unlike most of his earlier albums, this one comes with the lyrics and it’s more decipherable in general. I don’t want to say dumbed-down, but maybe just more “clearly stated”. One of his most obvious critiques is that nobody can understand what the fuck he’s talking about (shocker lol). This one still needs to be studied to fully appreciate, but you can pick up a lot more from it just by casually listening than you could with his past works. 

The next two albums are Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic together as Hail Mary Mallon. Great albums for sure. The two make for a team unlike any that Hip-Hop has ever known. The vinyl is undoubtedly my two favorite pieces. The picture disc is some beastly fucking dark art (The album is called Beastiary. See what I…. nvm…that’s getting old), and the green marble has hand-etched art on side D. Just fucking beautifully artistic shit that compliments they’re style of unique Hip-Hop. 

Some favorite tracks on the 4 discs for you to get introduced to would be Aesop Rock’s Dorks and Mystery Fish, and Mallon’s Kiln and Garfield. -cc

Fic Prompts: Strange Magic Monday

“There it goes! Don’t let it get away!”

Sunny paused at the mouth of the alley, blinking, just in time for a small bundle of filthy gray fur to go rocketing past him. Seconds later it was followed by a man who was all elbows and knees, with cheekbones that looked like they’d probably stabbed people before and would stab again.

“What on earth-?” Sunny sputtered, dodging nimbly up onto a fire escape. “Is that a raccoon?!”

“That,” announced the gangly man grandly, “is my nemesis. His name is Imp. He’s pure evil.”

Sunny swallowed a chuckle. “Aww, look at him though! He can’t be that ba- wait. Is that my wallet?!”

“Told you.” The grim man launched over a trash can and made a grab for the raccoon. He missed and took off down the sidewalk after it.

“What the- Hey! Strider! Wait for me!”

All in all not how Sunny had thought he’d be spending his Saturday.

When Fate Intervened

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: Day one of the hamwriters write-a-thon! This is actually not the fic I have had written for this day for like a week and a half. No I wrote this last night and this morning because this was a better idea than my other one. Also I’m posting this now because in my time zone at least it’s the right day for this so here we go, enjoy!

AU: Soulmate AU

Warnings: nothing? 

Word Count: 1,700

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A world without color has never particularly bothered you. Sure it would be nice to see colors the way your sister can, but really it’s never been a big thing. You watched all through high school and college as the people around you desperately tried to find the person they were destined to be with but you never really tried to look for them. You’ve always believed that when it’s time to meet your soulmate, fate will be there to make sure it happens.

“Y/N… did you know that when you reach 26 your chances of meeting your soulmate drop dramatically?” Your sister asks as you pull your gloves and scarf on in preparation for the cold winter morning air you know is waiting for you outside.

“That is bullshit. People in their 60’s meet their soulmates all the time. Not everyone get’s to meet them in the first grade like you” you grumble.

Your sister has always been like this, she’s younger than you by three years and likes to bother you about meeting your soulmate at every chance she get’s. Why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with her and her soulmate you have no idea.

“Goodbye” you call out, not bothering to turn around to face her as you grab your bag and make your way out of the apartment.

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I put on a smile,
just to hide my frustration,
With the world, myself,
the entire population.
My lack of understanding,
fuels my hidden thoughts.
Knowing nobody notices,
the war that’s being fought.
Seems like it’s all so normal,
and everyone’s on board.
Keep on walking blindly,
and I’ll just stay ignored.
Only the few who see,
will always know the truth.
Watch the light just fall away,
like a rotting baby tooth,
Heinsight’s 20/20,
and it’s the biggest fucking kicker.
I was the problem,
and it kept on growing thicker,
I hope they see me,
trying to grow and learn.
Too late for me now,
I’ve already crashed and burned.
But hopefully I’m interpreted,
and heard with understanding.
I didn’t want to hurt you,
forgive me, and I will stand free.

- Christopher Thompson
ID #52204

Name: Talia
Age: 16
Country: Australia

I’m a passionate writer, reader and foodie. I write short stories and chapter books for my own personal enjoyment (the dream is to be published one day :) ).

I love hip hop, any music made before I was born and kickboxing.

I’d love to connect with people internationally to broaden my global connections and make friends and create relationships that are different to the ones that exist in my life so far. I’ve never done anything like this before, but am really excited to see what will happen.

I’m also a closeted bisexual and am looking for advice and stuff… :)

Preferences: Ages 16-21

Album of the Day: Frank Ocean - ‘Endless’

Frank Ocean is an enigma. An artist who refuses to explain himself or his art. He speaks through his art. After a little more than 4 years, and one and a half years after the initial announcement of his third official album “Boys Don’t Cry” (or whatever it will be called), Frank launched a mysterious livestream inside a warehouse where he built a staircase to climb and reach the top by the end of the livestream. He did it for 4 days (starting August 1st), and then disappeared for 2 weeks, with no explanation, and no album, even after the New York Times reported the album and the magazine would be out on August 5th. Two weeks passed until Thursday night when Frank came back to the livestream and it came to a conclusion and his new 45-minute visual album “Endless” was released as an Apple Music exclusive.

A very important and key element of this whole livestream/film was that every day, during the time Frank was working, we would hear snippets of what appeared to be new music from a boombox inside the warehouse, in a very minimal manner. We would hear a beautiful acoustic guitar melody looped for few minutes, then it would cut to a synth melody looped for another few minutes, so on and so forth. But every day, these sounds became more developed as more elements were added to them, and on the final day, we heard the full songs while Frank was finishing the staircase. What I got from this was Frank showing his creative process in the form of a metaphor (making the staircase) and when you hear the album, there’s this strange sense of familiarity and satisfaction at the same time. That the snippets that we heard for 5 days have actually lead to the full songs (and interludes).

“Endless”, however is not “the” album. It’s the prelude to the album that is supposed to follow up “Channel Orange”. But if “Endless” is anything to go by, the forthcoming album is going to be an astonishment to behold, because “Endless” itself is an all-around great album. It’s bold, gorgeous, unsettling and confident. With this album, Frank has taken a whole new path with his music and lyrics. A lot of these songs (18 tracks in total) have no form or structure. At times they sound as if they were created in one day as Frank was experimenting with different sounds and vibes with his producers without any sort of pre-planning or pre-written material. As a result, the lyrics of this album are like a stream of consciousness, and they are emotionally unsettling and dark for the most part. An instant highlight of the album “U-N-I-T-Y” is the first track where Frank legitimately raps in a very rant-like, confident manner and his compelling flow never lets go of your attention. You keep trying to understand what he is saying, and his lyrics are strangely out of character.

“Is you Roger or Novak? You still are no match, you get no rematch. Boy, you missed your moment.” That’s not a very Frank Ocean-esque line, is it? Yet it’s pleasantly surprising that Frank delivers interesting lines like this over a very beautiful, laid-back instrumental consisted of a guitar and programmed beats (which sound insanely fresh, by the way.) Another very out of character lyric that is strangely fitting is in the song “Sideways” where Frank raps “Sucked a dick long, had a swan neck, put some real swans in the pond then.” The very seamless transition from melodic rapping to singing that Frank does throughout the album is absolutely incredible. His rapping does not feel forced at all and shows a different side of his musicality.

The best track of the album, and quite easily one of Frank’s absolute best songs musically and lyrically is the very somber, heartbreaking “Rushes To” which is about Frank describing the time he spent/is spending with his lover. It’s one his ‘narrative’ songs, the more you listen the more you take out of it. It’s also one of the very few non-rap/beat-oriented songs of the album all the way through. It’s only consisted of an acoustic guitar, a bluesy electric guitar and a distant synth line that fades out quickly. “Saturdays involved making our entrances into life outside” Frank sings in a very quiet, vulnerable way.

Then the story of the song gets a very dark turn lyrically as Frank describes the time when he made a sextape with his lover and rewatched it to recapture the moment they had, but the “only difference is it’s flat.” A simple yet absolutely crushing line that suggests that intimate moment may never be recreated through rewatching a sextape. Then few moments later comes the most stunning vocal range and high notes that Frank has ever delivered. It’s so incredible. I cannot praise it enough but it’s something that needs to be experienced rather than read about.

“Endless” is a challenging album because of its unconventional structure and lyrics. None of the songs have a hook or chorus. They’re not radio-friendly. The songs are very personal (Frank makes them sound personal even if they are fiction). The sound of the album is very different than “Channel Orange”. It’s more electronic and beats-oriented and despite the complexion of most of the beats (particular “Higgs”) there’s always a sense of “space” in every song, which adds to the lasting impact of the album long after it’s finished. Malay, one of Frank’s frequent producers mentioned that the majority of the album was made with a handheld mic in the control room. So you get a sense that a lot of these lyrics were most likely sung in the moment, and you might also notice some human error in the album as well, which makes the album more human and intimate. Even if Frank doesn’t releases the “official” follow-up to “Channel Orange” anytime soon, “Endless” once again proves Frank’s magnificent artistry on all fronts.


For Just One Wish

want a couple dollars to Millions,
poverty beginnings,
relationships ending,
humble are you kiddin,
wrong decisions,
tragic endings,
why am I living,
if you knew what I been in,
I’m every thing defining sin,
my personality has a twin,
you may have met him,
all I got is this paper and pin,
but yet they say I offend,
maybe if I had a wish,
okay I think I’ll make a list,
and I insist that these things of it consist,
depression don’t exist,
everyone happy to coexist,
Rolex on my wrist,
with a twist,
gold and diamonds in my ears,flash so crisp,
and up in da horizon,it starts to brighten,
and whiten everything,
it’s shinnin,
mind inlightend,
confidence of a titan,
stayin high as Mount Zion,
nobody around me that I love dying,
no more pain and crying,
no lying,
sell dope,
nope only buying,
I hear a voice loud in my head, and behind my reflection in da mirror a blur of red,
devil said,
“"okay all this I can give you, just cut your finger and sign in red,
and you don’t owe me nothing until after you’re dead,
I’ll give you everything,
everybody will know your name,
money and fame,
secrets to the game,”“
and what about the pain,
”“ youll have no more hurt, no more sorrow, everything you could ever wish for begins tomorrow”“,
wake up my eyes glossy,
wrist so frosty,
out side my gates flashin cameras from paparazzi,
a brand-new murdered out black Bugatti,
alrighty, it seems like as if I’ve introduced myself into the Illuminati,
did I do something I’ll regret,
the voice, shit,
don’t forget to me you owe a debt,
and I’m on my knees,
oh Lord please,
he tricked me,
he said to him I’m in debt,
if you get me outa of this my life is yours to direct,
I follow and trust your plan,
I promise I won’t be foolish again,
in JESUS name AMEN