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danse macabre ; a horror & paranormal au | kim taehyung x reader.
(dedicated to @artsyjhope. ♡)

The Hissing Grove is not known for its friendly surroundings. Its silent claws slither under the uneven ground and among the dense trees, gripping those who are unfortunate enough to stray away from their path. Said forest is always surrounded by countless legends, one more far-fetched than the other, and you are proud to say to be unfazed by them all — that is, until your pride forces you to accept the bet of spending an entire night under the heavy tree crowns, unable to leave until the humming dawn comes.

You do not expect to meet Kim Taehyung, self-proclaimed legend buster and enthusiast of all things paranormal, within the depths of the woods that do not seem as innocent during the night.


The town of Suji was small but lively, homely in every sense of the word, kind and welcoming towards the fleeting wanderers who followed the main trail of the grove. It provided warmth and safety, a benign light amongst the old, dark tales that haunted the nearby forest.

The town of Suji should have perished sixty years ago under the searing flames of agony.

It should have—

but the hissing speaks for itself. 

coming soon. 

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You mentioned before that yuuri prays nightly that shuji and viktor don't meet. Ever. But would they really?? Never meet, i mean? Hahaha imagine viktor reaching out to excite's lead singer for those limited edition mv goods lolol i feel like them meeting is just hilarity waiting to happen

“Hey, Shuji… san!”

Shuji stopped and turned.  He didn’t think that he’d ever been called san before, especially not by anyone older, but the voice was speaking in English and sounded foreign, so he turned and put on his ‘always please the fan’ smile.  What Shuji hadn’t been expecting was for Yuuri’s Russian skating friend to be the one calling for him and running up to him.

The smile slipped for a second, but he put it right back on.

“Ah… Viktor, right?”  Maybe?  It was the name that came up the most when it came to skating, so Shuji figured that might be this guy’s name.  It seemed appropriate.

“Yes! Wow!  You’re great with names!  I’m horrible at them.  Well, mostly.  Sometimes though, a name sticks.  I had to make sure I remembered yours though.  You’re the singer of the band that got Yuuri to perform in the music video, right?”

Viktor was talking way too fast for Shuji to pick up ever word, but the gist was clear.  He wanted to talk about Yuuri.  Well, Yuuri was Shuji’s second… maybe third… no, definitely second favorite topic.  Right after EXCITE.  Shuji himself was probably number three, but EXCITE and Yuuri were much more interesting.

“I am the lead singer of EXCITE!”  He paused, putting the sentence together in his head before speaking.  “Does Yuuri need help?”

“Oh!  No! Not at all.  I don’t think.  He’s just warming up and talking to his coach.  No.  I heard through the grapevine that you might be able to get me some exclusive merch with Yuuri on it.”

Shuji frowned.  There was a lot about that sentence that he didn’t understand.  “I am sorry.  Merch?”

“Oh! Ah!  Sorry!  Items.  Like….” Viktor paused and digged into the messenger bag he had slung over one shoulder before pulling out a small case with a figure skate on one side and a silhouette of Yuuri on the other.  “Stuff like this.”

Shuji reached for the case and turned it over in his hands.  “Where did you get this?  They only made a few hundred and I haven’t been able to find one for over a year!”

Viktor laughed.  “Ah, I got it from Yuuri’s friend.  Yuuko Nishigori… Oh, wait, it’d be Nishigori Yuuko here.”  He swallowed.  “So… um… is there a way to get other things like this?”

Shuji heard him, but was still busy flipping the little case over in his hands.  “Like the stuff that was released with the MV?”

He glanced up.  Viktor was nodding really fast.  “Exactly!”

“What’s in it for me?”

Viktor bit his lip.  “I… well, I have two of those little cases.  You can have that one, I guess.”

Shuji smiled.  “You’ve got a deal.”


If he was surprised when Yuuri stopped next to his desk at school the next day, he didn’t let it show on his face.


He smirked and then let the smirk melt into a rather stunning – if he could give an opinion, and he could – smile.  “Yes, Yuuri-kun?”

“Don’t be Viktor’s dealer.  He’s hard enough to handle already.”

Taking The Pressure Off

After a bit of soul-searching, I’ve decided I won’t be updating Riven Crown until it’s finished. By my estimate, there’s maybe three chapters left, but they’re tricky chapters to write and I’m not in a brilliant place mentally, which makes being creative tricky at the best of times. 

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing, or that the fic is abandoned.

I’m taking the pressure off myself so that I can stop using my fic writing as a way to beat myself (missed wordcounts, arbitrary deadlines, all that jazz) and get back to enjoying the process, which should mean a happier writer and better writing to boot. (Win, win!)

This has not been an easy decision to make. I hate losing momentum on a project. However, I’ve reached the point where I can see it’s a necessity for my own mental health. Recovery takes time, and I need my writing to be a tool in that recovery, not another way to bring myself down.

Once Riven Crown is finished, I’ll update it weekly =D

Subscribe to my The_Kingmaker account on AO3 (the button is in the top right corner) to get an email when I update again, or hang around my tumblr for updates and stuff (also progress bars. Yay!)

Thanks everyone <3

if i ever write this sakuino fic im gonna title it “mermaids” but for no reason other than sakura sometimes swims w naruto at the beach nd also mermaids just sounds like a cool title

jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

Reader’s Rec: Roselatte

Username of writer on AO3/FF.net: Roselatte

URL of writer in Tumblr: @rosepaints (link)

Some examples of the writer’s works: This Insidious Intent

Review/critique/say about the writer:

I don’t know if the author is new, but I only see that they have one fic up on ao3? I found their fic This Insidious Intent off a rec list and it’s AMAZING.  I love royalty aus and it’s been so hard for me to find ones that fit my tastes, and this one has been right up my alley. Their writing is so pretty and easy to read and very soft. I would describe their writing style as having a Studio Ghibli vibe? I’m so bad at this, I’ve never left more than a “this is so good!” comment, so I’ll stop now. It’s just an amazing fic and the last chapter left be dying for more!

recommended by: @coldpool


【STAR1 Magazine Aug 2016 issue】 BTS Interview 

Q: From early June, you have been having an Asia tour.  How do you feel to see your overseas’ fans after a year?

JIMIN: I always feel blissful and happy when I stand on the stage. I feel that there are more people supporting us compared our tour last year. So I think we should put more effort in and improve ourselves.

JIN: Every country and city that we go to, many would follow and sing our songs from the beginning to the end. Every time I’d think ‘it’s good to be alive’. I feel really blissful and I want to be with our audience for a long time.

JUNGKOOK: Every time we go up the stage, I always feel nervous and thankful. It’s tiring to do high level choreographies on the stage, but when the concert is finished, I feel that I’ve gained more strength from the audience.

Q: How was the 10 days’ trip to Northern Europe with the members back in May? You’ve attracted attention after revealing your travelogue through Naver V App.

SUGA: It was really exciting since it’s our first time going on a trip together. I’ve had many fun experiences in faraway countries that I thought I’d never visit in my life. I want to thank Naver and Big Hit entertainment once again.

J-HOPE: It was backpack trip that people in 20s’ would go on, and a trip to enjoy your youth with your close friends. We planned the schedule ourselves and went to see many nice attractions. We huddled around here and there, took photos and we also had a small meat party.

JUNGKOOK: The staffs and managers always took care of us, but when we were left on our own on a tract of land, I feel that we’re lacking in some areas. And unexpected incidents happened, like leaving the baggage behind, but it was still a happy trip. My hyungs had a party for me on the day of ‘coming to age’. It was actually a surprise party. It was a meaningful trip where I could feel the strong bond of friendship between us in various ways.

Q: Since ‘HYYH’ received a lot of love, I think you’d be bittersweet to send it away. As you guys grow into a group that holds a strong influence globally, your sense of responsibility also increases and could make you feel conceited.

JIMIN: Through this promotion, I feel that more people got to know us and support us. We won our first 1st place and stood on the stage that we’ve dreamed of, the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium. I’m very grateful and that’s something to be thankful for. I think many are worried that BTS will come to an end when this promotion ends, because the album title is ‘HYYH’. (laughs) I feel that our fans are just as sad as us to let HYYH go. We’ll show you more in the future, so I hope you won’t be sad.

V: I think if one works really hard, it’s ok to want to be acknowledged. But I think it’s necessary to alter one’s mindset if they don’t put any effort in and arrogantly think that ‘you can’t achieve anything without me’. I’ve been observing the members for the past 5 years, since the trainee period and no one is like that.

SUGA: I think every beginning has an end. Personally, I feel that it’s a nice album that I’d never forget for the rest of my life, but if it’s stagnant at one place, the water is bound to corrupt. We’ll come back with better music and concept as we beautifully say goodbye to ‘HYYH’.

Q: Do you feel pressured to release an album that must surpass ‘HYYH’?

SUGA: I’ve always felt the pressure. I always think that we need to comeback with better music that will surpass our previous album. The next album will be just as important to us as the other ones and I have to work harder in producing to make it better. I always have grand ideas when I make music but I also do a lot of modifying. I’m curious of what kind of story we’ll tell in our next album.

J-HOPE: There is great pressure. If I say there’s no pressure, then that’d be a lie. But every album is like that. So far, we’ve been producing albums with our own stories. And I think more people will like it, if we keep producing music which has our own style in the future. BTS has the confidence to receive (your) love! (laughs)

Q: The lyrics to ‘Epilogue: Young Forever’ is very impressive. “The thundering applause, I can’t own it forever”, does this express BTS’ true feeling?

RAP MONSTER: I always think about the future. I tend to first think about the things that I could lose, compared to the things that I’ve gained in the past. I’ve also received many feedbacks saying that I couldn’t enjoy at times where I should enjoy myself. It’s my nature, so I can’t do anything about it. As I first think about the things that I could lose, I’d become a bit more cautious and I feel that I’m growing up into an adult.

J-HOPE: We know that the audience’s applause won’t last forever. But, we don’t usually worry over these lyrics. We tend to talk about our little worries. We believe that we should constantly communicate with each other and stick together to reach higher together.

Q: You guys have been busy and working hard more than anyone in the past 3 years. Are you close to the image of BTS that you’ve dreamed of before debut?

JIN: We’ve got much more further. Honestly, I’ve never expected to receive love from so many people and to be this successful. Sometimes, it suddenly hits me before I fall asleep. I say to myself that this moment right now, it’s really blissful because we’re receiving more love (than I’ve expected).

J-HOPE: I think we ran forward with no regrets. Looking back at it now, I want to pat my butt and say “you’ve worked hard, Hope-ah” (laughs). We’ve been through a lot, but we took a step at a time and worked our way up, I think these 3 years are the most valuable. I hope we’ll continue to work hard together and become a better group.

Q: On <Flower Bromance>, when sunbae Lee Minwoo suggests that it’s possible to have different opinions between the members because of individual greed, Jungkook replied saying: “these days, BTS have been talking about it.” It’s your 4th year, so it’s possible to have difference in opinions in terms of music and have your own worries.

SUGA: We tend to discuss with each other if we have any worries and then come to an agreement. We’re humans too, so we have troubles but when we talk about it, it’ll be solved within a day. We know that we’re important to each other more than any other people.

V: I’ve fought with Jiminie over dumplings before. We argue over small things but we make up straight after. 

Q: You’ve gained attention from songs with a strong hip hop base like ‘No More Dream’, ‘Boy in Luv’ and ‘Danger’, but through the ‘HYYH’ series, you guys are acknowledged as artists that can pull off a various of genre, can sing and make your own music with stories. Is it the result of gaining popularity?

SUGA: When I was younger, I thought it’s right for me to write songs. But at some point, it didn’t feel right. I realized that popularity is just as important as the musicality and the process of adjusting is not easy. When I’m working on the title song, we work hard to approach the public, and we show BTS’ own music through other songs.

RAP MONSTER: I can say that we’ve been focusing on a specific topic before the ‘HYYH’ series. Even if it wasn’t popular, at the time we were persistent in showing the music and performance that we wanted to show. ‘HYYH’ tells a story too and the intention was obvious. But as much as we want to show our own music, we also want the topic to be popular among the general public. However, if we only focus on popularity, the things that we have to protect will collapse, so we worked hard to balance it out.

Q: When you make music, the company and the role of the head (of the company) is also important. So, I’m curious of what kind of company is Big Hit and what kind of boss is Bang Shi Hyuk producer to BTS?

JIMIN: Our boss tends to try to talk to us a lot in order to communicate with us. I feel that there’s something comfortable and uncomfortable about him. We’re close but since he’s a person with a strong force, so sometimes it could be difficult. I haven’t worked in other companies so I don’t really know, but the company feels like a family. The CEO and the employees takes good care of all the singers in the company and we’re grateful to them for working hard for us.  

SUGA: They let us do anything that we want to do. With writing title songs, it has to be catchy and the melody have to be good. So it’s not easy to write, but he has been giving us advice on producing music since the trainee period. However, with the other songs on the albums and mixtapes, he doesn’t even touch them. He’s rational and not oppressive. I’ve been in Big Hit for 7 years and I can proudly say that the company feels like a family more than any other companies.

Q: The public have been watching BTS growing from young boys to adults. Can you tell us what kind of image that you hope to portray in the adulthood? And can you talk about BTS’ real HYYH?

J-HOPE: Firstly, my goal is to be with our members forever. I want the 7 of us bond together and achieve a bigger valuable result. My dream is to receive the Daesang award and become a singer that is acknowledged globally, but I know we’re still lacking a lot. Everyone is greedy on music, so I hope we’ll work harder and reach the goals.

JIN: Actually when we debuted, I wasn’t at the age to be called a young boy (laughs). I think we’ll still be dancing to dances that breaks our body on the stage like now, even if we’re not ‘boys scouts’. I want us to stay as a cool group that never changes on the stage even after many years. When something good happen to us, our fans are happy for us, as if it’s actually happening to them. Even if it’s just to make them happy, I hope we could win the Daesang award with a great song. 

JIMIN: We’ve discussed before that when we greet, we should remove ‘boys scouts’ and say ‘we’re Bangtan’. I think it’s ok to just introduce ourselves as ‘BTS’, our English name. Before our debut, we’ve made the goal to hold a concert in the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium and win the Daesang award. And thankfully, recently we’ve achieved the goal of performing in the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium. I want to receive the Daesang award once, it’s the biggest award that artists could win. We’ll persistently work hard to become a well-matched artist for that award.

Q: Say something to the members that have been through a lot together, and to your fans ‘ARMY’, who have been constantly supporting you guys in the past 3 years.

RAP MONSTER: We’ve had more fun and enjoyment instead of hardships. I hope that there’ll be more times where I could smile with my members. Our fans are the existence that makes me want to rush to the studio when I wake up the next day, even when I get discouraged many times when I’m writing songs.

SUGA: Our members work very hard to try to learn about themselves, it makes me wonder whether if there’s anyone that can continue to grow like this. It’s a blessing to be with these cool friends. And ARMYs are the reason why we exist. I think BTS can shine, it’s because of our fans. I want to pay back with better music.

J-HOPE: Thank you ARMYs and members for going through the hardships together in the past 3 years. And Big Hit is a hit, a hit! Let’s gather our strength together to work hard and be happier. Everyone’s life will be a (big) hit.

JIN: Actually I’m the tsundere type, so I can’t take good care of those who are around me. We were complete strangers and got together, there were times we didn’t get along but I’m thankful to our members for adjusting to each other and getting along well. These days I’m happier because ARMYs are here who we can share our happiness with. I want to always share good news and I’ll be cheering for everyone’s future too.

V: I’m proud and thankful to our members who reduce their sleeping hours to work hard to improve themselves. And I’m always thankful to ARMYs. These days, I’ve been filming under the blazing sun for the drama, so I hope you guys will understand that (only) my skin got darker. (laughs)

JIMIN: We’ve been living together for a long time but I hope we can continue to live together for a very long time. Every member is very important in each other’s life. It’s not easy to stay beside someone for 3 years, a period that’s not too long and not too short. ARMYs, thank you so much for being with us. I want to be with you guys for a very long time too.

JUNGKOOK: I lacked a lot since the trainee days, but my hyungs have taught and helped me a lot. I want to work hard to follow them, I’m thankful to my hyungs for always showing me cool images and helping me to think I shouldn’t fall behind. I’ll work hard until the day I catch up with my hyungs. ARMY is an irreplaceable part of my life. I’m always thankful and I’ll only make you walk on a flower path.

T/N: A flower path represents taking a beautiful path with no hardships in life.

Part 2 - Individual Questions

it has never been easy losing a friend. it’s like your being is taken into the hands of this person you used to love with every atom of your being, and having it split into pieces that you for some reason don’t own anymore.
it’s watching those dearest to your heart get close to other people, watch them slowly erase their existence from what you call your life. and at those god awful moments, you can pinpoint exactly were it all fell apart.
maybe it was the wednesday evening you invited her to your house or that cold december night were i just disappeared and gave you the chance to get to know everyone on deeper levels.
and it hurts because now i’m full of regrets i shouldn’t have. i’m mourning friendships i thought would last, slowly saying goodbye to people that still mean the entire world to me.
i witnessed so many promises being broken, so many friendships ending, taking the form of a wilted rose, deprived of the essentials for it’s existence.
and the last string of this all is the feeling of being replaced. my friends aren’t my friends anymore. they have become everything i’ve been seeking for ages, but with another human being… the same human being i called my best friend at one point.
it’s like i’m the last resort, a person you’d come to when all you need is a shelter from this world. and even though i don’t mind that, but when i see that i’m basically your last choice, there’s this knife that guts my inside. this thin, sward like knife trying to condemn me to my death. yet, each time it strikes and gets removed, this feeling called hope masked by the stem of a rose covers the wound site.
but salting wounds never ceased to hurt and that’s all that appears to be happening right now. my friends have became both the hope disguised as sweet letters harmonised in beautiful promises, and the salt sprinkled over those wounds each time their actions prove their words wrong. while the knife? it is me who stabs myself each time i trust and love again, to just get betrayed once more.
—  290517

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Minamoto no Yorimitsu | Fate | Yo. I’m only around on here right now. Getting back into RP after taking a break for about half a year, so I’m trying to ease back into things rather slowly. 

I’ve also previously RPed as Yorimitsu in the past. She has always been both fun and easy to write for me, so I wanted to get back to her especially. 

Have Played:

William Shakespeare | Fate | My first tumblr muse, and one of my favorite characters in all of Fate. When I’m really feeling it, he’s so much fun to write. I really, really want to bring him back, but I just don’t have the motivation I need for him right now.

Anne Bonny & Mary Read | Fate | I adore Anne & Mary, and I really wish I could stick with them more consistently that I have in the past. With them, in particular, I get really self-conscious about my portrayal. Been translating their chapter from “Teach Me FGO! Grand Order’s Men and Myths” and honestly it’s gotten me super motivated. They’ll almost certainly be the next muses I bring back. It’s never been a matter of “if” though, it’s always been “when”.

Francis Drake | Fate | Short-lived, but I don’t regret giving it a shot. Drake is really great.

Charlotte | Fire Emblem | I’d really love to go back to Charlotte some day. She’s such an interesting and nuanced character. I kind of fizzled out with her due to some personal stuff that was going on at the time, but it’d be great to give her another serious shot.

A Few WoW OCs | Warcraft | WoW was where I first really got started with RP in a serious sense. Spent a good few years of my life with WoW, and I learned a lot. Moon Guard for life.

My FFXIV OC | FFXIV | I still play FFXIV, though I don’t RP on there much at all these days. It’s hard to partition free time between RP on tumblr, FFXIV content, and FFXIV RP. I’ve thought about bringing them to tumblr at some point. Balmung, represent.

Would Like to Play:

A lot of people. I’ll keep it limited to 5 whom I’m especially interested in.

Jinako Carigiri | Fate | I love Jinako, she’s the absolute best. Also the absolute worst, but still… the absolute best. Among a lot of other qualities of hers that I really enjoy, I feel like she does a great job at capturing the “normal person who’s dragged into something way over her head” feel that none of the other Masters in Fate do. I’ve been wanting to RP her for ages, but I’ve just never gotten around to doing it.

Meltlilith | Fate | The CCC event in FGO was really great, and I love how it further developed BB and the Alter Egos, showing the ways in which they’ve grown post-CCC. I always felt that Meltlilith suffered somewhat from a rushed character arc, as many other characters did both in original Extra as well as in CCC. It was especially telling with her though, because the complexity of her character really didn’t come across too well in her limited dialogue alone. She has benefited so much from addition in FGO, and I finally feel like I could really give RPing her a serious shot. 

Dismas / The Highwayman | Darkest Dungeon | Darkest Dungeon is so good. Just everything about it is so good. I really like just about all of the personalities in that game, but the Highwayman stands out to me. 

Venom Snake | Metal Gear | I realize how odd that might sound, if you’re familiar with the character, but… I just really like him, and I think he has a lot of potential.

Ebihara Ai | Persona 4 | My favorite Persona 4 character, who gets a bad rep based on the first few ranks of her social link. Even so, I like her a lot, and I think she has a lot more depth to her personality than what immediately seems to be the case.

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I constantly call “RWBY’s” biggest flaw “misprioritized writing” and this is such an important example of that.

RWBY is actually, in my opinion, a very well crafted, western animated series- and it has REALLY GOOD WRITING, if you really think about it! But sometimes, that good writing is put in very strange places, and that’s what makes it bad. Do you understand what I mean by “misprioritized writing?”

The only reason this flaw really stands out, and has been easy to notice, is because of the fact that coincidentally, the directors voice some characters that have gotten a heavy amount of screentime and/or characterization.

  • Gray Haddock is one of the co-directors of RWBY, and voices Roman Torchwick. Monty himself said that Roman was originally supposed to be a one-off character, but due to Gray’s stellar voice acting, they made Roman more important over time.
  • Miles Luna has always been a co-writer on RWBY, and voices Jaune Arc. Jaune and the rest of team JNPR were originally not planned to be as central as they currently are as secondary characters, but the team quickly gained popularity with the fans. Jaune Arc had incredible characterization (in my opinion) in Volume 1, although other fans found it very strange that such characterization came so early in the series. But then in Volume 2, Jaune got an inflated amount of screen time and character development that didn’t make sense.
  • Kerry Shawcross has also always been a co-writer on RWBY, and is the current Lead Director of the series as of Volume 3, and he voices Neptune Vasilias. Neptune was originally created for a different team, but they only moved Neptune to team SSSN so that he could be used in the series earlier.
    Notably enough, Neptune has some very weak and/or lackluster characterization that I attribute to this change- and the only reason that Neptune’s characterization is as “rich” as it is now, is because of the fact that they’re basing Neptune’s personality and quirks on Kerry himself. But Neptune also takes up a good portion of screentime where he doesn’t really contribute much to the series. Instead of serving as a character foil or character development for team RWBY, he’s been a foil and vehicle for Jaune’s character instead- and Jaune is not a main character.

Oddly enough, the only character who has not gotten this treatment is Lie Ren, who was originally voiced by the creator of the series himself, Monty Oum. Monty had apathetic opinions towards Ren (he actually called him “boring” in a video before, I don’t remember which one) and Ren has largely been portrayed as getting beat up regularly, or otherwise not showing any “outstanding” abilities after Volume 1. He’s implied to be good at using his Aura from the supplementary WoR series, but that’s not really a confirmation.

But back to the point: out of these men, all of them are male, and only one of them was Asian. All four of the RWBY’s main protagonists are young women. One of the protagonists, Yang Xiao Long, is Asian-coded. Another one, Ruby Rose, is AT LEAST half-Asian, technically speaking. Another one of those protagonists, Blake Belladonna, is the literal metaphor for a racial minority, with her role as a Faunus.

Do you see the problem yet?

I feel like it goes to show how important it is to have a writing team that’s actually diverse, in a show where you have racism and oppression as a central theme, and especially in a show where you have four young women who are growing up very quickly and have to become mature and responsible protectors of others.

Some themes in RWBY are lost or terribly handled PURELY because of the fact that sometimes, the writing of those themes come off as terribly tone-deaf. And every time this tone-deafness happens, it is almost always detrimental to the developments of the show.

Other themes in RWBY are lost or set horribly backward because of the fact that they might be putting their stock in the wrong characters- whether it’s conscious or not. The latest examples being Roman and Adam in RWBY Volume 3, chapter 11.

Roman Torchwick, despite being written beautifully as a character, it doesn’t really serve the plot well or make for him to get characterization that rich. He’s a great character- but… for what? He’s a cog in Cinder’s plan, a decoy that was meant to take the fall instead of her. So why put so much investment in developing that character?

Adam Taurus, on the other hand, who is a metaphor for a minority character, because he’s a FAUNUS, has had his characterization is all over the place, and it’s not fair to his character, or what he represents as a character- nor does it make sense. It reflects badly on the Faunus racism and oppression subplot. Not necessarily because they made Adam “bad,” but because when they previously wrote Blake speaking of Adam as a mentor-like figure (something which has NO romantic or sexual implications) and they made Adam into this abusive, obsessive creep, it makes no sense?

And it also reflects badly on the themes that the show is trying to convey. Volume 1 of RWBY establishes that “there’s no such thing as pure evil.” Pyrrha and Blake are the main ones who establish this point of view. People will do terrible things to achieve their means, but they always have complex reasons and motives for doing so, and they are not purely on one side or the other.

But it would have been as simple as putting this rich writing somewhere else. The plot doesn’t lose very much when Roman’s character is altered. Roman is still a villainous character, who stands in the way of the protagonists, no matter what he does.

You let Roman call Neo “darling” and “my love.” Make Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan creepy and obsessive, and it gives the protagonists more of a reason to take them down, and gives the audience more of a reason to hate him and see them fail.

But the entire tone of RWBY and the White Fang subplot drastically changes when you take Adam’s character, and interactions with Blake, and alter them. You make Adam spill his guts while he fights with his former-comrade and younger-sister like figure about how hard life has been, about how Humans have been garbage purely because of the fact that he has a bull’s horns growing out of his head.

You make Adam Taurus yell about how he will lie, cheat, steal, and survive and deal humans the justice they deserve for his and other Faunus’s suffering, and the audience is more likely to want him to be redeemed, and to set The White Fang back on the right path for achieving true equality between Humans and Faunus.

TL;DR “RWBY” actually has stellar writing- I just wish, for once, they’d get another pair of eyes to help them put it in the correct places.

people who complain about the lack of combat based threads being done in tumblr rp clearly don’t know how goddamn difficult it is to rp extensive combat sequences.

Via Mark Oshiro, permission given to share his story

Mark’s post made me cry, it hurt to see know he had such a shitty experience at a convention. That he was invited, treated so damned poorly and that nothing has been done.

It’s a long, painful read but I think anyone who goes to cons, who has ever been at a SF/F con, and may be on the concom of a convention needs to read this.

Permission to share is at the end of this post.

TRIGGER WARNING: For extended, detailed talk of racism, sexual harassment, abuse

This has not been an easy post for me to write. I’m keeping the introduction of it relatively short because I’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Over the past nine months or so, the events of my weekend at ConQuesT 46 have haunted me, and recent events inspired me to finally talk about my experience. I have spoken to nearly fifteen people, most of whom are a part of the SF/F community, about what happened to me so that I could get some insight. Was what I experienced wrong? Was I imagining the intensity of the weekend? Is it wrong for me to publicly talk about it?

In light of what I’ll reveal at the end, I find it more important than ever to talk about the persistent and pervasive racial and sexual abuse/harassment I was the victim of at ConQuesT because I did everything I was told to do in the event that I was harassed. I reported most of the events you’ll see described below, and I did not do so anonymously. I stuck my name on every incident report, partly because I was not afraid, but mostly because I wanted things to change. If putting my name on a report ensured that a better community could be built from my actions, then I felt it was worth it.

Alas, that does not seem to be the case.


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Author Spotlight: Lady--Divine

Welcome to the Author Spotlight! We have with us today @lady–divine  and we’ll be featuring their work throughout the week! All posts will be tagged: Author Spotlight and the author’s name, and just a reminder that if you’re interested in signing up, you’re welcome to drop me a line! Also, you can check out past spotlight authors on the navigation bar on the right of the main page.

Author Spotlight: Lady–Divine

I think I’m going to cheat and pretty much put my bio from my Tumblr blog xD I am a writer, a musician, and a Domme. Bass clarinetist, soprano, fanfic writer, aspiring novelist, professional Dominatrix. Loyal mother, daughter, and dedicated wife. Klaine, Kurtbastian, and Coldflash writer. I’m also a photographer, as well as an activist/advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, victims of domestic abuse, families affected by autism and cerebral palsy, and sex workers.

Fic Prompt: Outlandish alternate meetings –

You stabbed me with a fork!  You accidentally ran me over with your razor scooter! (It wasn’t an accident)  I don’t know why, but I keep finding your underwear on my front lawn! And I know it’s yours because you have your name and address written in the label!


Spotlight Fic: Take Me Over

Summary:  Kurt’s life isn’t at all what he wanted. He is stuck in an unexpected relationship with his dreams almost permanently on hold and a job he took mostly out of desperation. But a trip to L.A. to get the autograph of his favorite television star might just change his entire life - but will it change for the better?

This is one of my oldest, longest, and most popular stories. I will finally be putting it to rest soon.

This story is inspired, in part, by my life – the trailer, the squealing car, the community college choir, the kids – they’re all mine xD But the character of Kurt, the way he plies his trade as a professional crossdressing dominant, is based in part on someone that I used to know a long time ago.

I like that Kurt and Blaine (and Dave) are all their characters from the show at heart, but also real, believable people. It also showcases something that I don’t think we see genuinely in a lot of fic – fanfic or published media alike – and that’s the struggle of a professional sex worker trying to live a life outside of sex work as well as raise a family. It’s something very personal to me. I also feel that Kurt and Blaine fit the narrative I created exceptionally well. Even though I’m closing this one up soon, I keep writing one-shots because I don’t ever want this story to be over. I think there is so much, not just in Kurt and Blaine’s Dom/sub relationship that can be explored, but with the whole family. This story is set to soon have a wonderful cover by Freakingpotter, who does amazing art for a lot of my stories, and whom I love with my whole heart and soul

Find more of @lady–divine’s works on AO3my nsfw blog for 18+, also includes soft BDSMposts and my own minor ramblings xD, and my sfw blog which is mostly fandom stuff and writing (both mine and other people’s). 


Q and A with Lady–Divine

How did you get into the Glee fandom?

I really just fell into it one day. My favorite character in the series when I started watched was Lauren because, at the time, she was the character I related to the most – dominant, doesn’t give a crap, and on the wrestling team. Add an instrument, and that was me in high school xD I think I was looking for Lauren/Puck fanfic and I stumbled on Scarves and Coffee.

What drew you into writing in general?

Like a lot of writers here I’ve been writing forever. It was just part of me existing – writing and reading, or acting things out with my dolls (wow, that doesn’t sound the same on paper as it does in my head xD). I was really big into science, and writing is a huge part of that as well. My parents tell me and my (ex)sister that we started writing before we started talking, with singing in between. I still have journals from before I can even remember writing in them. The most legible ones start at age 6 and go up from there. A lot of it is poetry…bad poetry in my opinion xD

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People are so cruel sometimes
that they can condense the relationship
we have into a rusting can and they’ll
say that our flame has been put out
by the miles between us and I’ll want
to scream and shout and do whatever
it takes for my voice to reach yours because
the things that they are saying aren’t true.

I love you more than you know.
I would do anything for you and if
I could crawl to the ends of where
you are, you know that I would.

But life and love rarely ever set
themselves up for convenience
and it’s just that I’m a trillion
footsteps away from where you
are and I must have left my heart
with you because all there is
in this room is a body cold for
attention and affection and–
no, it’s not that I can’t wait for you,
and no, it’s not that I was using you,
and no, it’s not that I wanted to hurt you,
and no, it’s not that I stopped loving you.

It’s because my chest is dark and hollow
and they’re open flames and I just want
to be able to see through the dark again.
I miss you, so much, please believe me
when I say that, but I crave your touch
and sometimes when they slip their hands
to where you held me, I can pretend
that you are still here.

—  Long Distance Has Never Been Easy