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you’re dating bondy but vans got a thing for you - #6

i feel like this is total shit. SO im sorry to whoever requested it and ill be posting a shit ton over the weekend so if you want a do-over have something else, please message me. sorry! working on some more to post. __

you loved visiting your boyfriend on tour. and while he was definitely the one you were most excited to see you, you couldn’t help but be ecstatic about seeing the band, too. its been 9 months and you have never felt more welcomed by a group of people before. you and bob constantly texted about how to get away with murder and benji had even let you braid his hair last time you saw him. 

bondy had warned you a bit about van, saying he can be a bit hard to talk to and might come off as a total douche. and that made complete sense to you because he was the lead singer and they sort of how had a reputation to uphold. however, the last thing you expected him to do was add you on snapchat, constantly nagging you about your boyfriend and your whereabouts. you had kept it a secret, bondy was already busy touring the world with van and it wasn’t your place to get involved. 

when you arrived in italy, bondy was there with a car and a bottle of wine. it seemed surreal to you that you were able to have this with someone like him. you were greeted back at the hotel by all of the boys, even van, who had pulled you in for a hug, holding it for a bit too long but bondy was off with a manager so you weren’t as worried. 

when bob had went to the bathroom and benji got a phone call, that left you and van alone in the room. you didnt really know why you were on edge, van was just a friend and being a bit weird and flirtatious was just how he was, right? 

“you look better than the last time i saw you, did you lose some weight?” he asked you, breaking all silence. you let out a laugh before rolling your eyes. “not really.” you said, ignoring the part of you that was kind of happy someone had noticed. you were completely in love with your boyfriend and there was no one that could ever come between that. “you must be working out. babe. i mean, that ass doesnt just come from nowhe-” he cut himself short as bob and benji both walked back in. you shot van a look, telling him to cut it out, you saw him smile before leaving the room. 

your whole trip was full of winks from van, sly comments from van, weird looks from van. you couldn’t escape him, he was everywhere. you wondered if bondy had noticed or if anyone had noticed for that matter. wherever you were, he found his way to you. after a show, bondy had finally said something to you. “babe, van hasnt done anything to you has he? he seems a bit weird around you and ill kick his ass if he has.” you laughed at him, admiring his tough attitude. “not at all, dont worry, all my love is for you.” you kissed him and you could have sworn you saw van walk by. 

you were left alone for a few hours the next day as the boys soundchecked. you called your parents, emailed your friends, even posted a photo from italy, which is rarely something you ever do. as you were doing so, a text appeared from an unknown number and your heart stopped. 

hey babe, its van. figured we might want to exchange numbers so we can  just talk dirty on here Xx what bondy doesnt know wont kill him, eh?” 

later that night, you blocked his number and poured a fresh beer all over his shirt.

can you imagine. Library au Keith and hunk work in receiving, processing new shipments/donations and putting books back from the dropoff chute. Pidge is IT support for the library and keeps the servers secure and lightning fast and definitely doesn’t spy on people with her network. Shiro and lance are the receptionists bc Lance thought it would be a good way to meet some smokin bodies and shiro just really loves books okay. Coran owns the building and Allura manages it and takes down all the mouse traps Coran puts up because “they’ve never chewed anything or pooped on the books, Coran!" 

 And there are the usual library shenanigans including but not limited to 

  •  - a closet full of books. no context it’s just there and Coran wants it to stay. 
  •  - squirrels sneaking in through the dropoff chute when the weather gets colder - hunk and keith hunting the squirrels bc they’re not always busy
  • - hunk wanting to be humane only and Keith slowly putting his knife away
  •  - Keith this is a library why do you have a knife
  •  - *squints into the horizon like a war veteran* squirrels
  •  - pidge suggesting that the mice are helping the squirrels
  •  - keith’s war against rodents begins and Allura scrambles to set up cozy hiding spots for them all just out of Keith’s reach
  •  - and then he finds his pistachios MISSING and his pear has been nibbled upon and he mc freaking loses it
  •  - shiro puts this sign up on the dropoff chute very quietly and kindly and he just kind of puffs up knowing that he’s done a Good Deed
  •  - people start obeying the sign and Lance leaves the front doors open so he can hear it every single time it happens. He has a tally chart.
  • - the chute opens one day without anyone shouting down it and Keith runs upstairs and looks around "did you see any squirrels ma'am" 
  • - Lance is dying bc it was him. 
  •  - klance makeouts between the bookshelves 
  • - the dudes from the computer repair shop next door coming in and asking if any of the webcams in the library had mysteriously turned on too 
  • - pidge is a good liar bc obviously she was behind it. 
  •  - hunk and allura putting food for the squirrels on the roof in an attempt to keep them safe from Keith 
  • - hunk and allura realizing that the squirrels are determined, suicidal little shits and so they just put food in the corner of the library or up on the highest bookshelves and hope that their tails will do the dusting for them 
  • - shiro sighing at literally everything as he hand feeds the squirrels 
  • - is he Snow White like how does he do that 
  •  - Keith’s Betrayed Face when he sees shiro schmoozing the squirrels 
  • - *whispers* I thought you loved me 
  • - shiro rolling his eyes so hard he goes and joins a bowling league 
  •  - the dudes from the computer repair shop coming back AGAIN and asking if show tunes had started playing in the library 
  • - pidge must physically remove herself from their presence bc she’s trying very hard not to cackle like an overlord 
  • - Keith brings in a CAT 
  • - allura is horrified and literally clutches her chest 
  •  - Lance falls in love with the cat, feeds it treats and snacks and gives it lazy toys until it gets ULTRA FAT 
  • - Keith comes to the conclusion that his bf sabotaged his cat plan on purpose and cuts off the nookie supply for a month
  •  - worst month of everyone’s lives tbh 
  • - hunk begs Keith to please just fuck Lance again 
  • - a hanjo in the Scientology section at the very least please please please 
  •  - pidge and shiro end up stuck in the weird book closet somehow 
  • - shiro COULD break down the door but that’s just a lot of work 
  • - why break things when you could have a book fight 
  • - they throw a couple hundred paperbacks at each other for 20 minutes 
  •  - pidge builds a throne of books and rules her domicile (400 books and shiro) with cunning and dignity 
  • - until shiro slaps her in the face with a copy of pride and prejudice and the war begins anew 
  • - the library has like three floors and everyone knows to stay out of the left wing of the third floor during lunch breaks bc Lance and Keith honestly don’t care if u see their butts they will not stop 
  • - shiro or hunk lifting pidge onto their shoulders to put more food on the shelves for the squirrels 
  • - the general populace of the town not being weirded out by any of the shenanigans in the library 
  • - it’s just another beautiful day in mr Roger’s neighbourhood for them 
  • - Keith runs by them with a knife in his teeth and a net in his hands? Totally normal


you: intellectuals think the same as everyone else, they just talk differently.

me, an intellectual: Although academic English is well-adapted to the low-context culture in which it is used, its inherent qualities are not sufficient to justify its relative inaccessibility; its use can only be explained as an expression of social status.

Soulmate AU: World where you have your soulmate’s name on your wrist, right? An aromantic has the name “London” their wrist, and they spent their whole life worrying and over time everyone around them starts to find their soulmate, telling them that they just need to find the right person, its right there on their wrist. They end up going to England for college and realise that the city of London was where they were meant to live to be happy. 

silverdragonms  asked:

The UT/US/UF/SF bros world's got reset and UT sans, UF sans, US pap, and SF pap wake up from a nightmare of the last timeline. What do they do/their bros do?

(*Sorry this took so long!  This ended up being completely angsty, with just a smidgen of hurt/comfort if you squint.)


Sans jolts awake, his left eyesocket lit up with a vibrant blue that illuminates his dark bedroom.  The covers are tangled around him, and he’s breathing heavily, clutching the phantom lingering pain across his chest.  

It all comes rushing back.  The betrayal, the helplessness, the despair–all of it pits into a lead ball in the depths of his SOUL.  It takes a full minute for him to calm down, to dismiss his magic and stop his bones from rattling.

H o w   m u c h   m o r e ?

He pushes himself from the mattress, pulling his legs out of the covers without untangling them.  They end up in a wadded-up ball in the center.  Sans needs to check on Papyrus, to make sure he’s alive and well.  If there was ever one good thing about the RESETs, it was that all the damage is undone.  Except his.

A quiet peek inside the bedroom confirms that Papyrus is, in fact, sleeping quietly in his racecar bed.  Sans remains in the doorway for a moment, before he slowly pads inside.. and sits down beside the bed on the floor.  Papyrus is softly snoring, oblivious that anything had even happened.

… That, in countless other lives, he’s died.

Sans remains like that for the rest of the night, just leaned against the side of the bed, staring straight ahead and drawing comfort from the sounds of his brother breathing–of his brother living.  By the time morning comes, he’ll be stronger and his brother won’t be the wiser; Sans will have left the room.  There will be a few days of reprieve before the human comes through, and when they do, it’s a toss-up on whether or not they’ll show Mercy.  Either way, he’s given up on trying to change things.


Sans wakes up with a vocal shout, bolting upright in his bed.  With a crimson flash, a Gaster Blaster is summoned, floating directly by his head and making a soft whirling sound as it draws power within its maw.


The voice causes Sans to flinch, and with a string of muttered curses, he dismisses the Blaster before it can tear a hole through the wall.  It takes him a second longer to get his flaring magic under control, but by the time his brother literally kicks down his bedroom door, Sans’s eyelights are back to small red pupils.  

“h-h-hey boss.. uh..s-sorry, did i wake ya?”  Red’s voice comes out hoarse and thick with sleep, his nervous stammer kicking in at the sight of his furious brother.  Papyrus’s gaze is scanning every inch of the bedroom for an intruder, but when he finds Sans alone, his scowl deepends.


“i..i, uh.. fell out of bed..”  He’s so flustered from the nightmare–which he knows to be just another reality–to come up with a more viable excuse.  Red’s looking anywhere but at his brother.

Edge, of course, isn’t satisfied with that answer.  His eyesockets narrow.  "..ANOTHER NIGHTMARE THEN.“

"wh-what?  no, no, i..uh.. nothing like that,” he finishes lamely.  Papyrus is still staring, unconvinced, so Sans clears his throat, shifting to loop his arms around his knees.  "i’m fine.  you.. you can go back to sleep, boss.“


With that, Edge strides off, leaving Sans to stare after him.  A moment passes, and Sans releases a breathy chuckle, reaching up to scrub his hands over his eyesockets.  "my bro really is the greatest..” he mutters, before he stands up, slips on his jacket, and goes downstairs to join Papyrus on the couch.


Stretch jolts awake from a nap on the couch, with Blueberry standing in front of him, holding a platter of glittering tacos.  "PAPY!  I MADE TACOS FOR US, AND–OMPH!“  The air rushes out of Sans as Papyrus abruptly clutches onto him, dragging his brother against his chest in a tight hug.

The last thing he could remember was the feeling of his brother’s bandanna wrapped around his hand and the overwhelming scent of dust overtaking his senses, coating his bones, and clogging his nasal cavity.  

He had misstepped.  He had broken the routine, the script.  Papyrus had decided to warn his brother, to try to get him away from the human, but–


Sans turned toward him right as Papyrus reached out.. and the hit with the dull Toy Knife tore all the way through his brother in a violent flash of crimson.  His brother looked completely surprised, one gloved hand gingerly touching his chest, while Papyrus grasped his shoulders.





He exploded into dust all over Papyrus.

.. And then Papyrus killed the human.

This wasn’t a RESET.  
This was a LOAD.

“PAPY?”  Blueberry’s voice came out a little uneasy, and Papyrus realized he had his face buried in his brother’s shoulder.  This was unprecedented.  He had gone through the song-and-dance several times, but whenever a RESET occurred or he had a nightmare, he always kept it from his brother.  He couldn’t let him even begin to shoulder this kind of burden.  He just couldn’t do that to him.

“heh, sorry bro.  i interrupted you while you were trying to taco me.”

Blueberry didn’t look entirely convinced, so Papyrus pulled back and forced his lazy grin into place.  Then he took a taco and ate it, giving his bro a thumbs up while he chewed.  Sans was so excited over the fact that Papyrus liked it that his eyelights formed into stars and he launched into a quick ramble about how he prepared it.  

Stretch tried to shake off the terrible foreboding feeling.  Unfortunately, he had tipped his hand when he tried to break the cycle and save Sans; now it was obvious that he remembered everything.  

The real question was.. did the human?


Papyrus wakes up, gasping and automatically slapping a hand over his mouth.  It wasn’t that often that he slept hard enough to have a nightmare.. so surely that meant that the RESET was fresh.  With the way the timelines kept jumping, it was difficult to tell anymore, and sometimes, memories overlapped.  What day was it?  What had happened right before he went to bed?

He tugged absently at his own collar, grounding himself.  

This wasn’t something he could let Sans know.. Not that his brother would believe him.  If he told the MALEVOLENT SANS that a mere human was able to kill him despite his LOVE, he would only be pissed off and order him to stop confusing fanciful nightmares and reality.  

Oh, how he wished they were only nightmares.

Papyrus teleported outside, where the sudden chill of Snowdin felt good against his flushed face.  He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, deciding to chance Sans’s wrath over the smell of smoke.  His fingers were shaking, and he needed something to steady his nerves.  He wasn’t allowed the luxury of falling apart, so he had a limited time to pull himself together, to let a subdued sense of apathy ease back into his being.  

*heya, hun.  you’ve been busy wrecking this place, haven’t ya?

*i guess this is what happens when people like me take it easy, huh?

He exhaled a giant plume of smoke, driving away the thoughts.  His free hand rubbed at the back of his neck, phalanges dipping beneath his collar.

The phantom pain from the strike that’s beheaded him countless times never really goes away.

We're Never Coming Back (To Your Filthy Halls) - umisabaku - Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter Four is up!! And it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger this time!! Huzzah!!

I am also super hoping things start making sense in this one. Either that, or it’s going to be officially confusing.

ALSO as of this chapter, I now have OVER 300K of Designation: Miracle posted on Archive. That… is really hard to believe. Yep. Not sure what to do with that at all. Proud? I think I’m proud. Super happy, at any rate. Thank you so much, all of you wonderful people who enjoyed this series and have read OVER 300K in this universe. It really boggles my mind that you were willing to do that.


“Let’s be real - they could have renamed every book Hermione Granger And The Patriarchy Take Down.”

Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski.
How We Survive: A Feminist Poetry Show. 
Filmed August 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Muggle Studies (Fred x Reader)

Request by: @tammigrier

Prompt: You’re Draco’s older hufflepuff sister and Fred Weasley has a huge crush on you but is afraid that you wouldn’t feel the same way considering the Malfoy’s view on the Weasleys. Needless to say, this all changes when you meet in muggle studies.

also, I listened to this song while writing

        The hall was absolutely filled with people as you tried to move past them to go to your next class. Luckily, people knew you as the infamous “Malfoy’s Sister” so people gladly moved for you. God, you hated how that name sounded, it left a bad taste in your mouth. You’re nothing like your stuck up little d-

“I’m sorry!” a ginger boy in your year, presumably a Weasley, stammered as he accidentally ran into you.

“Oh no it’s not a problem, really!” You said reassuringly with a smile.

You looked at his tie, gryffindor, definitely a Weasley.

He looked confused as to why you were treating him so nicely.

“Where you heading?” He asked trying to fill up the awkward silence that was obviously building up.

“Muggle Studies!” You responded.

“Oh..me too!” he smiled.

Needless to say, you walked to class together.

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Sleepy (Newt Scamander mini imagine)

Request/Prompt : none

Warnings : none

A/N : I’m now taking requests! Message me what you want me to write!

The Great Hall was packed with students. More than normal, as the unusually large first year class had just been sorted in. You had stuffed yourself to the brim with food, and you were now nibbling half-heartedly on a pastry of some kind, eyes falling shut. You were incredibly tired, the train ride had been long and now you had a full stomach. Completely satisfied and sleepy, you stood from the Y/H table.

 Looking around, you finally spotted him in the crowd, a messy mop of ginger hair and a woolen scarf. You made your way over to him, ignoring the looks from students who preferred to stay at their respective tables.

 You approached him slowly, resting a hand on his shoulder as you swung your leg over the bench, while the boy beside him scooted over to make room for you. He jumped slightly at the touch, then relaxed as his bright green eyes met yours. “Hello,” he said softly, his voice tinted with a slight note of surprise. “Aren’t you supposed to be with the other Y/H students?”

 You laughed slightly and shook your head. “As far as I know, there’s no rule against moving tables.” You sighed, content. “Besides, they’re a lot of buggers, I prefer you.”

 Newt’s face heated up slightly at your proclamation, but he smiled. “O - Okay then,” he mumbled, looking down at his plate. When he looked back up, you were half asleep in your seat, and the bags under your eyes were much more prominent than they were just a moment ago. “A - Are you alright?” he asked concernedly, a warm hand sweeping up to press against your forehead.
You laughed. “I’m fine, I’m just tired,” you yawned, rubbing your eyes. “Mind if I sleep a bit? This feast is a bore.”

 "‘c-course not,“ Newt replied. "I’ll wake you up when it’s over.”

 "Thanks,“ you said, but he was hardly able to hear your quiet voice over the chatter. He looked back to his plate, intending to take another bite of the pudding, but was cut off by a light pressure on his shoulder. He froze up, turning to see that you were leaning up against him, head resting on his shoulder. His skin flushed, heating up intensely, but with your eyes closed you didn’t notice.

 You hummed and snuggled closer to him, enjoying the warmth that radiated off of him. His navy blue coat was incredibly soft, and you pressed your cheek up to it. As your body relaxed, you snaked your arms around his thin - though muscular - one. You breathed in slowly, and his scent filled your nose, calming you even more. He smelled like cinnamon spice, pine, and faintly of the creatures he loved so much. "Good night, Newt,” you murmured.

 "G-good night m-my love,“ he answered, but his cheeks were turning as bright as a tomato because not only were you insanely close to him, but for the first time, he wasn’t sure that he was calling you "my love” in a completely platonic way anymore…

Riverdale Hogwarts AU Part 1

Okay, so in light of the recent and surprising popularity of my post about Riverdale Hogwarts AUs, and a few people urging me to write my own, here it is, my own contribution! I have tweaked a few things to fit the story and add drama, but I hope you like it. This is part 1, but if you have any suggestions for any Riverdale fanfics or anymore Riverdale Hogwarts short story ideas, please let me know. If you like my writing :)

The Great Hall was hushed, with nothing but the gentle tap of forks and knifes on plates puncturing the heavy quiet. Everyone could feel it, that suffocating sorrow that had befallen the whole school. You could see it in every pair of downcast eyes, could hear it in every unspoken word, could even feel it in the magic that was being used. It had been many days - almost weeks - since the announced disappearance of Gryffindor Jason Blossom, and it still felt like all the air had been sucked from the school. No one dared say it, but everyone knew he was dead.

Betty Cooper sat by herself at the end of the Hufflepuff table, somberly pushing her Shepard’s pie around on her plate. Veronica Lodge, her newest friend, had offered to sit with her, but Betty had shook her head and smiled, watching as Veronica made her way to the Slytherin’s table. It’s fine, she had told her. And it was, kind of. She just needed some time to herself was all. It was Saturday and she had spent all day in the library with Jughead Jones, a Ravenclaw the same year as her, working on the new school paper for which they had self-appointed each other heads of.

She sighed and stood, slinging her bag over her shoulder and slipping out the ginormous double doors. She had cheer leading practice in ten minutes, despite the fact she doubted Cheryl Blossom, Jason Blossom’s twin sister, would be leading today. Oh, well. The Veelas were Betty’s only down-time; no way would she miss it.

She heard footsteps behind her and immediately knew who it was. Turning, Betty grinned at Archie Andrews, her long time best friend, Gryffindor tie hanging loosely around his neck. Things hadn’t been the best between them lately, but they were getting better, slowly. She still went a bit pink every time he looked at her, memories of the night he rejected her outside the Hufflepuff common room bubbling to the surface of her mind. Impatiently, she pushed them away and waited for him to fall into step with her.

“Hey, Betty,” he said, adjusting the bag strap on his shoulder. “You going to practice?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, struggling to keep time with him, tall as he was.

“Great. I have quidditch practice on the fields. Maybe I’ll see you,” Archie added, smiling that charmer smile. Looking at it, Betty expected her heart to soar. Instead, she only thought ahead to putting her new Veela uniform on and letting loose. That smile seemed to have lost it’s sparkle.

To her surprise, when Betty arrived at the girls’ changing rooms (after saying goodbye to Archie) she found Cheryl Blossom already there, bright red hair done in a long braid, fidgeting with her cherry wood wand.

“Hi,” Betty said, stunned. Chery’s makeup was smudged and hurried, her mascara like black tears around her eyes. Her red and gold cheer uniform was wrinkled and her socks were mismatched. It was odd seeing Cheryl like this; it made her seem so… human. “I thought you went back home.”

Cheryl barely seemed to register her presence, although she did quickly wipe her eyes.

“The Blossoms are a proud people, Betty,” she sniped. “We must present a brave face.”

Betty wished she could have said something more to comfort Cheryl, despite her admittedly snarky attitude, but just then the door opened and whole load of Veelas and female quidditch players came in, dropping back packs and chatting. It felt safe to talk in here. Jason had never been inside.

Once everyone was changed and ready to go, Cheryl lead the team onto a patch at the front of the quidditch fields. Betty scanned the rows of bleachers, feeling nervous to be practising in front of the few people who had turned up to watch, until her eyes fell on Jughead and his little knit beanie. He went a nice shade of pink when he realized she had noticed him, but did lift his hand in a wave. She smiled shyly back, returning the gesture. He had parchment laid out on his knees, but didn’t seem to have a quill to write anything down. Maybe, she thought hopefully. Maybe he’s here for me.

Veronica, who was stood beside her, noticed who her eyes were gazing at, and grinned.

“You’ve certainly spent a lot of time with Jughead lately,” she said teasingly. “Up there in the hot, stuffy library. So close together. Surrounded only by books. Anything could happen.”

“What?” Betty asked, spinning around to face her friend.

But Veronica only smiled knowingly.

“Alright, Veelas!” Cheryl said loudly, clapping her hands together. “The next game is in one week. Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor. We really need to step up our game if we are to ever be truly compared to the breath-taking sirens we are named after. We are fierce. We are beautiful. And we will not buckle under the weight of the eyes of Hogwarts. We practise to dazzle. Understand?”

A few girls nodded, but it wasn’t good enough for Cheryl. She grabbed her wand from where she’d tucked it into her sock and pointed it at the line of girls, end sparking red.


“Yes!” came the scared reply of the entire Veela team.

“Excellent,” she said, jutting her hip out. She waved her wand again over her head, creating an arch of red and blue sparks. “This is what will accompany us when we cheer, along with Josie and the Pussycats, who have agreed to assist us once again.”

As Cheryl began to teach the team the new cheer, Betty couldn’t help looking over at Jughead every few minutes, constantly meeting his eyes before looking away quickly again. She could hear the quidditch team practicing in the background, too, although they had moved their game down aways, so as not to potentially hurt a Veela.

“Come on, Veelas!” Cheryl cried, hands on hips. “Look interested, for Merlin’s sake! Be dynamic! Betty, honestly -”

“Jason!” a voice screamed, grinding all activity to a halt. Betty whipped around to see Kevin Keller, her longtime friend and fellow Hufflepuff, tearing across the fields with Moose Mason, who she had noticed was not up in the air practicing with Archie.

Cheryl’s eyes had widen, her bright red lips parted. Horror was written all over her face.

“No,” she murmured.

“Jason!” Kevin screamed again. “Jason’s dead!”

“No!” Cheryl moaned, dropping to her knees.

Everyone ran to meet Kevin and Moose, Veronica the only one staying behind with Cheryl.

“Jason,” Kevin puffed, hands on his knees. “In… The lake… Dead.”  

Betty took in a breath, feeling her stomach churn. Before she could do anything, a hand had taken hers. She looked up into Jughead’s blue eyes, and despite everything, felt her heart flutter.

“Come on,” he whispered, pulling her away. “Let’s get out of here. To the library.”

As they turned and ran, Betty lifted her free hand to her cheek and was shocked to find tears leaking from her eyes. 

Jason was dead.

anonymous asked:

Omg your new chapter us amazing but pls is furi going to be ok??? Or will akashi flip when he finds out about archers goals.

Hahahaha, thanks for the question anon-friend! Sorry for the anguish! I’m not spoiling anything specifically about “Filthy Halls” but for generalized spoilers that answer you question, please look under the cut!

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nate + some version of carter + "what happened to my room?"

“Wow, what happened to my room?” Carter asked, entering into the room and taking in the maps and Star Wars posters covering the walls. 

“Oh, this used to be your room? How’d it used to look?” Nate responded, trying to make small talk and not freak out over the fact that Hawkman used to have his room.

“It was pretty bare, honestly, and I died two days later, so I didn’t get a lot of time to redecorate, but uh…I like what you’ve done with the place?” 

Send me a character + prompt and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic

Cyril Connolly, the 50s critic and writer, said that the greatest enemy of creativity is the pram in the hall, but I think that was completely wrong. It was the enemy of a certain kind of dilettante life that he aspired to, the man of letters, but for the real novelist the pram in the hall is the greatest ally - it brings you up sharp and you realise what reality is all about. My children were a huge inspiration for me. Watching three young minds creating their separate worlds was a very enriching experience.
—  JG Ballard