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Isn’t there some kinda ghost primer in this joint: Reading, Writing, ’Rithmetic, Ridding Yourself of Soul-Stealing Demons for Fun and Profit?-Lair of Dreams, Libba Bray

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what do you think about lsw so far, it makes me sad seeing fushimi the way he is like this but yatachan is so cute!!

So. Many. Feelings. All the feelings. I had to put it under a cut because ramblings about the feelings.

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lol it doesnt matter trump isnt going to win

Now listen here you little shit.

Yeah. HRC has this one in the bag, but don’t you fucking ‘it doesn’t matter’ me right now, you tiny little butthole.

Know what time it is? It’s Civics Lesson Time from TST, a person who writes about skeleton dick for fun and very occasional profit.

Okay, so the United States has three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. You’ve heard this before. The three branches operate in a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one particular person/party/movement/majority can exert tyrannical control.

That said, government works fucking best when it works. As in does work. As in does the thing that they are supposed to fucking do, fuck. Fuck.

Okay, so right now both houses of Congress (the house of representatives and the senate) have a republican majority. How did this happen? Well, A) they did a hell of a job gerrymandering in 2010*, but B) little shits, such as u, decided that voting wasn’t important because their dude was going to win anyway. So, yeah, your dude won. Barry O stayed in office, and then at midterms, y’all rascals and scoundrels were so content with the fact that your dude being in office that you didn’t fucking VOTE, and now the house and senate are both controlled by republicans.

Now remember checks and balances? Your dude (or, soon to be, lady) can’t get SHIT done if they have to contend with an obstructionist legislative branch, and the Republican party of 2016 has proved, time after fucking time, that they are not going to play nice, they’re not going to play fair, hell, they’re not going to play. Period. So when the democrat president (or democratic members of congress/senate) propose something, it gets shut down, immediately, even if it really shouldn’t.

For example.

So there’s another branch of the government, of course, the judiciary, and this is where shit really really really gets fucky. So, this year was bad, but one pretty okay thing happened, which was that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia finally shuffled off the mortal coil. Now, I’m not happy that Scalia’s dead and kicking it in - well, you can guess where he’s kicking it, but I am happy that a guy who’s written some of the most harmful decisions for human dignity, a guy almost perpetually on the wrong side of history, is off the court.

Now, why is that important? Whenever there’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the current President nominates a new Justice. The Senate then approves the new judge, and then the judge is appointed. Throughout our history, by and large, the president’s proposed justices are not confirmed by the senate ONLY if there’s a very good reason not to, like a political bombshell in the judge’s past, or extreme beliefs that might conflict with the judge’s ability to be a fair and neutral arbiter on the cases that come before it.

The Republican Senate, in 2016, categorically stated that they will REFUSE to confirm any nominee by President Obama. This is FUCKED. They claim that it’s not right to confirm a new judge in an election year, which is absolutely and entirely without precedent. A Republican Senate, in 2017, will very likely pull the exact same bullshit for Hillary’s nominee. They will refuse to do their fucking jobs.

You gotta vote. You know what the Supreme Court has done? They’ve done great things. They’ve legalized gay marriage on a federal level. They’ve legalized interracial marriage. They’ve confirmed a woman’s right to choose.

They’ve done terrible things. They’ve said that a corporation in America is the same as a person, and therefore can’t be limited in campaign contributions because it would violate their freedoms. A CORPORATION. They’ve said that employers can be exempt from providing healthcare (in the form of birth control, which is used for all sorts of healthcare needs up to and including preventing unwanted pregnancy) to their employees if they can prove they have a genuine religious belief against BC. Look. A company can’t have a genuine religious belief because it’s a fucking company.

Do you see what I’m saying? This shit MATTERS. It is all tied up together and, particularly, this year, it matters even more, because all three branches of the government are in play. It will matter to you, and your children, and your grandchildren. It will matter for as long as the US exists as the entity that we know it as today.

I love my country. I love what it could be, what it sometimes is, and I strive to correct its many, many, many glaring flaws. That means that I have to recognize that saying that voting is someone else’s problem is the height of irresponsibility. Make the hell sure that your representatives represent YOU, not the one percent, not the dude who judges you because you’re young, or poor, or a woman, or a minority, or not cis, or not straight, or just plain not willing to watch your fellow man suffer and be content because you’ve got yours. Be unwilling to be the generation who stood by and did nothing as global warming destroyed our planet, as science denial permitted for superbugs and eradicated illnesses to flare up once more.

You’re better than that. You can make America BE better than that. Hell, you can make America great in a way that it never, ever has been.

So get your ass into the polling booth on November 8th, or I swear to god. I’ll mail you so many centipedes that you will have to move house. I swear to fucking god, I’ll do it.

Vote or Centipedes, you little shit.

*Gerrymandering is the deliberate redrawing of a district to make it skew towards one party or another. Say there are four districts that, altogether, have a Democratic majority. If you can redraw the map of those districts so that one district has an overwhelming Democratic majority and the other three now have a slight Republican majority, congratulations, you just gained yourself three new Republican votes in congress.