writing fanfiction can be hard

  • me: *rereads some of my old fanfictions*
  • me: *gets to the end*
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  • me @ myself: well you know there's a very simple solution to that, you just... write more?
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  • me:
  • me: sounds hard
  • me: how about instead of doing that i... *don't* do that
Jealousy Does The Trick - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader 

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can you make a Alec Lightwoof smut where the reader and Alec are training. But Alec doesn’t like that she keeps talking about Magnus (there not together) so he punishes her. Just to show her who she belongs to and at the end Fluffy???????? Love your BLOG❤️💯🔥

Warnings: SMUT, minor fluff ish? 

A/N: I’m glad you love my blog, darling<3 means a lot~ Aaand I hope you like the one shot^^ENJOY!

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«How come Magnus has a lot swifter movements than us shadowhunters?» You asked Alec as you ducked away from the swing of Alec’s fighting stick. 

 «I don’t know and I don’t care.» He answered courtly. 

 «I mean, he is a downworlder, not in a negative way, so aren’t we supposed to be swifter? Because damn he looks good when he moves.» 

For a moment you got more distracted by your own thoughts than actually paying attention to the fight, and in no time Alec had your back pinned to his front and his wooden stick pressed against your throat. 

 «You’re thinking too much.» Alec whispered into your ear as you became painfully aware of how close you were. 

 Gracefully Alec let go of the stick with one arm, holding it just as steady with just one. His free hand sneaked itself around your waist, resting on your lower stomach. 

 «You’re thinking too much about someone you don’t want, both you and me know that.» He whispered again, this time moving his hand lower and as he came to the waistband of your training tights, he slipped his hands into them. 

Your breath caught in your throat and you stood as still as you could, your breathing coming out in ragged huffs when you remembered how to breathe again. 

Your heartbeat sped up more and more by the minute, all thoughts of training and Magnus Bane gone from your head. Without any warning Alec’s hand dipped into your panties, going straight for your entrance, his thumb lowering over your clit. 

 «Maybe this will remind you who you usually think of.» Alec kissed the base of your neck before he started to move, two fingers penetrating you while his thumb brushed over your clit gently, sometimes going in circles when his movements allowed it . 

 The pleasure practically shot down into your knees making them weak, but even so you managed to stay upright as Alec lowered the stick and let it fall to the ground as he used his other hand to support your body from falling. In the back of your mind, the part which still had some sense to it, you thought of where you were standing and how easy it would be for someone to just walk into the training room to see you two. 

 «Alec, s-stop.» You stuttered, grabbing the wrist on the hand he was penetrating you with.   

«And why would that be, darling?» He asked as he curled his fingers inside of you, making a throaty moan escape your lips. 

 «What if someone comes in?» You managed to breath out while his fingers worked faster and faster, pressing his thumb just a little harder against your clit making the pleasure almost unbearable as the knot in your stomach tightened. 

«Babe, it’s in the middle of the night, I think it will be okay.» He said back as he bit playfully on your earlobe, making you rest your head against his shoulder. 

You felt the pleasure riding your body, ready to take it over completely as the knot in your stomach became unbearably tight. 

With another curl from Alec’s fingers inside of you you went over the edge, letting your orgasm rip through your body, slumping against Alec who carefully removed his hand from your tights and lowered you both to the ground. 

 «Next time, warn me a little before you do something like that.» You grinned over at Alec who reluctantly let you go as you sat up properly. 

 «Next time, huh?» He teased, that excited smile on his face. 

 «I’m not letting you off the hook so easy, love.» you said back as you placed your arms around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him. «Because I have dreamt of you making a move so long, who knew jealousy would be the thing that would make you do it.» You added, your voice barely above a whisper as you leaned in close. 

 Alec blushed, but even so he placed his hands on your hips. 

 «So does that mean we can continue this in your room?» He hinted, your lips barely brushing each other. 

 «With pleasure.» You whispered, just as you pressed your lips against his, feeling him pulling you even closer to himself, not planning on letting you go any time soon.