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Unlikely Meeting II

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had a great week!

I just started an intership this week, as I’m on my semester break now. It’s pretty exhausting, but on the bright side I have time to sit down on my desk to write at night, as I don’t have to study 24-7.

So here goes the second part of Unlikely Meeting. I decided I like this title better than The Heirs. But it’s the same fic!

Part I


Part II

Today was the day. Today she was going to do it.

She’d been thinking about and planning this for weeks.

Tara was going to go to the Court of Nightmares - no matter what her parents said.

As the daughter to the High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court she’d been raised very sheltered in Velaris – the city of starlight. Of course she’d been trained to fight and use her numerous magical talents, but she’d never actually been in danger. There had never been a threat and her parents were loved and respected by everyone – in Velaris as well as the rest of Prythian – since they had fought in the War against Hybern a century ago. Almost single-handedly holding the lines for five days until the troops of the other courts had arrived to fight with them.  

Tara had read all the stories about the war, about her parents’ love story, about the Inner circle. She loved the description of their heroism, the romance and the loyalty. Their story always sounded like a great adventure. And Tara wanted to live her own.

It wasn’t that she disliked living in Velaris, or the way she’d grown up, or anything else about her family. Not at all. It was just… boring somehow.

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New beginnings  (NaLu fanfic)

9pm, Lucy’s apartment. Magnolia

… I just wonder after all this if he knows how I truly feel about him? I wish you were hear to help me, mom.. I’m so lost and confused….

Lucy shook her head and scribbled over the letter she was writting to her mother. Even though she never sends them out, the blonde felt as if her mom was reading them and in a sense, guide her through whatever she was going through. Tonight it wasn’t helping much. Lucy tossed the 5th or 7th letter into the small trash can beside her writing desk. “Why is this so difficult?” The celestial mage mumbled to herself and stood up, walked around the corner to the kitchen, got herself a glass of water and walked back to her room while sipping the drink. Setting it down on her nightstand, Lucy climbed onto her bed and looked out the window. “Maybe I should just tell him” the girl thought to herself as she stared into the clear night sky.


9:17pm, Natsu’s hut.

“Natsu… if you keep this up, you’ll make a hole in the floor!” Happy said as he watched his best friend pace back and forth in front of his bed. “Ya but… she really does think of me like that??” The dragon slayer said with a slight tint of pink spread across his cheeks. “Duh, why else would Lucy be naked under the blankets with you?” The exceed asked rhetorically. He was met with a blank stare. “Really Natsu, how dense can you be? Lucy clearly has feelings for you, I heard just how much she cares about you even after she found out about you being END.” Natsu looked away in shame but Happy continued “I know you have feelings for her too, you told me and Guildarts about some girl you liked and you probably didn’t think it was super obvious who you were talking about, but it was.” He gave the slayer a reassuring smile. “Go talk to her, I bet she’s still up so you have time..” he couldn’t finish his thought before Natsu froze wide eyed in front of the cat. “Happy… you’re a genius!!” then Natsu bolted from the room. Not exactly the words Happy was expecting to hear but it would have to do. Jumping off his perch and materializing his wings he shouted “Aye sir!” as he followed the dragon slayer towards the front door.

Filled with determination, the duo rushed into town.


9:50 pm

The adrenaline rush started to fade as the dragon slayer made his way down the streets of Magnolia. Panic set in as he realized what he was doing, after hearing the voice of his blue exceed, Natsu came to an abrupt stop. Happy collided with the slayer and fell on the ground while holding his head. “What the heck was that for, Natsu?” The cat asked as he looked up to his friend. Curious, Happy walked to the front of his friend, and saw the look of pure terror on his face. The exceed recognized it as the same look Natsu would get when he pissed off Erza.

“What the hell am I even doing? I can’t go through with this!” The pink haired mage exclaimed as he was about to turn tail and run. Happy saw the intention written on Natsu’s face, and before he could act, the cat jumped up and grabbed the dragon slayer by his collar to look at him eye to eye. With a serious look on his face, Happy said “You can and will do this, Natsu. For your sake and for mine, you will tell Lucy Heartfilia how you feel about her! No backing out now.”

Natsu let Happy’s words roll in his mind for a few seconds before finally finding the same determination he had minutes ago. Nodding, toothy grin flashing, Natsu responded  “Ya, I can do this, thanks Happy!” The exceed couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’m all fired up now!”


By the time they got to Lucy’s apartment, she was already asleep. Natsu wondered if he should climb in through the window or use the door for once. To not completely freak the blonde out, he opted to use the door. Thing is, Natsu started getting way too nervous about this. Climbing up the stairs, Happy was pushing the dragon slayer towards Lucy’s door. “Everything is going to be fine” he said as they reach their destination. Before Natsu could object, Happy continued. “Things could go two ways. 1, she feels the same way and accepts your feelings for her. Or 2, she’ll freak out and you’ll get Lucy kicked across town. Either way, I’m not sticking around to find out!” The blue cat said as he rushed to knock on the door and fly away before the fire mage could stop him. “DAMN IT HAPPY, GET BACK HERE!” He yelled as he heard his cat say “Good luck, Natsu!”

Muttering about how he was going to get back at the exceed, Natsu was interrupted by a sleepy voice. “Natsu? What are you doing here?” Nervously, Natsu reached up to scratch the back of his head and replied “Hey..heya Luce, I um… hi!”


“Um…. Natsu? Are you okay?” Finally waking up enough to register the nervousness in her friend’s voice. Before he could speak she asked “Was Happy here too? I heard you yelling at him, were you two fighting or something?”

Puzzled, the dragon slayer tilted his head to the right. Remembering what happened seconds before he replied “Oh… oh ya that. No, we weren’t fighting. He was just being a jerk about something I wanted to ask you.” The pink haired mage clapped his hands over his mouth after he blurted out his reason for being there. Lucy’s mind started to race, wondering what her friend wanted to ask, but the bitterness of being woken up in the middle of the night reeled her back. She opened the door further and gestured the slayer to come in. He made his way into the apartment without making a sound, which to Lucy, was unusual to say the least. He stayed standing while the celestial mage sat on her bed, an awkward silence fell between the pair for what seemed like an hour before Lucy spoke up. “What did you want to ask me, Natsu? Is it this important that you needed to talk to me now?”

Natsu stood there, heart beginning to race, ponding loud enough against his rib cage, he thought Lucy could hear it! His face nearly matched the colour of his hair, before Lucy could ask what was wrong for the third time that night, Natsu started stringing together an odd thought “So I’ve been friends with this one person for a long time now and we spend a lot of time together, and I mean a LOT of time together. She’s awesome! Smart, funny, caring, probably one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.” Lucy just stared at him, wondering what he was saying. The dragon slayer continued when he was met with silence “We were pretty close, always hanging out, going on jobs and stuff.. I really liked her, and I didn’t realize it until she was gone.. Well not “gone” gone, but I felt like I lost her. I got her back and all I wanted to do was be with her. But then something happened.. And I needed time to figure things out.“ Natsu looked disappointed in himself when he said that. Lucy was sure he was talking about Lisanna. The thought of that make her blood boil.

“More stuff started to happen when I got back and I thought I was going to die more times than I can remember and I don’t even know if this girl likes me and…” Lucy couldn’t take it anymore, she snapped. “Is there a point to this story!?! If you clearly like this person than maybe you should stop wasting your time here and go!” tears started to form in her brown eyes. She didn’t even realize that she stood up when she snapped.

“Because this is where I want to be!!” He shouted. The fire mage was sure the whole town could have heard him, it wouldn’t have been the first time. Natsu thought this was a mistake when he saw the look on Lucy’s face, eyes wide, tears starting to flow. The fear set in, Natsu was sure it was his cue to leave. Turning to make a mad dash for the door made Lucy panic. “Natsu, wait!” He stopped, she moved slowly to him. “Please explain… what do you mean by that?” the blonde asked as her heart raced. She needed answers, and Natsu was the only one with them. He hung his head and let out a sigh. Lucy was mere steps behind him.

“I thought it would have been obvious that it was you I was talking about… guess I was a little too nervous.” he said in a hushed tone. Lucy’s heart nearly stopped. “So he does like me…” she thought to herself. “But it sounded like you were talking about Lisanna… I assumed that…” Natsu interrupted the thought “There is nothing between us. Actually she was one of the first people to tell me to follow what my heart was saying when I told her about you. Her and Happy have been hounding me left and right since they found out…” Lucy could help but smile a little. She expected this from Happy, but not Lisanna.

“So…” the celestial mage said as the dragon slayer turned to face her. “You still haven’t told me…” Natsu knew what he wanted to say now. “I like you, Lucy. Like really really like you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t just come out and say..” the blonde saw her pink haired friend going into another ramble loop, but before he could get too far she took a few steps forward, got on her tip toes and placed a light kiss on his cheek.

Natsu’s face felt like it erupted into flames while Lucy backed away to look at him. Natsu stuttered “Wh..wha..what was that for??” she smiled softly to his question. “That’s my answer.” She said with small blush on her face. “Wait, you really mean it?” The fire slayer asked, his friend nodded as a response. Excitement washed over Natsu, he quickly trapped Lucy in a bone crushing hug and lifted her in the air as he spun around, singing “She likes me, she likes me.” The blonde couldn’t help but giggle at her friend. Natsu put her down and gave Lucy his most brilliant, toothy grin.

She looked up to the dragon slayer and said “You still need to do something though.” He nodded, knowing exactly what needed to be said this time.

“Lucy, will you go out with me?” Natsu asked. Lucy smiled and said “I thought you’d never ask.. Of course I’ll go out with you!”

Characters and universe by Hiro Mashima

Story by roy2157

(Hope you guys enjoyed my first finished fan fiction, a part two might be coming soon under the same title)


3.2.17// long and quite productive day. I had an intense seminar in the morning and I´m quite satisfied with my speaking. Then I had a long study session in the library (from 2 pm to 7 pm), I´m so deep into my readings, I´m working on Röggla´s Essenpoetik Essays and it´s just the beginning. Next week I want to collect all my readings so that I can start building a bibliography and writing my paper. I also found an awesome Spotify playlist, so calming, inspiring, so good for focusing! 

Soundtrack: Intense Studying playlist on Spotify 


Like yeah, the Malec is cool but I want to scream about this desk until I die. At first glance, it looks very mid-century. Old books, fancy wooden writing desk. Then you look closer and you realize how perfectly Magnus it is. Like on top of this old desk, with antique books is a glaring (almost surprisingly) modern metal lamp. 

Then, the chair. You expect an old fashioned, high-backed chair to go with the already antique feel of the room/desk. What you get? A bright yellow, almost 70′s style chair. And it’s just so perfect?? Because this is who Magnus is, ya feel. He’s this incredible mixture of things he’s taken to and enjoyed over centuries, he’s not static at all. But he also doesn’t leave behind things he cares about, he likes that desk, he likes those books but he ALSO likes that lamp and chair. Like, UGH, even his little pen which is sticking out of an antique pen holder in the center of the desk contrasts the cup of pens he has to the right of that. Like… Jesus, I love him so much. 

― How to write an essay as an undergraduate history student

These are general guidelines to help undergraduate students write better essays. *Note that every assignment is different. You should take the time to closely read the instructions and meet with your Professor if necessary. I hope you will find these useful and good luck writing your papers!

B E F O R E   Y  O U   S T A R T

  • Make sure that you have closely read the instructions as presented by your Professor. There are many different types of historical essays (argumentative essays, historiographical reviews and so on). It is imperative that your style is adapted to the type of essay you are required to write.
  • Gather all your information. Some Professors want students to write essays using only class material, others expect them to do more research.  If the latter, make sure to gather all (most) of your information beforehand. If you are a university student, you  have access to a library and many academic journals. Use this access and make sure to ask librarians for help when needed.
  • Take careful notes as you are reading in preparation for your essay. If your Professor provided a specific question, make sure to read critically for information that is susceptible to help you answer this question. If your Professor has not assigned a question, you should still read carefully and try to find the different ways in which historians address certain issues. 
  • Some students prefer not to plan essays, others do. I suggest planning as it may be the best way to map out your ideas and begin forming an argument. It is impossible to cover all the facets of a problem in one essay, therefore, planning your essay may be the easiest way to make sure your work covers important aspects of a given issue. Planning will also help ensure that all your arguments remain connected and support a central claim.
  • Find a few (preferably history) essays that you find well-written and pay special attention to their structure. While you should be careful never to be so inspired as to be tempted to copy (this is a very serious academic offence) the goal of this exercise is to find more academic vocabulary and see how it is used by actual scholars. 

W H E N    W R I T I N G 

  • If your Professor gave you a question to answer in advance, make sure you answer this question and this question only. While you should always supply your arguments with pertinent examples, these should be succinct and focus on the main contention debated in your essay.
  • Make sure your essay has a thesis statement (yes, even when you are asked to answer a question). Your Professor should know from the very beginning of your essay what you will be arguing and what position you will take. All subsequent paragraphs until your conclusion should serve to better make the case for your thesis.
  • Try to follow the “classical” essay model, that is: introduction, body and conclusion. 
  • Began each paragraph with a topic sentence announcing the focus of the next few lines. Conclude the paragraph by rephrasing the main idea and possibly by trying to make a connection with the next body of text.
  • Always bring evidence to support your arguments. This evidence may come from the work of other historians are from a passage of a primary document. Whatever the case may be, make sure that your arguments are solidly built and “defended”.
  • Introductions and conclusions are (usually) not optional. Your introduction should help the reader understand what the text will argue and how it will proceed to do so, while your conclusion finishes the text by summarising key points and perhaps even making a suggestion for future studies. (An additional tip may be to write a simple introduction at the beginning and then rewriting it when the essay is finished. Once you are satisfied with your introduction, you may copy and paste it as your conclusion making necessary adjustments and avoiding copying the exact sentence structure. The point here is to use your introduction as a guide to write your conclusion.)
  • Be precise, you are writing a history paper, dates and names matter. 
  • Be clear and concise but make sure that all your points are well-developed. 

G E N E R A L   T I P S 

  • Locate your argument in historiography. As a historian in training, it is important that you show your Professor that you understand there are debates regarding specific interpretations. It is also important that you demonstrate that your line of argumentation is supported by the work of experienced researchers. Even if your essay primarily focuses on primary document analysis, surely some have analysed this text or object before, make sure to mention these scholars and their contributions to the debate.
  • Citations should be used wisely. As said before, it is important to ground your argument in the work of other historians. In this sense, citations are immensely useful. That being said, depending on the length of your paper, too many citations may suggest laziness as you have made little efforts paraphrasing. A few carefully selected and well-integrated quotes in your paper should do the trick.
  • Unless prohibited (for some odd reason) by your Professor, use footnotes to give additional information. Using footnotes to engage in discussions that are important but that otherwise cannot find their place in your text will show your Professor that you had a strong command of the topic at hand. It is also the best place to suggest further readings.
Study Environment & How To Make Studying Easier

We all know that studying and getting homework done is one of the biggest tests of will power and discipline there is and ever will be, but it doesn’t always have to be such a struggle. Here are some tips and tricks to make getting that perfect score much, much more tolerable, and possibly even fun. 

~ Requested by Anonymous ~  The perfect setup to study? or like… the best way to study? I’m about to go back to school and really want to do my absolute best :)

Get rid of distractions ~ Turn off the phone and the TV and get down to business.

Turn on music ~ Have a long playlist prepared so you can switch it on and have a relaxing soundtrack to help you focus

Healthy Snack ~ Make a small snack to give your brain that little boost

Exercise ~ Studies show that exercising for short periods between studying will help you retain information.

Study in different places ~ Coffee shops and libraries and many other places can be a great way to shake it up and study somewhere new that isn’t boring

Have all materials ready ~ Have your pens, pencils, notebooks etc. ready and available so you don’t have another pesky distraction keeping you away from your work. 

Have the time set aside ~ If you have a large chunk of time set aside, you’ll be able to chill out and get your work done without worrying about future obligations.

Get comfy ~ Studying is way more enjoyable when you’re comfortable, so get those blankets, pillows, and sweat pants and get that hair in a messy bun so you can wind down and get your work done. 

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea ~ Studying i always better when you have a warm drink to keep you calm and happy and awake.

Have a study schedule ~ Have time set aside for each assignment/test to study for or complete so you don’t feel stressed when trying to get everything done. 

Surround yourself with things that inspire you ~ Watch a YouTube video, decorate your desk with objects you love, or cover your walls in pictures of your favorite things so get inspired to get things done. You can do this!

Have a rewards system ~ If you study for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break. Get that math assignment done? Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom. Mold this around the amount of time you have and remember to reward your hard work. 

Keep yourself accountable ~ Skype with a friend who’s also studying to keep yourselves accountable and get your stuff done. Friends help each other out.

Study in a clean, quiet, organized space ~ Take that pile of the laundry room and put those dirty mugs in the dish washer before you wind down and start working. Your obsessive-compulsive side will thank you.

Have a positive attitude ~ A positive mindset makes all the difference. Keep the end product in mind and remember the goal. 

Now get out there and win at education!