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i just remembered a story from my youth that says a lot about me as a person and felt a Need to share:

one time in grade five we had a science test and naturally i was the perfect little teacher’s pet and always got the best grades etc etc, yawn, but when i was studying for this one test i couldn’t for the life of me remember how to spell [some big long science word idk] so i tried to semi-cheat by writing it on the ledge inside my desk, which was probably silly because i don’t think spelling even counted on a science test but anyway. and so we had a student teacher administering the test and the bitch caught me writing something on my desk but she couldn’t see what so she assumed (correctly) it was some test answers BUT when she confronted me about it my smug ass got all indignant like um no???? i would never cheat??? *shock horror outrage face* and denied it vehemently. I think i sneaky erased it at one point so w/e she had no proof. 

so after the test (which i ended up acing as usual because i was a little bitch like that) i guess the student teacher must have spoken to my actual teacher about it because when recess came my teacher asked me to stay in for a few minutes to ~discuss~ something and i was like alright alright alright play it cool erin PLAY IT COOL and so student teacher is there too and my teacher is like “Ms. So-and-So has something to say to you” and i’m like ??????

and then student teach starts APOLOGIZING to ME??? FOR ACCUSING ME OF CHEATING???? and my teacher is just nodding along encouragingly and looking at me sympathetically with this look like “aw poor sweet erin i know my most favouritist student ever would never cheat!!!” and i’m just like “heh…aw it’s okay” and student teacher looked so genuinely relieved that i wasn’t upset that she had wrongfully-but-actually-rightfully accused me of cheating, i mean my teacher must have talked me up to her like “listen, erin is too good for this world, too pure, i love her more than my own children, she would never do what you are accusing her of doing u hateful witch!!” sdlfkjghjk like this poor girl was super upset but like i still sure as hell wasn’t gonna fess up when i was off the hook so i just kept being like aw yep no problem i understand :))))))

and yeah anyway off my little snake ass went to play hopscotch, reputation intact THE END

5/25/17 recs

1. stop, erase, rewind series by akisazame, Chisotahn || Rated E, 18.4k

in which Victor Nikiforov can rewind time in ten second intervals… except when he’s within three meters of Yuuri Katsuki.

  • Comment: I think that this series is in the top five conceits for the entirety of the yoi fandom that I’ve ever seen. A really interesting character study almost, it’s really memorable. The series is complete, so definitely give it a gander. 
  • (。>ω<)。but like seriously, I love this. It’s a novel af au idea and executed tremendously well.

2.  Lost by Elise_the_Writing_Desk || Rated G, 3.3k 

Yuuri raised a hand towards the kitten, who hissed and cowered a bit.

He saw the human pulled his hand away, and then lowered it to the ground, palm facing the sky, open to wait him.

“Are you alone too?” Yuuri asked.

He’s alone. Yuuri’s alone. They’re alone. It’s scary out there. It’s also scary for a human, apparently.

  • Comment: Ahhh a fic which Yurio is a cat. Cute but also sad. I had a feeling. The relationships feel so very precious in this. 

3. you can have my everything by spookyfoot || Rated M, 4.2k

It’s not until they’re lying in bed—sweat cooling on their bodies, Yuuri’s head cradled on Victor’s chest—that Victor realizes all of his meticulously curated props and costumes are lying abandoned all throughout their apartment.


“Mmmm,” Yuuri mumbles into Victor’s chest.

“Did you do that on purpose?”

3 times Yuuri strips out of self interest and 1 time he strips out of love.

Featuring: high-stakes Monopoly, novelty aprons, aborted role-play, and a lot of banter. It’s approximately 80% banter.

  • Comment: wonderful banter, tremendously funny, and an overall great read to fall asleep afterwards. lighthearted, overall  just really, really nice

Friday is the only day I don’t work until 7pm. I’m always out by 5:30, sometimes they let me go as early as 5.

Here’s my dilemma: after work, I want to get my nails done. I also want to bathe the dog, organize my closet, put laundry away, set up the new writing desk/vanity with all of my cosmetics put away neatly, and pick up new/extra bedding from West Elm. I ALSO want to have tacos and spend Friday night with my family, since the last several Fridays, M. has gotten home from work after 10.

Tonight, my sister is finally able to leave the hospital. She’ll stay at my mom’s house until the transplant. My mom wants to barbecue and have family time and I want to be there for that, too. We (meaning my household) don’t have any full days over this long weekend when we’ll be together the entire time. So, I could go out to Long Island and spend time with my parents and sister, but all 3 of us couldn’t.

I’m feeling like I need about 7 more hours in each day, a clone, and a nap.

| 23 March, 2017 |
Late study session. This exam week has been really intense. But tomorrow it’s Friday 🙏🏼✨


3.2.17// long and quite productive day. I had an intense seminar in the morning and I´m quite satisfied with my speaking. Then I had a long study session in the library (from 2 pm to 7 pm), I´m so deep into my readings, I´m working on Röggla´s Essenpoetik Essays and it´s just the beginning. Next week I want to collect all my readings so that I can start building a bibliography and writing my paper. I also found an awesome Spotify playlist, so calming, inspiring, so good for focusing! 

Soundtrack: Intense Studying playlist on Spotify 

Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.
– Oprah

04.25.17  |  28/100 Days of Productivity

My desk right before the writing process begins. The slightly messy calm before the storm. 

Research papers feel like something you HAVE to do, but a friend recently reminded me that they are something that you GET to do. Practicing a little gratitude to get me through.