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Robin!Steph: Enough


Bruce narrowed his eyes at Stephanie. It was their fifth night out together, and they still couldn’t figure out how to work with each other. But… this was new. This was the first time she refused him like this. Like he was wrong, and she had statistics to back it up.


“No. You walk through that door and I’m not gunna be here waitin’ for you to come back out. I will not be left behind because you think I’ll hold you back-”

“You aren’t yet skilled enou-”

“Stop.” She cut him off, took a deep breath.

“I get that I’m not Tim,” he held back a wince, and Stephanie pushed on, eyeing him like she knew he’d done it. “But you don’t get to devalue me ‘cause I’m not someone else. Because it’s never been like that. I’m not meant to be my predecessor, right? Because Robins aren’t replaceable. I’m not supposed to be Tim’s Robin. I’m meant to change Robin to fit me.”

Stephanie was staring at him now. Intensely, straight on, like she was putting every ounce of emotion she had into her words. All of the pain, the anger, the longing and the the insecurity, but mostly the limitless determination.

Bruce thought she probably was.

“I’m not Tim’s replacement. I’m me. And you can’t leave me out here. Got that, Bats?”

She forced him to meet her eyes, and neither of them spoke for a minute.

“Got it?”

He looked at her, took everything in, and nodded. “Come on, Robin.”

tbh I don’t think blizzard could ever match the Reyes we’ve all created through fanart/fanfic anyway, he’s too good and pure

but for real: this is what fanon is for. this is our escape from canon just like overwatch can be an escape from the world. so your OTP isn’t canon? they don’t make jack/gabe/angela/hanzo gay? that’s okay. because we have hundreds if not thousands of artists, writers, and fans who have no problem drawing beautiful art and comics, writing awesome fics, and being amazingly supportive of those who create those things.

will I be upset if blizz ruins Gabriel’s character? yeah…of course. he has the potential to be the most interesting and thought provoking characters in the game. but, I know that no matter what happens, I have this beautifully talented community to turn to in order to get my Reyes fix

at the end of the day, we don’t really need them, do we?


Any fellow students of film out there? I dabbled alot in filmmaking and it was an old aspiration to become a director and work for the industry. That is until I done a dreadful course in it and become completely disillusioned. From that I figured out that I wanted to tell stories, not just through film. The most annoying part of script writing to make a short film was the restrictiveness of real life. Realistic dialogue for students who cant act and it has to be easily filmable. Ended up being a pain.

Then I discovered comics… and they’re awesome to write! No worries about budget, cast and all these other factors. If you want a spaceship, you got a spaceship.

Anyway here’s an old music video I done. It has various flaws, but I done every aspect of it from directing to editing completely by myself and I’m still proud of what I achieved. 

I have some short films on my youtube page I might post later, pretentious and silly but a fucking blast to make.

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Love the cover to Invincible Iron Man for Legacy! But I couldn't help notice there aren't 2 IM-titles anymore, which makes me kind of sad, I loved Riri and Victor having their own titles. Also, I really miss Tony. Does everyone have to share one title from now on? Thanks for writing awesome comics

the stories converge as was always planned, and I believe I said so a year or so ago but I get it,  change is scary and weird.  we’re trying something here this book has never tried, we’ll see if we stick the landing. I think we will. 

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Some pages I loved from the new Adventure Time comic, including Jake being stinky, friend vacations, Finn writing a comic about him rescuing Jake, and finally THE ENTIRE LAST STORY WHERE EVERYONE WORKS TOGETHER TO HELP FINN SLEEP WHILE SACRIFICING THEIR OWN SLEEP. So basically the entire comic.

The lunch incident...

I made a short comic of @poubelle-squelette party incident ch 24 i apologize for the crappy or non-existent backgrounds i promise i will learn more :’)

Anyways hope you like, cause i made myself cry drawing this, and oh a bonus:

Writer chan i hope you are proud of yourself, cause i am gonna sue for attempted murder

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Can you do some headcanons for if England, Prussia, France and America were dating a writer?

I hope I did this justice, but if you don’t like it, let me know and I see if I can rewrite it! (I think it’s pretty good, though.)


Your British boyfriend will be ecstatic to find our you’re a writer. He’ll bring all kinds of books to you so you can recreate a scene except make it more to his liking. Sure, you’d think it would be a bit annoying, but to see Arthur genuinely happy, you couldn’t help but have prewritten scenarios to ‘fanboy’ over. Not to mention listening to his ideas of a perfect fantasy book.


To say Francis liked your writing would be extremely wrong. He loved it. Not just reading it, but the process of writing. He found it cute, to be honest. He’ll ask you over and over to describe him as if you were writing him in a book. Francis will fall even deeper in love with you if you focus on romance books or novels. He would love it even more if you asked him to help describe scenes or creating characters for your books.


It was supposed to be a secret until you came home and found your scripts and drafts. “(Y/N), what is this?! Were you hiding this from me?!” Well, afterward, Gilbert wants you to write his blog posts. That’s it. Sure, he’ll read some of your stuff, but imagine the follows he’d get if he could get you to write some really deep quote or something! Not to mention the obvious hints he would drop for you to write a book about him and his ‘greatness-awesomeness’, as he puts it.


“You write? Like, comics?! That’s awesome!” Alfred doesn’t really…read. He reads more books aimed at teen audiences. Diary of a Wimpy Kid? He has two of each book. He’d make you color in the pictures with him while listening to you comment on some things you would have changed in the book, but otherwise, he’d try to get you to help him figure out to write comic books. He can’t really appreciate your talent though if it’s like extremely serious. He doesn’t like romance, but if you write sci-fi? Alfred will read every single on of them, no matter what. Want some extra help to make the stories more accurate? He’ll gladly lend you Tony!

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa, but some of you may know me as @unclesteeb! When I’m not writing or making goofy posts on tumblr, you can probably find me wrapped up in a blanket and drinking coffee while rereading the Hawkeye comics. I’m super excited to be able to write for this awesome blog and I can’t wait to get started! :)

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I think your writing is wonderful! Your Klance comic is awesome!

No no no no nonnie, you’re so kind, it’s fine– don’t worry, I swear that the day I write a fanfic (and it will happen, I kinda promised a few people), you can judge my writing from there ♡

Thank you though, wow

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Okay-um-this seems stupid for me to ask-or-to say, Xephos could look good with some earrings, especially when he's talking to Lalnable and Kim. And-uh-I'm going to try to write something for you because your comic is awesome! (I'm going to add my own character...) (Sorry if I sound nervous...)

You do sound quite nervous, not to worry though; I don’t bite… and If I did, there are no witnesses left to back up that claim! :D

I can’t picture Xephos wearing earrings personally, he seems very neat and militaristic with his aesthetic decisions… perhaps he’d have small studs, all Silver & White but that’s about as far as I can picture him going. 

Also, I’ve read the mini-fic you wrote. My one suggestion is to space out the lines so people speak on their own separate lines (my eyes have the tendency to skip words so I got muddled a couple of times missing who was speaking,) but other then that it was a pretty cool read! 

It did make me think about the possibility of Xephos’s actual family… that part of his past is a mystery wrapped in an enigma to me. 

Perhaps he did have family once a long, long time ago… or maybe he’s always been the paradoxical time loop. *shrugs*


Thank you everyone (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

I’ve been with you for over a month and you all were fantastic in welcoming me in this HQ!! and fandom world.

Plenty of you have followed me to keep up with this mini comic and I’m so sorry that it’s only 7 parts short long (╯3╰) I just got some silly idea and wanted to practice storytelling and I had absolutely no idea that people will actually like it. Especially since everyone knows how it will end. It’s quite overwhelming but I’m happy to be here with you (✿◠‿◠)

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You know, I really think posts and just generally positive statements about sexualities and the likes are a really good thing. But I also think that the stuff that make sexualities seem all cutesy, and "special" is really bothersome and stupid. Making a comic about how sexualities affect you, and how being yourself is ok. Good. Writing a comic about how your sexuality makes you special and awesome, just for having that sexuality. Bad, probably the reason why people are desperate not to be cishet

I totally agree with you. 

Whether you’re heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual, that’s a completely ordinary and neutral thing. None of them make you “special.” Positivity is a good thing so those with less common sexualities don’t feel like they’re “bad” and understand that there’s support out there, but turning a neutral thing into something “superior” is wrong and will only hurt LGBT people in the long run.

18 Queer Comic Artists You Should Know Right Now

Some like girls. Some like boys. Some are into sci-fi. Others prefer comedy. All are very into comics. The following artists and creatives identify as queer, among other labels, like, for example, comic, illustrator, storyteller and write…

Check out this awesome list of queer comic creators that was posted today on Huffington Post.  It features 18 incredible names, and 11 of them (eleven!!) are featured contributors to Beyond!

You can see some full-page preview of some Beyond Anthology comics in the article (and if you want to support Beyond we still have three weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign! )

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Hey there. Long time fan. Heh. Been following your art for literally years, but never actually read the comic (big mistake. Oml your writing is awesome) And so I am finally sitting here reading it, and I had a question. On page 149 after Rocky stops singing Whiskey in the Jar, did he subsequently start quoting The Highwayman? Just a couple of lines, but I definitely recognized it. Maybe I am just putting patterns where there are non though...

Well, thanks!  I’m glad you enjoy the writing.
As for Rocky - yes, he’s all over the place with his balladry and idioms on that page.


Hey everyone! As recently discussed and created by @candied-skins,

The first official Comic Week will be

September 23rd through September 30th!

So keep your eyes pealed for the reblog announcing the beginning of the week!

Will your candy be a hero or villain? Who is your Candy most like? What are their powers? Draw your candy as the amazing person they are! Write drabbles and interact with other Super Candies! Or even draw the Cannon Characters as Comic Book characters! Heck! Draw you Candy Gender bends as a Super hero! Have a Super Time during MCL Comic Week!

Be sure to tag your images/writings as #mcl comic week so we can see all of your awesome art/ideas!