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Bartender (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Snart X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow

Warnings: Swearing, threatening and violence

Request: Literally anything with snarky Leonard Snart! Please! I’m begging!

Originally posted by akagrantgust

You were a bartender and generally liked your job. You liked meeting new people, and seeing usual faces. However you didn’t like the overly friendly people.

“Hey there.” Someone flirted with you. You paid no mind, since you had gotten used to it, and continued to wash the glasses.

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Tiffany Fox Headcanons

Cause my baby deserves more

  • She is the second (Luke being the first) to test new Bat tech and stuff that Lucious and Luke have made, normally without their permission or knowledge.
  • She knows that Damian had a crush on Steph when she Batgirl so she likes to bring it up whenever hes annoying her, which is surprisingly quite a lot.
  • “Fox! Fox! Stop that, you can’t fight properly! I knew I should have never said I would train you, you are just a girl,”
  • “Stephanie is a girl and you luuuvvveddd her!”
  • “Fox! I did not,” cue Dami blushing
  • When she’s older she starts to act like Tim does at school, is super smart, super sarcastic and back chats to the teachers but never does the assignments because she just doesn’t have the time.
  • But you can’t tell me that she doesn’t join an after school club.
  • And it was definitely some book club or math club, when shes feeling sporty she does Softball though.
  • She likes to bake cookies, but its the only thing she can bake/cook. She could probably burn water.
  • She hates milk, but likes all other dairy products.
  • She is cute, and smol and demi, and helped Dami come out as ace aro.

Steph glared at the back of Barbara’s chair. From her vantage point on the floor she could just see the screens over the redhead’s shoulder. Her annoyance was with Babs though, so she was ardently trying not to look at those screens. Finally, Steph just decided that even the glaring was too much of a toll on her exhausted mind and body. She flopped backward and ended up sprawled across the Clocktower’s floor.

“You ok?” Barbara asked. She had glanced back at hearing Stephanie’s collapse from seated to starfish.

Steph rolled her head back and forth in what was supposed to be a shaking motion. “Noooo,” she finally groaned.

Babs smirked. “Oh? And why is that?”

“Because,” the younger girl whined. “All my friends are on missions and patrols and whatnot and I’m benched due to being ‘overworked’.” 

Barbara turned her attention back to her screens as she chuckled. A few keystrokes and a smile was growing across her face, unnoticed by the teenager on her floor. “Well Stephanie, things are calm for now so I’m going to catch a few winks quick. You ok down there?”

Steph held her arm up with a thumbs up as Babs rolled past. She just chuckled at the current Batgirl in response.

Stephanie was studying the eaves of the Clocktower while silently bemoaning her current fate when she heard a slight noise and felt and sudden breeze. “Who’s there? Whoever it is I’m warning you, this girl has cave-fever! Or is it tower-fever? Doesn’t matter! Cause I will whoop your butt!” she called as she sat up.

A laugh came from by the window normally reserved for Nightwing entrances and late night Chinese deliveries by the city’s various bats and birds. A blonde girl with a blue mask and a star-spangled costume stepped out of the shadows designed for Batman lurking and grinned. “I mean, you can try but between the cosmic converter belt, my staff, and your exhaustion I don’t think you will.”

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jackie-sugarskull  asked:

Oh my god, what if sometimes when he's bored, Mr. Krupp reads the CU comics he confiscated from George and Harold over the years, and they become somewhat of a guilty pleasure to him, to the point that he gets secretly excited whenever they write a new comic, just to see what they came up with this time. But when G and H retire the CU comics, Mr. Krupp now feels like a part of him is missing, but for the life of him, can't figure out what it is, or why.

Oh wow that’s such an interesting thought!! Like I know he did read them when he confiscated them all, and that’s how he KNEW, subconsciously, how CU would behave, but I never thought that he would be into them lol. I mean I guess he must at least want to see what happens if he reads them instead of just immediately trashing the comics

Or maybe he’s just looking for stuff in there to be like “this is horribly inappropriate!!” and get them in hotter water 😂


A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)

Glad to see other Comic Book Writers are also super leery of Nick ‘Imma Make Captain America a Nazi’ Spencer. 


Shiro will punch a ghost in the face, he doesn’t give a [kid-friendly space expletive].

Yet another piece for my Voltron paranormal investigator AU! Check it out here!

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill

I’ve been noticing lately that A LOT of fic writers like to erase jason’s mental illness in their writing and I’d just like to point out that, by doing that, you’re erasing a huge part of his character. jason todd is not just some misunderstood bad boy who secretly loves classic literature and makes bad puns and just wants to feel loved. is he all of those things? absolutely. I’d even go so far as to say those things are all essential to his character. but jason is also canonically mentally ill. and (especially in more recent canon) it is implied that jason knows that he’s mentally ill. a lot of jason’s character development comes from his journey through the process of piecing together his past with his new personality and mentality. to write jason as neurotypical is to completely ignore an important aspect of his character, not to mention denying representation to mentally ill fans who relate to jason and see their own symptoms reflected in him.

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill.