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Hello! I know you're not really giving bit advice anymore, I just wondered if that also goes for fictional characters? I will probably soon start to write a character that rides western/does a lot of ranchwork, and while I've managed to make sense of western saddles (to a degree, at least), as an English rider with maybe 2 rl encounters with western tack, the bits leave me baffled. What type of bit would be comfy (ish) for the horse, kind, but still have enough stopping power/steering? Thanks!

For a ranch horse you’re prob going to see one of three things: snaffle, bosal, or curb. A snaffle would probably be used on a green horse and would prob be a loose ring or an offset D which is a lot like an eggbutt. The mouthpiece would prob be single jointed, mb sweet iron mb with copper inlays. Snaffles are for direct reining and usually for teaching baby steps (left and right flexions, backing up,etc). Bosals are usually for laying down a foundation of collection. The horse can’t lean on the bit because there isn’t one. Bosals can be harsh because it’s a rigid noseband bumping on the sensitive tissues and bones of the face.

Curbs are for finished horses. You neck rein with them. Horse is meant to work off your leg and seat mostly at that point. A really refined ranch horse could go in a spade bit, but more common would be a ported mouthpiece, sometimes a low port sometimes more like a correction port, depending on the trainer/rider and the amount of bite they want. Cheekpieces are often s curbs. You’ll also see argentines. Sometimes you’ll see conchos on nice bits.

It really depends on the rider and the work, a finished heel horse is different from a horse that goes western and mostly does trails, and a cowboy who holds to vaquero traditions is different from someone who just works with livestock and has to ride whatever horse is tossed at them. Etc.

Hope that helps! If you want some real world examples try looking up sale vids for finished ranch horses, that might give you some ideas.

new mind palace sequence, listen: sherlock going through those doors in his mind palace and it’s still the hallways of the roland kerr further educational college but instead of redbeard in the middle of the floor, it’s just john, leaning casually against the wall with his arms crossed, wearing that plaid shirt with the sheer maroon cardigan, looking off into the distance, and when sherlock comes in, his head turns, and he sees sherlock, and he smiles just a very very very tiny little bit, so little only sherlock could see it, only because he knows john’s face so very well. 

and john pushes off the wall and goes to sherlock, stands in front of him. you need to calm down, sherlock, he says. he sounds like his doctor self. his soldier self. the way he sounded just inside 221b’s door before Moriarty’s trial all those years before, the quiet authority, ready? before he lead sherlock through the crowd. the quiet authority of just a few weeks ago on the floor of a barracks bathroom, of steven, can you hear me? stay with me. sherlock says, i didn’t know, john, i’m sorry i didn’t see it. and john reaches out one hand, puts it on sherlock’s arm. they don’t touch much in real life but sherlock knows the size of john’s hand, the warmth of his palm. he knows it now. he knows it always.

don’t apologise, john says. i just need for you to be all right sherlock. i know it hurts, i know it does. i got shot too, remember? but i need for you to be all right. and it does hurt, it really hurts, and john is saying breathe, breathe, helping sherlock to his knees so he doesn’t fall down, helping him carefully to the floor. how did you survive it? sherlock asks him. how did you survive the pain? sherlock knows now how it is to be hugged by john, and john hugs him here, too, holds sherlock close to his body, shelters him. he smells like aftershave. his eyes are deep dark blue. i had to, john says, he takes off his cardigan and presses it to the wound in sherlock’s chest. it’s not bleeding, here in the mind palace, but the pressure hurts. i had to survive it so that we could find each other. and you have already left me once, sherlock, and i can’t do it again. do you understand? you do not get to die under my hands again, all right? john takes his face in his hands as sherlock’s heart starts to fail. softer now. we’re losing you, sherlock, and i need you to survive this, okay, i need you to do this with me. are you ready? so breathe. and john kisses his forehead. breathe. john kisses one cheekbone, breathe, and the other. sherlock, right now, okay? right now. are you ready? 

sherlock nods, even though he isn’t sure, and john says it one more time, breathe, and it sounds like for me, and he kisses sherlock’s mouth, kisses him hard and steady and certain, and somewhere in a surgical suite outside of sherlock’s mind, a machine beeps back into life. 

Unwind (M)

Character: Jungkook x reader

Genre / Words: College!au, Smut / 1,534

a/n: blame the thigh choker and this post

W: Smut. Thigh Riding. Plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

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y'all beronica at hogwarts will kill me tho like

  • baby slyth!veronica meeting huff!betty and immediately deciding she’s her person and fuck what the dumb talking hat says
  • ronnie getting sat down by her parents in her first year bc ‘u can’t just hex anyone who doesn’t like betty, honey’
  • veronica crying on betty’s shoulder and sleeping in the hufflepuff common room with her when her father gets sent to azkaban
  • ronnie getting upset bc she’s spent so much time with huffs that betty’s housemates aren’t even intimidated by her anymore
  • betty getting her first detention because she hexed a gryff who called ronnie’s father a criminal
  • alice cooper, poster woman for the slyth charity ball, hating that betty is a huff
  • veronica being forbidden from the cooper household bc of that one time she gave alice severe facial warts for calling betty a disappointment
  • betty staying with veronica’s family over summer break to avoid her mom
  • ronnie wearing a huff scarf to betty’s quidditch games and her housemates barely even caring bc they’ve come to just expect this shit from her now
  • slyth!ronnie and huff!betty basically just being such obnoxious ride or dies that no one is surprised when they finally start dating in their sixth year

pidge: *starts speaking*

lance: sorry pidge but i can’t hear what you’re saying??? you’re too short that your voice doesn’t even reach my ears

pidge: *hunk trying to hold pidge back from attacking lance* I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU SOMEDAY



Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

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“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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my art for the @aftgbigbang

read they used to shout my name (now they whisper it) by @badacts here

also check out more art by @coldcigarettes

lyrics from yellow flicker beat / lorde


{Social media AU where Jungkook is a famous model/youtuber and Jimin is an upcoming singer/dancer. They somehow end up living together and also become fake boyfriends}


F*cking Thicc

SUMMARY - After a drunken fuck with Bucky on a movie night you dread meeting him again this week for another movie night.(Idk, summaries are hard ok)

WORDS - 1.8 K

A/N - @topkay had this amazing dream and basically gave me the whole plot . Why do I not get these kinda dreams huh . Thank you so much babe . 

Taw @supersoldierslover you are the best . Thank you so so so much . 😘😘

WARNINGS - smut , thigh riding , apparently I curse a lot so those , Bucky’s killer thighs . (if anything should be added feel free to tell me.)

DISCLAIMER - I have never been drunk before so it might not be pretty accurate . Sorry. 

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“Y/N , movie night , 10 pm .” Wanda said peeking through your door before she left. It was a weekly routine now . But you still weren’t sure if you wanted to go today .

Everything was going good until last week’s movie night when everyone had a little too much to drink while the supersoldiers and the overly confident ones had the asgardian meed .  While most of them managed to pass out in their rooms , you and Bucky stayed watching some random shit and one thing led to another and you found yourself naked , in his bed, next to him with a huge headache . 

Well it was quite obvious that you guys had drunken sex . And from that day you have tried your best to avoid him since you obviously suck at confrontation. It also looked kinda easy, which then you realised was because Bucky was trying to avoid you too .

Honestly you hadn’t seen him at all in the past week , and you knew the team had a faint idea about what was up .

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So Far So Good

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 711

Warnings: thigh riding which is a sin in and of itself. One NSFW gif.

@superpaperclip asked “Could you write something about riding Sebastian’s thighs?

A/N: Welp…I’m horny now because of that gif. Let me know if you want to be tagged here.

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Jimon + "where's your boyfriend" "he's in the library also you do know he's not actually my boyfriend, right?"

sorry this took so long! trying to get back into the flow and fill all the prompts in my inbox. also, this prompt is a d o r a b l e.

“Hey.” Alec chucks a wadded up piece of paper at Simon’s head.  “You know where my brother is? Jace isn’t answering my texts.” Simon doesn’t look up from his notes, not bothering to dignify that with a response. 

Hey.” Alec says, louder this time, and then he sighs - his put out, why is everyone around me an idiot sigh - and says slowly “Simon, where’s your boyfriend?” 

That gets Simon’s attention. 

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Simon says churlishly, a furious blush creeping up his cheeks as he tries to ignore the traitorous part of his mind that whispers though I wish he was. “And he’s in the library.” 

“How long do we have to keep pretending we don’t know the two of you are dating?” Magnus asks idly, frowning over his final design for his class. They’re sitting around the table in Alec and Jace’s apartment, all of their various notes from various classes scattered over the surface as they put in as much studying as they can before finals start next week. 

“You do understand we’re not dating.” Simon insists. Izzy raises an eyebrow at him. 

“Yeah, he just calls you babe because that’s what bros do, right?” 

“It’s an inside joke.” Simon says. He taps his pen against his notes. “We should all be studying instead of pursuing this false narrative of who I’m dating.” 

“Jace cuddles you during movie night.” Maia says flatly. “That can’t be normal.” 

“He’s touchy.” Simon protests. “He’s like a fucking octopus.” 

“Give it up.” Clary says mildly, scratching something out in the margin of her notes. “Jace brought him flowers once and Simon chalked it up to the flower shop having a discount day.” 

“It’s true.” Simon says, bewildered. Alec’s looking at him like Simon’s grown a third head. 

“You’re absolutely the most obtuse person I’ve ever met.” Alec says. “You two are dating.” 

“No, we’re not.” Simon says, throwing his hands up in the air. The door opens then, and Jace walks in, looking tired as he shrugs his backpack off his shoulder. 

“Group project went late.” He explains as he shrugs off his hoodie and walks over to the table, fluffing up his hair. “I’d like to throw whoever invented assigning random groups into a pit of fire.” He puts a hand on Simon’s shoulder and squeezes as Simon tips his head back and looks at Jace, smiling stupidly at the sight of him. Jace grins, his eyes going soft. 

“Hey, Simon.” He says, and his voice is low and intimate as he ducks down and presses a kiss to the tip of Simon’s nose. “Miss my awe-inspiring presence?” 

“Not even close.” Simon says, laughing. Jace shakes his head and brushes his thumb across the skin of Simon’s neck, and then looks at everyone else. 

“Pizza?” he asks. Simon faces forward again, and looks at Alec’s deeply unimpressed face. 

Without a word, Alec leans over and squeezes his hand on Magnus’ shoulder, looking into his boyfriend’s eyes. 

“Hey, Magnus.” Alec says slowly, his voice as low as Jace’s was when he spoke to Simon. “Pizza?” 

Magnus just smiles at Alec, small and private, and Alec turns slightly to look at Simon. 

“I can’t make my point any clearer.” He says grimly. Simon swallows. 

Yeah, okay, Alec might have a point, but the mass of butterflies suddenly taking up residence in Simon’s stomach are not a good boost of confidence. 

“What?” Jace asks, puzzled. “Am I missing something?” Simon gulps, slowly pushing his chair out and standing. “Simon? Are you okay?” 

Jace is looking at him, concerned - probably because Simon looks like he’s going to throw up - but Simon wordlessly tugs at Jace’s arm until he follows Simon to his bedroom, face creased in worry. 

“You’re worrying me, dude.” He says, and then when Simon shuts the door of Jace’s bedroom - to whoops from Clary and Maia - and thunks his head against the wood frame, he says, softer, “Simon. Babe. What’s wrong?” 

That.” Simon whirls around and points at Jace. “That is what’s wrong!” Jace inhales sharply, his face paling and his eyes widening. 

“You don’t like it.” He says, and his voice is rough. 

“I do.” Simon says, frazzled. “I do, and that’s terrifying. Are we…dating?” 

“No.” Jace says, quickly, and Simon’s heart sinks to his feet like it’s made of stone. “Not…yet?” Jace adds, hopefully, and then he’s stepping forward, his eyes serious. 

“I’ve been told we are.” Simon says, and then he takes a step closer too. “By very reliable sources.” 

“Well we can’t let them down.” Jace says emphatically, and then he’s leaning in and framing Simon’s face with his broad hands, eyelashes fluttering shut as he kisses Simon, lips soft and insistent. Simon feels a swooping feeling begin in his chest and burst outward, his toes curling as he digs his fingers into Jace’s waist and kisses back, light-headed with the unyielding press of Jace’s body. 

“For the record,” Jace adds, breaking the kiss and sliding his hands to Simon’s neck as he presses in closer, walking Simon backwards to the bed, “I was seeing if I could stealth date you until you had to say yes to me, because you were too used to it.” 

“That’s ridiculous.” Simon laughs, trips over his feet as he walks backward, and keeps laughing as Jace steadies him and pushes him onto the bed. “That’s - what the fuck, Jace.” 

Jace shrugs, unrepentant, as he braces one knee on the bed next to Simon and straddles him, his eyes gleaming. “I didn’t say it was a good plan.” He smirks. “You make me stupid, Lewis, what can I say?” 

“You’re unreal.” Simon says, and he pulls Jace forward, both of them smiling helplessly as they kiss. 

some q’s for jimin & jungkook
  • whose idea was it to go on a couples trip?
  • did you, or did you not, have a single bed at the hotel?
  • why is jimin always walking ahead of jungkook?
  • (other than the obvious reason of jungkook wanting to film his fine ass)
  • where did jungkok learn to video edit cause that is i m p r e s s i v e
  • when can we expect more golden closet film releases? 
Thigh Riding - Jaehyun (M)

This is an edited excerpt from Only One - Part 3. I apologize if some of it doesn’t make sense and the ending is kind of abrupt… I may write another one later, like an actual oneshot so it has a better stand alone storyline

-Admin Kay

Originally posted by yoonohthings

Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun

Genre: Semi-Smut - SEXUAL CONTENT

Word Count: 455

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When I was younger I often imagined romance as a whirlwind type of thing. I saw it as him walking me to the train station, the rain outside beating as heavily as our hearts. I saw it as him kissing me goodbye. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that romance is not whirlwind, it is not tulle teal dresses worn at the prom, it is not everything all at once. Romance is little things. Romance is getting dinner with him before I catch the train. Romance is me thinking of him afterwards and him doing the same about me.
—  m.n // “I think I fell in love without noticing it.”