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Dear Daddies Long Legs

[Following after this letter]


I’m sending this letter on with Harry because I’m sure he’ll know when the best time to give it to you is.

Well done. Your loyalty is something I know Harry and I are Kingsman will be glad to have. I’m very proud of y

In future, trust your gut. You were the only one to notice the drug in the champagne, even though the others surely have more experience with how it should have tasted. You knew and when you’re on missions, trust yourself and use it.

[several blank lines, then crammed near the bottom of the paper]

Maybe, if you’re convincing enough, you can get Harry to share a few more of our letters with you. Ask him about the ones he sent (to the house, but addressed to me) from his mission to Argentina. I nearly blew the first one up when half a dozen dead butterflies fell out.

I’m sorry I can’t be there with the both of you tonight. We can’t take any chances now that the end is in sight. But after the test, once Arthur’s said his peace and the paperwork is done, I’ll excuse myself and meet the two of you at home. It might be the right time for that conversation.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Eggsy.


(Dear Daddies Long Legs is an ongoing epistolary fic collab/rp with @trekkiepirate, @elletromil, and myself)


Since people have been wondering when I’l be posting certain fics, I’ve mapped out a timeline of what I will be posting next. I don’t have dates but this how the order will go. So once I get the first one posted you can expect the following right after :)   

1) Why I Love - Negan x Addison -  Chapter 17 

2) I’m on Fire - Jeff x You - Part 3

3) Closer - Negan x You - Ash’s Writing Challenge* Little Red Riding Hood Part 1

4) Somebody Else - Jason x Sofia - Chapter 6

5) Tear You Apart -  Negan x Ana - Part 2 

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piggy back rides - Allison/Stiles

~650 words of fluff and mild hurt/comfort! on ao3 here.

“I really hope this doesn’t look as ridiculous as it feels.”

Allison can’t help but roll her eyes slightly. She’s known Stiles for ten years, which means that she has seen him in more ridiculous situations than she ever thought possible. She’s seen him passed out half-naked in Lydia’s back yard after a party where he drank way too much and tangled in the branches of the tree outside her parent’s house because he got stuck trying to sneak in. She’s seen him with his chest hair dyed blue because he spilled the dye while trying to do Scott’s hair, and she’s seen him collapse in the back of a lecture hall, sweat pouring down his bright-red face, because he tried to make it to class on time when he woke up ten minutes before it started.

She really thinks that, in all of those situations, Stiles had looked more ridiculous than he does now, clinging to her back with his arms wrapped around her neck and his legs around her waist.

“I guarantee I’ve seen worse,” she says, adjusting her grip on the underside of his muscular thighs and boosting him slightly higher. Even then, his feet are dangling just below her knees, nearly skimming the ground. “Besides, what are the chances of anyone else seeing you out here?”

“Google Earth. Always taking pictures.”

Allison rolls her eyes again.

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y'all beronica at hogwarts will kill me tho like

  • baby slyth!veronica meeting huff!betty and immediately deciding she’s her person and fuck what the dumb talking hat says
  • ronnie getting sat down by her parents in her first year bc ‘u can’t just hex anyone who doesn’t like betty, honey’
  • veronica crying on betty’s shoulder and sleeping in the hufflepuff common room with her when her father gets sent to azkaban
  • ronnie getting upset bc she’s spent so much time with huffs that betty’s housemates aren’t even intimidated by her anymore
  • betty getting her first detention because she hexed a gryff who called ronnie’s father a criminal
  • alice cooper, poster woman for the slyth charity ball, hating that betty is a huff
  • veronica being forbidden from the cooper household bc of that one time she gave alice severe facial warts for calling betty a disappointment
  • betty staying with veronica’s family over summer break to avoid her mom
  • ronnie wearing a huff scarf to betty’s quidditch games and her housemates barely even caring bc they’ve come to just expect this shit from her now
  • slyth!ronnie and huff!betty basically just being such obnoxious ride or dies that no one is surprised when they finally start dating in their sixth year

pidge: *starts speaking*

lance: sorry pidge but i can’t hear what you’re saying??? you’re too short that your voice doesn’t even reach my ears

pidge: *hunk trying to hold pidge back from attacking lance* I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU SOMEDAY

  • Keith takes Lance home with his motorbike thingy once they’re back on Earth (seriously what is it i forgot what to call it,, its a motorbike thingy now)
  • beach dates!!
  • Keith is not a fan of water but he’ll do it for Lance
  • building sand castles!!!
  • Lance genuinely enjoys it and Keith tries to make a competition out of it every single time
  • this one time some kid stepped and ruined Lance’s castle and Keith was ready to fight
  • ok but Lance diving and bringing out pretty shells for Keith
  • Keef is absolutely in awe about it
  • “How the fuck can you hold your breath for so long, I thought you died.”
  • theme parks!!
  • you try and fucking tell me these two aren’t the biggest suckers for Disneyland
  • Lance wants to take a picture with every fucking character
  • 15 minutes into the visit and Keith is already complaining that he’s bored
  • Lance is all for cutesy rides like the Farris Wheel and Keith wants to go to the Haunted House
  • “okay if we go will you stop complaining”
  • Lance ends up being traumatized and Keith is in love
  • the teacups ride thing!!!
  • Lance is the first one to get hyper off of sugar, Keith follows suit
  • sometimes these two like to just chill out and go on a casual date in a café bar or something
  • they’re never ever ever afraid or ashamed of being affectionate in public
  • sometimes having the whole world around your neck and everyone worshipping you for saving the universe gets annoying so these two are frequently packing bags and going on road trips
  • they try to mask themselves but-
  • “I told you they’ll recognize your stupid mullet” “yeah well at least I kept my glasses on, mister i-can’t-wear-those-my-face-is-too-beautiful-to-be-hidden”
  • even though they disagree on a lot of things, one big thing they have in common is that they both really like rain
  • thunderstorms? the best time for cuddles
  • pillow forts for days
  • Keith drinks plain coffee and Lance drinks hot chocolate with like 7 marshmallows, whipping cream, and 4 different types of sprinkles on top of it
  • and somehow it’s always either too hot or too cold
  • a lot of times Keith has trouble sleeping and then Lance just,, pets his hair for however long he has to because he loves his bf okay
  • Keith has a death grip while sleeping and you can fight me on this
  • if they had to choose between an expensive date and staying home watching movies and cuddling, they’d both choose staying home
  • Keith doesn’t like to admit it but he likes being the little spoon
  • Keith’s mullet gets in Lance’s face and it’s irritating but Lance won’t say anything bc he loves his bf more than he hates his dumb mullet
Unwind (M)

Character: Jungkook x reader

Genre / Words: College!au, Smut / 1,534

a/n: blame the thigh choker and this post

W: Smut. Thigh Riding. Plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

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Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

Originally posted by kingsebastian

“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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Hello! I was wondering if you weren't busy and if you don't mind, could you write a fic where Bruce walks in on Jason and Tim kissing or something like that and they have to come up with an excuse?

Tim’s laying on top of Jason, pressing him into the blankets with his whole body. His hands wrap around Jason’s wrists and pin them to the bed while his tongue licks at Jason’s bottom lip, light and quick and gone as soon as Jason reaches for it. Jason tries to chase after Tim’s mouth but Tim pulls up, away, smiling, and Jason whines. A little. Maybe.

Tim keeps doing that, teasing, over and over until Jason is squirming, feet tangling in the sheets and he’s panting, making these desperate little noises that he really can’t be assed to be embarrassed about, especially when Tim finally, finally leans down and stays there, tongue falling into Jason’s mouth and Jason groans happily.

Tim kisses him, and kisses him, and Jason hasn’t ever felt so perfectly blissful in his entire life.

And then the door creaks open, and the bliss is instantly gone. In its place now is dread, and fear, and Jason didn’t think he was truly afraid of anything anymore, but suddenly there’s Bruce, standing in the doorway, looking at them with wide eyes and Jason panics. He tosses Tim off of him and jumps up from the bed.

“Um, hey! Bruce. B. B-man. We were, uh, practicing CPR. You know, brushing up on the old life-saving skills. Super important. Okay, I’ll see you, bye!”

And then Jason runs out of Tim’s room, out of the manor.


“Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation practice?” Dick crosses his judging arms over his judging chest and looks at Jason with his stupid, judging face. “Really? That’s what you went with?”

“…Tim told you?”

“Yeah, he came and asked me why you were such an idiot about it.”

“He did not.”

“I swear, those were his exact words.”

Jason groans, a weak, pathetic sound. He rubs his face. His stupid, idiotic face. “Is he mad?”

Dick tilts his head. “Not mad, exactly. He was a little pissed you left him on the floor-”

“Oh, god.”

“Way to go, by the way. Really nice.”

“I panicked!”

“But why?

“I- I… don’t know,” Jason sighs.

“Well, figure it out and then go talk to Tim about it,” Dick says. “And then maybe Bruce.”

Jason grimaces. “So I’m guessing he didn’t buy the CPR thing?”

Dick laughs.


Jason finds Tim in his bedroom, sitting on the bed with his computer in his lap, typing away. He glances up from his work as Jason enters.

“Careful,” Tim warns with exaggerated concern, “Bruce is home. He might see you in here.”

“I know.”

“Oh, so brave.” 

Jason comes up next to the bed and asks, “Can I sit?”

Tim keeps typing, not giving an answer one way or an another, so Jason stays standing.

“I’m sorry, Tim.”

The clicking of the keys stops and Tim sighs. He closes his laptop and sets it aside. He looks up at Jason, his hair messy and baggy clothes rumpled, like he’s been sitting right there working for hours, days, non-stop. He probably has.

“What the fuck happened, Jason?” He doesn’t sound very angry, just… confused. Irritated.

“I panicked,” Jason says, again, because that’s the only way he can think to describe it. He’s been trained to think before he acts, even when he only has a split-second to make a decision. But he wasn’t thinking when he pushed Tim away.

“That’s not really an answer, Jay.” Tim scoots over to make room and pats the open space.

Jason takes the invitation and sits down. “I know, I’m sorry. I just. I saw Bruce and in my head I heard everything he might say, and I. Couldn’t. I couldn’t stay and hear him say it out loud.”

“What did you think he was going to say?” Tim asks.

Jason forces his teeth to unclench. Swallows. “That… that I’m not any good for you, and that I should leave and stay away and. And we just recently got to a point where Bruce doesn’t glare at me every time I come over, or watch me like he thinks I’m suddenly going to freak out and shoot everyone. I don’t want to go back to that- or worse, not be allowed in the manor at all.”

Tim is silent for a minute, and then, “You want to know what he said to me after you ran out?”

Jason doesn’t move, doesn’t speak. He’s scared to hear it.

Tim says it anyway. “He asked me if there was anything he needed to be worried about, and I told him no, and he accepted it. Then he asked me if I was happy, and I said yes, and he accepted that, too.”

“He did?” Jason asks, and his voice comes out too soft.

“Yeah.” Tim smiles. “And then he told me to wipe the spit off my chin before I came down for dinner.”

Jason laughs, startled, and a little disbelieving. He looks at Tim’s chin. He wants to kiss it. “I’m sorry for throwing you on the floor.”

Tim moves, quick and strong, and when Jason blinks his eyes open again he’s on the floor, on his back, and Tim is straddling him, looking down at him triumphantly. “There. Now we’re even,” he says, and then he leans down and kisses Jason.

“The door is still open,” Jason reminds him.

“I don’t care. Do you?”

“No,” Jason answers. He pulls Tim down for another kiss.

Thigh Riding - Jaehyun (M)

This is an edited excerpt from Only One - Part 3. I apologize if some of it doesn’t make sense and the ending is kind of abrupt… I may write another one later, like an actual oneshot so it has a better stand alone storyline

-Admin Kay

Originally posted by yoonohthings

Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun

Genre: Semi-Smut - SEXUAL CONTENT

Word Count: 455

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glaciya  asked:

10 maybe? If it's not too much trouble :)

10. “How do you accidentally kiss someone?”


“So…” Tim drawls, stepping into Kon’s office. He shuts the door firmly behind him. “I may have just kissed Jason Todd.”

Kon’s fingers pause over his keyboard, and he glances up from the computer screen. “That the guy from Human Resources you’ve had a hard-on over for the last year?”

“I wouldn’t put it like that,” Tim says, giving a delicate cough. “But yes.”

“Cool, it’s about time. So what happened?” 

“Well. It was sort of an accident.”

Abandoning his work, Kon slowly turns so he’s facing Tim straight on. “Timbo, buddy, how do you accidentally kiss someone?”

“It’s kind of a funny story,” Tim says, poking at the knick-knacks on Kon’s bookshelf. “Well, not ‘haha’ funny, more like ‘Tim’s an idiot’ funny.”

“Those are the same to me.”

“Right. Thanks for that. So anyway, you may not have known this, but you and Jason look pretty similar from behind.”

“That so?”

Tim nods sharply, fiddling with his tie. It’s the Looney Tunes one that Stephanie gave him for his birthday. “Quite. And I saw what I thought was you in line at the coffee shop in the lobby, and I went up behind you- him- and…”

“Kissed him,” Kon ventures when Tim trails off. 

“First I grabbed his ass and then I kissed him on the cheek.” 

“Oh god,” Kon says delightedly, a grin breaking out across his stupid face. “This is amazing. What did he do?”

“Nothing. We just kinda stared at each other for a minute in mutual horrified, awkward silence and then I blurted out that I thought he was you, and I ran away.”

Kon laughs. 

Tim slumps into the guest chair and slams his forehead down onto Kon’s desk. “Uhhggg,” he groans unintelligibly. 

Kon keeps laughing. 

“It was so awful!” Tim whines. “What am I supposed to do? I can’t look him in the eyes ever again. And forget about asking him out!”

“Aw, poor Timmy,” Kon coos through his giggles. He reaches across the desk and pats Tim’s hair. 

“Am I interrupting something?” a voice asks. 

Tim rolls his head to the side enough to the person standing in the doorway. He squeaks. 

“Sorry,” Jason says, eyes fixed to where Kon’s hand is touching Tim. He waves the piece of paper he’s holding. “I just wanted to drop this off.”

“What is it,” Kon asks.

“A relationship disclosure form. Since you two are… well. We need to have these things on file.” 

Tim shoots up. “We’re not!” he yells, and Jason gives him the same wide-eyed look that he had in the lobby after The Kiss. “Kon and I, we aren’t. Um. We’re friends.”

“Okay,” Jason says slowly. “Whatever you want to label it, I still need-”

“But it’s not like that, I swear,” Tim interrupts, flapping his hands for emphasis. “I was just joking around. I don’t usually grab his butt. That’s not, like, a regular thing we do.”

Jason raises an eyebrow. “And the kiss?”

“Not- no. We don’t kiss. I’m not kissing anyone right now. Very much single. Currently.” 

Kon stifles another laugh behind his hand. 

“Oh. Um, that’s good,”Jason says. A small smile tugs at his lips. He nods. “Very good.”

relistening to the HP audiobooks has raised another Burning Question:

SO the students write a lot of research papers, but iirc JKR never mentions citations. is there a standard wizarding citation style? do they use in-text, footnotes, or endnotes? I’d imagine in-text is most practical given you’re writing on a scroll, but endnotes could work too, I guess. 

(this is an important worldbuilding question that is, in my opinion, absolutely essential to developing any fantasy or scifi universe.)

Tears On Our Tongues

The ride home after the woods

A SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown


When we get back to the car, we both sit in an extremely awkward silence.  Neither of us seems to know what to do.  After all, that was possibly the most pivotal moment of both of our lives.  Where do we go from here.?

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.

           When I turn to nervously look at Baz, he’s staring straight ahead, his jaw set and his brow heavy.  He’s gripping the steering wheel with both hands, but doesn’t make a move to actually start the car.  Rain is beginning to dot the windshield, and I can see my own breath whisper into the air.

           Baz is so tense, like he’s only just fully realizing what has happened.

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  His lips on mine.

           “Um,” I murmur, breaking the silence, “do you want me to drive?”

           He blinks like he’s snapped out of a daze and takes a breath.  “No,” he says without looking at me, “it’s fine.”  He turns the key in the ignition, and I notice his hands shaking.

           “Baz,” I reach out and touch his arm without thinking. “I’d really prefer if I drove.”

           He doesn’t flinch at my touch like I expect him to.  He just stares at my hand on his skin with an odd expression, like he’s trying to figure out something complicated.  Like he’s thinking how did that get there?

           It’s not looking like he’s going to move, so I open my door and walk around to the driver’s side, and only then does he actually get out of the car.  He doesn’t look at me as he passes, barely brushing me with his coat on the way.

           When we’re both in our seats, I start the car and turn us around, heading back the way we came.  I turn on the heat because it’s freezing in here, but not the music. As much as I want to break the silence, I can’t ignore the fact that this isn’t just the normal we-kissed-what-now kind of awkward.  This is the you-almost-killed-yourself-and-as-a-result-we-kissed kind of awkward, which is slightly heavier than the normal awkward.

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  His lips on mine.  Tears on our tongues.

           I sneak a glance at him.  He gazes at the window.  Not out, just at.  

           “You okay?”  I know it’s a stupid question, of course he’s not, but I have to ask.

           He shrugs and very slightly shakes his head.

           “I know it sounds dumb,” I say quietly, “but it’ll be alright.  You’ll be okay.”

           He doesn’t look at me.  I’m starting to wonder if he ever will again.


I nearly killed us. I nearly sent us both up in flames and then had him against a tree snogging the life out of him.  And here he is asking if I’m okay.

           Point for him though, because I’m not.  Of course not.

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  His lips on mine.  Tears on our tongues.  His mouth, so full of heat.

           I’m not okay, and now I’ve let him see in graphic detail exactly how not-okay I am.  I could not have made myself more vulnerable in front of him, and the thought makes me want to curl into a ball, erase the whole thing, make it never happen.

           Except for the kissing.  That part can stay.

           Even though I have no idea if he meant it.  It might have been a final attempt to pull me out of my suicidal funk.  Even the kisses after the fire was out were probably just pity kisses, albeit very desperate pity kisses.

           “Baz,” he says quietly, and I feel him glance at me, “how long… um, how long had you wanted… that?”

           “Forever.”  It comes out without a thought.


           “Since fifth year.”  Both are true.

           Simon thinks for a moment.  “Why didn’t you say anything?”

           “You had enough reason to hate me.”

           “I don’t hate you.”

           “You did.”

           “I always thought you hated me.”

           “I did,” I nod, “until I loved you.”  His head whips to face me and I scrunch my eyes shut.  I can’t believe I just said that.  “Until I didn’t hate you anymore,” I try to fix it, but I know it’s too late.  It’s out, it’s in the air between us, and it’s going to stay there forever, taunting me with how he’ll never say it back.

           “Baz -”

           “Please,” I grit through my teeth, a tear squeezing out of my eye, “I can’t.”  The tear makes its way down my cheek until it drips into my mouth, and the taste is like Simon.  I will probably forever associate the taste of tears with kissing Simon.

           “Okay,” he whispers, and we’re quiet for the rest of the drive.  I try to keep my sobs silent, but I’m sure he’s hearing them,

           I could have killed him.  If he’d died, it would have been my fault.

           Tears on our tongues.

           When we finally pull into my driveway, I climb out of the car as soon as we’ve stopped.  I hear him call after me, but I don’t pause.  I slam the car door and start stalking towards the house.  It’s so over for me.  I thought I was ready to die in the woods?  I hadn’t been kissed by the boy I love who will never love me. How am I supposed to live with that?

           His footsteps on the driveway are quick like he’s running after me.  I keep moving, tears blurring my vision.

           He catches up to me at the doorstep, throwing himself between me and the door, blocking my entry.

           “Get out of the way, Snow,” I mutter, looking down. We’re under the porch light now, he’ll be able to see what a mess I am, and I can’t look at his expression.

           “Baz, please.”

           “Please what?” I snap.  “What do you want?”

           I make the mistake of glancing at his face and I find tears running down his cheeks.

           “I want you to know that you’ll be okay,” he sobs, “and that I want you to be okay.”

           “I nearly killed you, Snow,” I say, shuddering, “how can you possibly want me to be okay?”

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  His lips on mine.  Tears on our tongues.  His mouth, so full of heat.  Flames licking at my vision.

           “You wouldn’t have,” he shakes his head, “you were going to spell me away, and for some reason, that’s more upsetting than if you’d tried to kill both of us.”

           “What makes you think I would have saved you?”

           “It was in your eyes.”

           Right now his eyes are full of something I don’t recognize.

           He takes my hand tentatively.  “I need you to know something,” he tells me through his sobs, “because you probably think that it was a sympathy kiss.”

           That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

           “Please never think that.  Never think that the first kiss, or any kisses after that were out of sympathy.  I kissed you because I wanted to, a lot more than I realized.”  He sniffles, his eyes pleading.  “I’d kiss you again right now, and tomorrow morning, and every day after that and none of it would be out of sympathy, and I need you to understand that.”

           I’m shaking like a leaf.  Because I’m tense, because I’m cold, because I’m in some kind of shock, because of Simon’s words.

           “You’d kiss me again?” I choke, unable to believe what I’m hearing.

           He goes pink and he’s smiling and crying and laughing all at once, and I finally recognize what’s in his eyes because it’s exactly the same thing as what’s in mine.

           He doesn’t answer with words.  He stands on tiptoe and takes me by the lapels of my ruined suit, pressing his mouth into mine and it fits like we’ve been doing this forever, like it’s second nature.  His lips taste like tears again and I’m certain that the taste of tears will always be bittersweet to me now, a reminder that no matter how bad it gets, Simon Snow kissed me because he wanted to.

           And he would again.  He is right now.

           And he would tomorrow morning, and every day after that.

anonymous asked:

46 for Jaytim?

46. “Wanna play?” also requested by @drabblemeister

Inspired by this post by @drabblemeister and @tanekore I love you two <3


“Wanna play?” Tim asks, voice light like what he’s saying is inconsequential, something he asks every day, and while those words might be common for him, it’s the context that has Jason freezing up, eyes wide and mouth open and brain blank. Because usually when Tim asks that question, he’s talking about Super Mario Kart or Uno. 

He’s not talking about Uno right now. 

Jason rasps a small, “What?” and Tim turns those blue eyes up at him, gloved fingers still caressing the smooth, shiny metal. It looks cold.

“We could have some fun with this.” 

“F-fun. With…”

“This,” Tim affirms, holding up the cuffs. The light from a nearby sign advertising Marlboro reds for buy one get one half off glints off the chrome steel, the neon red catching on the curves and grooves and this is one time Jason doesn’t like the color red. 

“We, as in, you and I? And those?” 

“Yes,” Tim says simply. 

Jason wants to run. 

“How,” he asks, even though he already knows. 

Tim blinks. “Well, I was thinking you could put me in them.”

“Um,” Jason manages though his very dry mouth, through his sluggish mind that’s not forming any words, just a strongly negative feeling that’s pulsing, crashing like frantic waves between his ears. 

“Or,” Tim says, still sounding like he could be talking about ice cream or shoes or any other ordinary thing, “I could tie you down.”

“No!” Jason blurts out, already taking a step away, toward the end of the roof top and away. He stops himself before he gets there, the small part of his brain that’s not freaking out, yelling run, reminding him that is Tim, that Tim is good and won’t hurt him and he should talk to Tim, he can talk to Tim.

Jason breathes. “No,” he says, calmer this time. “I’m not. Not comfortable with that.”

Another small part of his brain braces for… something. Anger. Violence. A thousand questions and weird looks and rejection. 

It doesn’t come. 

Instead Tim just says, “Oh, okay,” and slips the handcuffs into a pocket on his belt, the chain links rattling. 

Jason breathes easier. 

Tim asks, “Do you want to talk about it?”

And no, he doesn’t really want to talk about it, but this is Tim, and Tim is good, and he should talk to Tim, and he can talk to Tim, so he nods, and says, “Later. At home,” and Tim nods back, and that’s the end of it.

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Finally I present to you the final chapter of umfb&mha! It has been such a wonderful wild ride writing this fic and I want to thank everyone who has supported it and me from the bottom of my heart. You have made it absolutely fantastic and I have had the best time in the world. 

Hopefully I will be seeing you all soon for the start of Part 2 of the Rivals series, ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’!

See you next level 

Rey/Kaz xxx

*slides in a teaser all stealth-like*

“Before we adjourn our meeting, Inquisitor, how would you prefer to exact your influence?” asked Josephine, drawing ink into her quill in preparation for instruction.

Evelia glanced around her party, the demeanor of the room rife with anticipation of her next order.

“Uhhh—” she said, poking at a marker on the table.

“We have acquired several additional experts from our most recent mission,” said Cassandra, shifting her weight and casting a glance to the brooding Commander farthest from the other advisors. She watched as his large, leather-clad hands flexed against the thick wood of the war table—agitation rolling from the peak of his rumbled brow all the way through the extremities of his body—nearly vibrating the table at the end where his hands were braced.

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fandom: yuri!!! on ice
pairing: viktor/yuuri (vikturi)
rating: t
chapters: 18/18

“Hold my son for a moment,” says the Viktor Nikiforov, live in the flesh, sweaty and panting.

“Wha—” Yuuri can’t even begin to comprehend what’s going on before Viktor is gone, and there’s a child in his arms.

(in which yuuri is a simple barista, viktor is a famous movie star, and yuri is an 8 year old kid stuck in the middle of it.)

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