writing and life

I know I say I love you too much and I’m sorry but one day I won’t be able to tell you anymore and I just want you to know how much I do love you
—  Day 231

Just like that, you’ll start to forget too

You’ll forget the color of his eyes, then the exact shade of his hair, they way it framed his face

The shape of his lips, the way they pressed against you own, a silent promise beneath the admiration of an evening sunset

The ghost of your name under his breath, as you took his breath away yet again, as if your entire existence was a miracle

His snarl, the way you heard him yell for the first time, the despair inducing words that poured out from behind his lips,

The despair you felt in your soul when he picked someone else over you, when he broke that promise, broke the trust, broke the image of the person you thought you knew.

You’ll forget it all, the same way he forgot you

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
I have fallen. I have fallen and I continue to do so each day. I have not learned how to keep my feet steady. I have not mastered the ability to stand upright. I have not taught my legs to stop shaking. But I will try and try and try.
—  E.M.
You always told me I should write a book about our epic love story. Trying to write it now is so epically tragic.
—  K.N.B.

Sometimes love comes with mistakes and heartaches.
Art: @pride_nyasha

(This is my first attempt at trying to incorporate art with my words.)

Stay humble, no matter how much you changed for the better. 
Stay kind, no matter how many people broke your heart. 
And stay hopeful, no matter how many times you’ve been let down.
—  The Most Important Thing in Life is…
Isn’t it weird how you can actually feel the pain in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings.
—  wordsbymymind
Dear ex,
Thank you. Thank you for showing me what I deserve. I now know that I deserved better than you ever gave me.
—  Day 218