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Big sister knows what’s up Prompto.
You can’t keep secrets from the queen. In which our young Incubi Prompto is trying to hide is affections for a certain prince, but Luna knows better! Luna sees all…I wanted an excuse to draw horns last night, it started off with Luna solely, but then I added Prompto shortly after hahaha! Colorful horns are colorful! 

I’m sorry.”
“Did you ever think that maybe you don’t have to be?
—  from an unfinished story #629

Anything & Everything  ||  Nursey + Dex

Will’s soulmate wasn’t something he spent a lot of time worrying about before.

Before he even graduated high school, Nursey stopped actively thinking about his mark and who his soulmate would be.

What a pair they make.

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Woke up this morning to find out it’s @qookyquiche‘s (aka fluffmaster supreme) and @ferisae’s (aka angstmaster supreme) day of birth! I just wanted to wish you both a happy birthday and thank you for all the wonderful things you contribute to this fandom. Blindspots AU is brilliant, YDKM is a devastating masterpiece, and you both make the most amazing art! The Ladybug fandom would not be the same without you, and I hope your days are incredible as you two are <3

Family Picture
by @academla 

Newt, Tina, Sophia, and Theseus are standing around the beach, tired and sandy, having just reluctantly gotten dressed again for dinner. Sophia and Theseus are playing slapsies, which is punctuated by Sophia trying to play dirty and slapping him on the face instead; Newt is lost in thought, staring at the water and contemplating lethifolds; and Tina is practicing some basic Auror defense spells so as not to get too out of practice despite the current lack of excitement. Sophia has just come over and jabbed Newt in the ribs out of pure boredom when Elsie materializes with a camera. 

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Otayuri Week - Day 2 - Social Media or Celebrations

(idk if it’s okay but I put together both ideas into one)

It’s Otabek’s birthday and Yuri cannot visit him until the next week. Next season is right around the corner and he has to practice harder than ever. So they have to celebrate Beka’s day through Facetime. And yes, during practice because everyone loves Otabek and they also want to send him the best wishes, and Victor made Yuri put everyone in frame so they could sing him Happy Birthday together.

“Oh, why is Georgi crying?” Otabek asks smiling after they cheer on him loudly.

“I am just so sad that you have to be apart all the time! Lovers should never be apart from their other half!” Georgi shouts from behind, trying to hide his tears with a tissue, being dragged away by Mila.

“Otabeeeeek! We’ll go visit you in Almaty too! But a few days after Yuri gets there so you two can make….” Victor manages to say before Yuuri shuts his mouth with his hands “Waaah Victor!! Don’t you dare finish this sentence!!!“and they leave Yuri at peace to talk to his boyfriend.

“Aaah Beka they’re so annoying. But well, you know, everyone here loves you so… there was no other way”. Otabek only smiled at Yuri through his phone. “I even bought your favorite cupcake from that bakery you like near my place. I’ll have to eat it alone now and Lilia will probably kill me but…I already ordered a few for you, don’t worry”

“I wish you could be here, Yura. The party tomorrow won’t be as much fun as it would be with you here” Otabek pouts just to tease his boyfriend. Who pouts back and promises he’ll be in Almaty in a week and they will be okay.

Truth is, Yuri went to Almaty that same evening as a surprise. Otabek could not ask for a better birthday gift.

Sol’s Flare

Written by - @that-cosplay-sans
Edited by - @rsfoster
Based on Outertale “Sol” Grillby design by @pyramidheaddezby art link: http://pyramidheaddezby.tumblr.com/post/155234086973/pyramidheaddezby-16-hours-later-he-is-finally

The way to the place was a unique glimmering walkway of swirling stars and galaxies; that created a path to the entrance of the restaurant next to the resort.  I checked myself in the reflection of the dark glass one last time, straightened my dress, made sure no feathers were ruffled and my beak well glossed. Giving my reflection a nod; I resolved that, yes, I had the air of a regular patreon.  I hoped so anyway.  I had come for something particular after all.  Through rumors floating through the local station by the comet stream; I had heard the bartender was capable of mixing drinks that could aid monsters in various ways.  Hell, it is even said that the one week when my boss was rather relaxed it was because he ordered a drink from the bartender here. 

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My soul has always been his. I could go around the world and search for another lover but my heart is always yearning for him, and no one else. He’s the battlefield; and I own all the weapons.
—  n.c.d - Aladea

do you ever have that one OC you made when you were like 11-12 and you were still in that ‘everything has to be straight’ phase

and think back to all of the same sex “”friendships”” the character has?

and think to yourself.

holy fuck she would have been so gay for all of them what i was doing 

pretty please with sugar on top

here you sit
or sometimes there
you lay with pens,
pencils, a bit of chalk,
some brittle piece of
color next to great big
tabs of paper, tabs of
paper either physically,
electronically, mentally,
or (better yet) spiritually.
think about what has been
heavy on your heart and thoughts,
mix it with the rote of day-to-day,
sprinkle in some references to
references, wring the coffers
the beautiful images (but keep
some for later, there’s always
later). maybe what you’ve got
then will be something good,
something relevant, remotely
relatable in any region,
for any reason. that’s what
we’re doing, right? we beacons
of humanity, holding up the
glass between the lovers
and the haters and calling it
a mirror. it’s a goddamn mirror.
every time you finish it feels
nice and then maybe someone
says something and that will
feel nice too but then after
a week or so you start to
wonder when you’ll do it again,
you start to think that
you could never do it again
but you try anyway just to
lay down the doubts, the
looming clouds of doubt,
brim with effervescent fear
and the waxy moisture of
sadness. either way, most of
us find ourselves at our desks,
in our chairs and at our kitchen
tables trying to forge and work
the world and word into a phrase
that might get stuck in
your head, stuck in your head,
in your head.