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Chouichi/Itachi suggestions: in their genin days, festival, babysitting, one of them gets a motorcycle. Adore this pairing, and adore you!

“What could possibly go wrong?” Hana asked reasonably. 

Itachi eyed the back of the (stolen? Stolen.) motorcycle his two teammates had arrived on. 

“Come on Whirligig we ain’t got all day.” Chouichi drawled. Sitting between his legs, Chouji- barely two- giggled and clapped his pudgy little hands. 

“Where exactly do you expect me to sit?” Itachi asked. 

“Between us, stupid.” Hana said. “You bony butt will fit perfect now come on we’re gonna be late.” 

Itachi blinked. A swirl of pink appeared in his cheeks. 

‘I hate you’ he mouthed at Hana, who grinned at him. 

“Look either get up here or find another ride I’ve got fifteen minutes before Touma realizes I pinched his motorcycle.” Chouichi said. 

Itachi took a deep breath, squared his admittedly pretty scrawny shoulders, and accepted Hana’s offered arm. She pulled him up between them and with a bit of wriggling and some ‘hey watch it!’s they were all set to go. 

“Ready, Chouji?” Chouichi asked his brother. The toddler cooed. “Regular hellion, this one. Alright let’s go!” 

The bike lurched forward and Itachi wound up with a face full of red Akimichi hair. 

It smelled like peaches. 

He bit his lip hard enough to bleed and cast Hana a withering look over his shoulder. 

“If you goose him,” the Inuzuka murmured into Itachi’s ear, “do it on a corner.” 

Itachi rolled his eyes heavenward and wondered, not for the first time, what God hated him as they took off in a cloud of dust. 

hey, this has been bothering me for a long, long time and i’m finally going to say it. stop with this ‘krp’ bullshit.

korean people are not a genre. we aren’t an aesthetic. do you not find it strange that theres a whole subgenre of roleplay dedicated to korean muses? literally no one else in any other subgenre does this. i have never seen a genre of roleplay for a specific ethnicity. anime and comic rp group themselves as a genre because of the similarities in artistic medium, but

korean people are not an artistic medium. we’re fucking people. you are accessorizing us. this is racist. 

reblogging gifsets of kpop idols you like or kdramas you want to watch and tagging it as ‘omg my muse would definitely have a crush on this person’ is the most shallow, obvious form of yellow fever ive ever seen. whether your muse would have a crush on this idol or actor is not even relevant to the blog, it’s relevant to you, the mun, who sees a pretty korean face and decides that it fits the ‘aesthetic’ of your blog. i’ve never seen anime rp ever reblog gifsets of an anime that’s entirely different from the series that their muse is from and claim that their muse would have a crush on this irrelevant anime character whom they have had no interactions with. so why do you do that to real people? it’s just a tag of korean people who you think are hot? do you not see how fetishizing that is?

and why do you constantly treat korean people like fictional characters you can just fuck around with? does it not strike you as weird to write aus of real people? they’re not even ocs, you just take the idol, their name, their age, their face, and then change everything else around them. these people are not characters, they’re real life entertainers and you treat them like fictional characters, like accessories. writing aus of fictional characters comes from the sentiment of wanting to create something new based on what’s already given of a person who isnt real. it’s fetishizing, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s so painfully uncomfortable to see as a korean person. and it’s not in the same vein as writing an oc and having a faceclaim for them because when you retain the name and ‘character’ of the faceclaim, you’re writing this idol, not an oc, as if the fc werent people. i’ve never seen a ‘benedict cumberbatch au rp blog’ or a ‘tom hiddleston rp blog’ so why is this such a common occurrence to korean celebrities?

so before you write a korean muse using your ‘bias’ as a fc, ask yourself: are you writing out of thirst for your fc or interest for your muse’s characterization? because too many times i’ve come across korean muses with nothing but kdramas and kpop idol gifsets for pages and pages that have nothing to do with their muse and 0 research on our culture (seriously? your muse is special because they’re part of the kim family? 20% of korea has the last name kim, i have the last name kim. i assure you your muse wouldn’t be shit if that’s all they got going for them). i’m sick and tired of having my identity treated like an aesthetic. tone down the yellow fever, thanks.

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*whispers* Lewvithur prompt where'd a spell gone wrong turns Vivi into a creature (werewolf, harpy, etc.) and she hides from the boys while looking for a cure because she's afraid Arthur will be scared of her?


Also my god I needed a Vivi prompt thank u


Vivi sucked in a deep breath, allowing herself a few moments of panic under the covers to keep from completely losing it. Okay, positives, she thought to herself, look for the positives in all this.

Well, for one, the boys had been out that morning when the spell had backfired. That was a really good thing. She loved the two of them to death, really, she did, and she knew they’d be ready to break down the door before the magical shockwave had even cleared the air. Still, though she would welcome their loving concern any other day, she really didn’t want them to see her like this. Especially not Arthur. Not like this…that’s why she had snapped at them from behind the door when they returned home. Until she could fix this, she couldn’t show herself.

Alright, getting depressing, find another positive.

She was…positive, that she was going to chew Mystery out for messing with her spell books again. That was the only explanation for why her attempt at a routine shapeshifter spell had backfired so hard. Magic was a finicky little concept; all it took was one stray not-dog hair to turn an easily-reversible disguise into-

Positives, for god’s sake!

A reluctant knock against her door echoed across the room, and she nosed her way out of the covers with a panicked look. She shot a glare towards the paused deadbeats, who quickly returned to their frantic browsing, and plodded quietly to the door. “Really, guys, I’m fine, I just need-”

“It’s just me, Vi. Arthur’s in his room. Can I come in?”

Vivi sighed, thought she couldn’t tell if it was from relief or resignation. “Lewis. How-?”

“When he spoke up, you sounded like you were gonna rip his head off. I figured whatever you have going on in there, he shouldn’t see it.”

God, he was smart. She hated and loved that in equal measure. “Just…try not to laugh?”

Lewis phased his head through the door, confusion strangely apparent on his fleshless face as he glanced from side to side. “Vivi?”

“Down here.”

He slowly glanced down at the floor, visibly jolting when he locked eyes with the slender grey and blue beast. Vivi reached a paw up to push her glasses up a bit higher on her snout, and her ears drooped pitifully.

“…Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh. So that’s why you don’t want Arthur-”


Lewis fully passed through the door, taking a knee to better maintain eye contact with his miserable girlfriend. “Well…at least this is reversible, I assume?”

“That’s what they’re doing up there,” Vivi murmured, flicking her tail (Only one, Lewis wondered, why is that?) in the direction of the deadbeats raiding the counter, “trying to figure out a good reversal spell.”

“You know Mystery would probably be a better help.”

She growled a little in the back of her throat. “I’m kinda mad at him, he’s the reason I’m in this mess to begin with.”

Lewis chuckled, fiery hair bobbing gently. “I think he’d still be willing. He’s not exactly the type to get broken up over disappointing someone.”

After a moment, all mirth slipped from his skull, and he looked away, toying nervously at Vivi’s scarf. “Arthur, on the other hand…”

Vivi glanced up so quickly her nose almost brushed against Lewis’s upper jaw, and her eyes widened. “What?”

“I mean, when you were yelling at us to leave, when you shouted at him specifically, he kinda assumed you were-”

Vivi was on her paws in a second, turning her head to literally bark orders at the deadbeats. “Alright you guys, drop the books! You two, go get Mystery, and you-!”

The smallest deadbeat trilled in surprise as it’s companions darted off, and Vivi’s eyes narrowed.

“Go get Arthur.”


“Really, you don’t even look that much like Mystery, especially with only one tail; why is that, by the way?”

The little canine flipped another page, scanning the contents while ignoring the irritated glare of the other kitsune in the room. “Our tails signify our age and wisdom. Vivi’s too young to have multiple, even translating human milestones.”

The unfortunate girl prepared to shoot back with a quip about just how tiny his disguised tail was, when a cute little chirp at the door caught everyone’s attention. The trio looked up, and the tiny deadbeat peeking through the wood trilled, announcing Arthur’s arrival before his quiet, muffled voice arose from the other side.

“Vivi? You…asked for me?”

Vivi whimpered a little, glancing up at the ghost at her side for support. He looked back down at her, a gentle smile growing across his conjured face, before nodding slightly. She took a deep breath, turning back to the door. “Arthur, you can come in, but…I need to warn you…”

A pause. Then, urgency in his voice, “Vivi, what’s wrong? Really wrong?”

She dropped to her belly, trying to flatten herself against the ground in an attempt to look as nonthreatening as possible. “Please…don’t be afraid of me.”

The door swung open, one metal hand gripping the doorframe in anticipation, and the blonde met Lewis’s gaze initially. One eyebrow quirked up, and the ghost shrugged, turning his head slightly to look down. Arthur followed the path of his boyfriend’s eyes, and when he saw the upset kitsune on the ground he went rigid.

Vivi looked up at him, her puppy dog eyes more appropriate than ever. “Hi Artie,” she whispered softly.

She wasn’t surprised, just dismayed, when he started shaking. Nor was she surprised when his right arm slowly rose from his side to cover his mouth, eyes starting to shine with wet impending tears. Lewis sighed. “Arthur-”

They were both VERY surprised when the corners of Arthur’s mouth tugged upwards behind his hand, and a muffled high pitch sound tore out of his throat.

“Viviiiiiii, oh my god, you look so cuuuuuuuuuute!”

Another pause.


Arthur dropped to his knees, heaving and fawning over his transformed girlfriend, and Lewis fell over onto his side, laughing hysterical as fiery tears pulled at the corner of his dark eyes. Vivi groaned in frustration; I mean, sure, it was better than the mechanic cowering in instinctual terror, but only barely!

“Oh my god Vivi you have such tiny paws!”






Mystery rolled his eyes, tapping a list of components with his nose as the little deadbeats struggled to pay attention. “Let’s get this done quickly, before she bites both their arms off.”

Genderqueer/Genderfluid winterfalcons 8I

I wrote a little story about this which I will put beneath a read more so you can reblog without a big paragraph of my silly writing attached.

I’ve seen lots (and lots and lots) of Sam comforting/taking care of Bucky in this ship, and others even.

But listen, Sam is a person, he has good days and he has bad days too…

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[150302] Fancafe Update - Sangdo

Title: Happy SangDo Day :) ♥

SangDo’s 20 Questions & 20 Answers

Name: Yoo Sangdo     DOB: 1993.03.02    Blood Type: AB

1. How would you describe yourself in a few words?
A creek. Just how it becomes deeper as it gets wider, I hope I can be like that too!

2. What is your favourite number & why?
2, 3,7. 2 is my lucky number. I like 3 and 7 so I also think of them as my lucky numbers.

3. The good & bad points of your personality?
The fact that I don’t seem light (easy) to people.

4. What are the top 3 memorable things for you in the past year?
1) Debut stage!   2) Concert!   3) The day we received the Best Rookie award!

5. If you could go back to being a student, what would you want to do the most?
Busking! Dating in school uniform..👉👈

6. What is your favourite colour & why?
I like all colours~ But if I had to choose, white, black, grey, silver, these… ㅋㅋ I have a lot of grey clothes… I really like silver accessories.

7. Write down the sizes of your shirt/pants/foot/finger/toe/head that you know!
Shirt – 95~100
Pants – 30~31
Foot – 265~270

8. What are you most interested in lately?
Clothes? Where should I go to see ToppKeul?

9. The variety program you really want to guest on?
Law of The Jungle… Three Meals

10. What is the best thing you’ve done since being born?
Being born as my mother and father’s son, Yoo Sangdo, and becoming a part of Topp Dogg!

11. What do you think when you see Xero always trying to look good?
My god…. this kid has always been smart in pretending to look good to people… so I thought he was too much.. but lately I find him cute and fun~

12. Topp Dogg is ____?

13. Who do you share a dorm with and are there any funny episodes?
Hyosang, Hojoon, Dongsung, Hansol, Sanggyun! Dongsung is the type to take long showers, and one day I felt like he was in the bathroom for an hour…. I turned the lights off but he still finished up and walked out with a nonchalant expression. Our Kim Gohnsung…..

14. You usually show a friendly image to fans. Where can we find a friendly Sangdo?
Even when they are busy, they still come to see us~ They must have been able to see my friendly side due to my always grateful heart towards them~

15. What food do you cook the best and how do you make it?
Umm….. hamburger? French toast! As long as I have the ingredients, it’s not hard ~_~

16. What song do you enjoy listening to and sing the most lately?
I recommend Musiq Soulchild’s album. ‘Like The Sun,’ 'Yes,’ and 'Say I Do!’

17. Our fans are ____?
They’re all pretty and cute.

18. What is ToppKlass to Sangdo?
Even after I turn around, I will miss them again♡♡♡♡♡♡

19. What kind of Sangdo do you want to be for ToppKlass?
I hope to be a proud oppa, or friend or dongsaeng [for them] wherever I go….!

20. Your goal for 2015?
To be recognised more under Topp Dogg’s name is my biggest goal! Also to improve my individual skills!

SangDo’s sense!
They call this picture a non-celeb cosplay :)

Please congratulate SangDo from the bottom of your heart
..:+:.. Happy SangDo Day :D ♡ ..:+:..

Translation by: Topp Dogg Intl.

Box in the form of a crane.  Lacquer on wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl .  18th century, Japan by unknown artist.  Rijksmuseum

The body of this crane is hollow; the upper part rests on the main section and serves as a lid. The wooden box is covered in thin layers of lacquer, a typical product of East Asia. Lacquer is the resin of the Rhus vernicifera or lacquer tree. It was used in Japan, China and Korea to embellish wooden boxes, furniture and screens, normally in combination with dyes and mother-of-pearl. Lacquer is applied in layers - often a great number. For lustre, durability and tenacity, ‘genuine’ lacquer work is far superior to any Western imitations. The lacquering is inlaid with pieces of mother-of-pearl, which are arranged in such a way that they accurately represent the bird’s plumage. For instance, the artist has used red-coloured pieces to indicate the typical red marking on the crane’s head. This costly lacquered box was produced in Japan in the eighteenth century, probably as part of a dowry.

History of the Object

Dowry - In Japan, lacquer was often used for boxes in which clothing, make-up, incense and writing accessories were stored. Sets of a particular number of boxes were often presented as a dowry. The labour-intensive production technique meant that originally only noblemen and highly-placed warriors were able to order such sets. From the sixteenth century, the number of prosperous merchants who could afford to buy lacquerware grew steadily. The crane was itself probably once a wedding present. The crane is seen in Japan as a symbol of long life and of fidelity in marriage: the bird is monogamous and will even remain faithful to a sick partner.

My most prized possessions (clockwise).

1. Ravenclaw beanie
2. 90’s Polaroid 600 camera
3. Vincent Van Gogh art book
4. Circle flip-up sunglasses
5. WWII Sister Fletcher hand mirror
6. The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Creepypasta #538: It’ll Find Me Eventually

So a long time ago, back in my non-photogenic days, we lived in a big old house in the country. Yeah, I know it’s cliché, but it was a nice place with little trap doors and closets, old wallpaper, and grainy wood floors that felt good on your feet. It smelled very old, but in a good way, like how a grandmother’s house would smell.

I lived there with my little cousin, who was adopted by us when his parents were in a train accident. He was too little to remember them, so he was basically like a little brother to me. He and I played Barbies and Spaceman and whatever other childish game we could conjure up with plastic dolls and old boxes. It was nice outdoors, and we were able to keep chickens because the property was large and there were few neighbors to tell us what to do. Heck, my parents could have spray painted the house like green and nobody would have cared a bit.

From what we later learned, the events could have happened from when we were barely toddling, but we wouldn’t have remembered. After all, it was usually small and insignificant things at first. A matchbox car that had probably rolled under the refrigerator, or a rubber doll shoe that probably got lost playing in the yard. Even though we never found things we lost, it’s not like we had any sort of reason to believe we would ever are the stuff again. As children, my cousin and I just kind of assumed that it was a fact of life. Things just sometimes go missing and never turn up.

It wasn’t until I started going to school that I realized that things weren’t supposed to work that way. I think it began when I lost a little plastic ring at school. My teacher noticed I wasn’t wearing it and asked where it was. I said it was gone, but that was okay because that happens sometimes. The teacher laughed and shook her head and took me to the lost and found, where I retrieved the cheap piece of jewelry. I was amazed that it wasn’t gone forever. After all, didn’t they just sort of go to lost-things-land after awhile?

When I started going to sleepovers and summer camps is when I really started to realize that things only went missing at home. I was very well organized, but a stray pen or a little barrette that I could have sworn was just there was always gone in an instant. I asked my mother and father if stuff like that happened to them, but they shook their heads and told me I was just being forgetful. As my cousin and I stopped sharing toys, he found that less of his things went missing.

One of the most frightful disappearances however, was when it got my first puppy. Mother had gone with Father to a church fundraiser and my cousin was on a trip to an amusement park (maybe Six Flags?) for the weekend with his friend. I had just got a puppy, a little mutt from a farm down the road. Her name was Sophie and she was still quite small and loud.

Well, that night I was home alone, and she had been very quiet for whatever reason, a little bit more alert than usual. I sat her on my lap and began to brush her with a little wire doll brush to calm her down. I got up to use the toilet at some point, and when I came back, both Sophie and the brush were gone. Even the clumps of fur that had come out of the brush had vanished.

This was the final straw for me. I hated that house. My family was concerned and feared for my well being. I got a new dog, a burly pit bull. This one never got stolen, and made me feel a lot more secure. Things kept going missing, but not as often anymore. I started taking inventory of the items in my room, and never slept easily when something was missing.

I eventually went to college and got a career. After buying my own place, I picked up my pit bull, Loki, from my parents’ house where he was staying. We have a nice little place right now, him and me.

About a month ago, Mother called to tell me and my cousin (who is still in college) that they were downsizing and needed our help moving stuff out of the house. I didn’t want to see that house very much; it still sort of creeped me out. But I decided that if I took my dog, then I would feel more secure.

After working on moving some of the boxes out, my cousin and I decided to take Loki for a walk down the road. He was happy as a dog could be, sniffing around in the dirt and worms. But about a half-mile or so from the house, he started barking into the trees. I tried to lead him onward, but he kept barking at the same area. Confused, my cousin and I followed him through the woods until we reached a small shack. It was a little bigger than an outhouse and blackened from rot. I wasn’t sure why Loki found it so interesting.

After looking around a bit, my cousin found a dirty Rubbermaid box. He opened it and the color drained from his face. I looked inside.

It was like a time capsule, almost. My toys, accessories, toiletries, writing utensils, the glasses I lost in 3rd grade. Spare change, socks, whatever it was I lost. I was amazed, as well as super creeped out. But it wasn’t even the worst part yet.

Loki kept digging at the ground, and eventually unearthed a similar shallowly buried box. The contents of this one were much more appealing. Along with minor trinkets was a puppy carcass. The carcass had marks running down its side, which matched the spokes of the little wire doll brush.

I don’t know if I have ever wept that hard in my entire life. My cousin later helped me bury my little dog. Poor Sophie had been flayed alive with a brush, and I never even knew.

The next day, I packed up and left. I was glad my parents were leaving that house. I don’t want to see any of that area again.

You’re probably wondering why I’m posting this here, but it’s because of something that happened earlier today. I didn’t explain about the pictures I’ve been getting on my phone. Pictures of me playing in the backyard. Pictures of me inside at the family dinner table. Pictures of me doing homework, taken from under the couch. Even a picture of me from afar, packing to leave for college. And the most recent one is of me jogging this morning. I tried to send these to my family and friends but they won’t send. People are telling me that their phone won’t load the images.

A big, metal serving spoon went missing today from my dishwasher. It’s found me.

Credits to: KickButtBallerina