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The time is now! The day is here!

What is this about?

The 2012 Les Misérables film is 2.5 hours long. However, Tom Hooper’s original director’s cut included almost 4 hours of footage. What happened in all those scenes that were excluded from the final version? Many of us have been wanting to see them for years, but neither Hooper nor Universal Pictures have expressed their intentions to release an extended cut anytime soon.

And how do we plan to make them change their mind?

We are going to make them see that many people are still interested in the release of an extended version. We want to prove to Universal Pictures, their producers, and Hooper that they would profit from releasing a longer version of the film. But we need your help. Let’s not give them one reason, but thousands. Specifically, 24601.

Count me in! How can I help?

Just tell us why you want to have an extended version! Are there any of the cut scenes from the movie which you would like to see restored? Do you have a favourite character that you would like to see more of? Or did you just like the film so much that you would happily watch a longer version of it? Any reason is a good reason! It can be as simple as a sentence or you can write a very long paragraph about it, it’s up to you! Send your reason to lesmisextended@gmail.com, adding your first name and your country. For example, this could be your message if you were a certain writer very interested in details:

“The sewers definitely deserved more screen time.” (Victor, France)

Why do you want to know my name and my country?

This is a worldwide petition and we want to show Universal Pictures et al. that there are real people from all over the world who would buy an extended cut. Your name and country alone won’t be enough to identify you if you don’t want anyone to know who you are, that is why we are not asking for anything more specific such as your last name or city. Your reason will be published in a similar format to the example above and we won’t share your e-mail address or any other personal information with anyone.

Can I write to you in any language?

Since we’re going to contact people whose first language is English, we encourage you to write in English because that way we will be able to send them your reason exactly as you wrote it. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to write in English, you can use any of these languages and one of our collaborators will translate it for you. (Don’t forget to tell us in the subject line what language you’re writing in!)

And how are you going to send our reasons to the people who have a say in this?

We are going to collect all your reasons on a huge document and send it to Universal Pictures on the 25th of December, the movie’s fifth anniversary, with a letter explaining this project’s purpose. Since the document may be too large to send via e-mail (and since the people who check the company’s messages may not open attached files from unknown senders), we will probably upload it on Dropbox or a similar platform and send them the link so they can read it there.

We will also be sharing your reasons or some fragments of them on Twitter (@MisExtended) and on our Tumblr blog (lesmisextendedversion.tumblr.com) and we are contacting the press to make sure our voice is heard in as many places as possible.

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Sure, there are plenty of things you can do!

  • Do you have a Tumblr or Twitter account? Share this petition with all your followers!
  • Do you know anyone who would like to join us but doesn’t use the internet? Tell them about us, find out their reason and send it to us if they’re okay with it!
  • Can you speak any language besides English? Join our translation team!
  • Are you good at drawing? Share your art with us!
  • Do you know any press/media that might be interested in our campaign? Tell us about them so that we can contact them!

Write to lesmisextended@gmail.com and share your ideas with us to help us reach more people!

Become an Established Writer on Psych2Go and Get Paid

If you’re interested in getting paid as a writer on psych2go, similar to how  a Youtuber who’s built enough traction for their channel based on video views, we’re planning to reward writers with payment for content that are popular. 

This is a great for someone who are looking for: 

1. Portfolio building 

2. Passionate about psychology and mental health 

3. Aspiring journalist or writers for online publications 

4. Students who are looking for internship hours 

5. Contributing to the psychology and mental health community in general. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity and what the requirements and expectations are, email us the following: 

1. A bit about yourself (what you’re studying) 

2. Why you want to get involved

3. How many hours a week could you commit to this? 

4. Writing samples (1 or 2) 

Email here: 


By: Aug 30th. 

Subject line: Writing Internship 

Want to Contribute as a Writer for psych2go?

We’re looking for someone to cover the following topics: 



Mental Health 

Applied Psychology 

Psychology News 

Psychology Comics

If you’re interested in any of these verticals and would like to do a collaboration or submitted piece, let us know! 

This is ideal for someone who: 

1. Enjoys writing, psychology or journalism. 

2. Has 3 hours a week of free time 

3. Wants to share a voice on a subject matter to a wide audience (1 million + ) 

4. Wants to expand their online writing portfolio and use us as a springboard for a job opportunity. 

This opportunity is a great win win for everyone! Readers get something that can solve a problem in their lives while you get to share knowledge/expertise. 

If you’re interested, email us in with the following subject line: 

“Writing, Your name” 

To editorial@psych2go.net 

By: Sept 30th, and we will send you a questionnaire to get you on boarded! 

Hi all, dear Potterheads! I made a set of postcards “Harry Potter” with my illustrations and decided to share with you! Includes 13 pieces.

If you are interested - write me  marinamichkina.art@gmail.com      
Enter the subject line “Harry Potter cards” and your address, so I sent you a cute package)
Payment is accepted in the PayPal system
Shipping is free.

Thank you for all)

Interested in joining the Writing team?

Psych2Go has a mission to be a resource of strategies and solutions through articles for people feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, or dealing with struggles.

We have a writing team of 100 writers, based internationally contributing content remotely.

If you’d be interested in joining the writing team as an unpaid intern, email us with the following:

  1. What you’re currently studying?
  2. What articles have you written in the past? Provide a link or portfolio to previous work.
  3. What motivates you to sign up?
  4. What do you hope to get out from this role with us?
  5. How much time can you put into writing for Psych2Go?

Here’s what you get in return:

  1. Portfolio building; With over 1 million readers, you will be able to have a chance to have your work read a large audience.
  2. Creates stronger values: You will be helping people by sharing pieces of writing that can help make a difference
  3. Reference letter
  4. Unpaid Internship hours for your course

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions! Email Celina by Sept. 15th here:


Must include subject line “Writing Internship, Celina”

14 days till sign up for authors.

Sign up starts 1st of May, I promise I will make a reminder a week before. Then May 1st the link for signup will go live, and is open till (including) May 15th.

What you need to know before you sign up as an author (the quick breakdown)

*Both original trilogy & Andromeda is welcome

*Crossovers are allowed as long as the main character is from Mass Effect

*You can enter as both author and artist, but cannot do art for your own story

*Minimum 10.000 word limit, but no max limit

*You can co-author a story, but both authors need to sign up separately. (that will make sense when you see the sign up form).

*It’s a anonymous challenge until reveal! This is so everyone gets a fair chance at an artist, and the artists get to chose from good ideas, not names and friends.

*Only requirement is an email, and if you need an Ao3 account I will hunt an invite down for you.

*You can sign up as an beta only. But you can also sign up as beta if you participate either as author or artist, but you do not need to participate to sign up as a beta.

*Most communication between me and you during the MEBB is via email, so please sign up with an account that you actually check, and I will always write MEBB in the subject line. 

*All pairrings, warnings, themes and so forth is welcome, just remember to warn appropriately.

*I work on a need to know at the moment policy, so I won’t send you a wall of text and expect you to remember it, I will send you emails along the way and explain what is going to happen next.(email me if you need the complete picture, and I will of course provide it)


If you’ve been doing interviews or writing for the website, could you email us here instead now:


Must use the following subject lines  for:

Interviews  - Interviews, Your Name

Writing - Writing, your name

Animations - Animations, your name

Script Writing - Scritps, your name

Voice over - VO, your name

All our other emails don’t work anymore.


All our other emails don’t work anymore. Thanks!

I hate to do this, but my money is super low in my account rn because of bills and food and I will be accepting $1 drabbles for the next couple of days in order to make sure I can keep my account above the negative.

The drabbles will be up to 500 words and will have to be for NaLu only. I only have motivation to write NaLu at the moment, and I really want to get myself ready for NaLu week in a month. I will be accepting 5 drabbles and be posting when I hit 5.

You are not obligated to do this, but it would for sure help out!

Here is my paypal: paypal.me/unashamedshipper

Please write in the subject line what au you would like, and keep in mind that I do not write smut. If you are just donating, please tell me so so I don’t put you down for a drabble.

Thank you!

Is anyone interested in writing on “How To Read Someone Better”

The article will take the form of a list format, followed by a personal narrative at the beginning of the article of a time when you had trouble reading someone and you hoped that there were ways/strategies/systems that you could apply. Really helpful any socially awkward folks like myself.

If you’re interested, feel free to send us an email to writing@psych2go.net with the Article Title as the subject line.

Due date is: June 15th for a draft.

If your article gets picked and published on the website, we will let you know!

Here’s what you get out from this:

1) As usual, potential compensation

2) Reference/resume

3) Chance to be a part of our staff writing team.

If you’re interested, send us an email and we will send you the writing guidelines and help you create an account.

December’s Writing Commissions

Hello, everyone!  I will be opening fanfiction commissions- for a few reasons, in part because money is tight and because this grants an opportunity to further exercise my writing and hopefully give readers something to enjoy.

Some key points:

  • Main fandoms include but are not limited to Hetalia, Harry Potter, and Yuri on Ice; if you consult the list in my blog description, there is a more full list of all fandoms I would be comfortable writing for
  • I can include pairs you may want, though for Hetalia the pair I feel I can provide the best quality for is RusAme, FRussia, FrUK and USUK
    • Pairings can go beyond this
  • I will write original works if you wish too
  • Maturity ratings can go as high as T
  • $1 for 100 words; we can absolutely discuss length if you have a preference
    • On my own I write quite a bit, so if you specifically want something shorter or longer feel free to let me know
  • I will write in OCs for just $1 extra per OC, just for adjusting to writing someone else’s character
    • Anything you want the OC to do in the fic, feel free to let me know
    • If you want an OC shipped with a canon character that can be arranged too
  • You can be as specific as you want with the prompt
  • If something is not to your liking after the final payment is made I will gladly go back and edit- no need to pay more either
  • Payments done through PayPal
    • I think we’ll do half as a down payment, the remaining half when finished (but if something doesn’t quite work let me know, it’s cool)
  • I think I will start with 5 open slots and see how this goes- depending on demand more might open up?

My writing can be found under my December Writes tag, RusAme Fanfiction, Hetalia Fanfiction, FRussia Fanfiction, and my FF and Ao3 pages, December Writing Dragon and StarlightOnInk respectively.

For any questions, feel free to instant message me here and email my at thewriterguild@gmail.com (with subject line Writing Commission or something similar) We can hash out prompt details and length so you get exactly what you want.

I thank you so much for taking your time to read this and hope I can provide something that will make readers happy. I really feel honored to be apart of so many great fandoms and groups on here and to be able to help my financial situation by doing what I love would be a dream.

Reblogs are appreciated!



I am beautiful, no matter
what the bathroom scale tells me.
My eyes shine like Tiffany glass as
the knowledge blazes behind them.
My mind afire like a solstice ritual,
stars calling forth ideas like floating embers flown up
to the heavens as an offering.
My lips twist in
a sly smile and a promise
of song that may spill forth
clear and strong as a summer morning;
or laughter louder than one would expect,
if one judged the compulsion of joy by
the height marked onto old doorframes.
My hair dances upon my shoulders like
it remembers past lives
lives as the strings of a harp, a lyre–
as the strong-strung strands racing inside a piano,
about to call out summons to an orchestra.
My earlobes curve languidly like lines
penned around graceful women of Art Nouveau,
and my teeth look forward as
proudly erected battlements,
taunting the world to play nice lest
my mouth arch downwards.
My feet kiss the earth and learn its textures
and carry its colors like precious cargo.
And my fingers turn to the world, ask it
questions–what? how?
And my hands show my love.
My heart beats the rhythm I am music to.
And I am light. I am life.
And I am beautiful like an unstoppable force
which leaves no opportunity for numbers to get a word in edgewise. 

Recruiting For the Following Positions

If you’re an experienced editor, writer, animator or news journalist, we’re looking for your help.

Our vision at Psych2Go is to be the go to site for helpful and reliable content around psychology and mental health. This is the next phase of our content direction.

If you’re interested in being a part of our team, email us with the following:

1. About yourself (education and goals)

2. Availability (Do you have 3-4 hours a week) for the next 2 months.

3. Your areas of specialty. What topics in psychology do you know a lot about? What news do you follow?

4. Your portfolio (Your editing, writing or animation projects)

If you’re someone who’s passionate about mental health, psychology, media, journalism, we would love to have a quick chat!

Email us here with the subject line: The Role Name (Editing, Writing, Animation)

To: Editorial@psych2go.net

By: Oct 30

I fucking hate how much anxiety emails give me like they’re so crucial to modern life and I have a small scale anxiety attack every time I had to write one like I’m better now than I was a year ago, but I still feel wretched.

Do you enjoy our Youtube video, script writing?

Part of our script writing process is making our articles more video ready. For example, making this article more narratable and can incorporate visual elements for white board drawing. 

And the following: 

1. A fact about yourself (whether you have a psych background, film, writing or so forth) 

2. 3 things that you think can improve with the scripts of our videos 

3. and whether you have 1 hr a week to dedicate to this. 

4. Whether you see this as a collaboration or ongoing weekly thing that you’d like to do! 

This role is ideal for someone: 

1. Who’s looking to expand their writing portfolio or script work for job references/showcase. 

2. Someone who wants to contribute back to the psych2go community by getting involved with content around psychology and mental health 

3. Someone with an interest in refining and testing their script writing abilities 

If you’re interested, in writing scripts, send us an email here:
animations@psych2Go.net with the subject line: Scripts, Your Name

The Hyphenate is NOW OPEN for submissions! Submit your art, writing, and rants to ISSUE 2 of Kula’s zine, which aims to showcase creative work by and for Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi students and faculty. And *MOST IMPORTANTLY* we are now ***PAYING*** our contributors! (5 dollars per poem and 10 dollars per prose piece or visual piece) <3

Our theme for this fall’s zine is DREAMS: from the illusion of the American Dream to our deepest desires/worst nightmares, we aim to explore what it means to use our imaginations, collective and individual. Dreaming isn’t just a reflection of our inner and outer worlds, it’s a process of creation: storytelling, imagining our futures, and crafting visions of the world and ourselves. We created a Pinterest board and some prompts (below) for inspiration!


We want our theme to be flexibly interpreted by all of you, so don’t be worried if you have a piece/are working on something you’re not sure fits: send it to us anyway!


GUIDELINES: Email slchyphenate@gmail.com
Please attach written pieces as word docs or pdfs. Attach visual works as .png or .jpeg files. In the subject line, write: “Issue 2 [insert genre] submission: [your full name]” 

Example: “Issue 2 poetry submission: Jane Smith.“ Please also let us know what year you’re in and what your gender pronouns are! If you’d like to be published anonymously, please let us know too :)

Here are some ideas you can consider exploring! (Though once again, we are open to any interpretations, and feel free to make the theme your own)

*Futurisms (What could the world look like? How can our imaginations be tools or weapons to dismantle the regimes we live in? What/how do we use our collective imaginations?)

*The American Dream (What does it mean to you? What does it mean now? How do we reconcile myths with realities? How can our myths be destructive? What systems do we make/break?)

*Desires (Whether you desire a person, a home, a place, a feeling, what does it mean to want something? How has desire shaped you?)

*Inspiration (Who inspires you? What makes you dream? Who speaks to you in your dreams?)

*Folklore/mythology/magical realism (Whether you are telling your own personal mythology or recounting the alternate worlds that inform your own, tell us what stories capture you, and what stories liberate you.)

*States of being (What does it mean to be on this campus? In the world? How do you tell stories to make your own safety and agency?)

(Image credit: screenshot from Tsai Ming Liang’s film "I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone”)

WIP first line meme thingy

Post the first line of a WIP, then tag as many people as there are words. Tagged by the wonderous, splendiferous, magnanimous @nightmarestudio606

From the forthcoming Chapter 4 of Second Tuesday of the Month:

Jack’s gone all out on the Halloween decorations.

Tagging @ellebeedarling @foofyschmoofer @barbex @maxrev @omegastation @pleasespellchimerical @thunderthighsvakarian @probably-a-synth Or not. As the case may be.

Welcome Home (Daryl Dixon Imagine)

Imagine:  Can you do an imagine where the reader was abused by her father and one day Daryl sees her scars and he comforts her and tells her she’s not alone? – Anon

A.N: I just wanted to say that I don’t take abuse lightly, and if you’re suffering from anything at all, please speak to someone. I am always quite hesitant to write abuse stories, as it’s such a sensitive and real subject. If I ever write anything that crosses any lines, please let me know. Also, I know I wrote this a little ambiguously but I hope you enjoy anon. 

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, scars. 

Word Count: 1488


Long sleeves and shame were my two favourite summer trends, unfortunately living in the south made my life a living hell. When I had survived alone, I felt free enough to wear skimpy vests. Letting my skin breathe felt like heaven. Being alone wasn’t worth the cost of bare skin, so when Glenn and I crossed paths, with his promise of security and food, I accepted. That was in the winter, and hiding my scars from my new family had been easy and painless. Now with spring in the air, my anxiety rose along with the pollen count. I felt people stare, confused but far too polite to question my outfit choice during our quick run into town. My long sleeves agitating my every move. 

Daryl, the one person in the group who hadn’t spoken to me, not properly. Just the occasional nod of assurance or grunt. Those observant eyes of his burned almost hot as the Georgia sun, I felt every lingering look pierce me; questioning me. I avoided him as much as possible. Today however, luck was not on my side. We were ambushed outside of the store, a small group of men jumped out of a parked van. Ready to steal what our hard working asses had gathered, they were easy enough to deal with, but we didn’t come away unscathed. Daryl had taken a hit, a bullet wound to his shoulder. Stubborn as the hunter was, he paced beside his bike, huffing and grumbling. 

“Daryl, we need to get you back home,” Glenn chastised, “you can’t ride your bike while bleeding out, get in the car.” 

“Ain’ leavin’ it behind, only jus’ got it back.” He wasn’t budging. Before Glenn lost his mind, I stepped up.

“I can ride…” The group fell quiet, I wasn’t the type to pipe up. 

“Like hell yer touchin’ it,” Daryl retorted defensive, wincing at the pain.

“Look like you got many options there bud?” I scoffed, stepping up to him. He stared me down, and I made sure to show the sincerity in my eyes. He looked down at his feet, nodding briefly.

“Fine, but I ride at the back.” He applied pressure to his bleeding wound, sweat coating his face. 

“Daryl, that’s not safe, what if you pass-” 

“Won’t pass out, she ain’t riding without me there.” That was final, he wasn’t budging. Everyone boarded their vehicles, including me, the pressure of riding his precious bike weighing me down. 

“Ain’t got all day, you comin’?” He huffed, waiting for me to sit. 

I straddled the bike, revving the engine, a cat like grin creeping up my face. I hadn’t ridden since before the world ended. Tentatively, Daryl wound his good arm around my waist and I felt my body flush; not expecting him to touch me. I shook my head, scolding myself for the inappropriate thoughts that caused a familiar warmth to pool in my lower stomach. 

Casting a quick look behind me, avoiding his intense scrutiny I checked if he was ready. With a small nod, I took off, a little wobbly at first but soon easing into the ride. Enjoying the wind in my hair, I let out a laugh, the first genuine laugh I’d had in what felt like years. I felt Daryl shake his head, but I didn’t have the capacity to care in that moment, I was happy. 

After a while, I noticed Daryl’s grip loosening and noticed he looked peaky, so I pulled over. He was losing far too much blood, I hopped off the bike, facing him, his eyes filled with anger but without the energy to fight he simply allowed me to tend to him. I peeled his vest and shirt away from his drenched body. He groaned in protest but he needed medical attention now before it was too late. 

Luckily, the bullet had passed straight through, I examined the two bullet holes on either side of his shoulder. The blood loss was taking its toll on him though. Without hesitating, I tore his shirt into strips, wrapping them as tight as possible around his wound. Tying a not to hold them in place before stepping back from him, reaching to place his vest back over his bare torso. Until, my eyes scanned the expanse of his back. Before thinking, I reached out and ran my fingers delicately over one of the many littered scars. He flinched, head whipping round to meet my startled gaze. 

“I-I’m so sorry, I just…” 

“Jus’ what?! Gimme ma vest woman!” He snatched it out of my grasp, and I quickly scampered to return to the bike, hastily driving us home. 


Upon returning, Daryl stormed off, I called after him but he paid me no mind. I swallowed thickly. I’d been such a fool, but seeing his scars made me feel somewhat at peace. Glenn approached me, placing a hand on my shoulder. 

“Are you alright? What happened out there?” His concerned eyes watching me carefully. 

“I’m fine, just think I stepped out of line with Daryl is all… Patched him up a little on the drive back, he was losing too much blood… I…” catching myself, I shook my head. “I need to rest, sorry,” and I fled.


Tossing and turning in bed that night, I couldn’t rid myself of the guilt that washed over me in fresh waves. Sleep evaded me. I groaned into my pillow, my mind twisting from the gut wrenching guilt to thoughts of how soft his scars were… and the feel of his arm around me, the feel of him pressed tightly against me on the journey home. I sighed, I had to make it up to him. Make him understand my idiotic actions. 

Throwing my sheets off, scantily clad in my nightshirt and underwear, I padded off down the hall towards his room. Torn between hoping he was awake and hoping he’d be resting, so I could return back to the safety of my room and not do what seemed almost insane.

After staring at this door, I brought my trembling hand up to knock; a ghostly knock, I had barely heard it myself. A moments pause, my breath held painfully in my chest.

“Who’s it?” Gruff, tired and pained. I sighed, now or never.

Hesitantly, I crept in. A stream of light cast across the foot of his bed where he lay atop the sheets, his good arm holding up his head. From what little light there was, I swore he frowned, and I hoped the world would swallow me whole. 

“Whaddya want?” He spat, while I closed the door behind me. Certain that his hunter senses could pick up my anxious state. 

“About today, about… your back, I-”

“Forget it.” He interrupted, expecting pity from me. 

“No. Daryl, I…” Lost for words, I knew that I would probably upset him further. Instead, opting for a more forward approach. I removed my shirt, he made a sound of protest before I turned and revealed my scars.

Silently trembling, I heard a shuffling come from his bed, before footsteps neared me. It felt like hours passed before I felt the ghostly touch of his fingers across my longest, meanest looking scar. Swallowing hard, not even attempting to hide my tremors. He retracted, clearing his throat.

“I just, I didn’t think, I felt so…”

“Stop,” his voice was strained. I turned to face him. His eyes misty behind his matted hair. I stepped into his space, reaching up to cup his cheek; the stubble tickling my palm. He looked cautious but calm as I stepped on my toes to gently press a soft kiss on his lips. A confused groan left him, the sound tingling at our joined lips and I couldn’t help the needy moan that came from me. His good arm pulling me in, pulling me up to him, pulling me home. Carefully, we made our way to his bed, there was something almost innocent and clumsy in his affections; it was endearing. 

He kissed me fervently, running his hand down my stomach, across a multitude of scars, eyes shooting up to meet mine. The vulnerability we shared seemed to heighten the moment. Hesitantly, he dipped his head, placing a chaste kiss on the scar, before moving to the next. No words needed to be said, as we each shared our biggest shame filled secrets to one another. Silently claiming the others pain as strength. 


It had been weeks since that night, Daryl and I becoming almost one, an unspoken understanding shared between us. The group hadn’t questioned our sudden closeness, or how Daryl was more than happy to let me ride his bike. I had thrown out the long sleeved shirts, after he had scoffed at me sacrificing my health just to hide myself. He assured me in his way, that was entirely Daryl’s, that I was beautiful, accepted, strong… his. 

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