“I don’t know what hurts more, knowing that I can’t have you, or that someone else can,”

15:45 - It all hurts (via moondustanddreams)

“It is brutal loving someone who will never love you back,”

14:02 - Yet we still love them. Why? (moondustanddreams)

I no longer apologize for the way I feel about you; welcoming anything that will expose your true colors. Insanity is doing the  same thing over and over, expecting different results each time, so stop calling me: I’m never gonna pick up.
—  j. grey

“How can you do that? How do you just pretend that someone doesn’t exist anymore? That you never knew each other, and every inch of each other’s souls? And now they’re just gone. What you shared is gone. And it’s never going to be the same again,”

22:48 - How do I ever let you go?

Things I associate with the signs:

Aries: Red lipstick stain in cigarettes. The Fiery lava, never dare to touch.

Taurus: A diaphanous Satiny curtain flowing in the zephyr.

Gemini: Day and night, the constant duality of nature.

Cancer: The strong ocean current carrying life.

Leo: The Sunshine at the midst of an evening shower. (You bring us rainbows)

Virgo: A never ending duel between heads and hearts.

Libra: Flower in her hair, whiskey in her veins and pearls in her smile.

Scorpio: Magnetic eyes gazing through the masquerade mask.

Sagittarius: A one way ticket to nowhere.

Capricorn: Dark, forbidden place filled with roses under the cypress.

Aquarius: The space and the sea,both are infinite and both are detached.

Pisces: Dancing alone in the rain to hide the tears and to wash away the pain.

By a Pisces;)


Aries: A dark lord fiercer than hell, he was so hot that he made her wet.

Taurus: He has the taste of her embedded in his soul.

Gemini: He touched her with his words in places even his hands couldn’t reach.

Cancer: In a world full of men, she found this gentleman.

Leo: This ruler of the jungle shall always follow the commands of his queen.

Virgo: He serves, he protects. So loyal and direct; oh! When he strikes her chords, yes he’s perfect.

Libra: Sweet talk and that beguiling smile. Soon, you’ll be waltzing with him under the pale moonlight.

Scorpio: An enigma in the streets, a freak between the sheets. Impossible to resist, dark den is where this scorpion exists.

Sagittarius: He’ll explore your wildest dreams, trace through those curves and wanders into the untouched universe.

Capricorn: His gentle side will make you weak, his dominant side will make you scream.

Aquarius: He loves being blown where the winds take him, and settle down. But he is hard to pin down.

Pisces: He’ll make your imaginations run wild and your fantasies come true under the dim light.

“I’ve always hated that feeling, right when you realise you’re dreaming, and you desperately try to cling to it. But the more you try to hold on the more the dream fades, and it’s been the same with anyone I’ve ever loved, too,”

22:53 - The more I hold on the more they leave