Robots Can't Feel

Your first kiss as a robot was quite violent. In your missing body, you might have felt the beginnings of a really heated blackrom relationship, but, as a robot, feelings were much more difficult. He’d programmed pity into your steel body, a burning, intense pity, and it canceled out the hate.

Blue blood flowed through you, sending cool sparks and waves into every part of your body. More of his idea of “perfected” creation, you mused. He must truly have pitied you, to put so much effort into this painfully limiting body. It was nowhere near as good as being alive had been, but sometimes you reveled in the new strengths you’d been given.

Yet, behind all of the calculation and lack of feeling, there it was. Pity for the creator of this body, pity for his sad, lonely life that not even his moirail seemed to be able to fix for him. It was so strong in you, almost a command. Pity him.

You might have hated him for trying to force feelings into the shell of your half-life, but you couldn’t even manage that. Death was too draining for you to maintain proper levels of emotion, so you removed the problem. The chip inside your mockery of a heart was ripped out, savagely pounded into a table.

It still wasn’t enough. You suspected he must have set up your entire programming in a way that suited him, but you didn’t care. It was okay. Pity him, pity him, pity him. It was always drumming in your tin head, sending weird vibrations through you whenever you saw him.

So eventually, you gave in. You’d surprised him one evening and pressed him up against a wall, stealing from his excess emotion to kiss him the way you thought he wanted. It was a game, pretending all for his sake, but somewhere deep inside you it felt… right.

You stayed with him when you could, your chilly metal against his cool highblood skin. Sometimes you would just sit and talk, quietly being with one another. Mostly, you kissed, sometimes with tears running down your faces, sometimes with what was almost joy for you.

You hated being dead, but Equius made things a little bit better.

Henry Miller’s 11 commandments

  1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.
  2. Start no more new books, add no more new material to ‘Black Spring.’
  3. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.
  4. Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!
  5. When you can’t create you can work.
  6. Cement a little every day, rather than add new fertilizers.
  7. Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it.
  8. Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only.
  9. Discard the Program when you feel like it—but go back to it next day. Concentrate. Narrow down. Exclude.
  10. Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing.
  11. Write first and always. Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards.
Dates and Braids

Kissing Feferi was sweet, but the way her hair somehow wound itself around your horns (and your hair around her horns) was frustrating, to say the least. It was beyond embarrassing to realize you were stuck to your matesprits, and you’d both pulled out painful amounts of hair before Kanaya suggested braids.

Skeptical but willing to do anything to get your long manes of hair out of the way, you’d invited Feferi to a night of silly movies and hair braiding. Preparing for the date had taken you days. From making sure you had a store of colorful ribbons from Kanaya to arranging plush pillow piles for spontaneous cuddles, it was stressful trying to prepare things for your princess.

It wasn’t that she was stuck up or haughty. She knew where you were on the hemospectrum and accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be able to have as much as she could, but you hated it. Strong and beautiful as she was, you wanted to always have the best for her.

You were still sulking when she knocked on the door. Echoing through your hive you heard her normal enthusiastic greeting. “Heeeeeey! Aradia!” You swore she spoke only in capital letters and exclamation marks sometimes.

Opening the door and letting her in, you did your best to smile. “Feferi. I am glad to see you.” Wincing at how dead your voice sounded, you formally ushered her into the movie room. “Braiding materials are in this corner. I will provide snacks soon. You may choose a movie, I don’t care.” You can tell Feferi’s worried about you, but you bustle busily around the room, fluffing already soft pillows and placing snacks on the table in front of where you’ll be sitting.

You’re so busy being busy you jump when you feel Feferi’s hand on your arm. “Aradia, come sit! You feel reely stressed.” She guides you to the stack of pillows before sitting behind you, armed with a brush and some soft red ribbons. Running the brush through your bushy hair, she hums softly as the movie begins. Flickering colors fill the room, and the quiet relaxation that is your matesprit braiding your hair slowly sends you to sleep.

You wake up the next morning with Feferi cuddled against your back. You manage to sneak out of the room to cook breakfast, bringing her a tray just as she begins to wake up. “Good morning, Feferi. I apologize for falling asleep last night. If you would like, I’d love to braid your hair for you today.”

She smiles sleepily at you, wrapping her arms around your neck and pulling you into a kiss. “I’d reely love that.”

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Sweet

Rose was the perfect name for your matesprit. Her smooth, soft skin, so creamy next to your own incandescent white, fascinated you. Beneath that silk ran the most forbidden and tempting blood, and you couldn’t help but wonder if red really was the best flavor.

Of course, Rose wasn’t all cream and silk. She had thorns, prickly ones that sometimes prodded the people she cared about, but you didn’t mind. It was like your sewing, a way for her to relax. Besides, you’d put up with a lot to be with your goddess.

Unfortunately for you, sometimes the new hunger you felt as a rainbow drinker got in the way. She would be reading one of her romances when her cheeks would suddenly flush a soft pink. At times like those you would have to go excuse yourself, worried that someday you might find the warm blood pulsing through her too much of a temptation.

It was during one of those times when she changed everything. “Oh, Kanaya?” She’d called after you. You had responded with something, cheeks slightly green as you looked everywhere but at her. “Come here, sit next to me.” Putting the book aside, she’d lounged against you, her soft hair tickling your neck. “There’s some things I don’t quite understand about your romance, or should I say, quadrants. Is pity really such a moving factor in the flushed quadrants? In your books at least, it seems to be equal parts lust, pity, and the prospect of getting in trouble with forbidden love- or pity, rather.” Rose stopped then, leaning further back so she could look at your face.

Swallowing at the sight of the now temptingly revealed neck, you managed a wry smile. “Rose, those books are simply trashy romance novels that you should not take as a direct indicator of how troll romance should actually be gone about by. The forbidden aspect of your- I mean, of the romances in these books is simply to-” There was a welcome interruption in the form of Rose kissing you gently on the lips.

It didn’t take long before your fangs were digging more desperately at her lips than was good. Gasping, Rose pulled away, pressing long fingers to her lips where blood was now pooling. It took a supreme effort to stop yourself, but you pulled away, pressing your lips tightly together, trying to look your apology at her. “Kanaya, it’s fine. You haven’t hurt me. I am a god, after all. I can take a little abuse.” She didn’t sound mad, but you weren’t taking any chances.

“It’s not just the fact that I drew blood that is distressing me. I am a rainbow drinker, Rose, and rainbow drinkers drink… Well…” She giggles and you stop, raising an eyebrow at her.

“I know what rainbow drinkers do. So, what exactly is the problem?” You feel her fingers tangling in your hair, messing up the careful arrangement you’d made before you’d entered her room.

Closing your eyes, you shake your head. “I would not feel comfortable forcing you, or for that matter anyone at all, to allow me to quench my hunger at the price of their blood.” You’re expecting her to be disgusted or unhappy, but you aren’t prepared for what she does next.

Her wrist, with her blood pumping so strongly underneath the fine layer of skin, is against your lips. “Go ahead, Kanaya. You’ve done so much to make me happy, the least I can do is make sure you’re not hungry.” It takes a few minutes of arguing, but by this point you’re so hungry you’re close to begging.

Lips poised against her wrist, you pause, blushing again. “Rose… This may be an inappropriate or ludicrous request of mine, but in my favorite novels the rainbow drinker always drank from their partner’s neck. Do you mind…” You don’t add that her wrist, however good it might taste or smell, is nowhere near as intimate as you’d like to be with her. It would seem almost clinical if you’d stuck to her wrist.

“Yes, please! I mean. Go ahead.” She’s breathing heavily as you ghost kisses softly down her jaw and throat, following the the wise and flawless advice of your books. Her head is thrown back and when you bite, you feel the tension leave her body and she’s lying limp in your arms. Startled, you try to withdraw when you feel her hand holding you in place. “Don’t stop.”

You obey her, finally getting a good taste of the blood that’s been teasing you for moons. It’s saltier than you thought it would be, but it’s so good, so alien and sweet. Later, you promise yourself, you will find a way to thank her for her gift.


Terezi was brave, braver than Vriska in a way and you admired that in a lady. Or anyone really. Courage was something you wanted so desperately, but how were you supposed to be brave when you were too scared to do anything in the first place?

When both you and Terezi had been crippled by Vriska, you’d turned to each other. With you unable to walk and her unable to see, you’d joked that between the two of you, you made about 1.5 trolls. That time where she’d been your best friend was the best sweep of your life.

Sometimes you wondered if you should tell Terezi how you felt. Pale, flushed, red, pink, it sometimes blended together when you were hanging out. Besides, you knew she was flushed for someone else. So you stayed quiet, silently admiring her. 

You promised yourself that someday you would tell her everything. You would walk up to her, confident and brave, and tell her how beautiful she was, how strong, courageous  and wonderful she was. Someday. 

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so my mom gave me a necklace and it had a fish pendant on it and i just

what if when equius first met nepeta he was just completely palestruck and nep was really nice and he just spent their whole first meeting smiling really huge and sweating and then when she left he decided to make her a gift

and since hes really strong and all its hard for him to work with small things because he tends to break them but hes super super careful and even when things break he just patiently fixes it

so when he gets to the body of the fish hes looking at some pretty stones hes saved and he sees one that is his blood color and (going off the headcanon that lowbloods in the moirail pair wear their moirails colors) hes debating and debating and he finally puts that one in and finishes the necklace and invites nepeta over

and he gives it to her and puts it on for her and she hugs him really tightly and this is the first time anyones ever hugged him and he sort of gently wraps an arm around her and they become meowrails and its really cute !! ahh

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“Sollux. We’ve been matesprits for a long time now, right?” Vriska’s mismatched eyes glared into Sollux’s from across the table, one finger tapping the plate in front of her. 

Shrugging nonchalantly, Sollux continued to eat, fangs digging into the hamburger. “Yeth, and?” Growling, Vriska grabbed the hamburger out of his hands, ripping it apart and swallowing huge chunks down. “Hey!” Sollux protested, psionics sparkling. “Give that back!” Ignoring him, Vriska continued eating.

Mouth still full, she grinned at him. “Maybe you should get your matesprit something to eat if you don’t want her to steal all your food!” 

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i want the davejade gimme the davejade

It has been three years since you’ve seen John and Jade. Three years, stuck on a meteor with your sister, the trolls, and the Mayor. Sure, you’d briefly dated Terezi and become best bros with Karkat and the Mayor, but it wasn’t the same thing. They couldn’t replace John and Jade in your hearts, and that empty spot ached more and more painfully the longer you were apart.

And today you were finally going to see them.

Rose had tidied up considerably, managing to stay more or less sober for the meeting. You spent hours trying to think of what you would say. Sup, guys. No, too casual. Jade, I missed you so fucking much, oh god, Jade. Yeah, fucking brilliant Dave, good job. 

It took hours for you to decide on what you’d say. Hey guys, I’ve missed your sorry asses. It was the perfect combination of love, irony, and casual. Neither of them had to know how much you’d longed for them for the past three years. That would be uncool as shit, not to mention a little weird.


For the life of you, you had no idea how the hell your meteor had made it without crashing into the planet and killing everyone. You weren’t about to investigate, you saw Jade’s ship was close and nothing was going to stop you from being the first to greet them. Rose and the trolls watched you from above, but you didn’t care. You had to see them before your heart broke. 

John was asleep, so your moment of manly and ironic tears was witnessed only by a few curious salamanders. You bribed them to stay silent. When you couldn’t wake up John (dammed dream bubbles), you went to search for Jade.

The consorts told you she’d left the ship, so you’d started traveling around, looking for her. It probably would have been smart to stay with your group, the two Seer’s probably would have been able to find Jade much faster than your own search-and-friendhug mission was going. 


It took you what would have been a few hours in normal time, but thanks to your god tier powers, only a few minutes had passed since you’d left John. Jade hovered far above you, strange green power crackling around her. “Jade!” The strangled cry escaped you before you could stop it, and for a moment you thought she hadn’t heard you.

Doggy ears were more powerful than you thought. Jade landed in front of you, eyes glowing poisonous green and her skin dark. “BARK.” Her fangs were bared at you and oh god oh god this wasn’t the Jade you knew.

She forced you to the ground, bruising you as she sniffed you, still growling. Panicking on the inside, you swallowed down your fears. Maybe scary-Jade was just some weird byproduct of her god tier, maybe the Jade you loved was still somewhere inside her. “Hey, Jade. I’ve missed you so much.” She paused her investigation  and for a moment you think she looks more like herself. 

You press the one advantage you still have. “It’s been a long time, huh. Three years, man. You look a little different.” It must have been a sore spot for Jade, because suddenly her hands are on your throat, green and yellow lightning crackling on your skin.

“Jade, Jade, calm down. It’s me, it’s Dave. You can kill me if that makes things easier but Jade, please, just let me hug you, oh god.” Her hands falter and you throw your arms around her, face buried against her neck. You don’t care that she’s not right, that she might kill you. She’s still your Jade. 

A flash of white light blinds you. “Dave?” Jade’s voice is bleary and confused, but it’s the voice you remember. 

“Jade,” you whisper, tears running down your cheeks. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

A Subtle Taste of Karezi

No one who ever saw Karkat and Terezi could deny there was something there. It was subtle, but the more you looked, the more you saw. The way Karkat’s lips would start to curve when she teased him, before he snapped back some halfhearted insult. How she sometimes seemed to orbit around him, looking for excuses to touch him, to play with his hair. When one of them came into the room, the other would always look up, acknowledge them, maybe smile a bit.

Their relationship was so deep, so complex, always changing and shifting imperceptibly. The unspoken pact between them was so strong, unbreakable almost. Neither of them perfect, but each complimenting the other in the best ways possible.

It used to be less subtle. She would lean in close, ghosting kisses onto his cheeks, his jaw, his lips. He’d push her away but pull her back right away, pressing his face into her hair, wishing he could smell her the way she did him. Fingers would entwine, and they’d forget for a while. Forget the deaths, the pain, the game.

When the humans came, it stretched the bonds holding them together, but they couldn’t forget, not really. A ghostly imprint of their love remained, waiting for them to remember. And they would, no matter how long it took.  

Cat and Dog

Your first time in a dreambubble had been weird. You’d landed in a pile of soft, powdery sugar and almost immediately been pounced on. “Who are mew?” The strange voice had demanded ferociously. Sneezing, you blearily opened your eyes, glaring upwards at your attacker.

“I’m Jade! And if you don’t get off me, I will go all space-witch on your butt.” The lack of pressure on your stomach indicates she’s moved, so you get up, still sneezing. When you finally manage to get it under control, you look up. A short, muscular female troll is standing there, her blank white eyes huge as she takes in your ears and tail. You move forwards, smiling, but she hisses and backs off, the blue claws she’s wearing on her hands aimed directly at your throat.

She stops moving when you do. “Who are you, Jade? And how did mew get in my bubble?” Rolling your eyes, you glare back at her.

“I’m dreaming, and this is a dream bubble, isn’t it? I told you who I am, now it’s your turn. Woof.” Shaking your head, you wonder why the doggy part of you is acting up. Normally you can keep the woof’s under control, but something about this strange troll is bothering you.

“I’m Nepeta! Haven’t mew heard of me befur? I know Karkitty talked to mew lots, didn’t he efur talk about his furends?.” There’s something almost plaintive in her voice for a moment, but she quickly shrugs it off. “Anyways, you’re on LOLCAT! It’s my furravorite place to be.” Her voice had been nearly friendly, but now she’s back on guard. “And if you try anything, I’ll kick your furry butt out of my bubble!”

You can’t help it. Giggling, you shake your head. “I know I have a tail, but I’m not furry!” Pulling up the stomach of your dress, you show her your belly. “See, still human!” She stares intently at your skin, but doesn’t venture to touch you.

Feeling awkward under her close scrutiny, you let go of your shirt. In the long silence that follows, the two of you evaluate one another. Finally, the troll grins cheekily at you, apparently satisfied by your non-threatening appearance. “Humans are weird! Mew are so… white. And no horns. And weird eyes…” Wide, blank eyes meet your green ones, and she moves closer, magnetized by their color.

Moments later she’s backing off again, hissing. It takes you a moment to realize you’re growling at her, long, threatening rumbles mixed with authoritative woofs. Slapping your hands over your mouth, you shake your entire body, trying to regain control of your treacherous body. Before you get the chance, Nepeta’s run off, in no mood to deal with your dogginess. You don’t blame her.


It’s weeks before you drop into her dream bubble again. This time you recognize her land, and do the spacey thing to avoid a painful attack. “What are mew doing here again!” She’s shouting at you from the ground, her claws once again out and poised.

“I couldn’t fucking help it!” Frustrated and pissed, you drop to the ground, holding your arms wide. If she does kill you, you’ll just wake up. “I didn’t mean to drop in on you again, alright? It’s been weeks and-” she cuts you off with a loud hiss.

“It hasn’t been weeks! Mew were here just…” Confusion takes over and you can almost see her trying to mentally recount the days. “Well, mew still shouldn’t be here! It’s rude.” Nepeta is visibly upset, and her rejoinder is weak and halfhearted. You wouldn’t be surprised if she started crying.

In a way, she reminds you of Davesprite. He had been the same way, a cool shell masking a pain-filled interior. You aren’t sure how it happens, but moments later she’s in your arms, pouring out her story. How her moirail had been killed in front of her and how she hadn’t seen him since they died. Her flushcrush on Karkat that had never gone anywhere, and how she’d had to watch him fall for one of her best friends.

By the end of her story, both of you were crying. She needed you and you needed her, so despite all your differences, you stayed with her.

Over time, the two of you grew closer and closer. What started out as some sort of cat and dog fight quickly turned into friendship, then into something more.


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As I said in the reply, DaveRose!

Rose sat across from you, legs twined together and leaning drunkenly to the side. A bottle of alcohol sloshed in her free hand, and she took a sip every few minutes. Her beautiful purple eyes gazed dreamily at you, but you got the feeling that she wasn’t seeing you. Clearing your throat, you rapped the table. “Rose. Yo, Dave to Rose. Come in please.” Rose slumps down a bit more, but otherwise ignores you.

Groaning, you stand up, swearing when you bump into the table and jostle Rose. Startled, she drops the bottle, letting it shatter into a pile of wine and broken glass. Tipsily leaning over, she tries to clean up the mess, but her clumsy attempts to pick up the shards quickly gives her a cut. “Oh, fuck!” she yelps, dropping the piece. 

You flashstep over to her. “Jesus fuck, Rose! Don’t touch that shit, I’ve got you.” You silently thank Bro for teaching you how to bandage wounds as you gather up Rose’s soft hand in yours, examining the cut. “It’s not too bad but I’m going to fix you right up.” Pulling up your god tier shirt, you rip a strip off your undershirt, carefully tying up the cut. 

You continue to hold her hand, gently applying pressure to the bloody spot. Rose lets herself lean against you, tousled head pressed right above your heart. “Thanks, Dave. You’re the best.” She sighs, closing her eyes. She falls asleep in your arms, and you can’t find it in yourself to put her down and get off the glass you’re still crouched over. 

For Rose, you’d do anything.

Frog Hunting

Frog hunting was fun, but it was hard work! Sometimes you wished Bec had stayed around to help, he’d probably have been able to herd the slippery things into a pen for you, or something. Instead, you got Dave.

It wasn’t that Dave was uncoordinated or ungraceful, he was anything but. Years of training with his Bro had left him lean, sleek, and so beautiful. It was hard not to stare at him sometimes, and you’d blushed when he asked if you were too busy “checking out his sweet ass” to catch frogs. As if he was any good at catching them.

They always seemed to elude him, jumping the moment his strong hands should have enclosed their small bodies. In the time it took him to catch a single frog, you’d have caught and discarded a whole troop of your planets little companions. Even if he wasn’t exactly helpful, he did cheer you up.

He would always come panting back to you, hair disheveled and shades slipping down his nose, frog croaking unhappily on the palm of his hand. Striders didn’t smile, but you saw the way the corners of his mouth turned up, how even his eyes seemed to be laughing. It reminded you a little of Bec, the way he wanted to take care of you. You didn’t need any taking-care-of, thank you very much.

When he brushed one of your more tenacious frogs out of your hair, you’d kissed him without even thinking about it. It was so natural to feel his warm lips against yours, green eyes looking into red. Later you’d joked the two of you would never need mistletoe, your combined eyes would fit the bill quite nicely!

Kissing Dave Strider was nice, but you never did it again, on that planet at least. Sure, you held hands, but both of you were too busy and shy. You had a universe to create, after all.  


In the dreambubbles, time didn’t really matter. The living always had to leave, true, but a single moment could be spun out for a long time. You knew you would need every one of those moments when you saw Vriska.

She was so beautiful. Long, wavy black hair cascaded over her shoulders, framing her like an impossible halo. Her horns, curved and smooth with sharp, deadly points, the bright white fangs in stark contrast against her full blue lips, the sleek and muscular body, it all contributed to her deadliness.

But you couldn’t get over the eyes. They should have been dancing, intense yellow eyes with the strange pupils you’d been longing to see. Instead, the eyes you were offered were… dead. White and blank without a single spark of life in them, it was so wrong, so unjust! She couldn’t be dead, not your beautiful devil.

Your worries that she might not know you were quickly wiped away, but they were closely chased by that weird alien kid claiming he and your goddess were dating. She would have waited for you, she’d promised! Instead, a dead you, a failed you, had gotten to be with her. Daydreams of how her lips might have felt against yours were interrupted.

She pulled you away from Tavros, pushing you into a tent ahead of her. You could hear her shouting back at him to wait, that she’d be back in a moment. They’d been busy. The tent was filled with scrolls of paper, maps the two of them had poured over together, their heads probably touching as they worked. For a brief moment you wished you were dead.

Once she’d showed you the highlight of her collection (black pieces of space that had been shattered by some Lord English demon type person, you gathered), she’d finally stopped talking. In the darkness of the tent, her face was lit by the flashing light from the maps. You took advantage of the weird light to take a step closer to her, trying to see as much of her as you could before you woke up.

Smirking, Vriska leaned forwards, hands going behind your back to pull you close. Her cool lips were against yours and she was kissing you. The point of her fangs dug into your lip, small points of heat that reminded you just how alien this goddess was. You couldn’t care less about your lip, you just wanted to hold her, to tell her how much you still liked her.

Not even in a dreambubble could a moment last forever. You woke up, lips still tingling with kisses, with everything you’d meant to tell her. Standing up and dusting yourself off, you went to find Jade. There would be plenty of naps in which to find Vriska again.

I'll Never Glubbing Let You Go

“HEY ERIDAN!” You glub loudly in his direction, bubbles flying enthusiastically out of your mouth. He turns toward you, half a scowl on his handsome face. He opens his mouth, letting a stream of white, light bubbles escape in a sigh. The sight of all those delicate bubbles is fascinating. You swim over, fingers linking with his own. “Sigh again, please?”you beg.

He’s not scowling anymore, but he looks confused. Regardless, he obeys your order. You’re giggling at the bubbles, running your fingers through the stream. He keeps breathing out for you, and you are soon laughing so hard that you don’t even notice when your fingers slip down and rest on his lips.

Eridan is pulling you closer now, your fingers still pressing gently against his mouth. “Fef, I ww- I wwant-” he splutters to a stop when you shoosh him. Tracing his full lips with the tips of your fingers, you can feel your bloodpusher beating hard. He’s blushing, his cheeks tinted purple.

Moving your fingers from his mouth, you tangle them soothingly in his hair. “Eridan, I’m so glubbing pale for you!” Darting forward and kissing him on the cheek, you feel him tense in shock. “And guess what, Eridan?’ He’s wrapping his arms around you, holding you close and covering you with his billowing purple cloak. “I will never let you go. Reely.”

You never hear his reply.  

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Yes! I agree that Ao3 makes it hard to find fics because you can list every character and pairing under the sun. Hmmm... okay a prompt: humanstuck. Karkat tries to pick up Terezi in a bar :3

yes indeed u_u its hard to find fics in the tag too, usually its mostly fanart

heres a short little karezi thing!! i didnt bother editing it any so hopefully it makes sense still uvu

tiny bit of backstory; karkat was dating jade but they broke up and his dad is dying of cancer in a hospital so karkats had to drop out of school to make money to help his dad stay out of pain. terezi and karkat were childhood sweethearts but she moved away/went blind and karkat doesnt conciously remember her because hes super drunk and/or hungover way to go karkat

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Your matesprit hovered by your side, blue and red light crackling dangerously. “Hey, AA. Thankth for inviting me over.” His psionics vanish with a flash, and he drops lightly down at your side. 

It’s not the first time he’s ever visited, but it is the first time he’s been here since you’d admitted how flushed you were for him, and the lucky girl you were, he’d been flushed for you too! He’d had to leave soon after you’d agreed on being matesprits, but he had promised to come back and explore with you.

And he was here now. From behind your back, you pull out a red clay bee. Accented with blue stripes and eyes, the filmy wings flutter as you shyly hand it to him. “I… wanted to give you a present! I made it myself, and I really hope you like -” his lips press softly to yours, sending you to a stuttering halt. 

He grins at you, offering you his free hand, bee grasped gently in the other. “I love it, AA.” You take his hand and he lifts you off the ground. The two of you fly together, and you know you’ll never, ever stop being flushed for your matesprit.