Does anyone else think there should be a bookstore cafe? And I’m not talking a bookstore in a cafe, I’m talking a cafe where you can go and say “hi I’d like a chai tea latte and a novel with dragons and no romance,” and the bartender would just pull out a book that fits that, and you’d get an immediate book recommendation with your tea. I don’t know, it just sounds pretty fantastic to me.

Year-old Kensington comic book store and coffeehouse getting attention

Since Ariell Johnson opened her comic book store and coffee shop in Kensington in December 2015, she has taken the world by Storm.

In fact, her childhood fascination with Storm, the X-Men superheroine, led her to comic book and sci-fi fantasy geek fandom in the first place, she said.

She has been profiled on ABC News, CNN Money, and MSNBC, not to mention various nerd and geek websites, as the first African American woman to open a comic book store on the East Coast.

And in November, she was depicted on a variant cover of the Invincible Iron Man No. 1 comic book, along with Riri Williams, the 15-year-old African American superhero character known as Ironheart.

Storm “was the first black woman superhero I ever saw,” Johnson, 33, said at her shop, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, 2578 Frankford Ave.

“In addition, she was a powerhouse; she was one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe. She controlled the very elements. She wasn’t a sidekick. She was the main event, which was exciting.”

Johnson said all the attention has been good for business.

“I think we’re doing well. We’ve had a very strong first year, and an untraditional first year, with all the hubbub around the shop,” she said.

Diversity in comic books has been met with some backlash from mostly male fans who assert on YouTube videos that characters should not be suddenly changed to black or gay. Some have called it pandering to attract more women and people of color to comics.

Johnson has not hesitated to speak out about the importance of the comic book world becoming more inclusive.

That means having characters who represent everyone - black, white, Latino, Asian, and people of all religions and sexual identities.

She makes sure to carry books written by and for women and people of color.

Johnson said people like them as heroes in fantasy and science fiction can empower young readers.

“When young girls come in here and know that a woman owns the shop, a black woman owns the shop, and they can see titles where girls are the heroes and not just the love interests or the sidekick … when they see women and girls taking the lead in things, that’s really powerful,” she said.

Since word of Johnson’s success got around, celebrity comic book writers have visited Amalgam.

The store was packed a couple of months ago when Ta-Nehisi Coates came for a book signing to accompany the release of a new comic in his Marvel series Black Panther.

She has also welcomed Greg Pak, author of X-Treme X-Men and other titles, and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who coauthored a graphic novel, March.

Amalgam is spacious and colorful, with a red couch at the front window and blue and yellow armchairs nearby. In fact, it’s like entering a live comic strip tableau.

Small round tables have comic book logos: symbols for ThunderCat, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Johnson said she became enamored of superheroes while watching television cartoon shows as a child.

“I’ve always liked shows about super powers,” she said. “I grew up watching ThunderCats, He-Man and She-Ra. But none of those shows had any black characters featured.”

When she was about 11, she saw herself in the character Storm in X-Men cartoons.

“In addition to being black and a woman, she had dark skin. The only thing that didn’t look like me was that she had white hair and blue eyes.”

A Baltimore native, Johnson came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University and earned an accounting degree there in 2005.

It took a decade of working for other people, first in retail and later as an accountant, before she decided to fulfill her dream.

Inside Amalgam the other day, Sam Woods Thomas, the commercial corridor coordinator for New Kensington Community Development Corp., said the coffee shop was the only one in the neighborhood.

Still, he said, things are looking up, with a new apartment development in the next block that people are comparing to the Piazza in Northern Liberties.

But he said it’s small businesses like Johnson’s that are key.

“They bring life back to the block,” Thomas said.

  • me *after watching last nights episode*: I'm done with this show. I'm done with this Ophelia crap, I'm done with evil Fitz, I'm done with the framework... Give me Fitzsimmons or give me dea-
  • me *remembers Liz said her favorite scene hadn't aired yet*: I love this show!! The writers are so generous! I love all these characters, they're all so brilliantly portrayed, i can't wait to see what the writers have in store for them!!!! We only have three episodes left, and I trust the writers that they'll wrap it up! I mean, they did last year, right!??? FITZSIMMONS FOREVERRRR!!

anonymous asked:

If keith was the leader would he still pilot red? There is no way that lion is giving up her paladin

Haha Nonny I’ve actually kind of deliberately avoided reading the meta posts about this, mostly because I don’t know myself what outcome I’d prefer and I don’t want to build up expectations just to be disappointed; I’d like to stay open minded and see what the show does.

That being said though, I don’t mind talking about it and exploring possibilities since you asked ^.^

So let’s break this down:

Situation 1: No one takes over Black in Shiro’s absence. Least likely to happen, both because they will most probably need Voltron at least once while Shiro is gone so they can’t afford to just bench a whole lion, and because from a writing perspective this accomplishes nothing. Leaving Black empty amounts to just maintaining the status quo and that would do nothing to advance character/plot arcs.

Situation 2: Someone takes over Black in Shiro’s absence. Most likely. But then the question becomes who?

Pros: He has piloted Black once before so we already know he can do it. Out of all the leftover Paladins he is the one currently with the strongest bond with Black. He is also Shiro’s 2nd in command (his “right-hand man” if you will lol) and Shiro himself has said he wants Keith to lead in his absence, so it would make sense for Keith to step into Black, even temporarily.
Cons: Season 2 made it abundantly clear that Keith’s bond with Red is hella strong and Red is fiercely protective/possessive of Keith. Even if she understands and accepts that Keith needs to move into Black for a while who would Red accept as a pilot in Keith’s absence?

Pros: She has a good connection to Black by virtue of her life force being tied to the lions, plus she’s a natural leader and has the strength to hold the team together, all good Black Paladin qualities.
Cons: It’s been repeated time and again that Allura is absolutely vital to piloting the Castle, as she is the only one who can open wormholes ((imho this is a pretty critical weakness tbh, if Allura is incapacitated the Castle is essentially a sitting duck. But I digress)). If she were to step into the black lion in Shiro’s absence they’d have to figure out a way to get around the wormhole thing.

Another Paladin?
As they are now, I don’t think Lance Hunk or Pidge would be ready or able to pilot Black. Not to say it’d be completely impossible for them, but there would have to be a big leap in character development right at the start of season 3 for one of them to be a good fit. Of the three I think Lance would be the most likely candidate, plus of all the lions I think Blue would most willingly accept a temp pilot in Lance’s absence. 

That being said, my one concern with this set-up is how it might undo a lot of Keith’s development from season 2. Season 2 spent a lot of time setting Keith up for a leadership role, and I feel like it wouldn’t make much sense for the writers to pull that rug out from under him. If Lance went into Black it’d be a very fine balancing act to do it in a way that doesn’t undo all of Keith’s S2 development while at the same time developing Lance to a place where he’s a good fit for the role. 

Of course, this all kind of assumes that whoever is in Black is automatically the leader of Team Voltron. Obviously this is pretty fair assumption, based on the description of the black lion and given the head of Voltron is the best position from which to coordinate attacks. BUT who’s to say the team leader can’t be in one of the other lions (if Keith stays in Red), or maybe Keith and Lance kind of become co leaders in the head and arm.

Kolivan and Slav are still with Team Voltron, which could potentially shake things up and make it interesting. What if Slav figures out a way for someone besides Allura to create wormholes, freeing her up to go pilot a lion? Would she go into Balck and leave Keith in Red? Or maybe Allura goes into Red and Keith in Black? What if Kolivan pilots a lion? I could see him being someone Red would deem worthy to pilot her, allowing Keith to move into Black. 

These are only a few of the many possibilities, who knows what the writers have in store for us! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, as much as I hate that Shiro is missing again, it’s also a very interesting and exciting setup for lots of awesome character development and the formation of new dynamics.

First MEA post, wohoo! There will be more, I swear, but mostly content rather than discussions and ass long text posts, sorry about that everyone!! But I have a loooot on my mind I wanted to get out…

So, I don’t often participate in fan discussions, but a friend linked me this post about Reyes Vidal’s body language suggesting he likes control and instantly though it to be an interesting start for a character analysis of Reyes Vidal. Please go read the post because it is very interesting and has come good examples to illustrate their point! 

I want to expand on it below, but rather than looking at Reyes as someone who likes to be in control, I want to suggest that Reyes is someone who is comfortable with being in control, and there is a difference.

Reyes when romanced is indeed most of the time physically leading the interactions with Ryder, taking the active role whereas Ryder responds by following Reyes’ lead. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Reyes particularly desires to be the one leading - but it does tell he as experience leading, and thus feels comfortable leading. And with Ryder being so comfortable following his lead, I think it is natural that this is how their physical interactions will pan most of the time.

Why I want to suggest this doesn’t necessarily mean Reyes likes being in control is because of his reactions when it is Ryder who initiates or takes the lead. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. We see it when Ryder uses his own line on him (he smiles fondly for a moment, before he turns around to respond. That delay could suggest he didn’t expect it, but he clearly enjoys being surprised. Someone who likes or feels a need to be in control does not like being surprised, I believe). We also see it when Ryder uses a kiss for distraction (once again, a pause then a positive reaction, and more importantly Reyes makes no attempt to take control over that kiss, just responds in kind, taking the situation in stride). I think in the cave, if Ryder flipped them around and took control, Reyes wouldn’t protest. Reyes previous reactions say otherwise, say he might’ve been surprised but that he’s quite capable of following as well as leading, even if he has a tendency for leading.

Ok, I got a bit carried away below, ahaha, trying to analyse Reyes and his motivations. If you don’t mind me going a little academic over all this, please continue.

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You know why I love Rowena? It’s moments like these. She’s so dainty, compared to all the other characters she’s just so tiny, physically. I don’t know how tall Ruth Connell is but she can’t be much taller than I am and she’s on a show with giants like Jared and Jensen so even in those killer heels she wears she seems like just a little slip of a thing. When she’s told Crowley’s going to see her, she looks up and blinks and with her big eyes and split lip and she looks for all the world like an innocent damsel in distress.

But then she smiles. That’s when you realize she’s so much more than meets the eye. She’s powerful, and she’s smart enough to have survived hundreds of years despite the unfathomable amount of enemies she undoubtedly made along the way. She’s clearly a force to be reckoned with, and I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for us.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Star Wentworth Miller Talks Captain Cold's Return
Miller’s Leonard Snart will soon return in the flesh to ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ but this is a very different Captain Cold than fans remember.

Leonard Snart will soon return in the flesh to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but this is a very different Captain Cold than fans remember.

After sacrificing himself in season 1 to destroy the Time Council and save the Legends, Snart (Wentworth Miller) is slated to join Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) in the Legion of Doom — and not just as a vision in Mick’s (Dominic Purcell) head. How? Well, it is a time travel show, and it sounds like the Legion may be scooping up Snart from an earlier time.

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I’ve been doing a bit of research on Francis Kinloch lately (he’s probably my favorite guy to study after Laurens - sorry Hamilton), so I have some interesting facts to share with you all.  Most of this information has come from an article simply titled “Francis Kinloch” in the April 17, 1948 publication of Notes & Queries.

1) He did theater!

It would seem that Francis Kinloch himself must have taken part in the theatrical performances at Ferney, for in a letter to [Charles Victor de] Bonstetten, 8 August, 1776, [Johannes von] Müller expressed his dislike of the part of Zamore (Alzire’s lover) as played by Le Kain, and said, “I do not want to see Zamore played by anyone but you or Kinloch.” - Notes & Queries

2) He apparently wanted to join the British troops that were marching on Charleston (I assume Charleston, SC - geeze Kinloch that’s your hometown).

[Johannes von] Müller wrote to [Charles Victor de] Bonstetten in 1776 that “Kinloch envies Colonel Cunningham who has occupied Charlestown with 2000 troops under his Majesty’s colours.”  Shorty after this Francis Kinloch left Switzerland and went to Gilmerton, in Scotland, to stay with his grandfather’s nephew, and described to Müller the preparations which were being made at Glasgow and elsewhere to support the loyalists. - Notes & Queries

3) While in Geneva (but after Laurens had left for England), Kinloch rented a house and invited three friends to stay with him - all of whom appear to have been queer.  I think it’s pretty cool that they had a place where they likely felt free to be themselves.  Here’s my breakdown of the residents:

Francis Kinloch - probably a polyamorous bisexual man.  He appears to have been romantically involved with John Laurens, Louis de Manoël de Végobre, and Johannes von Müller during his time in Geneva.  He later married twice.  I plan to post more about his relationships in a separate post.

Johannes von Müller - probably a gay man.  He exchanged many letters with Kinloch (I’m trying to acquire them), and he may have been romantically involved with Kinloch.  Here is a short but sweet description of their relationship:

Here also [Müller] was introduced to the celebrated Charles Bonnet and his lady; and to a young native of South Carolina, named Francis Kinloch, with whom he is said to have passed some of the happiest hours of his life. They took a house in the country near Chambeisy; and although their habitation was not very splendid, it commanded a view of the Alps, of the lake of Geneva, and of the richly cultivated tract of land on its lovely borders.  In this sweet residence they passed nearly a year and a half; enjoying the noblest compositions of human genius.  Their mornings were dedicated to the social perusal of Tacitus and of Montesquieu; and when, in the afternoon, Kinloch employed himself in the study of Blackstone, or any other English writer, Müller augmented his stores of knowledge concerning the history of his country: their leisure hours were divided between the pleasures of society, and the perusal of Latin, French, and English classics. - “Müller’s Letters to his Friends,” The Monthly Review or Literary Journal, Vol. 71

Müller also spoke very fondly of Kinloch in his letters:

Not so very long after this, the two friends were reunited again in Geneva, when Müller wrote to his family (18 June 1804): “And Kinloch’s embrace!  He is just as he was, somewhat fatter, his heart generous as ever.” - Notes & Queries

Charles Victor de Bonstetten also referred to Francis Kinloch as “Müller’s Kinloch.”

Müller also seems to have had a relationship with Charles Victor de Bonstetten, another resident of Kinloch’s home in Geneva.  The two exchanged letters that, in my opinion, rival the Hamilton-Laurens letters in terms of affection.  Here are some excerpts:

Any mistakes I may make in the future will be your fault; that is only if you neglect your letter-writing – your friendship can never grow cold – might I let myself be surprised by a passion. Tell me why I love you more as time passes. You are now incessantly in me and around me. My dearest friend, how much better it is to think of you than to live with the others! How is it possible to desecrate a heart that is consecrated to you? I need you more than ever; over and above these immutable, laudable plans for a useful life and an immortal name I have forsworn everything that is considered to be pleasant and delightful – not only pleasure but love, not only revels, but good living, not only greed, but ambition. B. is everything to me, you make all my battles easy and all abstinence sweet. Thus you live in my mind and especially in my heart. You write to me often, but it does not seem enough to me; you often address only the historian, and do not embrace your friend often enough. - Müller to Bonstetten, August 8, 1776

Ah! Mully,
Allow me still to call you by that sweet name. I wish to see you, I sigh for your friendship. Is it still alive, do you wish to keep our long-standing vow? Ah! you and my love are my consolation, my life. Do you still love me? Oh! what would I not give to embrace you! … I read your letters with a transport which I cannot describe to you. All my youth appears before my eyes, but with the bitter sentiment of my eternal uncertainty. I realise too late, alas, the route that I ought to have taken, the road along which your eloquence wished to lead me. -  Bonstetten to Müller, May 20, 1802

Apparently Müller was also the victim “of an elaborate scheme to defraud him by exploiting his homosexuality”:

One of [Müller’s] former pupils (and perhaps lovers) invented a Hungarian Count Louis von Batthyani and penned letters to Müller in which the Count expressed his love and inclination.  Müller responded with letters of unfettered passion and an awareness that this friendship and its depiction in letters far exceeded his earlier relationship with Bonstetten, possibly the purest expression of eighteenth-century homosocial desire that exists.  After a year and more than a hundred letters, when the fiction could no longer be sustained, Müller was financially and psychologically destroyed. Goethe was one of several friends who helped him recover. - The Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage, edited by Claude J. Summers

Charles Victor de Bonstetten (also written as Karl Viktor von Bonstetten) - probably a bisexual man.  He was very likely in a romantic relationship with Müller (see above) and later was romantically involved with Friederike Brun.

Alleyne Fitzherbert, 1st Baron St. Helens - probably a gay man.  I know little of his life and relationships, but he lived for 85 years and never married.

Witchcraft Related Phone Applications

I have seen posts before with free witchcraft related phone applications from iTunes, but I have not seen many with ones from other sources so here is a list. I apologize that this list is limited.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these applications in any way. They are the property of their respective owners.


~Galaxy Tarot

~Tarot Cards and Horoscope

~Galaxy Runes


~Herbal Guide

~Pocket Herbalist

~Home Remedies (Lite)

Meditation/Astral Projection:

~Binaural Beats Therapy - beta

~Binaural Beat Builder

~Astral Projection


~Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells

~Wicca Radio International

~Wiccan’s assistant

Misc. Tools:


~Real Candle

~Rune Writer

~Phases of the Moon Free

~Dream Moods Dream Dictionary

~EVP Recorder with detector.

~Secret Diary

But Snart didn’t just leave Heat Wave behind when he died. In the moments before his sacrifice, Cold and Sara (Caity Lotz) shared a smooch. “I’m also looking forward very much to whatever the writers have in store as far as Snart as White Canary,” Miller says. “There was a kiss, remembered by White Canary, but not Snart.”
Wanna be a writer? Find a different way to say “I’m going to the store” every single time you say it. Come up with nicknames for all of your friends. Ask people questions, welcome conversation from an outside perspective, do not drop a topic until you are satisfied. For every different room in which you find yourself on every single day, point out at least one thing that is there, but shouldn’t be there, and why it shouldn’t be there. Then take maybe ten minutes a week to get it down on the page. Writing only takes a long time when the only time you think about writing is when you are writing.
—  Toni Morrison


I’m reposting my Caryl drawings and I have decided that I will be drawing more of them!!! Screw the TWD writers!!! They may not want to see Caryl together, but there are a lot of people who do and I’m going to help in this effort. I’m going to draw both moments we’ve seen and moments we’d like to see between them. I’ll also draw pics for you if anyone has a special pic they want me to draw. Just send them to me and I’ll do them.

I watched the reunion hug on YouTube tonight. Ok, I watched it several times!!! I still can’t figure out why they would do all of those beautiful Caryl scenes the way they did them and then go nowhere with it. It makes absolutely no sense to me for them to have taken years to cultivate this amazing bond between them and then just drop it. But it has been a year since they even spoke or interacted at all.

I just don’t know what to think. I have read some amazing theories about where they may be going and I really want to believe they’ve got something like that planned since I will ship them to the end!!! I still love Caryl and will always love them as they used to be. I really enjoyed the beautiful bond, understanding, and connection they used to have. Even if it’s been a while since we saw any evidence of it on our screens, I really want to believe that a bond that I considered unbreakable can’t just be erased. And in reality it can’t. They gave us a lot of beautiful, amazing moments between Daryl and Carol that nothing or no one can ever take away no matter how hard they try. Their story has just taken a crazy turn with them apparently forgetting each other exists. And after all they went through.

I have no idea what the writers have in store for us but it would have to be pretty amazing to undo the damage they’ve done. We may not get any Caryl interaction for a couple more weeks, but we know they filmed together for episode 15. At least maybe then we’ll find out why they apparently don’t even speak to or like to be around each other anymore. I don’t know about you but I’m really interested in seeing the reason behind their separation!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I do still have a small sliver of hope that the writers are planning something pretty amazing for us in the end, it’s just a little difficult to have any faith in them at this point. But I am still shipping Caryl and I suppose I always will. I’m watching Caryl videos and reading Caryl fanfiction to try to cheer myself up. Thank God for those who do that for us!!! And I do love reading all of the positivity being spread around on here. I love my Caryl family!!!!

Don’t forget to send me any pics you want me to draw.


Screw whatever the writers have in store, Edward ‘I’ll do anything for you’ Nygma loves Oswald. He is obsessed with him, in awe of him, tender with him, dresses him. I know he was disappointed that Oswald didn’t kiss him. I just don’t accept that he doesn’t feel the same way.