I want to touch you. But not your skin. I want to see your eyes. I want you to look at me as if you’re trying hard to figure out something. I want to see you smile, the kind of smile that you never show to anyone. The kind of smile that reveals who you really are. I want you. The good and the bad. The confuse and sad. The jolly and silly. I want each and every single part of you —from your body to your soul— from your mind to your heart. I want to hold you and break everything that hurts you. Let me see you. Let me pass through that high wall of yours. Please let me, just let me see you. I just want to know that you’re truly happy.
—  ma.c.a // Let me feel you
I am sorry that I may forget that I have you from time to time, that I forget to share the burden I have on my shoulder and the wrinkles on my forehead. I was always alone in my battles, so please forgive me when I forget to take you along with me sometimes.
—  Lukas W. // A loner with a lover
i am fire
i am the brightest of flames
i can take down anything
and everything
that dares to get in my way
i am powerful
i am strong
i am passionate
i am a force to be reckoned with
i am captivating beauty
  and paralyzing fear
don’t try to drown me
for i will rise
and rise
and rise again
and should this flame go out
like the phoenix
i will find it within me
to be reborn
into something
just as beautiful
and powerful
and amazing
as i was to start with
—  Anonymous said: Can you write something about self love?
(cc, 2017)

Do you believe distance can work?“

“Absolutely, distance is a physical aspect and I believe falling in love with a soul is much more significant than a geographic location.

—  Tenari Ioapo Distance > Love

A man enters an office supply store. He was a mere mortal seconds before, but as he passes through the door he becomes a customer. His superior gaze drifts across his domain and settles on the cashier. 

“Do you sell stamps?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say,” However-”

“I want one.”

However, we sell them only in sets of ten.”

“But I want one.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but I can’t sell you a single stamp.”

“Can’t you just…” He (skillfully) mimicks the act of ripping apart paper. 

Clearly, I have never thought of this. My simple mind grapples with the idea. I realize I am dealing with a genius, and yet, I regretfully inform him, “Sorry. They come on stickersheets, and anyways, the barcode–”

“Well that’s just rubbish,” he informs me. He is right. I realize this now. His genius ignites a spark within me. 

“You are right,” I tell him as I take fifteen sheets of stamps into my hands and begin to tear them apart. I type 0,019 stamps and press a non-existent key on the register. I hold out a quarter of a stamp to the customer (with a smile), but he shakes his head (without a smile). I rip apart all the stamps I can find, desperate to please him, for he has gifted this humble store with his presence. From the pieces, I begin to assemble a perfect, custom-made stamp. It is worth exactly 66,66€. I single-handedly reprogramme not only my cash desk, but the entire system. It can now scan any stamp in (or out of) existence. It is raining stamps. I am smiling.

Two hours later, it is done. Beaming, and covered in the torn remains of hundreds of unfortunate stamps, I hold the perfect stamp out to The Customer. He accepts it. I rejoice. It might just be my high fever and blurry gaze, but I think the right corner of his mouth moved upwards for exactly half a second. I am blessed. 

He licks the stamp and slaps it onto a letter. He wants to lend a pen. I lend him a pen. When he is done, he holds the letter out to me expectantly. He does not say a word, my silent angel, but I can tell what he wants. Thus is our connection. There is nothing, I assure you, nothing I would have rather done than to accept his letter, on my knees, with tears of gratitude streaming down my cheeks… But alas: 

“I want to send the letter,” my dear customer finally says, after the silence has stretched into infinity and back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” I say with a polite smile, brushing stamps off my shoulders, “We don’t accept mail. We only sell stamps.” 

After all, you can’t make exceptions to a well-established rule in the workplace. 

The customer doesn’t bat an eyelash. “That’s okay,” he says with a disarming smile. “I wouldn’t ask the impossible of you.” 

As he turns to walk away, a single tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it off with a stamp that wears his majestic face, hand-stitched by me. 

I don’t tell him there’s a mailbox around the corner.

(That’s not my job.) 

Sleep does not come swiftly to those
like me who sit awake late into the
morning, with nicotine tattooed into
their fingerprints and beer water-falling
down their throat. This has never been
a romantic way to live; a face full of
worry lines way too young, hands
always shaking even without a trigger.

I wonder if you know how your
silence screams in my sleep,
how your face still appears in
these nightmares I so terribly
want to call dreams.

—  claustrophobia // Haley Hendrick 

anonymous asked:

Just a quick question: what should I avoid when making my story universe? I plan on making a very detailed world for my story, but I don't wanna make the world all dull and not interesting. Love your blog btw <3

Hi! (And thank you! Glad this blog is helpful.)

I’ll link you to a couple of posts – one is my short list of world-building questions that may help you build your world’s culture, and the other is a more extensive exploration of why some worlds fail, and how to avoid failing. Those should help you a bit, but I’ll also give you a couple of general guidelines.

1. Remember your characters still carry the story, so although world-building is important, don’t do too much! You don’t want your story to be a history textbook/travel guide to your world instead of a story.

2. If your world has magic, please create rules! In a few exceptions – the Harry Potter series – a no-rules magic system works, but for most of us it’s best to establish important rules of magic early. That way the audience knows what to expect, and more importantly, the writer knows what he can or can’t do. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not given limitations on magic/powers I tend to go overboard, and then nothing is realistic.

3.Don’t base it too much on cultures or countries here on earth, for the same reason you don’t consciously base characters off real people – doing so is very difficult to do accurately, so the result is as stiff as cardboard because you’re trying too hard. Kick your imagination into gear and create something no one’s ever seen before.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

Yes it was love; young love,
and though we didn’t get
eternity, forever will
linger in our could’ve beens.
—  Mistakes young lovers make, by M.A. Tempels © 2017
You took all the love I had, built up from my entire life, in less than a couple of months.
I don’t know how to love anymore; I have nothing to give.
When we holds me I can hold onto him with everything, but it will only be for the comfort.
I can kiss his lips and think of their softness, but I can’t put butterflies into my own stomach.
I can trace my fingers down his body and pretend it’s yours, but I know that under his skin is not your bones.
—  v.m -I can(’t) pretend
i love you
but the more i loved you
the less i loved myself
and i want to hate you
i really do
that’s what you deserve
but it’s so fucking hard to hate someone
who once lit up your whole world
even though now
they’re burning it down
i love you
but i can’t do this anymore
i can’t do “us” anymore
because the longer i stayed with you
the longer i made excuses for you
the longer i put up with this shit
the more i hated myself
and i should’ve hated you
i should hate you
but i don’t
i don’t know how to
and i can’t
i can’t, not yet
but i also can’t do this anymore
and i can’t hate myself anymore
and i can’t let myself get hurt anymore
someone needs to love me
someone needs to care about me
and if it’s not going to be you
then its going to be me
—  Anonymous said: anything about having to look at someone you love and hating them for making you have to walk away because they hurt you?
(cc, 2017)
Treasure her softness. It is a luxury many cannot afford, and believe it or not, it costs her to show it to you. She’s been through so much already. So many have made it seem like her surface was all that mattered. No matter how much time she spent increasing the wealth underneath it, so many never saw her true worth. They were never curious enough to venture into her depths and discover it. They didn’t care about the years she spent studying in and out of school, they didn’t care about how huge and warm and her heart was, they didn’t care about the life she pictured at night when the world was quiet and the moon was bright and her dreams seemed a little more attainable. If she was good enough, she was subjected to catcalls and kindness that she could never really be sure was genuine. If she wasn’t their cup of tea, she was cursed at and practically shunned. Can you imagine the resolve it would take to live in a world where the only thing that mattered was whether or not your body was deemed worthy of being groped by hands that only know how to take? And after all that, now she’s with you, not only giving you access to her body but willing to bare her soul. Do not take that lightly.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh (maxwelldpoetry) // Treasure her. / “I am so tired of women being taken for granted.”
Out of million other options,
he choose to fill the last chapters
of his book with her
‘cause it all began with a cliche.

And he wanted it to have a spectacular ending,
 one that no one would have seen coming.

- Shikha Singh

For You Are

Wrap your arms around me

Sing me a song
Full of images inspired
By love and desires
Where I am your hero
You are my Muse
Casting a spell
Sparking the fuse

Broken and spent
May I lay at your feet
Having given my everything
Avoiding defeat

For you are

My strength
My purpose
My life
My reason

My safe haven
My storm
My changing
Of season

Shine your rays on my face
Battered and scarred
After years of promises
I’ve overcome so far.

I promise to you
Give all of me, true.
Across plains and high desert,
Mountains, rivers, no lesser.

Still I will come back
To feel you at my side
Feeling your warmth
In bed every night.

One day, say you will,
Until then I’ll be waiting
Hanging onto the dream
My lust finally sating.

Only you,
Always you,
Hopefully you…

Will feel it, too.

-H. Murcia 12:30AM 3/28/2017

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love you, I just don’t know how to express it. It’s been this way since I was young. I either don’t have enough words or I have too many. You get a raindrop or an ocean, nothing in between. I don’t want to drown you but I don’t want you to feel dehydrated either, so I find myself pushing you away instead to save you. But of course, this doesn’t do anything but make my emotions more of a mess than they already are. So it goes.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Someone sensitive, feeling a mountainous height of emotions whilst they grew up not knowing how to word their intensity of feelings the correct way, therefore they push the ones they love most away.
Monday Morning Wishes

I wish I’d awakened to you today.

Imagining effervescent fantasies
Sparkling all around you,
Getting drunk upon your beauty,
One you don’t believe you have,
But I can’t help but be
Enraptured and spellbound to.

While the rain falls against my window
On this Monday morning
Wishing you were here,
The rhythmic tapping keeping time
Reminding me it’s another second closer
Until you are finally mine.

-H. Murcia 11:07AM 3/27/2017