Some people are willing to destroy themselves just to remember. Other people will kill just to forget. No one gets to decide who hurts more, because either way, the hurt is all the same.
—  Lukas W. // To remember or to forget?
It was true love at the wrong time with the right person.
—  E. Grin, heartache.
When searching for happiness be sure not to over look the little moments in life, because often times that is where it lingers the most. You will find some kind of happiness residing in the first sip of freshly brewed coffee or in the colors of the sky as the first summer sun sets, the silvery foam of the waves crashing against the shore or even in the laughter lines of the one you love most. I promise you will find an abundance of happiness in the smallest, most usual of things, if only you know where to look and when.
—  Nicole Moon
Now What? Writing While Stuck

I think this happens to everyone - or at least anyone who writes without having first having plotted their whole novel. You write and things are coming along so well with your premise until suddenly you’ve written everything you’ve already figured out. Now what? 

I know someone who said every time she had to ask herself that, she killed off a character. I don’t think that works for every story - or even most stories - but if you’re stuck, there’s something to her advice. If you’re stuck, make something happen

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Amidst all the I love yous; I need yous; I want yous, the impact of a sincerely proclaimed ‘I believe in you’ is scandalously underexposed.
Of course there is the 'I believe in us’, which emphasizes on one’s confidence in the perpetuity of a loving relation. Yet it focuses on the involved as one unit. And again the common ground that is sought after is love. 'I believe in us’ is roughly saying 'I believe in our love’, or the somewhat cruder stated sentiment 'we love each other’.
There is something incredibly endearing about being seen as a singular and unique being through the eyes of a lover: I believe in you as a standalone figure with all your goals, dreams, desires, and ambitions; your opinions, your characteristics. I believe in the genuiness and integrity of your person and all that comes with it.
I believe in you and where you are going. I see what makes you special when I take me and my love out of the equation. I believe in the person you were before me; the person you always have been. I believe in whatever journey you are taking, and I’d like to come with you. That is, if you’ll have me. Needless to say if you’ll have me.
There are many things and concepts in which we humans pour our faith, but none will have the same impact as a simple demonstration or vocalization of the faith we have in each other. As far as this concerns lovers, it is as simple as stating: I recognize your place and purpose in this universe, and as a spectator this marvels me.
—  I believe in you, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

I don’t recommend pulling all-nighters or staying up late to write. However. If you see that clock keeps ticking and you’re on a roll and everything is going really well, as long as you have nothing super important the next morning, you write my friend. (Don’t do this consistently, however. Sleep is important for your body and mental health)

i dont want to be found once you shatter my heart. i dont want to be found once you lock lips wih other girls in red dresses. i dont want to be found once you love some one else. i dont want to be found once she screams your name between breathless moans when you fuck her. i dont want to be found once i lose you. i want to be lost so that i try not to look for reasons to find you and to find me once again.
—  l o s t//nikitagupta
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