Because at the end of the day, it is still you, that I love. No matter what happens, my choice is still you.
There are times I want to hate you. The feeling is there, bottled up inside of me, but whenever I try to direct it at you, it fizzles out. I hate that you don’t love me. I hate that this is impossible. I hate that you’ll never know and that you can hurt me without even trying. But I don’t hate you. I only know how to love you. And god I love you.
I told gravity I loved him and it was good for a while.

I told myself that I held myself together
too tightly. As a solution, I let my mind wander until
he found legs of his own. He ran, ran, ran until I lost sight of him
and I felt lighter than ever before.
Running-is-the-best-cardio-you-can-do-to-lose-weight (heard by everyone with love handles from somebody who doesn’t).
So, I have been losing weight -wait- everything that once made me heavy
enough to feel worthy of gravity.
I fell in love 

and let it slip through my teeth. I could not
stop slipping on my own emotions so I
taught them about growing their own legs. They now run down my face and
it looks like messed up mascara and sounds like
hiccupping, but it is
really just the way love makes me look when I am alone.
I did not fall in love. I just fell.
My own legs fail(ed) me. I have no choice but to let everything
that held me together
run, run, run
until I can no longer kiss gravity, even just as friends.

It’s 11:11, make a wish;

Make a wish for something solid
That isn’t made of smoke.
For something you can grab with your bleeding knuckles and calloused fingers
And feel it bite,
Feel it writhe,
Feel it rough like skinning your knee on concrete.

Wish for feeling wide-awake;
Bloodshot eyes
And tapping your nails on the desk
And heart racing, lips chapped,
And how-long-has-it-been-since-you-slept questions.

Wish for no more following the-next-step,
No considering what the-logical-course-of-action-would-be,
No listening to what-most-people-do-is.

Pray for some fear,
Some knee-buckling pain,
Some goosebumps,
Some cuts and bruises along the way.
For gut-wrenching anything.

Ask desperately
For something to connect and ignite in your stomach
And blow every fuse in your head,
And then you’re real again.

—  It’s 11:11, make a wish. By @oceanwriting

It settles once again,
seeping its way into my chest.
And I feel myself falling
into clutches I thought I had
rid of months ago.

I make my way back to you.
I open myself once again to
days of dark pasts, and heavy rain,
night of solitude, broken
heartbeats, and solemn sadness.

My heart aches, and my soul weeps.
I wish upon you the gentlest of solace,
and the softest of dreams.
I pray sleep comes easy to you, and
that tomorrow the world will be kinder.

—  “Some peace of mind” // to a friend
One day someone
will do anything
just to retrieve
all the stars she buried
under her feet,
and he’ll throw them
towards the sky,
where they will shine
brighter than—
they did before.
—  ma.c.a // Chances and Changes

People are like waves of the ocean; they come and they go. Sometimes they are tempestous and other times they are calm but you never know what to expect. You never know if they will softly hug you or drown you voraciously; you just have to trust them.

And I know, baby, that trust is hard to give. To drown in saltiness or be kissed by seafoam is a decision hard-pressed to make. You would rather sit on the sand and watch than let the water touch your toes, but trust me. There’s more to water than drowning, there’s more to people than hurt. To live is to trust, to take risks. Will you give the waters a chance?

—  A collaboration between @giulswrites and @vanillasweet :)
It’s such a shame that I am so madly in love with you and you have no clue. I wish there was a way I could tell you but it’s only going to ruin our friendship. I know that there might not be a friendship to ruin in a few months or a year because you’ll get busy with your new life somewhere far away and I hope to get busy with mine but until then I’d rather feel a prick from not telling than have a knife slice through my heart by telling you and destroying us.
—  Whatever ‘us’ means // JustScribbledWords
I guess we were just always meant to miss each other. In this life, it was a missed opportunity. It was looking at each other and neither of us being brave enough to say the first word. It was being in love without getting to love the other. It was letting fear of rejection keep us from knowing a love only the lucky get to know. It was knowing that some way somehow we were perfect for each other but not being brave enough to let ourselves fall. It was another lifetime we let slip away without waking up beside each other.

Described in one word, she’s liberty.

She brought serenity to
A heart filled with rage;
Planted flowers on the cynic’s grave.

I had resigned to life in a bitter cage,
Never to be released from these
All-constricting chains,
Yet she –
Presented the key, opening the gate.

She –

Enchantress in a disenchanted world,
Orchestrator of my destined liberty;

Purposely released to love! oh, to love –

What greater gift can a woman bestow,
Than the liberation of a man’s soul?

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

She was hurt a thousand of times already yet you would see her laughing with her friends like nothing ever happened. She is still the same person, laughing over silly things, telling corny jokes and being optimist all the time. But everything has changed when he broke her. She was full of love not until she was damaged. All she did before was to give him love and what left her was nothing. She begged for his love but she had nothing. She stood up even though he’s pulling her down. She picked her broken pieces and still had a positive outlook about love. But then he kept on coming back and kept on stepping down on her. He kept on breaking her heart until she felt numb. And all she can do is to cry herself every night she had a memory of him. Her scars were so deep and she was empty over and over again. She’s now afraid of the idea of being in love. Years passed and all she did was to give love to herself. And now that there is someone who is more than willing to give his heart to her, she turned him down. Because she’s afraid she can’t give back the love he’s giving. Because her heart isn’t beating like before. It isn’t beating fast as before. And there she realized, she can’t anymore feel the feeling of being in love because she was too damaged; too wrecked; and she need to find herself. She needs time for her to be able to feel in love again. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to forget and so to keep moving forward until she’s ready. Until she’s ready to love again. And she promised that when it happens, she’s willing to take risks once again to someone. Someone who is deserving of her love. Someone who is worth it. She is willing to give her heart again, to have it broken by someone worth it. But now, she wanted to be alone. She wanted to escape from reality that she’s broken. She wanted to run away, away from everyone. She wanted to hide and she doesn’t want anyone to see her tear falling through her face, she doesn’t want her friends to see her cry like a baby, she doesn’t want her parents to worry about her thinking why is their daughter crying, because she doesn’t want them sad. So she tried to wake up every morning wearing her smiles as if she’s not having a broken heart. She wanted to live again because he killed her hundred of times already. He suffocated her and now she wanted to escape his grip. She wanted to breathe.
I’m sprawled out in the grass
with every blade rubbing skin
like it’s a sin to be close
Watching a gift long forgotten
the trees with their leaves
just swaying
I’m comatose
Letting creatures
bugs touch my hair
like it’s another universe
inside there
& As I listen to the words
the world says to me
I know
I know that I’ve been
too far from home
Too far from dirt & roots
& I’ve become lost
in technology somewhere
I can’t keep ignoring the earth
that I played on as a child
the dirt that I felt
the trees that I climbed
the water that healed
the tricky parts of my soul
I’m still a child
& the universe knows
It calls with the wind
& beckons with breeze
I can’t keep ignoring
the pain inside me
when I’m locked in concrete
& stuck on the net
I’m still a child
begging for the earth
under step
—  Side Effects / Andy I.