Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to be one of those people who never fall in love.
One of those people who seems like a lost glove.
One of those people who can’t make it last
Because she scares off people too fast.
One of those people who owes it to fate
That she never has a lover lying in wait.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to be one of those people who just accepts it,
One of those people who’s content to forget.
One of those people who likes her job a lot
So much that she doesn’t become a rotten sot.
One of those people who babysits neighbor kids,
To mend the ragged hole she’s hid.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to be one of those people who fight it.
One of those people who sees fate and spits.
One of those people who tries and tries,
But will fail and fail till the day she dies.
One of those people who doesn’t know it’s hopeless,
And will always be valiant nevertheless.
Sometimes I just wonder.
—  tilliwriteagain

What’s your favorite color?“


“Why is that?”

“Because blue is beautiful. The way it can represent many feelings all at once.”

“And what are those feelings?”

“A sense of nostalgia that reminds me of happiness and sadness.

—  from a book I might write by @jwfeelings
Remember you are someone’s refuge, a home, a place to build a beautiful, meaningful life together. Don’t settle for being the souvenir shop they once bought something from when you deserve forever.
—  Nikita Gill
Words of the resurrected

You figured it out, didn’t you?

It’s impossible to breathe life
back into the dead.

But I appreciate
how you
make a ghost find peace, and
offered a short-lived escape
from what seems to be
eternal dread.

To call me back into existence
by reminding me of life’s most
important and powerful energy.

By reminding me of who I used to be
before turning into this useless
bag of rotting flesh.

Everything fades into darkness again,
but I am glad that this time my
last words will be filled with
glowing gratitude.

I owe that to you.

I owe you my

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

You’re in every poem I write, you’re the inspiration for every story I tell and you’re what brings out the poet in me.
And yet, I have never found the courage to write down the story of us, how I fell for you head over heels and that you will never even know.
—  // maybe I’ll be brave enough to share the biggest part of my heart with the world someday
Transfigurations: My First Book

Transfigurations, by Max Aaron

Transfigurations is my first self-published book. It contains a collection of stories I’ve shared on both Reddit and Tumblr, all of which contain a particular theme: people desperate for change.

From Amazon: Transfigurations is a collection of short horror stories about people desperate for change. A young woman is obsessed with losing weight. A man is plagued by the sensation of his teeth screaming. A boy is convinced that the vague shapes floating in his eyes demand that he hurt himself. All the stories in Transfigurations feature people who will do anything to make the changes they believe will better their lives - consequences be damned.

The following stories are featured: My Wife, the Artist, Ouroboros, Malcolm, Under My Teeth, My Constellation, Fertility Treatments, Comfort Food, Teeny-Tiny, and Licks From a Bear.

These stories have elicited strong feelings ranging from fear to disgust to sympathy.

Sixpenceeestories.com user “Kenns” on Under My Teeth: “Oh wow, this was horrifying in its own unique way. I was glued to the screen, but constantly wanting to turn away as just reading this story made my teeth ache and my skin crawl. Very well done!

Reddit user “Missnarcia” on Teeny-Tiny: “As an recovering anorexic.. I must say that this is the first eating disorder “horror” scenario that really gets to me. You’ve managed to write a realistic story that clearly covers all the huge ways a body can be destroyed by an eating disorder. Believe it or not.. but I’m going to save this story and read back when I’m not feeling so strong about recovery. Thank you.

Reddit user “Cow_Launcher” on Fertility Treatments: “Beautifully written, and a twist that I honestly didn’t see coming. Really well done.

All these stories (and many more) are available on this blog for free. However, for all of you who’ve asked for a shiny, Kindle-optimized version of stories sharing a common theme, it’s finally here.

I’m the kind of guy that your mother would have warned you about.
I’ll love you recklessly, ruin your heart, make your knees tremble with intense love and have electricity running through your body from my fingers,
and most definitely I’ll break your heart when it’s fragile.
But I’ll also be the best damn thing that ever came your way…

A. J. Ibrahim || I warned you in advance, but it won’t stop me from coming in

‘Why do people promise things that they can’t even keep?’ They say.

Because when you love someone, all you can see in them is the good that could come…not the pain you feel on the inside not the tears rolling down your cheeks when you realize that everything you did just wasn’t enough.

—  @ofelia-h-m // submission

I remember how soft my name sounded lingering on the tip of your tongue thick like molasses and warm like honey.

Now, I hope you choke on it.


n. m. || I hope the thought of me kills you slowly

You are tear-stained letters,
lipstick smears
on my favourite shirt’s collar,
phones tossed on the bed
in frustrated anger,
you are
the precum splotches
in my black boxer briefs’ fabric,
you are a box of chocolates;
every day’s another treat,
but most of all
you –
make me feel,
when I swore on my battered soul
nothing would ever again move me.
—  You are real, by M.A. Tempels © 2016
Stop trying to force things to be perfect. If you take a step back and enjoy things for what they are, you ‘like find that imperfections can be even better than perfect.
—  KJS // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #38