It was simply intoxicating, the way she put on her usual light eyeliner at the mirror and the way she turned to me, just to give a soft smile. Falling in love was always something so inexorable, when it came to her.
—  Lukas W. // Falling inexorably

I wish I knew the answers.

Just like back in the third grade,
when you had forgotten to study
for Friday’s spelling test and
I knew every single letter.
And I don’t know if you notice,
but I tilt my test ever so slightly
even till now. Just in case.
I never liked seeing you struggle.

So I wish I knew the answers.

Then you could just copy them and
move on, and we’ll laugh about it later.
But I get the feeling that that’s not how
it works anymore. That maybe, I can’t
always be there to help you,  or that
maybe, I just can’t always help you.

Maybe you need to figure this one
out on your own. Maybe you want to.

Because my answers are not always right.
I get that. I just never liked seeing you
struggle with yourself.
And I wish I had the answers,
I wish I was the answer.

I wish I knew.

—  “I wasn’t it” remnant-thoughts
It starts with this: want.
You want to love him.
Not need, want.
You don’t actually need any of this, didn’t ask for it, and in fact, would probably be better off without it. But you want it, want him, want love, even if its the worst thing in the world for you. And that’s how it starts.


//part 2//

I used to love you with the wide eyed innocence a child loves a parent. I looked up to you; I believed in you… in my eyes, you could do no wrong. I knew you had faults – but I didn’t care. I accepted everything about you; the good, the bad and the indifferent. I knew you weren’t perfect but you were perfect for me and that’s what counted.
And in a way, I knew you didn’t love me in quite the same way I loved you… To me, you were everything – but to you, I was just one of many things in your life that gave you happiness. I tried to love you perfectly, in a way nobody ever had. I wanted to be as important to you as you were to me. I think I secretly hoped that if I made you happy enough, you’d never want to be without me… that I could somehow make myself a priority in your life, so much so that you’d do anything to keep me in it. But deep down, I knew you too well. I knew you had plans, and priorities and other things in your life that made you happy… things that were more important than me. And though it hurt when you chose them over me, I can’t say I was all that surprised…
And so I stood aside, bowed out gracefully – because I knew what you wanted, and it was a life I couldn’t be a part of. I loved you enough to let you go, but I’ve never forgotten you all these years… And even to this day I still love you – but it’s a different kind of love now because I’m a different person. I’m not that naïve little girl anymore – you broke her – and the woman I rebuilt her into knows her worth and will NEVER be anybody’s second priority ever again.
—  Ranata Suzuki  “Lessons Learned”
I truly hope
that we always
both have
the courage that
will help us choose
love and peace
over anything else.
That no matter
how hard to us
the world can be,
our hearts will
still be able
to feel
the serenity
they need,
and carry
the love
they should
always give.
—  ma.c.a // I Hope We’re Brave Enough
When we met I knew you would leave me in pieces and I wouldn’t be able to put myself together again. It was your voice, the sparkle in your eye and your cheeky smile that left me weak. When we were good it was such a high, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I saw the end coming a mile away, and I dove in anyway.
—  high // A.H.
Getting to know you
seem like
learning a language
I’ve never heard before—
it was confusing
at first,
frustrating every
now and then,
yet it was worth it.
It will always
be worth it
to know you
even more.
Promise me we’ll meet here in another life. You and I. This place where we first met and fell in love in this life. Promise me. We’ll meet here. You and I. Promise me. Promise me we’ll fall in love with each other again in another life. Promise me. You and I. Because one life is not enough for me to fall in love with you. Because one life is not enough for me to feel your love for me. Because one life is not enough for you and me. For you and I.
—  Juansen Dizon
I often wondered about how it feels when someone writes to you. When someone dedicates a poem or a letter and you can feel everything just by reading. It must be nice to have someone who writes just for you. It’s not because I am already tired of writing for someone. It’s just that sometimes, I can’t help but think about meeting someone who will treat you as their muse. Writing relieves every painful experience I have, it shows every emotion that I am feeling. But I never wanted to be a writer, I just want to be someone else’s written piece.
You are the bed of roses
‘neath my epitaphic
a delight of vibrant colors,
indeed withstanding
the darkest
your thorns of green scream
life! – its prickle, my wake-up call
wrap me in your scarlet robe
and see me come alive
by the virtue of
your love
—  Reanimated - M.A. Tempels © 2016