I am sorry but…” she said. “Could you please stop making people feel like it was their fault why you fall out of love with them. Stop putting the blame on their shoulders. Causing their knees to bend and fall to the ground.” she took a deep breath to calm herself. She tried to say it in a kind way. Knowing that she’s trying so hard—enough not to burst into tears. She’s mad and she’s still trying to keep it down. “Please stop trying to turn a soft beautiful heart into a cold colorless hole. Because it was never easy to bring it back.
—  ma.c.a // Some words are harsh, Some words are true
you know you are in love with him when you stop dreaming about boys in books and start living in the reality, because sometimes the reality is better than any boy can be in any goddam book. sometimes reality trumps fantasy. and that is what love can make you do, make you pick reality over fantasy.
—  r e a l i t y//nikitagupta
I think you ruined me for anyone else. It’s like you poisoned me. You shot yourself into my veins, like heroin except sweeter, and now I can’t look at other people without looking for your face in theirs, and I can’t kiss anyone else because I don’t feel a goddamn thing. I can’t even fucking sleep without feeling your ghost beside me.
—  from an unfinished story #824
I think that life is the best and worst gift someone can ever give to you, so don’t you dare waste that. Don’t you dare look in the mirror and hate your reflection. You were born to be amazing and you should always be able to explore yourself and find the best and worst parts of you. Don’t let other people make you afraid of being who you are.
—  giulswrites
Writing Prompt #181

The neighbor kid was always weird, but I think the weirdest experience was the snow day last year. He insisted on repetitively stabbing the snowman in his front yard, but then it started bleeding.

it was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. i know it wasn’t easy. there were more pain than joy, more misunderstandings than happy memories. what we had was something that most people would run away from because it’s tough. but you? you chose to stay. there were numerous crossroads that you’ve run into, asking you either to give up or try again. yet you, with all the burden and heartbreaks that i have brought upon you, still manage to try again – every single time. to some, it would be touching. for some time, it had been that way for me too. it melted my heart and brought a smile to my lips. it made me happy, knowing that there is one person out there who would never give up on me. but as time went by, i realized that i was being selfish. i should not keep someone whom i can’t fully love, no matter how much he loves me. i should not let someone stay because i needed love that i could not even give back. you do not deserve to be tied to someone who only receives everything that you can offer, and is not capable of treating you the way you should be treated. please, do not ever think that you are not enough just because i could not love you just as much as you love me. you are so much more. do not let my choices define you. you are a good person and you have so much love to give. pour that on someone who can give it back. alright? the love you have given me is never wasted because i appreciate every ounce of it, i appreciate you. believe me, i tried my hardest to love you just as much as you love me but i failed. maybe i wasn’t the right person, no matter how much we both wanted it to be. maybe one day, when i have learned to love myself enough to be able to love others comfortably and receive it without any hesitation – maybe then we could have another chance. until then, this is for the best – for you at least. this maybe hard to accept on your part as you have given me your all. it is difficult for me too, as i will always resent myself for hurting you this way. but i know one day, you’re going to thank me and i’m going to be proud of myself for making such a brave choice because in the end, it’s going to make the both of us happy. sorry for making you go through the worst. this is going to be worth it one day, i promise.
—  this is why i have to let you go (m.b)
Thought We Were

you were never mine
…to lose
you never really entered
…our relationship
you never joined me

there’s no us…
for you to mourn
I’m the one who…
believed we were a we
there’s no loss…
for you to see

no reason for feelings
no need to get emotional
go ahead and save
all of that for me

now I know it was…
you my lover
not the love…
who broke us to smithereens
it’s for what I thought we were
…that I cry

FollowCB | Copyright 2017

Don’t search for me at the bottom of bottles anymore. 

I have found new places to hide;

new things to ruin. 

—  Anava.

“Will you wait for me?”

: If I stray too far for your comfort, will you wait for me?
Or will you move on, leaving for something closer, leaving me to my own devices?
Will you fondly remember everyday why you even wait for me?
Or will you forget in the instant that you see someone better?
If you truly love me, will you wait for me?

Just like a river percolated through the wrong soil, I felt so lost and incarcerated. Every molecule had been fused with the forsaken land; where light has nowhere to be found, where plants were pulled out, and trees were cut down. A place where you couldn’t see the beauty of the sky nor the stars— like a dark abyss that drowns you into its profundity. Until summer came, finally. Soufflé of clouds drew me out from despair and everything came back to life. I can dance with the wind, sing along with the birds, and feel the freedom I’ve been yearning for.
—  Summer // mediocregirl

Ever been so used to the bad
That anything good coming your way
Looks like nothing but an illusion

If you accept the betterment
You feel you’d distort the reality
For you believe happiness is not for you

You ponder the change laboriously
Questioning its significance
Until you finally derive some evil out of it

You feel oddly satisfied of the task
Expectedly empty yet ludicrously triumphant
Like you’ve mastered the game

Of perpetual misery.

Aastha G