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It’s terrifying because it doesn’t feel painful to me, yet. It’s terrifying because everyone else has been sharp and sudden and finite. Everyone else has been falling from rooftops, slamming face first into the concrete.

But with you, it’s like I’m still waiting to hit the ground. It’s like being suspended in mid-air and feeling the wind crash into me. It’s like jumping and jumping and jumping but never making it past the seventeenth floor. It’s like closing my eyes and finding myself back on the ledge, taking the first step.

With you, it’s feeling the fall a thousand times over but never hitting the concrete. It’s my heart going numb but never stopping, just slowing down enough to know I’m still alive. It’s the adrenaline rush and the constant anxiety of it all

—  Reena B.| The breathlessness of it all.

On Saturday morning, Algy paid a visit to his assistants’ house. He was surprised to see that a large pot in a dark corner of the garden had undergone a sudden transformation… Algy was thrilled to see the little flowers glowing in the February sunshine, and as he gazed at them in wonder, a tiny wren started to sing in the bushes behind him. The ground was hard with frost and there was ice on the puddles, but Algy knew it was the beginning of spring :)

Algy wishes you all a very happy weekend, and - if you live in a cold, northern country - he hopes that spring will reach you very soon xo

I’m so torn between
wanting sadistic revenge
and wanting to forgive you.
—  VoicelessConfessions || Eternal Dilemma
I want to ask you what your plans for Valentine’s Day are, and if you even have any, but I know that no matter what you say I will be disappointed. Because I want to spend the day with you, and I know that every answer you will come up with will not include me, you, or us.
—  6:53pm thoughts// I want to, but I won’t
Whoever you are, keep this letter with you throughout your college life. Read this if you’re struggling, on the bridge of breaking apart and if you feel that you’re exhausted from studying. Because, I felt it too. But I didn’t quit. I keep pushing forward and make myself a better version every single day. And now, I’m here. On the the other side of the long race that you’ll be heading too, someday. Right now, I finished the entire race. I know you can, too. Never quit. Sow every learning and experiences throughout your college life. And by God’s time, you’ll reap them in their most perfect form. This would be the first step in your journey. Just do your best and enjoy the race.
Zigzagged lightning illuminates 
a broken night sky,
showing the fractures
which darkness hides
(I’m afraid the sky will start falling
if the storm endures any longer)

Thunder echoes within
an empty amphitheater,
and ears ring with every
crash that sounds
(I think the clouds are falling
to the ground right now)

Rain splatters pavement and
forests alike in a downpour
which chills a world on fire
(are these drops all that remains
of what sparked the sky’s fall?)

Alas, the storm is over before it has begun,
and the sky appears unshattered
when revealed by the sun.
—  The Sky is Falling // a.w.
She was broken so many times, that she made it her favourite way to pass time.
—  VoicelessConfessions || A painful hobby
Are there any writing tags that people actually use anymore?

Guys I’m like the biggest grandma on Tumblr but I was wondering if there are still tags that people in the Tumblr writing community check regularly. I know #spilled ink got retired a while ago, and that #TWC was a thing. I like #writers on tumblr too but are there any others that Yeah Write should be following?

I just want to be hip to the groove.

She never liked the way she looked like but, he admired every part of her body like if it was art, he would even play notes of a soft melody wherever he touched her as if she was a musical instrument of a kind
—  M.C.L // Excerpt from a book I might never write

Have you seen her?

Of course you have,
how can one’s eye
be drawn to such

But have you seen
the glow of her
have you experienced
the power of her

Oh, that’s right,
excuse me,
I forgot 
don’t believe in things like that.

All you see is a fine piece of ass.

You’re selling this girl short,
there’s so much
to her.

I’ll explain
in a way you might
understand what I’m getting at.

Do you know how scientists
expose hidden planets?

They calculate and go after
their gravitational pull,
proving they exist,
even if
they’re not able to see them.

You can apply this knowledge.
Acknowledging her heart
and soul
doesn’t have to be
a matter of simply believing.

Now the next time you see her,
look at the people around her.

See how they look bigger,
more at peace.

She naturally emits invisible rays
of her loving nature,
a powerful
positive energy,
it causes the people around her
to grow in her presence.

They become the best version
of themselves, and to me
that –
is the embodiment of ‘good’.

To me, that is the essence of 'she’.

Remember this, the next time you
look at her, so the next time
we speak,
you won’t sell her short
when I ask you,

“Have you seen her?”

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

I am walking, just like you are. Better people are running, but I envy those who have found the guts to sit down, or better, lie down. I think it takes guts. Yes, it’s a crazy theory; but when have you ever found any sanity in the words I type? It is pure lunacy that makes you sit down and create some damned art. That or sadness. Or an indefinite stretch of emotion you’re unable to define. I’ve been there, as well. I have believed in a lot of things; from fire to smoke but at the end of the year or month or day they’ve turned out to be weaker than my breath; ashes are the only thing that was real. So many emotions I’ve felt feel so childish now. Blaming everything on immaturity is a recreation process for humans I suppose, for without it you’d have so much sin tucking your sleeves every moment that it’d be impossible for you to sleep. Now, I don’t believe what I feel. I don’t take myself seriously; I’m stomping in all the wrong directions over dead leaves; falling for people whose intoxicated livers are more full than my immobile, stoney monster of a heart; whose ability to move my selfish spirit is bigger than what’s actually left of them and my nails are just ingrowing into my skin; exactly like the meek posibilities of my future. I’m drowning and I don’t want to save myself; I am that cloud in the sky which is too close to the sun but just can’t make it rain. I’m as shallow as that storm that promises to rip you apart but leaves after a sheet of tears have kissed your window sin;I’m that sin that won’t send you to hell and that act of charity that kills an orphan. I know how to swim,but I’ve forgotten which leg to use first and I’m stuck here till I figure out what love, or pain is, I seem to have forgotten them. Or maybe I have never known them at all.


Maybe it’s not true love, written in the stars, or the makings of a romance novel, but what kind of love is? Love at first sight— do I believe it? I’m not sure yet. I believe that love starts out as a mutual understanding, a mutual liking of another person. Love changes, grows, and evolves to fit both of your lives. This relationship starts to build and an unbreakable bond is forged. Sometimes it’s romantic, and most other times it’s platonic, but regardless, it’s love. So, maybe you weren’t love at first sight, or even like at first sight, but you are like and love with time. You are the very best kind.
—  1:06am thoughts// I’m still unsure about what you mean to me, but let me tell you, you are something

The collection, so far:

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complete with messy bed, ashtray, and cat

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Inkstains & Heartbeats - The Collective (tumblr writers) Lillian Lauesen
The Muse of Love and Pain - AX Salvo
Intentional Dissonance - Iain S Thomas
Phases of the Loon - Luke Dingle
An Experienced Mistress - Bryn Donovan

. Undead Ramblings - Lily Stark Sevenses - @jayarrarr
. Stitches & Staples - Lily Stark
Success in life is to accept to be hated because you want to say what you have to say, and because you’re not here to please your neighbour ; failure is to be a social being that almost no one really knows. At night the sadness comes, the one of something permanently missed : an inner scream to be who you really are all the time.
—  Basile Pesso © 13 February 2 016