Healing is
Gently planting seeds
In all the cracks
He left you with.
—  poeticallyordinary
Pretty Words

Ailurophile- A cat-lover.
Assemblage-A gathering.
Becoming- Attractive.
Beleaguer- To exhaust with attacks.
Bucolic- In a lovely rural setting.
Bungalow- A small, cozy cottage.
Chatoyant- Like a cat’s eye.
Comely- Attractive.
Conflate- To blend together.
Cynosure- A focal point of admiration.
Dalliance- A brief love affair.
Demesne- Dominion, territory.
Demure- Shy and reserved.
Denouement- The resolution of a mystery.
Desuetude- Disuse.
Desultory- Slow, sluggish.
Diaphanous- Filmy.
Dissemble- Deceive.
Dulcet- Sweet, sugary.
Ebullience- Bubbling enthusiasm.
Effervescent- Bubbly.
Efflorescence- Flowering, blooming.
Elision- Dropping a sound or syllable in a word.
Elixir- A good potion.
Eloquence- Beauty and persuasion in speech.
Embrocation- Rubbing on a lotion.
Emollient- A softener.
Ephemeral- Short-lived.
Epiphany- A sudden revelation.
Erstwhile- At one time, for a time.
Ethereal- Gaseous, invisible but detectable.
Evanescent- Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
Evocative- Suggestive.
Fetching- Pretty.
Felicity- Pleasantness.
Forbearance- Withholding response to provocation.
Fugacious- Fleeting.
Furtive- Shifty, sneaky.
Gambol- To skip or leap about joyfully.
Glamour- Beauty.
Gossamer- The finest piece of thread, a spider’s silk
Halcyon- Happy, sunny, care-free.
Harbinger- Messenger with news of the future.
Imbrication- Overlapping and forming a regular pattern.
Imbroglio- An altercation or complicated situation.
Imbue- To infuse, instill.
Incipient- Beginning, in an early stage.
Ineffable- Unutterable, inexpressible.
Ingénue- A naïve young woman.
Inglenook- A cozy nook by the hearth.
Insouciance- Blithe nonchalance.
Inure- To become jaded.
Labyrinthine- Twisting and turning.
Lagniappe- A special kind of gift.
Lagoon- A small gulf or inlet.
Languor- Listlessness, inactivity.
Lassitude- Weariness, listlessness.
Leisure- Free time.
Lilt- To move musically or lively.
Lissome- Slender and graceful.
Lithe- Slender and flexible.
Mellifluous- Sweet sounding.
Moiety- One of two equal parts.
Mondegreen- A slip of the ear.
Nemesis- An unconquerable archenemy.
Offing- The sea between the horizon and the offshore.
Opulent- Lush, luxuriant.
Palimpsest- A manuscript written over earlier ones.
Panacea- A solution for all problems
Panoply- A complete set.
Pastiche An art work combining materials from various sources.
Penumbra- A half-shadow.
Petrichor- The smell of earth after rain.
Plethora- A large quantity.
Propinquity- An inclination.
Pyrrhic- Successful with heavy losses.
Quintessential- Most essential.
Ratatouille- A spicy French stew.
Ravel- To knit or unknit.
Redolent- Fragrant.
Riparian- By the bank of a stream.
Scintilla- A spark or very small thing.
Sempiternal- Eternal.
Seraglio- Rich, luxurious oriental palace or harem.
Serendipity- Finding something nice while looking for something else.
Summery- Light, delicate or warm and sunny.
Sumptuous- Lush, luxurious.
Surreptitious- Secretive, sneaky.
Susquehanna- A river in Pennsylvania.
Susurrous- Whispering, hissing.
Talisman- A good luck charm.
Untoward Unseemly, inappropriate.
Vestigial- In trace amounts.
Wafture- Waving.
Wherewithal- The means.
Woebegone- Sorrowful, downcast.

Writing Prompt #629

Murphy’s Law really was a bitch; it was one thing when your laundry didn’t dry after planning to wear the cute outfit, or sleeping through your alarm. It was another thing when your stupid younger brother managed to summon a poltergeist while you were trying to get a paper done.

i knew i loved you
when i could taste roses on my tongue 
when beautiful petals in shades of red fell from my lips 
and spelled out your name as they hit the floor 
i opened my mouth to try and tell you 
that the bouquet that was within me was all for you
that the garden spilling out of my mouth was for you
but try as i did 
all i could do was choke on petals of the flowers
that were growing inside of me because of you
growing from the seeds that you planted in my lungs with our first kiss
i was the soil 
and you were supposed to be my sun 
flowers cannot thrive without one or the other 
so they longed for an escape 
towards warmth, towards light, towards the love and care they needed
(and i needed) 
and with every gasp of breath 
the petals fell from the rose forced into in the glass container that was my lungs
with every cough 
the garden you planted began to sprout
to shoot up towards the only escape they could find
my mouth, which was open, crying out for you
but you weren’t there to gather up their beauty in your hands 
so they had no choice but to wilt 
and i can feel myself wilting 
no longer are there flowers filling me
but dirt 
nothing but dirt 
and an untended garden of weeds
and the decaying remains of something that should have been beautiful  

(cc, 2018)

And there are still times,

I search every face,

For a glimpse of you,

Even when my mind knows,

You’re oceans away,

It’s the heart,

Which never understands.

- DG

«Maybe in some other time we’ll run into each other and we’ll be perfect then or maybe you’ll find me with someone else living what you should have lived next to me.»

—D. M.

I can’t keep going around in circles with you. You don’t want me. And it hurts. Loving you hurts. Wanting you hurts. Thinking of you every goddamn second of every goddamn day hurts. Hoping someday you’ll come back is killing me. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. You’re fucking killing me.

— I won’t pick up the phone anymore (not that you care anyway)

your lips of damnation;

darkness wove through his hands with terrifying grace; he wore it impeccably well. while it was natural on him, darkness to you was evil and malignant. when you compared yourself to him, you still thought yourself as a creature of light.

but when was light ever just light?

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The Warlord Contracts’ characters (and the writer) as pics from @dellalovespeppermints‘s Parks and Recreation, Season 5: Moodboard.

I spent four nearly consecutive hours today editing, so I have rewarded myself by doing something ridiculous and fun.

(Go reward yourself too? You are all tagged! Do the thing!)

The girl in the tower

The prompt was free because when I did the prompts, I had no idea yet what this one story could be about… >_>” but I ended up taking the prompt “Free” and seeing what I could do with it. I enjoyed writing this little tale way more than I thought. It’s actually longer, and I haven’t finished yet, but my boyfriend told me the first part I had written it was also good as it was, so here you go.

 Maybe for the end of October I’ll publish the long version of the story if I have written it… we’ll see!!

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back then,
i thought we were ‘forever’.
our fates were intertwined
and we would remain side by side

because we were 'always’;
our love was timeless.
we were supposed to be in love
until the very end.

but here i am
wishing to be the wind,
so i could brush my fingers
against your cheeks

and whisper the words
i couldn’t say back then,
when i was yours
and you were mine.
—  Beawings




Could you answer the door

For my subconscious

To come in with yours?




Could you smile for the camera

So my brain can store you in my happy space

Instead of snapping one of how you truly make me feel?




I’ve been feeling lonely

So if you’re not here to support me

I don’t need another weight to drag me down

I’m doing a fine job tying those around my ankles myself




I don’t need this headache and yet here it is

And I don’t need these memories of you

And yet here they are

Popping up like popcorns ready to be salted

And every time i hear the “pop” my heart jumps out of my skin