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Why the next Elder Scrolls game should be set in Elsweyr

So one of my friends recently asked me some questions about Khajiit religion, and it got me on a Khajiit kick, and I realized I’ve never put my case for the above out into the blackness of the internet. Note I’m not saying other locations wouldn’t be deserving–just that I think Elsweyr, at this particular point in the lore of the universe, is the prime candidate for a game.

What is Elsweyr

Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit. Set in the central south of Tamriel, it borders Cyrodil in the north, Valenwood in the west, and Black Marsh, roughly, in the east. The land itself reflects the dual nature of the Khajiit–the north is a hot, sandy desert inhabited largely by nomadic tribes, while the south is lush and tropical, home to many plantations, with several large cities where most of the population is concentrated. Already, we have the setup for a great world, with lots of visual variety in addition to cultural variety.

Why Elsweyr works so well

  • It has great fodder for dungeons
  • Cyrodil had Ayelid ruins and oblivion gates. Skyrim had barrows and Dwemer Ruins. Elsweyr? Egyptian-style tombs buried in the sands of the dessert, complete with mummified corpses. Delving the south? Ancient temples and ruins from before men or mer were even on Tamriel. It represents a chance to see things older than we ever have before.
  • Crime is widespread
  • Not just the bandit camps, but organized crime–smuggling, drug trafficking, theft, scams. Khajiit carry a reputation as criminals for good reason, and it is likely a game set there would put Skyrim’s plentiful bandit camps to shame.
  • It is visually stunning
  • Vast shifting dunes. Plantations on stilts. Rainforest-like jungles. Great cities and entrenched strongholds. Elsweyr doesn’t just have a great variety of climates, it has a variety of some of the most visually contrasting and appealing climates. This isn’t skyrim where everything is grey, white, brown or green–the foliage alone has all the colors of the rainbow.
  • It’s full of characters
  • Anyone familiar with the Elder Scrolls series knows that Khajiit are often some of the most memorable characters. From their wit to their playful nature, each one is memorable in their own way.
  • They’re visually diverse
  • Khajiit biology is tied to the moons–there are a total of at least 17 kinds of Khajiit, ranging from elves with cat tails to intelligent housecats to man-sized tigers. This means that everyone you meet will be different, and cities full of them will not feel as homogenous and bland as Skyrim’s cities often did.
  • They have a unique philosophy
  • While Khajiit have a version of the monomyth that features many of the Divines we’re familiar with, by and large they worship Azurah, and follow the teachings of a Bhuddist-like philosophy called Ja-Kha’jay. After a game that asked pointed questions about what a deity was in the Elder Scrolls universe, Elsweyr is ready and waiting to ask “What does it matter?”
  • It has a newly relevant ruin with a lot of historical importance
  • If you delved into Skyrim lore, you probably picked up that Talos, who went on to become Tiber Septim, founded the third era by conquering Tamriel, thanks in no small part to a giant bipedal machine called the Numidium, which was powered by the heart of the dead god Lhorkan. The building site of this machine, the Halls of Colossus, was built in Elsweyr, after the Blades forcefully evicted the area of the native Khajiit. Not only that, but at some point during or after the Numidium’s construction, it began poisoning the surrounding area, rendering a large swath of Elsweyr uninhabitable to the present day, with descriptions often recalling radiation poisoning. You do the math; an old, abandoned ruin, once home to the heart of a dead god, now in territory controlled by the Thalmor, who have an expressed desire to achieve deity, possibly at the expense of the mortal world.

Why they work now

  • They’re an outside perspective
  • Though technically part of the Aldmeri Dominion, Khajiit are natives to Tamriel, and are generally skeptical of both elves and men. This makes them an excellent background for a story about the conflict between men and elves, which Skyrim obviously built up. We will get to see not only both sides, but what each side looks like to a people unconcerned with either of them.
  • They’ve never been more accessible
  • Because Elsweyr is now part of the Dominion, it’s been instilled with an influx of Thalmor, trying to control their society and generally being perplexed by their culture. Not only does this provide a great source of conflict for the player to be involved in, it gives the writers a way to showcase the quirks of Khajiit culture without making the game totally alien and unrelatable.
  • They’re the most politically uneasy ally in the Dominion
  • Elsweyr joined the Dominion, not as Elsweyr, but as Anequina and Pelletine, the two countries it was originally formed out of. This is because the Mane, the Khajiit spiritual leader, was assassinated by the Thalmor. The Mane served as a mediator between the two halves of Elsweyr, and without him, the balance between the two fell apart. They both joined the Dominion after it claimed responsibility for ending the Void Nights, but there are several indications that the common folk are unhappy with their new Thalmor rulers. Combine this with a long tradition of Khajiit rebels and nationalists and an old racial conflict with the Bosmer, and Elsweyr is the best place to start for somebody looking to chip away at the power of the Dominion.
  • Its experiencing an identity crisis
  • Anequina. Pelletine. Elsweyr. What is the homeland of the Khajiit? This is a question the Khajiit are very much struggling with right now, and there would be no better time for us to explore a culture than when it is trying to find itself, especially as an outside group (the Thalmor) is trying to force their own culture and religion on them.
  • They’re primed for a player character
  • Their spiritual leader is recently dead. Their country is fractured, their culture under assault, and they very recently spent two years with the focal point of their lives absent. What happens when the type of child you have is determined by the moons and they aren’t there anymore? Is it random? Does it go on as normal, but without a reference? Are all the children stillborn? In any case, it’s mass panic at best, and there would be a great deal of lingering trauma over that. To put it in the simplest terms, the Khajiit have the most problems that could be addressed by a legendary hero coming in and shaking things up.

I know you want to go to Alinor and punch the Thalmor in their faces. I know Black Marsh has undergone several radical, often concerning changes. I know Valenwood is fantastically interesting, as are the lands beyond Tamriel. 

But have you considered going Elsweyr.

Viktuuri Fanfiction Writers (@viktuurificwriters) is a blog dedicated in getting to know the YOI fandom’s beloved Viktuuri fanfic writers. Yes, the writers, not just their works…

1. How is this different from fanfiction recommendation blogs?

Fanfiction recommendation blogs showcase the works, the fanfiction, while this blog showcase the writers, the people behind the words. Simple as that.

We all get to talk about the latest and popular fics, but we rarely bother about the person who writes those fics, especially if it’s one of those lesser known authors.

How many times have you bookmarked or gave kudos to a work without bothering to check out the author’s profile? I know not every author writes something on their profile, but here’s where this blog comes in. This blog will conduct interviews with writers, write biographies about them, and give the writers a chance to show who they are in ways other than writing fanfiction.

2. What exactly will this blog do?

  • Chooses writers to interview and specially feature in this blog.
  • Supports all types of viktuuri fic authors, especially the lesser known authors, by giving them a place to promote themselves.  If you’re a new writer, then this blog will be the best place to introduce yourself.
  • Promotes lesser known authors that deserve more love by giving them a short feature and “special awards.”
  • Promote writers, of course! readers can submit their own post featuring their favorite writers and why they like him/her/they.
  • Make weekly author features. Every week, this blog will choose one author to feature.
  • Features writers/readers who are open to beta reading. Tumblr users can submit a post saying they want to beta read. This will make it easier for writers to find beta readers.

What is aforementioned above will only be some of the things I plan to do for this blog. More things will be added to them:D

3. What is the purpose of this blog?

This blogs aim to create a friendly community for writers and readers alike. Readers can get to know more about the minds behind the masterpieces they love and writers can get in touch with readers.

As of now, this blog is new and has no posts yet, but soon I hope to fill it in with your help. Follow this blog if you’re interested and help spread the word by reblogging this post.

Thank you and I look forward to getting to know our writers :)

Admin announcement

Aights I’ve been receiving a few messages re this issue so I thought I’ll do up a proper post addressing it.

4 years back, I’d set up this blog not just to share creepypastas with you lot, but also to provide a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their work. So you can understand that it’s a massive problem when some of yous messaged me highlighting reservations about sending in story submissions because of the fear that the submission’s grammar, vocab, sentence structure etc aren’t up to par.  

But listen, I get it. Tumblr is a global thing. English isn’t a first language for some of you. And guess what? It’s okay. In fact, most of the stories (both submissions and postings) you see on here have undergone basic grammar and formatting edits by yours truly. I don’t mind doing it. Editing has become a thing I expect myself to do before I post up any story.

So to make things clear - as long as your story isn’t entirely incoherent, has a decent plot, and abides to the guidelines on the submission page, feel free to send it in. If there’s a problem with it, I’ll message you and we’ll sort it out together.

Hope this clears it up.


She does her best to promote
Other writers, stimulate their growth;
Showcase many on her blog
With the utmost objectivity
While offering a fine jumping-
Off point with her prompts
That invite endless interpretations
Meditations, inspirations.
Not only that, she also writes
Words to delight and
Ignite deep thought;
And she remains gracious,
A welcoming, friendly face
Winningly representing
This writing community.    
—  Happy birthday @sarahmariepardy! 🎉🎂🎈💜 

yourtypicaldisneyfangirl-deacti  asked:

Can u please do one where their kid writes a story about them but they don't know until he wins the writing contest? Like he gets up on stage to present the story and they realize it's about them? Idk kinda sounds stupid now that I've explained it 😂

This is so cute! Thank you for my first request!

“Are you ready?” Betty said braiding Juliet’s hair. Juliet, like her mother had hair that fell down her head like a waterfall but after watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time she refused to where her hair n anything other than braids. “Remember, if you get scared just look at mommy and Daddy and baby Forsythe. We’ll be in the front row with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Ronnie, Aunt Polly and Uncle Archie. Don’t forget your grandparents as well.” Betty invited everyone to make sure her youngest daughter felt supported and loved since she knew her daughter was shy.

“I’m not scared at all, mommy.” The six year old fibbed. Juliet’s thin legs were shaking with the thought of having to read out loud. Being the only first grader in the Riverdale Elementary schools writers showcase was scary for her. She did inherit both her parents’ cautiousness for talking in front of crowds but as her teacher said she had gotten her writing talents from her parents, since Jughead was proclaimed the new Steven King and Betty had co-authored two books with him while she was teaching at the high school. Betty was in the middle of publishing her own novel.

Juliet was the writer in this generation of Jones. Betty and Jughead were trying to get her spill what her story was about. Juliet refused to spill the beans, all she said was that it was a poem.

The two Jones girls walked down the stairs while Jughead stairs as he strapped their two year old son Forsythe the fourth into the stroller. “Who are these pretty girls?” Jughead said as Juliet made her way down the staircase.

“Mommy and me!” she sang, spinning around in her powder blue dress that matched her mothers. It was clear that Juliet admired her mother, so much so that she wanted to dress like her. Aunt Ronnie was the one who assisted with picking out matching outfits.

“Well you two do look beautiful. Come on princess, the writers of Riverdale await.” Jughead said, picking his daughter up bridal style as she giggled. That left Betty with stroller duty.

The showcase was held in the auditorium of the middle school, the same one where they had their writing showcasing back in the day. They wished their final good lucks before they drop Juliet back stage. She didn’t let go of her father’s leg until her parents reassured she was going to be okay. The three of them go to the front row like they promised, with Veronica, Archie, Kevin and Polly like they promised. Both sets of grandparent’s parents present too.

“What will our little princess be reading tonight?” Veronica asked rubbing her pregnant belly.

“She won’t say,” Betty laughed as she put her hand on the raven haired woman’s bump. “But she promised she would speak loud enough for the baby to hear.”

“Archibald Junior will appreciate that.” Archie said as he rocked Forsythe on his knee.

“You’re having a boy. Congrats, man.” Jughead said as him and Kevin gave Archie a quick high five.

“Hey, you said if it’s a boy you would name it after his soon to be favorite uncle-AKA me.” Kevin joked, joining Betty to wait for the baby to kick.

“We don’t know the gender, Archie just wants it to be a boy.” Veronica explained making a face in her husband’s direction. He just smiled and nodded like he was told to do when in these situations.

“I think this little fella would like a best friend.” He lifted Forsythe up above his head like Simba from the Lion King. You could almost hear Betty on the verge of having a heart attack.

“Of a girlfriend.” Polly added.

“Or a boyfriend.” Kevin reminded the group.

“Shush, it’s starting.” Jughead said as the lights dimmed.

The principle walked on to the stage and made his swift introduction. It didn’t take anytime till they brought their youngest poet on stage. “Give a warm Riverdale welcome to Juliet Jones, reading an original poem.” The little girl walked on stage with her little fan club formed in the front row of the auditorium cheering right after her. The principle adjusted the microphone so she was loud enough to be heard.

“My mommy loves me, my daddy loves me too,” she began with a shaky voice. “They sing me songs and make me laugh. They comb my hair and wash my face. They hug me when I want to cry and are by my side. They give me hugs, they give me kisses. When I’m at school I miss them but I know there not far.” As she finished tears of happiness streamed down Betty and Jughead’s faces. The poem had nothing on Shakespeare but it was worth more, it was priceless.

That’s when they realized they were doing something right. They were nothing like their parents were to them when they were kids. The duo went from investigating a murder to investigating how to learn from their parents mistakes. They must have learned well enough to have the two beautiful kids they had.

“That’s our little girl.” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear as she wiped her tears away from her face. They were proud, proud to say they had a daughter who loved them just as much as they loved her.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Juliet said running towards her mother and father. Jughead piles her in his arms and spun her in circles. “Did you like it?”

“Everyone loved it!” Betty said as she wheeled Forsythe forward in the stroller. “Even this little guy.”

“You know what this calls for?” Jughead said looking into Betty’s eyes with excitement. Betty read his mind like a magazine but she left the job of answering to Juliet.

“Ice cream!” Juliet squealed as she was let down. She grabbed her father’s hand and pulled them out of the school. She did love her parents but she loved ice cream more. To Jughead and Betty they loved their children and the frosty sweet desert equally.

things i wish book ppl online would talk about more:

  • discussing cool recurring motifs… get literary up in this bitch!! let’s appreciate and showcase these writers’ hard work and attention to detail!
  • going into detail on specific scenes and what their primary purpose is (characterization, plot propulsion, worldbuilding…) and why they think those scenes work or don’t work! considering that a lot of people who like reading also like writing, that might start some FUN CONVERSATIONS
  • in general, more talking about plot instead of ‘just’ characters. it’s easy to make snappy, fun posts about characters, but i want more discussion of plots and plot holes as well, even if that content isn’t quite as zesty and fresh
  • recognizing that diversity&representation is important, but doesn’t necessarily make a good book! for instance, i love rick riordan’s characters and i think he’s doing amazing work for diversity in children’s lit, but i also think every series that came out after percy jackson has been lacklustre at best in terms of plot. that doesn’t tarnish my love for them, but i think it’s important to talk about!
  • in general, nuance! nuance is good. stories have an insane amount of moving parts in them, and some of them can be good while others can still be bad or just not working well
  • where the fuck is the rivers of london crew, that series needs so much more love

anonymous asked:

Hello, amazing person! Who is your favorite DS9 character? I know it's hard to pick just one but, maybe, three top characters? And maybe tell us what your three favorite episodes per season are? Only if you want to and have time, I just love hearing your opinions. :)

Hello anon!!! You sent this to me when I was in the beginning of Season 7 and I saved it until here at the end so I could give you THE DEFINITIVE ANSWERS.


**Note on picking method, although I’ll try to explain more if anyone wants, as coming up with a rationale for my emotional choices is one of my favorite INFJ pastimes

Character: Julian “Biscuit” Bashir, let’s face the facts and they are these. Actually it would be harder to pick ONLY TWO MORE of my darlings than to just leave it at that, so I will. This is the only cheat I’m gonna give myself though!

…except for how I’ve just decided that instead of 3 favorite eps per season I get 21 total. Because a few seasons are fave-heavy so we’re just gonna redistribute, shhh, don’t worry about it.

1x04 ‘Babel’ - Chief O’Brien trips a booby trap left on the station and all hell & nonsense breaks loose, in the first instance of the DS9 plot conceit that dreams are made of. Specifically mine.

1x16 ‘The Forsaken’ - Just a lot of great character work here, across the whole crew. This is where I was starting to feel like I was really getting to know these people, and I really liked them.

2x22 ‘The Wire’ - One of my favorite episode of television I have ever seen. Like of all of them, of all the television. It’s astonishing, just on an objective level, even before you get to my personal soft spots for storytelling and spies serving tea and narratives that don’t tell me the answers, GOD, never tell me.

2x23 ‘Crossover’ - In which we learn that I unironically love Mirror ‘Verse episodes like some sort of astral raccoon rolling around in this dumb glittery space garbage. (Anyway, in an unexpected “haha help me” discovery, my notes reveal that Julian was already one-sidedly referring to O’Brien as his best friend at this point.)

3x07 ‘Civil Defense’
- Conceivably the best DS9 recap I’ve written, which makes me happy as this second station booby trap episode would be in the running for the best of the series. An absolute ball of fun made even more lovable to me by how fucking impeccable the plotting of this one is. A triumph of the writers room, a showcase of an ensemble piece, an exemplar of the space genres.

3x20-21 ‘Improbably Cause’ / ‘The Die is Cast’ - Two-parters count as one, especially GARAK TWO-PARTERS. A gift to Andrew Robinson, a gift from Andrew Robinson. Andrew Robinson!

3x22 ‘Explorers’ - Ben and Jake go on a father-son road trip in the prettiest space sailing ship the world has ever seen, and Miles and Julian get drunk and talk about their feelings: this episode is worth its weight in latinum.

4x03 ‘Hippocratic Oath’
- Lost-crashing onto a desert island in space, NCO Chief O’Brien needs to figure out how to negotiate the increasingly undeniable/unfortunate reality that Dr. Bashir is his superior officer as well as his second spouse, in a uniquely Tarra-oriented episode that I love dearly.

4x15 ‘Bar Association’ - The one where Rom unionizes and Worf tries to figure out just what Star Trek he’s on now is honestly one of my favorites of the whole lot. Initially I was going to classify it as a standalone, but then remembered I’ve tried to explain it to people only to realize each time that it actually required such strong foundations in character and culture to work as well as it did.

4x16 ‘Accession’ - Tons of fantastic religion and relationship stuff for Kira Nerys and Ben “The Emissary” Sisko, one of my most favorite pairs, and meanwhile the Julian/Miles/Keiko storyline just shoots for the STARS.

4x24 ‘Body Parts’ - Again, every element here firing on all cylinders. Quark commissioning Garak to murder him when he least expects it, Nerys being adopted into the O’Brien family, the whole station scrounging up things to help Quark build his bar back, my tears….

5x03 ‘Looking For Par’Mach In All the Wrong Places’
- Perhaps the best way to get across just how much I love the Andy Robinson-directed station rom-com that plays like a Deep Space Harold Lloyd film, is if I tell you it bumped ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ off my Season 5 set.

5x06 ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ - A glorious thing. Ohhhh the nostalgia, the jokes, the X-Files-esque framing device, the love, the fuchsia….

5x14-15 ‘In Purgatory’s Shadow’ / ‘By Inferno’s Light’ - Garak + intrigue + the single greatest reveal that has ever happened to me. So good I can hardly stand it. THE WAY THEY USED THE COSTUME CHANGE. God. Some part of me is still yelling.

5x25 ‘In the Cards’ - Pure happiness. Baseball cards, mad scientists, Jake and Nog on a Quest of Tasks, and begins with a high style wartime dinner table tableau that is second only to the first few minutes of Legion ‘Chapter 3’ for my all-time favorite episode opening. Hell, it might even still be first. Representative note: “this was the best episode, it’s this one.”

6x01 ‘A Time To Stand’ & 6x05 ‘Favor the Bold’
- I love my weary weird war-worn Defiant crew, I love my crackling, smoldering Kira, I love living on a starship again, I love all the resistance plotting in Quark’s bar — I love this S6 miniseries!! I’ve picking my two favorites out of the six because we’d already established that two-parters count as one. Don’t think about it too much and it makes sense.

6x07 ‘You Are Cordially Invited’ - One of the best Jadzia Dax episodes of the series, and not just because she throws a party with a fire dancer and physically fights her mother-in-law.

6x25 ‘The Sound of Her Voice’ - Such a beautiful conceit. In many ways this is an episode about loneliness, but it comes together in a way that is actually celebrating how much connections with others truly mean to us as people. Just a wonderfully Star Trek sort of episode, in its graceful melding of the heartfelt and philosophical with a high-grade ~science fiction~ plot. 

7x06 ‘Treachery, Faith, and the Great River’ - The peak Nog episode and the peak Weyoun episode. In its melding of the hilarious and the misadventure and the fucked up, it hits that rollicking heart-rocking surreal realism vibe I associate with Heller’s Catch-22, which makes sense as memory-for-trifles told me that was the inspiration for the Great River plot. Nice.

7x21 ‘When It Rains…: Part 5’ & 7x22 ‘Tacking Into the Wind: Part 6’ - I am…treating this like a two-parter within the 10-ep conclusion stretch. Just let it happen. And when you do you will get: Kira donning a Starfleet uniform, Julian medically yelling at people over Space Skype, Miles apparently just starting to sleep over in the infirmary, Winn banishing blind Dukat to beg in the streets of Bajor, and The Garak & Kira Show, feat. the Damar Development – the Cardassian Resistance being one of my verrry favorite things to come out of this season.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ - Miles/Julian, Deep Space Inception. my notes: “like if I’d written this story myself I would think ‘well that was self-indulgent’ — that’s the level of My Thing we’re at here.”

Honorable Mentions, holy shit there’s a lot of good stuff in this list:
2x02 ‘The Circle’ / 2x03 ‘The Siege’ - 3x03 ‘House of Quark’ - 3x16 ‘Prophet Motive’ - 4x01 ‘The Way of the Warriors: Part 1 & 2’ - 4x05 ‘Rejoined’ - 4x09 ‘Our Man Bashir’ - 5x05 ‘The Assignment’ - 5x12 ‘The Begotten’ - 5x16 ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ - 6x14 ‘One Little Ship’ - 6x18 ‘Inquisition’ - 7x03 ‘After Image’ - 7x04 ‘Take Me Out to the Holosuite’ - 7x05 ‘The Siege of AR-558’ - 7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’

And you didn’t ask these but I’ll tell ya

Favorite Whole Season: SEASON 4, omg Season 4, are u kidding me S4

Favorite Writer: Ron Moore, followed by my guy Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Favorite Director: Michael Dorn definitely. All three episodes he directed appear in this post – a perfect batting average.

[Masterpost of Tarra Treks Through DS9 because crosslinking all of this seemed ridiculous]

Why the Queue is days out

Some of you have messaged me asking where your poems are. I’ve designed this place to showcase new writers as well as show you some of the best writers on Tumblr, or I guess established would be more appropriate. I want to help you find new readers and followers who need your words.

So I trickle out the poems in hopes that a few days from now, you have new material to read when someone visits your blog and it serves as a point to better introduce you to someone who just discovered you.

Keep digging. Keep writing.


More of a personal announcement than anything, but if I were to make a discord about writing, would anyone be interested? It’d kind of be a casual place for writers (and readers) to showcase their WIPs and get constructive feedback, or find a beta reader, or just discuss things in general, help beat writer’s block, bounce some ideas off each other, or if you’re just starting out and you want some words of (dubious) wisdom. It’s just a thought.

Don’t mind the cut–unsolicited adult advice about resumes because…resumes. I’ve…seen too many of them lately.

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Person Of Interest “Return 0″ Review

Thank you so much, POI! Thank you for 5 years of astounding television. Thank you to the cast and crew who worked their asses off to bring us this show every week. I fell in love with this show for so many reasons and I think the finale did a brilliant job closing out this epic journey. 

If I had to describe Return 0 in two words? Devastatingly beautiful.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about there being no girl friendships on the show now that Laurels gone? Like I do want Thea and Felicity to become friends bc I love those friendships but on the other hand I still have so many issues with fefe bc of all her shit

It is such a weak spot for Arrow right now, anon. While the Arrow writers were busy pushing their fake feminism with “not like the other girls” Felicity, Laurel was standing up as a prime example to a lot of viewers of just what a heroine should be; strong, persevering in the face of her obstacles, caring and mindful of those around her, and supportive to her friends, particularly other women.

She took Thea in when her brother abandoned her to ride off into the sunset with his new girlfriend, she forgave her own sister for the hurt she’d caused her by sleeping with her boyfriend and valued her over any potential romantic relationship, she tried to reach Helena while being held hostage, she accepted Nyssa as a friend and teacher even though she’d tried to kill Laurel the year before, she had friends in Joanna and Mari, and despite still being in love with Oliver she had nothing but kind words and open arms for McKenna and Samantha and Felicity.

Laurel’s death was such a blow to the show, and this is one of the most important reasons why. Female friendships are so rare on television. Usually this has to do with a lack of female characters, but even shows with an ensemble cast and multiple women can struggle with this. On Arrow, Laurel was the lynch-pin, the one that tied everyone else together. Not just the team, but the women of Arrow.

The reason Thea and Felicity seem unlikely friends is because the writers have done zero groundwork to support the idea that they could be friends. They have little in common outside of mutual friendships and secret identities, they’ve never spent time together outside of work or mission-related activities, and their only one-on-one scenes (which is being generous since they also threw Donna in the mix) had to be precipitated by a hostage crisis. Felicity “ew’d” Thea’s bloodstain in the loft, she told Oliver not to make the deal with Ra’s for Thea’s life, and when he asked her to help take his sister home and care for her she asked “And what is that worth?” clearly of the opinion that Thea was worth nothing.

She perceives any woman in Oliver’s life as a threat. She’s bitter over all his ex-girlfriends and expresses relief that Constantine is not a woman (joke’s on her since John Constantine is bi af). She grows jealous when Sara first joins the team and has to be assured she is still Oliver’s “girl”. She’s hostile to her own mother Donna, she talks shit at Moira and Amanda Waller’s memorials, and she gets snitty over Nyssa - a lesbian - having been forcibly married to Oliver. Felicity’s writing for the last five seasons has made her completely irreconcilable with the idea of female friendship, which is reflective of how little the writers care to showcase them. She’s the worst sort of Love Interest character in that way, where the writers try to show her off while shoving all other female characters to the background and having them praise her, and then claim that because the Love Interest is so special and beloved it must be feminist.

I don’t think we will see strong friendships between female characters until Laurel is brought back. Fortunately that is now no longer far away. But in the meantime if you’re looking for those kind of relationships on Arrow, you’re not going to get them with Felicity.

The importance of giving people what they need even if at first it may not seem what they want.

What I really liked Girl Meets A Christmas Maya is the importance of giving gifts that have meaning, and that these gifts are more special because they give us what we need even if they don’t seem especially cool at first on the surface.

It starts with telling us about what Katy gave to Maya long ago. Though Katy couldn’t afford to give Maya really cool toys, she managed to give Maya something even better. She made it so Maya could go to school with and strengthen her friendships with Riley & Farkle and where she would eventually meet Lucas, Zay, and Smackle. That gift allowed for Maya to have the friends she has today. Something far better than any toy she may have liked for a limited time in the past. And though Katy couldn’t have known it at the time – because all she wanted at the time was for Maya to be happy – it eventually led to Katy’s better friendship with the Matthews and meeting Shawn. Thereby making Katy, Maya, and Shawn’s lives better in the process. 

Smackle’s gift to Maya of a broken clock shows her that she doesn’t need to stay broken to have a life. She can improve herself like she has, and move on to other things. She can be a person who fixes things, and doesn’t break them. It really improves Maya’s confidence to say that she’s not the broken one anymore. She doesn’t have to be the bad influence to maintain her identity. Advice Maya could have really used back in the Triangle arc. Too bad Smackle wasn’t around for most of that before it became too late.

Zay’s gift of an etiquette book to Smackle saying that he likes who she is, and she doesn’t need to change things about herself to make others feel better. Be who you are and want to be. Not who others want you to be. Or what others thing you need to be because society dictates that. Since Smackle is often scolded for her frank behavior, it’s nice that Zay is telling her she doesn’t need to feel guilty about it. It is who she is, and if she likes it, then so be it. As she said earlier in the episode “This is who I am!” It reiterates similar things Riley has said to Farkle, Farkle has said to Riley, and what Lucas has said he liked about Maya that have to do with her personality. 

Farkle’s gift to Zay (with the help of Smackle) to let Zay know that he is a part of this group of friends without needing the Lucas to tie him to the group. Feeling like an outsider might have been the reason that Zay uses comedy to hide his inner turmoil that Riley spoke about in the beginning of the season. It’s great that Farkle & Smackle are using the best way they know how to let Zay know he is a valuable member of the group, and would remain friends with him even without Lucas.  

Riley’s gift of a menorah to Farkle lets him know that she will always love Farkle no matter who he is. She encourages him to learn more about himself and to grow. 

Finally, Riley & the Matthews gift to Maya (& Katy) is the play which lets her know how valuable spending Christmas with Shawn would be not just to Maya & Katy, but to Shawn as well. It’s not giving Maya what she wants which is to spend time with the Matthews & avoid the chance of ruining Christmas for Shawn & possibly their family; but it is giving Maya exactly what she needs: the reason to have Christmas with her own family so it can work and make them all happy.

In contrast, Farkle talks about what he would give Smackle as a gift. A theremin sounds really cool. To me anyway because I’m a movie/television buff who actually knew what it did before this episode. But the point is: it is cool to Smackle; she clearly wants one; and it shows that Farkle does know Smackle enough to know she wants one. But is it the kind of gift that would help Smackle? It would entertain her. It would make her happy to know Farkle is thoughtful enough to know what she likes. But does it give any real insight into giving someone what they need like each of the gifts mentioned above do? Nope. Not a bad gift by any means, just not a gift on the scale of what the writers are trying to showcase in this episode.

And let’s think about Riley’s gift to Farkle. She talks about wanting him to understand all parts of himself. To know who he is and who he will be, and that she loves all of that. That is how you truly care about someone. And it definitely calls into question of whether she has liked the parts of Lucas & Maya that are different than what she wants them to be. She doesn’t like that overly protective side of Lucas. Of course, Lucas does need to balance himself out without going too far, but Riley seems to prefer he would ignore that side all together. She can’t consider that he had any bad side to him which is just not possible for any person to be. In Maya’s case, Riley needed to bring Maya back to where she was because a Maya who didn’t act out and cause trouble wasn’t who Maya should be. In both cases, Riley isn’t encouraging enough of Lucas & Maya’s need to grow and be different from who they were in seventh grade. Entirely different from her behavior with Farkle, and as ACM clearly shows the way Riley treats Farkle is the best way to behave with people you love and care about. 

What I believe the show is saying overall is that giving people what they want –cool as it may be and as happy as it may make them for a while – is not as good as giving people what they need. I think the choices the writers made via Ski Lodge was in a way giving people what they thought they wanted though not what they needed, and giving people what they need by at first depriving them of what they should want. To explain: Fans of Riley & Lucas think they are getting what they want because Riley & Lucas are together. Riley & Lucas are getting what they think they want by being a relationship. What we’ve been shown, however, is that it is basically a relationship in name only. Nothing has been shown to really improve or showcase the quality of the relationship. Thus Riley & Lucas (and the audience) are being shown that just because they are getting what they want in theory; they are not necessarily getting what they need in execution. Thus the writers are showing us relationships that in all likelihood might not work out, but will be a stepping stone to get them to the relationships that will be better for them in the long run: Riarkle, Lucaya & Zayadora. That might be what it comes down to n the tweet about the writers having these characters not making the right decisions because they love them. The characters have to learn through experience what they need in the long run is better than what they think they might want at the time. And the only way to do that is by trying the other relationships first. Basically, if you are a Riley & Lucas, Josh & Maya, or Farkle & Smackle fan: you’re are going to get what you want more or less, but you’re going to see how you need something different. If you’re a Riarkle, Lucaya, and Zayadora fan, you’re going to get what you want eventually but you have to get through what you need first. The gift that doesn’t seem cool on the surface but is exactly what the audience needs: the lessons of why some relationships don’t work just because you might want them to; why some relationships do work even though you might not have considered it before; and why every relationship is important for learning & growing even if it doesn’t work out. 

mistye-dawne  asked:

Daisy and tulip

daisy: would you ever consider a career in writing?

   Not full time even if it was possible. I love writing, but I like variety so I would always want to do something else alongside it. That being said I am working on some original fiction at the moment, and I’m hoping to have part of the project ready to self publish by the end of the year.

tulip: what is your favorite writing blog on tumblr that you feel deserves more followers and reads?

@fic-writer-appreciation  because it showcases so many writers works that might otherwise get lost in the netherworld of Tumblr.

Thank you for the asks ^-^

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I've been seeing talk of banners on the discord server on and off but I've been struggling to find a clear post on if they're needed or what they'd include, including formatting. My partners weren't even aware they were a thing would you guys be able to clarify?

A banner is basically a title card for your pieces. Either the artist or the writer must include a banner with the final draft email. This will be used in your official works post and should showcase the writer’s and artist’s preferred urls, the title of the fic, and a simple sample of the art.

Think of it as something basically the size of a Twitter or Tumblr header photo, with your URLs written over a sample/samples or a new original piece of art for the fic (:

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I love your blog. I really think you understand Iris and Barry. Do you have any thoughts about their 2A relationship, or lack of, and what you would have rather seen for them?

Thank you for the kind words!

I think the distance and tension between them in 2A was justified, but I don’t think the writers executed it the way they should have.

Let’s start with Barry who mostly was broken because he was reeling from his actions in the finale and the consequences that came with them. At that point, in his eyes, it also looked like Iris chose Eddie over him again and that the timeline in which she kissed him was never going to manifest. To add to the messiness of the situation, Eddie was the hero who sacrificed himself for the city. No doubt he felt guilt over this and Iris’s resulting grief. It’s no question that whenever Iris is upset, Barry is upset, so he was feeling for her just as much as he was for himself.

Then we have Iris who was mourning Eddie at the start of the season, someone she loved, but was also in pain because Barry was so dejected. She too feels what Barry feels. I wouldn’t be surprised if her “love” for Barry was adding to her emotional turmoil. She probably felt conflicted grieving Eddie while watching Barry suffer mentally and isolate himself, because she was aware at this stage that she had unaddressed feelings for Barry that were stronger than friendship.

It was realistic for the writers to showcase all this in 2A as being the reasons behind why we saw strain in Barry and Iris’s relationship. What I can’t forgive them for is how they didn’t show us the two of them mending their friendship. And how could they when Iris had barely any screen-time? It would have been ideal had they paralleled Barry and Patty’s simplistic and easy relationship with Barry and Iris reconnecting and being the best friends they are. This way they could have enforced the idea that even in mere friendship, Barry’s relationship with Iris will never be like his with anyone else. Why not have Barry date Patty, but contrast that to how he would drop everything in a heartbeat for Iris, because you know he would. And they could have done this with the Wally and Francine story lines. The elements were there, they just didn’t use them wisely.

Instead we had this out-of-character Barry who seemed indifferent to the fact that Iris was hurting. You expect me to believe that? Iris’s pain could have been the perfect catalyst for Barry and Iris to grow close together after the events of the finale. And even worse, we had to watch Iris’s pain be reduced in favor of Patty, a guest star.

A lot of people might disagree with me, but I did not mind the decision to have Barry date Patty in 2A. It made sense to me, mostly because it was very obvious he was only doing so since he was under the impression Iris was never going to love him, and because it became clear over the episodes that Patty was Barry’s desperate attempt to find happiness after the Reverse Flash promised him he never would. Once Patty wanted access to Barry’s true life, he couldn’t be honest with her anymore, and I think that’s because the nature of their relationship was to be a distraction for Barry. This is not to say Barry is manipulative, I just think he was trying with her but subconsciously knew he didn’t love her and she wasn’t the key to his fulfillment.

Again, what I cannot accept is how Patty came at the expense of Iris. There was no excuse for that. If the writers were really talented, they could have written Barry and Patty and still showcased WestAllen. They could have even showed the difference between the two relationships to illustrate that Iris really is the one for Barry. Instead Iris was shamefully sidelined and Patty was made out to be the most precious thing to Barry (seriously, I don’t know a world where Barry would fear Zoom coming after Patty, but not Iris). I’m sorry but I have no idea how they expected the audience to buy that after a season of showing us the importance of Iris to Barry and how selflessly he loves her.

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Tbh Barry realizing he needs Iris is irrelevant to the fact that she doesn't really need him at this point. He's been a neglectful friend for most of the season, he lied to her last yr, and this latest debacle has been his worst yet. So why exactly should SHE be with HIM?

Because she loves him and wants to be with him. 

I know the writers didn’t explicitly showcase Barry and Iris’s friendship this season as much as they should have given their close bond and the fact that they are best friends first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean Barry has been neglectful of Iris. There are still multiple examples of Barry being a supportive friend: 

1. He drops everything (quite literally) to save her when she calls him for help and is getting shot at.

2. He makes the decision to be with her when she tells Joe about Wally so she doesn’t have to do it alone. 

3. He again drops everything for her while he’s in the middle of driving a car when she informs him Wally is in danger at the race (and then beats himself up when she gets hurt and goes on a desperate mission in search of becoming faster so it never happens again). 

4. He tries to spend time and get to know Wally for her sake. 

5. He risks his life and the entire timeline to give her closure on her relationship with Eddie so that she can move on in peace. He tells her not to stay closed off even though she’s the only one who will know when she is ready to find love again so that she doesn’t miss out on something great because that’s what she deserves. 

6. He gives up his speed for her brother who he hasn’t even had the time to grow close to simply on account that he is her brother and he knows she and Joe would never ask him to exchange his speed for Wally’s life.

7. He took the effort to choke out that he’s okay while he’s being tortured brutally in the particle accelerator because he didn’t want her to worry about him.

8. He never once overwhelmed her with the knowledge that they’re married on Earth 2 or in the future. She’s the one who always brings it up in fact. Rather, he continues to enforce that he’s not sure what is going on between them but he knows he loves her and wants to give it a shot aka he’s giving her agency and letting her know they can take things slowly.

9. Numerous examples of him turning to her for advice because he values her insight and of him listening to her over anyone else because she is his guide. 

Actually, there were even more scenes that depicted Barry being a good friend to Iris, but they were cut unfortunately. We know a scene was definitely filmed where Barry comforts Iris about her mother and there was a scene where he was there for her at the hospital after her injury.

As far as him lying to her last season, he admitted he was wrong, apologized, and hasn’t lied to her since. 

What he did in the finale was not him being a bad friend to Iris. On the contrary, he let her know that he will always love her, but he cannot give of himself what she deserves right now. That’s the selfless and mature thing to do in my opinion because he would never want Iris to feel like he was using or depending on her. I even think the way he kissed her was considerate and intentional on his behalf: it was a simple, loving gesture to acknowledge that he appreciates her love for him, but he wasn’t going to indulge her after he just told her he couldn’t be with her just yet. That would be cruel.

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