writers remorse


I look in the mirror and hate what I see…
Is that really me looking back at me?
What have I done, what was I thinking?
I can’t even blame it on drinking!

It used to be easier to resist
The intoxicating intrigue of bliss
Surrounding a forbidden, stolen kiss.

For others, I saw it would tease and tempt
But I foolishly thought I was exempt…
‘Til he blew through my life like a hurricane,
“He’s taken” a constant refrain in my brain.

That night when his lips met mine, I went slack;
My brain must’ve been too stunned to fight back…
Now I feel the full force of its attack.


And by that metric, you’re all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.

Y'all wanna continually shit on Debbie, a fourteen/fifteen year old girl never taught properly about consent, for unknowingly raping someone but stan for Mandy, Karen, and Svetlana who knowingly did the same thing.