You could’ve said sorry,
and I’ll forgive you—
again and again.

I could’ve listened.

And everything
still could’ve been
the same.

—  ma.c.a // Wishful Thinking
Take my hand, and cleanse my tainted heart with the ocean you hold in your eyes. Come and grace this old, ugly skin with your soft kisses. I am in terrible need of your love.
—  Lukas W. // Love me
the adventures of poets

eating a soul for breakfast

getting our hearts chewed by our muses

spitting some blood

spilling some blood

writing, rhyming, musing

crying, silent screams

eating our heart for lunch

spilling guts in a poem

grieving grieving grieving

skipping dinner

pillows covered in tears 

band-aid the remnants of us

trying to sleep

waking up just to repeat

You’ll never fall by standing still

You’ll never rise above by will

Your bridges are not built to last,

If all they do is hold the past

Your bridges might lead to a storm

They might lead to the great unknown

But whatever truth they might unlock,

To reach the end you must start to walk-

A.R.J // Never fear the uncertain - he’s not always your enemy-

I’m a perfectionist and yet, nothing in me is perfect. I still think the best solution to problems is crying, I still avoid confrontation and I still write my feelings instead of talking about them but I’m getting better and if I can do it, so can you.
—  giulswrites

loving isn’t difficult. life isn’t difficult. that’s what i was told. and am still being told. and i agree. it shouldn’t be difficult. but sometimes it is. sometimes life is hard. it throws unexpected things and surprises your way. one minute you’re fine and the next minute you don’t know how to cope with anything. you feel like you’re losing yourself. you feel like your life has no purpose. you feel like living is pointless. yes, there are so many things and people to be grateful for. yes life is beautiful. but it can also be so ugly. people walk in and out of your life as they please, and treat you like you didn’t matter. life can be difficult. when you think you actually have it all together, something can come and break that process altogether. this isn’t complaining. this is being upfront. this is the truth. and love? god. this word. thrown around and used to control and manipulate people. i hate the people that love to break others with love. they know what they’re doing. they know how to make you fall for them. love them. cherish them. devote to them. then they leave you once they’re done. longing for someone doesn’t have to be sexual. emotionally, and mentally you become so attached. you feel like apart of you is missing just because they left and it sucks. because you still love them because that’s the only thing you feel good at. the only thing you know that works. loving is so simple yet so destructive. life is so beautiful yet so ugly. and there are no rules when it comes to these two things. life and love are two things, that you have to figure out on your own

october 19, 2017
9:14 pm
kira malibu

Usually when I feel lonely it’s not because I don’t have people around me it’s because no one seems to think the way I do. That being said, I feel alone because I’m surrounded by so many people that don’t know who I am.
Long Distance

If hands
could reach
right through
this screen

I’d rest
your head
my knees

I’d stroke
your hair
‘til you

That we’ll
our hopes
and dreams

This year
like those
now too
shall pass

And though
at times
it won’t
be fast

We’ll close
the distance
our words

Which now
the world
will all
have heard


If hands
that write
could bring
you close

I’d write
to bear
us both

I’d write
until my

You must
you’re all
I need

// A.S

A message to all writers: It’s okay to be frustrated with your work. It’s okay to wish you could writer better/faster/more. It’s okay to wish you could skip all these rough patches and skip straight to the exciting parts: publishing and selling and reaping in what you’ve sown. It’s a part of the process. Press on so you can see the results you’re dreaming of.

But she will
stand up again,
like a phoenix
flying from its ashes,
like a butterfly
that was once
caged on itself.
—  ma.c.a // And she will live again

You will love parts of your writing that other people overlook, or actively dislike. At the same time, others will find themselves in your work in ways you don’t expect. 

People’s favourite parts might be those you struggled with most. Ones you considered deleting.