It was the way she said his name

The way she moved her lips, the tone of her voice, the sparkle in eye all the little things showed just how much she loved him.

—  Tenari Ioapo

I sent a message to Tumblr yesterday about my masterlist not linking. I recently got this back.

From me:
“As I am a writer, I have a masterlist featuring all my works so my followers can access them easily. But Saturday (1/15/17), they all became unlinked by themselves without me even editing it. After spending two hours relinking everything and pressing save, it did not link, yet again. I have over 200 links set to link on there and I am unsure why it has unlinked all on its own. I don’t know if this is a Tumblr problem or a ‘too many links’ problem but I have has my masterlist for seven+ months with a lot of links and nothing like this has ever happened. Thank you!”

From Tumblr:

Master list link posts are no longer supported at this time, but thanks for asking about it. I contribute regularly to reports that my team puts together to make recommendations to our engineers, so any time you ask for something new, that’s super helpful to me. Though changes aren’t up to our department, we do make sure that every suggestion gets passed along, and I know that the decision-makers at Tumblr do read and care about that feedback.

Thanks, Ben”

It would have been nice to know that they were not supporting masterlist links before jadyn and i spent two fucking hours trying to fix it all. This site has really been failing me lately.

Tagging other writers so they can save their masterlist before it all goes away:

@jaderz-mega-yikes @mcuimxgine @spnsisimagines @buckyslion @i-write-and-stuff @themcuhasruinedme THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES I CAN THINK OF OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, SINCE IM TRYING TO DO THIS QUICKLY TO GET THIS OUT THERE. TAG OTHERS TO SPREAD THE WORD!

Do you ever write something, lay down your pen, your key board, and realize you’ve been holding your breath? When you add that very last dot, you let out a sigh; it’s like a monster just came out of your lungs, crawled up your throat, leapt from your mouth. You feel a tension release as all of your muscles relax. Suddenly, you could skip, or float, or fly away - the weight of words no longer holds you.

The words you wrote might not be pretty, but they’re words you needed to say.

—  Positive Resolution Day 17 // M.A.P. // Little Things
I love to stay up all night. Darkness is my favourite time. Isolation, serenity and beauty. The moon and stars casting their glow across the gloomy sky. But most importantly because tomorrow is a new day and I’m not quite ready for that.
—  anthonydefaz 
One day you’re going to meet someone who will love you unconditionally, accept all of your shortcomings and make you feel that you’re worth having. One day, someone out there will save you from loneliness you’re feeling right now and show you that in this life, we can be happy and be over the clouds if we want to. One day, someone will travel for hours just to hold you close, feel your presence and make you feel that you are worth travelling for. One day, someone will never get tired of loving you, pacifying you when you’re angry until you become okay, feed you with your favorite food and be your best friend at the same time. One day, this someone will walk down the aisle for you and prove that you don’t need perfect relationships, you just need to be contented and be grateful for what you have. This someone will be excited to spend the rest of his days being your lifetime companion.
He will come, just be patient.
—  E.J. Cenita
Darkness surrounds me
Thoughts consume my mind.
With you is where I wanna be,
Wake me from this nightmare.
Missing you is all I’ll ever know,
Tears fall, please don’t go,
The light is fading and I’m alone.
—  Tenari Ioapo // A nightmare of mine.
I never thought that missing you without experiencing being with you yet is possible, I always ended up seeing myself sitting by the window looking at the stars and wishing that you were here with me or I’m with you. None of the days passed that I didn’t wonder and imagine about how is it feel to be next to you; or how warm your hand is; or how I would feel if I literally could hear the beats of your heart already; or how I would react if I already see you smiling at me; or the way you tell me that you love me while staring straight into my eyes would surely gives me shiver ten times more than how you give me shiver over the phone; or how my butterflies in my tummy will grow million of them more just for you; or how you embrace me, the warmth in between our bodies; or just how is it to be with you, not over the phone, but physically present in front me– I could literally touch you and I could sleep next to you. I imagined once myself sleeping next you and I’ll have my nightmare about you leaving my side but once I open my eyes, I would see your angelic face and that’s all I want to do, sleeping next to you and waking up beside you every single day for the rest of my life. I will patiently wait for the day that we could able to see each other, to embrace each other so tight and won’t let go of each other. I hope you could wait for a bit longer. I hope I’m worth your wait and patience; because you are worth the wait. Soon, our world will collide and when the day comes, I will never let go of you and I won’t spend a day without you. You may be miles away but I love you like you just an inch away.
—  w.k. // To Someone Who’s Miles Away
But as long as you’ve given everything you’ve got and you’ve done the best you could do then it’s not a waste of time even if it’s not appreciated or reciprocated at all. Things don’t always turn out the way you want it to and the odds won’t always be in your favor. You’ll get hurt, you’ll cry and you’ll lose people in the process and that’s certain. But that is also okay, because the ones who definitely belong in your life will remain. And they will surely stay.
His whole life was based on apologies so that’s why he was so good at them.  
Wearing them on his sleeve he always had one ready to pick, ready to tell.
When he was a child, his mother always came up with excuses why she couldn’t go to his baseball games and on top of that, she had to explain why his father was absent.
Absent for reasons she never really explained, yet kept dancing around, like a tribe around a fire. Always so close, yet so cryptic, just like him.
The one person who was in charge of raising him only taught him how to get away with lying and I can’t blame him for doing that all the time. It’s the only thing he has left of her. It’s the only way he can make her proud. Especially now that she is gone without saying goodbye.
Telling stories so real, yet they are nothing but illusions and dreams, smoke and mirrors, making him seem like the person he thinks he want to be. Who she wanted him to be.

when do you stop living?

is it when your mother braids flowers into your sisters hair and tangles cobwebs into your own? she gives your sister a locket stuffed to capacity with disheveled dreams and you pray to god she’s strong enough to bare the weight. she gives you cigarette burns and razor blades. she can’t look you in the eyes-
you look too much like your father

is it when you watch your friends grow and bloom while you bury yourself with empty coke cans and water yourself with whisky? you keep getting trampled by soccer cleats in winter. your frozen hands stop working and you wonder when your brain will follow suit

is it when your first love makes a home inside your ribcage only to hollow out your chest when you are sleeping? he takes your heart and lungs and a few ribs for good measure. he found another girl with cheaper rent and lower expectations. he gives her your heart and tells her it’s his and

is it when you’re being lowered into the ground in a casket made out of bed sheets and bandaids? is it when beetles crawl along your decaying fingertips as you turn into the flowers that surround your grave?

—  when you stop living
Hunger Hurts

times timed by last thoughts
licks of criticism no one withstands

bending for your eyes
why whisper? why not shout? such good girl fears

where’s my restless blood?
surging streets, now see who I really am

a weak salt-filled mouth, biting back my words
rabid with saliferous double standards
life mad with desire


Poeticstories' Secret Valentine

The Secret Valentine! 

Oh yeah, we are doing a wonderful Valentine`s Day gift-exchange, the exchange of poetry, and we want you to participate! We also want to thank @strikezilla01 for the inspiration behind this wonderful idea!

For our Secret Valentine, we will randomly assign you a person that you will have to write a poem, a story, a note, anything you want, for them to receive on Tumblr on Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry, you will be assigned to someone as well. 

Here are the rules::

1) Enter by sending a message to @denmysterywoman and you will get paired up with a person.
This person will not be the same person who are going to give you your gift,
so please keep it a secret that you`re participating, and do not tell anyone.
2) You may write poetry, creative writing, art, whatever you want to make your Secret Valentine oh so happy.
3) When it is time to share your gift, you will have to post your gift and to tag the person who is your Secret Valentine in the post… the secret will then be revealed, not before!

*Note: If you would like to remain anonymous when giving your gift to your Secret Valentine, you may submit to us your piece by logging out of your account and submitting it that way. Tumblr does not allow anonymous submissions another way* 

You may reblog this blog post so that as many as possible will be doing this Secret Valentine with us! 

*Note: Do not reblog this post asking to be entered, we want to keep the participants private until they are revealed.*

Here are the dates and deadlines:

1) You will have to enter Poeticstories`Secret Valentine from 1/17-1/29
please enter by messaging one of us - and keep it a secret!
2) You will be given a person who is your Secret Valentine from 1/30-1/31
3) You will have to make the Secret Valentines Gift from February 1st until February 19th and you may post it at any time between these dates. Don’t forget to tag your Secret Valentine! 

@poeticstories will reblog your post(some will be added to the queue, so please be patient) If you feel like your piece is being overlooked, please message @denmysterywoman with a link. 
Please also tag your post with #pssecretvalentine.

This will be fun! And we think it will be quite beautiful as well.

Of course, ask us questions if you have any, never be afraid to ask!

And the most important thing: We love you all!!

Now, the sky never stop from being angry, it rain and it rain like his never been this mad before. And I suddenly miss you, not because its cold. But I miss you because the thunders and lightning remind me of you. I want you now, here, at my side, no, in front me. I want to hug you, I want to kiss your neck at the back down to your spine until you say ‘please stop’ then hug you again. But this never happened, I should better say ‘this will never happened’ because just like thunders and lightning, you’re gone, so fast, not because you leave but because I made you leave. And I’m sad, but I guess it’s more than being sad, it’s unexplainable, I’m so unwell. I want you back but just like thunders and lightning you’re gone, you might go back but no longer the same.