I want you
With your chapstick, coffee and glasses;
I want you
With your lipstick, dress, and heels.
I want you
In your tears and your frustration;
I want you
In your smiles and your laughter.
I want you
On the days where you sleep in and only get up to lay around all day;
I want you
On the days where you rise at dawn and don’t stop moving until the sun goes down.
I want you
When, “Really, everything’s okay,” but you are not;
I want you
When you can’t stop laughing, even though the joke was made hours ago.
I want you
Surrounded by flowers, on spring and summer days;
I want you
Surrounded by fallen leaves, on autumn and winter days.
I want you
At the times when you feel your best;
I want you
At the times when you feel your worst.
I want you
Through rain or shine, or both at the same time.
I want you when everything goes according to plan;
I want you in the nonsense.
Oh, darling - I want every bit of you, always.
—  I will write love letters to myself || 04/17 E. scre4mingsunshine 

“I should hate you,” she states simply. “And it’s sad. It’s sad that I don’t.”

He doesn’t reply so she continues.

“What I do hate, though, is the fact that you made me think I knew who I was. But I don’t. Not really. I knew who you wanted me to be so I tried to be her. But I’m not her, and I don’t know who I am.” She scoffs lightly.

“I never wanted you to be a certain way, El.”

This makes her scoff again. “Sure you didn’t, Jay. I gotta go.”

“Yeah.. See ya later, El.”

She shakes her head. “No. You won’t.”

—  Adrian D Epps
Isn’t it crazy that even the smallest things could remind you of something or someone. You feel both a mixture of joy and pain, people and things may be temporary but the memories remain.
—  Tenari Ioapo
Once you find your soulmate you realise how beautiful life can be when you have the right person by your side.
—  Tenari Ioapo
I wonder if you felt it too, the need for more. I wonder if you tasted the words I couldn’t say. See, I wanted to tell you that this didn’t feel right, that not having your hand to hold didn’t feel right, that not being the one you wanted to see smile didn’t feel right, that not being the one to make you smile didn’t feel right, that us not being ‘us’ didn’t feel right. I wanted to say that, but instead, I found myself kissing you and walking away without much more than a goodbye. If only you knew just how hard that word was to say. If only you knew all of the questions I had to swallow to say before I could say it. To me, our story doesn’t feel finished, but I doubt you feel the same.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh,  Finished. / Request: Having an ex that you still love and after you kissed months after your break up, it feels like there’s something left unsaid, like it isn’t really over, at least not for you.
You are my Superman but I am not your Lois Lane and that’s okay because you have taught me to be my own Superman and one day I won’t feel like I want to be someone’s Lois Lane
—  At least you taught me a good thing, even if you broke my heart // JustScribbledWords
I thought you planted harmless flowers around my heart, until I realized it has thorns – hideous and painful. You left a mark in my body, it was deadly. You left a hole in my heart, it was lethal. It felt like dying was the only way to fill it. Life without you is like the waves leaving the shore. Like a broken cassette tape. Loving you drained me in all aspect, because loving you is like inhaling a smoke until I can no longer catch air. I loved you. You felt the same way. Though not how much as I did, because you only see my broken pieces when I see you as a salient crystal.
—  2/26/17; zeus
You taught me how to love someone but you never told me how to stop.
—  abandoned lessons // excerpt from a book I’ll never write ( offdxys )