writers need to wake up

Seriously, guys, take care of your fanfiction writers. Favoriting or Kudosing multiple stories from an author but not leaving one word of thanks or encouragement is not right. It’s just not.

An author spends hours and hours writing a story and you can’t take one minute to leave a review? Really? Also, keep in mind that most people who write fic probably do it to escape a RL that is not all sunshine and rainbows. Just be kind to people.

Mari Christmas! (*^∀゚)ъ

When gift boxes start falling from the sky, everyone thinks it’s a Christmas miracle. The scores of solid objects blasting through the roofs of their homes moments later remind them that just maybe, they should be worrying about the laws of gravity as well. Some choose to hide from the barrage in their homes, while others decide to scramble outside to seek shelter elsewhere.

Bad choice. The townspeople scream and dive out of the way as a pink helicopter swoops low to the ground. Eight children are nearly decapitated. They’re being comforted by their parents after this traumatizing experience as the helicopter slows its descent and hovers in place.

The door to the aircraft slams open to reveal Ohara Mari wearing a red Santa suit and obviously fake white beard. She takes in everyone’s terrified faces with interest. Then, Mari winks, forms a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and whispers, “It’s joke!

No one says a word. Perhaps they’re in shock over the whole situation. Mari doesn’t pay them any mind and says, “Ciao~” before closing the door. The helicopter begins to pick up height, and the bystanders shake themselves out of their stupor so that they can quickly back away before they’re blown off their feet by the resulting winds. Mari’s helicopter veers sharply right and takes off, nearly colliding with a power line. The crowd watches the helicopter slowly fade from sight in stunned silence.

Thousands of homes are destroyed. The entire town is laid to waste, and children weep at the loss of their image of Santa Claus.

But it’s okay, because Dia is money. Mari will drop off the bill for the damages at the Kurosawa estate in the morning.

She chuckles to herself as her helicopter flies off into the night. With this, Dia will definitely regret telling the Ohara heiress that Santa wasn’t real when they were first years.


writer 1: ok so in this scene this girl intimidates rory by threatening paris

writer 2: how about she says, “if paris thinks she can ignore what i have to say, she’s out of her mind” or “she needs a wake-up call”

writer 1: hm no how about like… “if paris thinks she can ignore what i have to say, she’s in for a major bikini wax”

writer 2: i’m uh, 100,000% sure that’s not a real expression todd

writer 1: no it’s like, hip, it’s what the teens say

writer 2: i mean like… ok, but what does rory say in response to that? she can say “gross” or “that’s rude” or something.

writer 1: no she’s gonna say “thanks for the visual”

writer 2: what? like she just… we’re implying rory is standing there painting a mental picture of paris’s vagina?

writer 1: sure

writer 2: look let’s… let’s just have her say, “if paris thinks she can ignore me, she’s wrong” and then rory says like, “you’re not going to get away with this”

writer 1: no. fuck you. this girl is going to say “paris” and “bikini wax” in the same sentence and rory is going to process that mental image and think about paris rubbing aloe vera on her freshly waxed pussy and then she is going to say, “thank you, random ginger bowl cut girl, for blessing me with this vision”

writer 2: isn’t that a little like… homoerotic

writer 1: next season i’m gonna make paris kiss rory on the mouth

writer 2: what the fuck

writer 1: [now spraying silver spray paint directly into his mouth] witness me