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Just to say that some fishs can change their gender when in needs. Ok, our sharks can’t do that (there is an asexual way to make children for one of the species, tho), but it’s a world with sexy fish-man, talking giant birds and big monsters so exact science can go masturbate.

That means Prince Sidon and Link can actually get married together without succession problems and CUTE LITTLE BABIES HALF-ZORA HALF-HYLIAN, DO YOU SEE WHAT ‘M TALKING ABOUT ?

otp: you can’t leave (don’t) || kidge fanmix

“You can’t leave.” 

“You can’t tell me what to do.” 



catch me | demi lovato • moonlight | ariana grande • YOUR UNIVERSE | rico blanco • mess we’ve made | aj rafael feat. tori kelly • latch (acoustic) | sam smith • first heartbreak | tori kelly • wait for you | elliot yamin  • lost stars | adam levine • heart like yours | willamette stone • shelter | ray lamontagne  

album art originally by @k-lionheart-art. this will also update randomly. 

hope ya’ll enjoy!   

anonymous asked:

After someone speaks in my stories, I often follow it with 'someones name nodded' and I feel like I say that too much. Is there some way I could get the same action across with out using the same two word sentence every time. Saying so and so nodded starts to feel tedious after a while in my opinion.

*nods* I do that all the time. Even though I know it’s repetitive “he/she nodded” is still the first thing I write. All that nodding eventually makes my neck hurt.

You probably use “nodded” in lieu of the even more boring and repetitive “yeah.” You’re right in wanting to delete that extra line of dialogue from your scene. Even if saying “yeah” is something that happens regularly in natural dialogue, your written conversations should be clean. For that reason, if I can’t think of a better verb, I leave “nodded” or any action out at all and jump straight to the next line of dialogue. Generally your characters’ spoken responses should show that they agree, making the use of “nod” or any other verb redundant.

Observe how you and other people agree with things. Different personalities respond in different ways. Different types of nods imply different types of agreement too. A person who is constantly nodding is probably not adding dialogue, but only listening in. This character does not need to constantly be referred to unless their opinion- verbal or not- is important to the reader. 

Here is an example from my fic Regenerate. There are four persons in the scene and I’ve trimmed it to show only their actions:

“…Terry clears her throat. ’[states fact].’

My voice too is sore. ’[states opinion].’

Rogue cracks her gloved knuckles. ’[states opinion].’ She looks at [Bobby] to agree with her.

’[states follow-up opinion],’ Terry brushes back wild strands of hair, ’[reinforces opinion].’

Bobby nods slightly, having something to say but holding onto it.  

[disagreement between two other characters]

Bobby nods again, looking up at the other two. ’[agrees and states opinion].’

’[agrees],’ Terry crosses her arms. ’[reinforces opinion].’

’[disagrees],’ I say. ’[reinforces argument].’

’[states return argument].’ Bobby adjusts his posture to face me directly. ’[reinforces argument]’…”

This isn’t the best example I could come up with it’s just the first I thought of, but note how Bobby does nod while formulating his own opinion in private. Note also the actions the other characters perform instead of nodding. They aren’t conciously trying to agree or disagree with each other, they’re simply speaking for the sake of being heard. There’s nothing else happening in this scene because the group is standing in an empty hallway. Were the hallway crowded or were they actively doing something relevant actions could be substituted. Instead of using body language to show their opinion, they could be folding laundry or washing dishes and therefore their physical movements would be invested in those activities. 

Alright, I’m not convinced myself that anything I’ve just said is helpful, so, I Googled for backup.

Don’t Let Your Characters “Nod” Off 

Fiction Writing Pitfalls: Beward Nodding, and Wandering Eyes 

100+ Ways to Say “Nodded” 


Alternative Ways to Describe Character Reactions

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Write Body Language

8 Body Language Traps You Need to Avoid

Great question btw, it’s always a comfort to know another writer out there is yelling at their screen for the same reasons I am. And hey, I never would’ve thought to research this problem on my own, so thanks for that! 

Hope something here helps you too.

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To Ficwriters With Love

I personally think all fanfiction writers are just AWESOME and great and just wow… But there are some that catch my eye more than others

So, instead of recommending fics, I shall recommend you fic writers that are just the absolute best

impolitecanadian @impolitecanadian I always love it when writers give more personal author notes and reply to your comments

princedeadend  @princedeadend I just personally consider this fic awesome and so that extends to the author

Watermelonsmellinfellon @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon If you write 208 fics and they are all awesome (at least the ones I’ve read), you are bound to be awesome and just… woah… thank you?

PuppetMaster55 Black to Blue is just so good and getting an update of it (that come reasonably often) has always brightened my day so the author just stuck to my mind, I don’t need to read further than the author name before I already recognize the fic I’ve gotten an update email from, so thank youuu for creating that awesome fic (and some more)

MilkTeaMiku @milkteamiku 97 fics and the 10 fics I’ve read are pretty much like masterpieces so, yeah, they are awesome and I love love looove how all of their fics’ word counts are round numbers and they reply to comments and all that so personally, I think milkteamiku is the perfect author and I’m not completely convinced they aren’t an angel or something like that

noxiousSanctity @noxioussanctity Awesome fics, awesome person

SKayLanphear @skaylanphear 11 MLB fics and one of them is 295,097 words and AMAZING? Yeah sure… No biggie

Ishxallxgood @ishxallxgood Really fast updater, has awesome fics, always replys even when they get like so much comments? Incredible, don’t know how you do it, thank you so much

KryallaOrchid @kryallaorchid Any author that writes 100000+ word fics are awesome, sorry I don’t make the rules, it’s law

surveycorpsjean @zanimez Kudos to you, you are great and I love your fics

BullySquadess @bullysquadess Some authors have to suffer a little from the “UPDATE NOW” comments, especially if they create a fan favorite multichapter fic, bullysquadess has made some reaaaally amazing fics and I thank her for it

IronScript A sweetheart, an astounding person and so strong, I thank you for your fast updates and for the fact that you are so dedicated to your readers even when you’re having a hard time. Remember authors, you are not obligated to write your fics but if it helps you then I’m glad:) Your well being is always the first priority!

Fishwrites @fishwrites An incredible author, I’m just amazed, thank you so much!

RivDeV A true artist of slowburn, and 100000+ words fics = awesome

Thelastpilot @thelastpilot Great fics, a great author

AnimeFanime This little sinner is actually just a sweetheart and an awesome author! Everybody are a little kinky, I guess they are very

Rahar_Moonfire I’m a big fan of their series Warmth that currently has 4 fics which are like 382090 words combined (= 3 x Awesome). And whoo boy how fast those chapters came, I could see the love from the writing and the fact that they always always replied to comments and just… seriously they are so great<3

Jennypen @jennypen It’s fun being a little kinky and I think they are just awesome, kudos to you!

delictor @nachodip Amazing works, amazing author! Kudos to you!

Noitratoxin @noitratoxin Can I just really empathize how much I appreciate authors replying to comments? It’s almost as good as getting an update from the fic! It makes reading fics more personal and fun (e.g compared to books). Noitratoxin never fails that what I can remember, plus their fics are awesome!:)

KnightNuraStar @KnightNuraStar 74 vld fics? Oh wow… You know you can chill a little? But well I like them and all that, so a great author you are!

K0bot @k0bot Homesick at Space Camp is great, you’re great

LFMH021  writer’s fics are just hilarious imo XD I love them

pictureperfectporcelain Fun author notes, replys to comments and a hilarious group chat fic:D precious

deecherrywolf @deecherrywolf Great kinky fics, great kinky author

Important Discussion - Writers Have Lives Too, They Aren’t Your Machines and Never Will Be.

I’ve seen this issue across Tumblr in various fandoms to various writers: People treating writers like machines and taking their writing for granted.

Newsflash: Writing takes time, writing takes thought, writing is free, and writing IS HARD.

People don’t have to share their writing, but they do, and they do it for you, the reader for your enjoyment. There aren’t many things that writers want, and it’s not that hard to give:

-Feedback (ie, compliments, reactions, anything positive)


-Random asks just to drop by like ‘how your day?‘ or ‘I loved this fic!’

Instead I see things like ‘Where’s your masterlist?’, ‘Your masterlist isn’t woroking’, ‘Make a part 2 to this’

It doesn’t hurt to say please once in awhile, and it sure as hell doesn’t hurt ot look for yourself. I’ve seen people asking writers where their masterlist and if they can have a link even though the link is in their bio or clearly on their home page. Honestly, if you tell somebody their links aren’t working, that doesn’t help, it causes more work for the writer. You tell them ‘ the link to part _ of ___ doesn’t works’. If the writer has linked the previous parts on the post, you don’t ask for part 1, you click it yourself.  If they have ask guidelines, read it, don’t ignnore it!

[Refer HERE to Request Do’s and Don’t’s]

I’m going to use my dear friend @bonniebird as and example. Her blog is VERY EASY to navigate through!

If a writer has closed requests, save them the work and DON’T SEND REQUESTS!!

Also using bae @amylillian22.


Now, let’s talk important things, don’t send hate. Literally don’t, it only de-motivates a writer which is NOT what you want to happen. I don’t care if they aren’t releasing the fic you requested or the next part of your favorite series, they’re still people and they have lives. The same goes for their own opinions, if you don’t like don’t follow. Send anon love, support your writers and show them that. It doesn’t hurt to spread love.

[Please refer to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog #StopTheHate post HERE]

I’m gonna use @winchesters-favorite-girl as an example for this one.

Writing is hard. Fics are a blessing, don’t abuse it.

So please, spread anon love, respect your writers, don’t spread hate. Hate isn’t a nice thing to recieve and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to say it to them in person. I know this sounds like I’m an old person talking to a 6-year old, but this was something were taught since then. Don’t be immature, be the bigger person.

Respect others, be patient, and don’t be rude.

Need more rants and other things? [HERE] [HERE] [HERE]


Please excuse the hurried mascot design but there they are welcoming you guys to our discord server!

Invites are opened for a limited time only


Who are we?

We are just an ordinary art server dedicated to Homestuck, and making friends with one another. Our goal is to spark the life back into our beloved community with art! We are able to accomplish this in many ways, such as daily activities (that are different every week, see here for more info,) and holiday events!

How do I join?

Make sure to read the RULES and FAQ, and then send an ask our way. For artists, a link or mention of your art tag/blog is sufficient, and for writers, a link to your writing tag/AO3/Fanfiction/etc will be fine! We do not judge you based on your skill level, we just simply need to be sure you are a creator!

Will the events be catered to writers/traditional artists?

As we are new to having writer’s join us, we have tried to insert writer events as well as involve them in as many of our current events as possible! Traditional artists are able to do all events.

Some quick things to note:

  • This server allows members from the age of 13 onwards. As long as you’re 13 or above, you’re allowed to join! No age limit otherwise!

  • We have daily events (except for Monday and Friday which are resting days reserved for movie night or game night.)

  • Everyone’s pretty easy to talk to so making friends shouldn’t be too hard! We have nearly 300 members so finding someone to click with will hopefully be easier for you!

  • The server can be overwhelming when you join. It dies down after the invite session has ended. They usually get very hyped over new people!

That’s it! If there’s anything more I need to add, I’ll make a new post stating it. It’ll be tagged #update in case you need to make sure!

anonymous asked:

What fanfic tho 👀 rec me some pls omg

Here’s the ones I read so far that was really good. I’m pretty sure most people have read it already ‘cause the stories are famous.

  1. Eyes on Me (This is what i’m referring to lol be ready)
  2. Conviviality (This honestly needs part 2)
  3. Sharing is Caring (The 2nd part here got me wreckedt)
  4. Angels and Demons (I love how the story progressed here)
  5. Let’s Not Fall in Love (This too! <3 DADDY TOP UGH)
  6. Dinner With Friends (This is a gtopreader fic)
  7. You Like? (One shot but it’s a good stuff!)
  8. Not Experienced (I GOT SHOOKT HERE TOO)
  9. Bang Bang Alley (Newest fanfic I guess? I love the story!)

S/N: I’m too lazy to read tbh, I only read one Moonlovers fanfic (ITJOTD) and wait for its update.. but the stories mentioned above got me sho0kt so yeah i’m recommending it lol. 

Hey guys! We’re making a comprehensive list of everyone in the fandom who writes for Hamilton because sometimes we might miss some really good fics and they won’t be reblogged for everyone to enjoy.

SO if you write fanfiction for the hamilton fandom (characters or cast or both) reblog this with a link to your masterlist.

Once we have enough blogs, we will be compiling the list in alphabetical order and posting it here, updating whenever we get new masterlist links from writers.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recs for Literati that are post-AYTL?

Hi not for the moment but I’ve planned to add more fanfictions in my fic recs. Here some recommandations (+AU):
Three become four
Maps for the gateway
Summer to fall
Time after time
One last chance
Rory and Jess: The Later Years
more to come

anonymous asked:

Can I make someone crazy, loony, mad, insane: just because it would help add more layers to the story and add a bit fun due to the natural reliability for them to be unreliable and unpredictable?

You certainly can, though a good character is still going to have motivation and a tangible moral code of some kind, even if they are minimal. Consider the chaotic alignments.

Since this is off topic, I wrote a post about this on my primary blog –>

Reverse Bang Info Post 

//Info Post//Schedule//Artist Requirements//Author Requirements//FAQs//Sign-ups (Coming Soon!)//

In the Big Bang Challenge ( @1dbigbang ), authors write long fic and then artists create illustrations and companion pieces for their work. In a Reverse Bang, the opposite happens; artists create their pieces first and then authors write fic inspired by their art. 


Both artist and author sign-ups go live at the same time on April 15, 2017. You’ll be asked to give the mods an idea 1) that you’re planning to participate as an artist and/or an author 2) what you hope to write/create 3) a way to contact you going forward. 

Art Submission and Claiming 

By June 20, artists will be required to submit their art (or a nearly complete draft of their art) as per the Artists’ Requirements. The mods will upload these art prompts to a page accessible only to those with the link. Writers will receive this link on June 23. They will have 24 hours to check-out the prompts before claiming begins on June 24. Claiming will happen on a first come, first served basis. More information on the details of this process will be available closer to the date. 

Mandatory Author Check-In 

Authors will be required to submit 80% or 4k of their work before August 15. The mods need to be reasonably certain that authors will complete their projects so that no artist is left without a fic. At this point, pinch hitters should be warmed up and ready to be called in. 


Completed art and fic are due September 15. Mods will create and publish a posting schedule which will begin September 30. Artists and authors are responsible for posting their own work on their assigned date. More information on additional posting requirements to come.  

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boyfriend: wonho

his cuddles are to ensure you that you’re safe in his arms. a lot of the time it’s in extremely oversized hoodies, you resting your head on his chest and hearing a few small laughs from him because he can’t maintain his happiness. a lot of the time it’s him kissing you whenever he’s awake. honestly, he’d probably hold your hand whilst you’re cuddling.

his kisses are to ensure you that no one else can kiss you like this. to let you know that only he can hold you tightly against him, only he can be this close with you. probably has two ways of kissing - small, little kisses or pulling you to the couch and kiss you with so much passion. most of the time, it’s the second option. you can feel his happiness and love for you in every single kiss.

your mornings with him are warm. wonho likes waking up earlier and just spending his time staring at you sleeping because wow, he’s dating the most perfect person ever. on those lazy days, he’ll pull you close to him, cuddling you tightly so you don’t leave him. so he can see your face when he wakes up again.

your nights with him are often eating ramyun, cuddling on the bed and him telling you funny stories and how much he loves you. sometimes you fall asleep early, without physical contact with him. so he nudges you gently before opening his arms wide open so he can hold you, kiss you, sing you to sleep.

your dates with him are romantic. he wants to be the best boyfriend he could be so a lot of roses, candles and blushing(more blushing from him than you). those indoor dinner dates that you see on movies? that’s you and wonho’s dates. but don’t underestimate him. bowling, zoo, arcade dates? he can do that too.

your fights with him aren’t even a thing. fight? what’s that? you two only know ‘you’re cuter’ or ‘i love you more’ fights. he doesn’t like raising his voice at you, but when he does, it’s usually because he just wants to keep you safe. he doesn’t mean any wrong, he doesn’t want to hurt his angel.

his proposal would be something that happened quite early in the relationship, but you don’t figure out until a very long time after you two started dating. like, travelling the world with you. he’s a confident guy, but when asking you the question, he gets nervous but he doesn’t regret doing what he is then.

planetusei  asked:

(1) Hey, I messaged you a while ago; I have a question about exoplanets. I've been working for a long time to calculate the approximate surface temperature on four exoplanets that could potentially be the real life setting for my fictional planet Usei. Before I ask my question, I want to give a little bit of background on what Usei is. Usei is a planet relatively close to earth; at .7c, a ship could easily reach it within a human lifetime. On Usei, rain always falls. It's home to Udai, or Usei

University, and several other major cities. When humans arrived, they found extensive life in the oceans, analogous to animals, but only analogous plants on land. The four current planet candidates are Kapteyn b Gliese 832c Gliese 3323b Gliese 273b (Luyten b) Each of these have issues, specifically with gravity, but I’m focusing on temperature and atmosphere, specifically greenhouse gases right now. Using a method that is probably less than 100% sound, I determined their average surface temperatures. I recorded their temperatures, equilibrium and surface, in Kelvins and degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I’m from the US) in a chart that I’ve submitted to you. Mars, Earth (Sol b), and Venus are included for comparison. Now, I’m confident that Gliese 832c and Gliese 273b are both tidally locked, while Kapteyn b and Gliese 3323b may or may not be. Though none of these seem to have surface temperatures comfortable to humans, it’s important to note that these are the averages. Because of tidal locking, one side or the other may be comfortable. For example, the day side of Kapteyn b may be warm enough, or the night side of the others cool enough, for humans to live on the surface unaided. This is only true with the relatively recent discovery that some tidally locked planets may have weather patterns that distribute the heat from the day side evenly enough with the night to be habitable. Tidal locking may complicate matters, but it’s also desirable, in some ways. The continuous colliding of fronts would produce winds and storms conducive to a constantly raining environment, as well as allow wind to be a plausible power source. All of this is contingent upon one side or the other of these potentially tidally locked planets being hospitable to humans. My question is this: Using information available such as my surface temperature data, distance from star, radius, orbital period, or eccentricity, do you have any do you have any ideas on how to find the temperature or range of temperatures on either side of a tidally locked planet? If not, do you know of anyone who does? Thank you so so much for reading! 

Hi there!

Wow! Your extensive research is admirable. I think what you’re doing is incredibly interesting! 

Up front, I’ll have to admit that your question is far outside my area of expertise. I wish very much that I knew enough astronomy to be of more help to you. You might consider asking @scriptastronomer​, who has extensively answered my sciencey asks before and does a fabulous job with all the technicalities and possibilities. I can answer you some basic astrophysics stuff, but most of my knowledge serves to bolster the cultures, functionalities, and characters within your worlds. 

I have a few thoughts for you, and some links, though I’m sure you’ve done your research, perhaps others might find this information useful.

Worldbuilding on tidally locked planets:

  • The distance from the sun will make a difference, of sun-side or dark-side habitability, but you could also consider twilight-zone habitation, your peoples living in a band around the middle of the planet where the sun is always shining on the horizon.
  • In a setting like that, think of the folklore that could emerge from SO MUCH of the planet being almost a complete mystery!
  • Since the winds of the planet would be what would make or break survival (dispersing hot/cold air), I imagine the people could easily have a omnipotent wind-deity, or perhaps multiple deities as the head god(s) of the pantheon…language and lifestyle could revolve around the wind.


Sorry I couldn’t answer your question directly, but I hope this is at least somewhat helpful to you. 

Happy writing!