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Reasons to watch Elementary
  1. Lucy Liu is one of the best Watsons in the history of Sherlock Holmes adaptations, with her own modern quirks (she’s a baseball fan, likes video games, and retired from being a surgeon to help people as a sober companion)
  2. The series holds its own as both a procedural crime show and as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation
  3. It deals with recovery from addiction unflinchingly and honestly.
  4. The found-family dynamic is one of the best and healthiest on all of tv
  5. Tobias Gragson beats Greg Lestrade (of BBC Sherlock) in the dad character game any day.
  6. LGBT/autistic people/people of color character representation is wonderful.
  7. All characters in the show feel developed and real
  8. The show gets the real dynamic of Holmes and Watson very well (one of the best)
  9. The show understands Holmes’ compassion for those who often don’t get it, and his and Watson’s ability to care for many different types of people as they did in the books.
  10. The Moriarty/Alder characters are very unique, quite a refreshing change in the Holmes genre.
  11. The fandom is small right now but writes kick-ass fanfiction (and there’s a big F/F presence written by women so it’s refreshing in terms of Sherlock holmes fanfic)
  12. There’s a lot of “your family members are people with feelings too” but also “it’s okay to not be close with your family if that’s hard for you” it treats these things with respect and honesty as well.
  13. On that note, there’s also a large amount of respect from Holmes and Watson (and the writers) to the treatment of how close friendships discuss sensitive information, and how to healthily discuss sensitive info, how friendships form naturally and deal with hard things.
  14. Sherlock punches a man in the face because he abused his son.
  15. Sherlock and Joan own a turtle named Clyde, who sometimes serves as a visual aid when they investigate
  16. The acting is incredibly incredibly strong (I could watch the leads tackle hard subject matter and emotionally charged stuff for a lifetime)
  17. Mycroft owns a restaurant chain.
  18. A minor character in the books, Kitty Winter, has a huge role, and a very important one. 
  19. Sherlock struggles socially (but in a real and believable way compared to many other adaptations) but throughout the series grows and makes important connections with others, and uses his own experiences to help.
  20. Holmes and Watson keep bees on the roof of their brownstone (face it, that sounds cute enough alone to watch the series)

I’ve learned a lot from working in Third World countries, one of them being hospital hygiene which dramatically differs from one country to another.
Some hospitals are too poor to provide physicians safety gowns or new scrubs everyday.
An example of this is the fact I was told to buy my own white-coat/scrubs and wash them myself if they got dirty, which is not common practice in developed countries such as Sweden.
It is also inevitable in many cases to follow generic guidelines which have been made in Western countries or the US whilst practicing in these Third World countries. This is due to lack of resources and funding in the poorer hospitals.

In poor countries, treating an open wound can often lead to fatal consequences. This is mainly due to the medical team regularly being short of materials and have lack of access to sterile equipment.
Meanwhile, there’s widely antibiotic-resistant in those poor hospitals and consequently there are not many types of antibiotics available to give postoperative patient’s in the event of infected wounds.
In these difficult circumstances, doctors must be extra careful by using what materials and medications they’ve got available with care and if necessary invent new things in emergent cases.
For example, those mobile plastic baskets you see in this picture looking like a “trash-can” are very useful when washing an open wound.


I used to post trauma case pictures on my medical blog which made people leave nasty or funny comments regarding my pictures and especially those trash-cans.
Actually, it made me a bit upset.
I don’t think most people in rich countries understand the hell we young doctors went through while working in poor hospitals.
They haven’t been there and seen several critical trauma patient’s admitted to a little ER which has no capacity for treating trauma. There’s a huge lack of specialist doctors and most of them are young interns, lacking knowledge and experience and being left to their own accord.

Maybe our way of dressing the wound doesn’t look professional to most of you. The ER room looks nothing like the fancy drama shows you see on TV. Even our scrubs are old fashioned.
But before criticizing just put yourself in our position.
It won’t make you a hero sitting behind a screen and commenting about how the treatment of a wound should be or look like.
Don’t send me links of guidelines and expect me to follow them 100%. You’re the one that need to educate yourself.
Wish people could think a bit more before criticizing and leaving awful comments.


PS: Picture taken by me. A young female patient failed suicide attempt, resulting in fractured jaw and amputated extremities (right leg & left arm). Will post more info about this case later on.


I love you all. 

That’s all.

So Wolf 359 confirmed that Hilbert’s work on Decima meant nothing? That his whole life and all the atrocities he committed added up to nothing?
He died and he’s still a goddamn punching bag in terms of shit happening to him. I didn’t think I could give up on the show any harder but goddamn I’m furious.

There is one thing though that Adam and Eddy objectively (! cause subjectively I still hate it) deserve credit for. And that is how they are selling this writing decision. They obviously learned from their mistake with Neal. Because honestly, killing off Neal or killing off Belle is not different at all, narratively speaking, even if the circumstances of how they die are very different (basically what I argued in this post).

If the writers decided to kill Belle out of the blue in 6B (and in her character development/journey/self-discovery as a character it literally wouldn’t have made a difference) just to permanently remove her from the story, people would have freaked the fuck out. Not that I think we are a very powerful fandom, I don’t have illusions like that. But then again, the Nealfire/Swanfire fandom was relatively small too and yet Neal’s death did have bad echoes in the fandom.

With Belle they go very differently about it.

First they announce half the cast is leaving, but don’t worry! we will see them again, they will pop up from time to time in the reboot. So instead of being upset that Belle has been written out, we concentrate on that part. And on the happy ending. And that they promised to keep the happy endings.

And then at SDCC they announce that Belle will be back for at least one more episode. Hurray, people are happy, because she is back, we didn’t even had to wait long for that news, we can count the days until the next Rumbelle episode. It’s not the different from season 1, after all. (Except it is, because by the season 6 finale they teased a lot of possible storylines/issues for Belle, and they basically delivered none of them. They show us her emotional problems, but unlike with other characters, there is no resolution. (Not even with Gideon and Rumple, since we never saw her onscreen working on her relationship with either of them, dealing with her own feelings, nothing.)

Then they hyped that episode up (and because Giles and Emilie loves it, I have no doubt it will have some really emotional amazing scenes, I at no point am saying that Beauty in itself, out of context won’t be a great episode). Then we are told in an article that they have no plan to bring back Emilie for more, but this will be an epic episode. So the Rumbelle fandom is totally already head over heels for it (because OMG, it’s our last Rumbelle episode guys! - I’m not being sarcastic here, of course that is the reaction we have after all these years) and it’s basically blasphemy to say anything negative about 7x04 by this point.

Because “at least we are getting a really cool episode”. We have been conditioned to expect so little over the summer that this is good news already, no matter what.

And then they drop that promo. And yeah, Belle might die. But by that point, the fandom is totally warmed up to the idea of letting her go.

Really, really clever marketing. And I’m not saying this to paint it as some evil masterplan. I work as an F2F fundraiser, belive me I both know and can appriciate the way one makes something more platable by feeding it in certain ways to people.

Honestly, this is good marketing. I would say kudos, but that really wouldn’t be honest. 

Still a shitty writing decision, and I’m not going to pretend I’m okay with it, not even for some happy ship-scenes (even if they will be quality ship scenes). Not when at the end of the day, we are getting this instead of some character development, and on-screen relationship development (I’d any time trade these happily ever after scenes away for Belle showing up in one or two episode and working with Rumple, them as a couple (finally as a team!) being part of the ongoing story. 

And I already said this in another post: but it’s not like the writers had no other choice. It’s not poor writers making the most of a given situation. This is the creative decision they made. As is their right. (As was the right to take Emma’s story to take into the direction they took it. As was their right to kill Neal. As was the right to make Rumple a cartoon-villian in season 4, instead of showing how he is dealing with his son’s death.) And it is my right, as a consumer of the media they create, to judge them for it. 

Simple as that. 

The Crowley/Sheppard thing

I feel the need to write a thing. I’ll put the majority under the cut so if you’re tired of seeing posts regarding it, or it’s stressing you out, you can skip it.

TL;DR: Please - please - be respectful and sympathetic to our dear Crowley girls during this time. Think about what drives you to continue to watch the show and imagine if that were taken away. If you don’t understand Crowley’s appeal, thought it was his time, etc. just try to muster up some human decency and not say or do anything to be rude or make them feel worse. They are a part of this fandom - that makes them family. Let’s take care of them and support them however we can, okay?

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side note: let’s just take a moment to remember that criticizing the supergirl writers for the treatment of maggie/sanvers (in comparison to nicole/wayhaught) is entirely different than tearing down maggie/sanvers. let’s try to avoid the latter okay? yeah, the supergirl writers suck, but maggie is a great character and means a lot to a lot of us. you can enjoy nicole/wayhaught without shitting on maggie/sanvers.

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The fact that Lance has been reduced to a flirt and practically pole danced is racist af and feeds into the oversexual latino lover stereotype and the fact that they sexualized him with the aerial dance (again, basically a pole dance because the rope stayed in a straight line mostly) is disgusting because he is a minor. People need to stop with that shit.

i agree with most of this bc the writers’ and fandom’s treatment of lance is really bad esp with the ridiculous amount of focus on him being a “flirty loverboy” 

but imo aerial dancing isn’t inherently sexual in nature (and it’s also different from pole dancing) and the only reason why it was treated as something so sexual is mainly the fandom’s fault which is Bad bc it just shows how people view lance and it’s gross 

me: idk im slightly nervous because of the voltron writers disappointing me with their treatment towards certain characters and i just want to enjoy it but i won’t unless i know for certain that these characters will be treated with respect


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i hate that the fandom has all these cute ideas that could totally be written in the show to show that "cas is family" like they've been /saying/ for how long but it still feels like hes the odd one out. maybe getting him to do something like cementing his name in their home would be a nice touch but thats like reaching for the writers cause they cant even write him into episodes and when they do hes either hurt, beaten, or gone, or all three if you're lucky

The problem is that the writers don’t want to add Cas to the motw episodes and some like Buckleming write Cas and every character so ooc that in one episode you get Dean and Sam considering Cas like a member of the Winchester family, and Cas is loved and he knows it, but then there are episodes where some writers are like let’s mention Cas and then completely forget about him, or Cas? Who’s that?

The main failure about the writers and the treatment of Cas is lack of continuity and the fact that in one episode they include Cas for everything and in the others they completely forget about his existence.

When I was young and knew Virginia Woolf slightly, I learned something that startled me - that a person may be ultrasensitive and not warm. She was intensely curious and plied one with questions, teasing, charming questions that made the young person glow at being even for a moment the object of her attention. But I did feel at times as though I were “a specimen American young poet” to be absorbed and filed away in the novelist’s store of vicarious experience. Then one had also the daring sense that anything could be said, the sense of freedom that was surely one of the keys to the Bloomsbury ethos, a shared secret amusement at human folly or pretensions. She was immensely kind to have seen me for at least one tea, as she did for some years whenever I was in England, but in all that time I never felt warmth, and this was startling.

May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude, 1973

I am fascinated by this passage, not only for the interesting outsider’s look on Virginia Woolf, but because of this idea of being a woman who is engaged, charming, and curious, and yet not warm. Perhaps because it’s a balance I’m trying to find in my professional life: engaged, encouraging, but not maternal toward my students. I’m not sure that I’ve achieved it yet; perhaps I need to channel more Woolf.

The Importance of Role Models and Being Representative

By Taran Matharu

A year and a half ago, my book, The Novice, went viral on a social reading app called Wattpad, being read over 6.5 million times. I receive dozens of messages from my fans every day. Two questions are asked the most. The first is not unusual: aspiring writers requesting I read and comment on their work. But the other might surprise you. It’s people asking me if I am Indian/Pakistani/Asian.

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Why are Allura stans angry at the writers treatment of her? I mean not being Black Paladin sucked for her but the whole Lion shuffle sucks for all the characters. And I dont really think she'll stay a Paladin for long cause she has more things going for her. But Allura stans get angry that the writers are giving her depth and dimension, and I dont understand why?

Honestly I don’t fucking know anymore I tend to find a lot of Allura stans are really fucking unwilling to accept that Allura has flaws and pretty much have this set idea of what she should do in their heads and if her canon story goes around that they either get really fucking mad or just pretend it didn’t happen

A dearie seriously worried about the season finale.

I was so full of hope until today, but after hearing A&E interviews and watching Rumple’s actions in this episode, I am back in the corner of caution and worrisome. 
After 6x19 I was 1000000% sure that Rumple was playing his mother. Now I am doubting it. It feels to me that the writers are telling us that Rumple is willing to give a real chance to his mother, because in the end, both of them are alike and did very similar things for their children. Consequently, it is possible that Rumple is also willing to give the Dark Curse a chance to achieve “happiness”. 
Things may look good for Rumple at the beginning of the curse, with Belle and Gideon at his side (I am dreading seeing him ok with Belle and Gideon being under a spell). But as the curse progresses, it will cause Gideon to turn evil and that is why he tries to kill Emma again. Then, and only then, Rumple sees he made a terrible mistake and tries to fix it. And he eventually fixes it, in one way or another. 

Sound horrible enough? Yes? Ok, because this is totally a plausible escenario by knowing A&E and all the OUAT writers treatment of Rumple’s character. So be prepared to get all of this shit. 

In regards to Iwaoi fics, I think the world could have less Antagonist!Ushijima

Less Ushijima getting in the way of Iwaoi in the most malicious way possible and more Ushjima helping Iwaoi in his own Ushiwaka way 

Could you just imagine Oikawa being as stubborn as he is talking advice VERY reluctantly form Ushjima? With Ushijima being as blunt as he is, only hilarity could ensue. 

“If you hold romantic feelings for him, you should just confess to Iwaizumi.”

“I can’t just do that Ushiwaka-chan!”

“And why is that?”

“Well for one he’s my childhood friend and it could totally ruin our friendship because he obviously does not like me back //the list goes on

“But it’s obvious he cares about you greatly.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“How about I demonstrate and then you can follow my example.”


I just think something like this would be much more cuter than Ushijima being this huge evil antagonist who’s only goal is to separate Iwaoi :P

i don’t even have much against v/archie? sure i don’t ship them but i don’t hate them either… i just hate how the writers give unfair treatment to us….. where’s va’s drama? their obstacles? . fuck . right off