writers bench

La Magie Du Banc De Parc

I always imaged meeting my kindred spirit while sitting on a park bench. Gazing upon the horizon, contemplating on all earthly matters until we were old and grey.  Philosophizing on our existence. Debating and laughing. Or simply just sit and listen to the orchestra that is nature. Appreciating time and stillness.  It sounds quite magical..The idea of meeting a kindred soul while reading and sitting on a park bench. Having  a deep talk about nothing and everything. That feeling of SERENDIPITY…A chance meeting. Ending up with a best friend.People come into your life for a reason. Kindred souls attract each others.Whether we like it or not. I believe in attraction. I have met the sweetest humans while sitting on a bench. A sweet old gentleman telling a story about his hero son.  A woman sharing an incredible tale about her Parisian love affair.  A little girl asking me about all my adventures in beautiful Africa.  Sharing with me her lovely  dream to save all the animals with her mum. A surfer dude who shares his love for food.  A musician giving me his insight and knowledge on the evolution of music. Aahh, if one could only bottle these stories…In a way we can. It is called writing. The Park Bench is a muse..It inspires.  It is magical.


Last Sketch Night @ 220 Fillmore SF (Upper Playground) We have the opportunity, thanks to @texturesandlayers & @aguycalledwest , to hang some art for this last meet up. Bring black books, sketch books, art and friends. (Lowkey can be a writers bench. that can be sick as fuck) Come and hang out with us. One night only. Forever thankful to @texturesandlayers and @aguycalledwest for holding Sketch Night for such a long time. Allowing so many of us to meet and become friends with each other. Hopefully this won’t be the last 🙂Please come!