…for some of us, books are as important as anything else on earth. What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid pieces of paper unfolds world after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet you or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die. They are full of the things that you don’t get in life…wonderful, lyrical language, for instance. And quality of attention: we may notice amazing details during the course of a day but we rarely let ourselves stop and really pay attention. An author makes you notice, makes you pay attention and this is a great gift. My gratitude for good writing is unbounded; I’m grateful for it the way I’m grateful for the ocean.
—  Anne Lamott

Fanfiction writers,

I know there are already many challenges and exchanges going on, but I created this two years ago and I decided to share it with you anyway. Because this is multifandom!

Starting 24 December and ending 1 January, write one fic/ficlet; there is a crossover on 1 Jan.


Fandoms: at least two, maximum is eight – the more the merrier, though

Pairings: again, 2-8+

  • Unlimited number of pairings, since multiple pairings in one work are possible. Optional, but welcome.
  • OT3s, platonic pairings, crossover pairings (in the crossover) possible.
  • You don’t have to write for pairings at all, it can as well be a bunch of friends at a party or something.
  • You can write one pairing in one fandom over and over again, but it’s better if you do more.

Ratings: all

Word count: 100-2,5K, crossover up to 5K

  • It can be a drabble, ficlet, or a full fanfic, but oneshot.
  • You can do multichapters too. However, another chapter isn’t considered as another work. It must be nine independent works altogether.
  • A chapter or sequel to already existing work does count.

Genres: fluff, humour, crack, Christmassy tropes, smut, angst, anything

Tags: tag your work with #9dayscwc2016 or #9dcwc within first five tags, you know the deal

  • If you have an AO3 account, better post it both here and there. Put it in this collection.
  • Consider creating a series for your works.

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I fell in love with the little things about you; like the way your laughter tastes of happiness and the feel of your smile streaking stars against my skin.
—  I fell for it all.

Concept: waking up in the morning with her smiling in my face, my arms wrapped around her body with her head laying on my chest and I’m admiring all that she is and all of her damn beauty and within this moment I feel absolutely fucking content and aware of how deeply in love I am.

I wasn’t made to be loved easily, but just maybe he was made to love me.
—  Perpetually Lonely Girl || 11/27/16
No sympathy from me,
oh not anymore; you poisoned my mind, with twisted thorny vines, left me in a locked chamber of dripping dark hopelessness, death always knocking at my door.
When will it be enough for you, to leave my life fully? When I’m broken, shatter pieces of glass, a heart of coal and a mind dampened with sickening, warped, morbid thoughts, swimming in pools of dreams about my own death and decay?
Leave now, leave well, leave forevermore; you’re not welcome in my heart: don’t walk through its door.
—  No Sympathy// Musings By Moonlight 
SKAM 8:10

The creators of SKAM are amazing in two ways. 1. Making it so extremely realistic with the text messages and instagram accounts. But, the most important thing is 2. Giving their characters real problems a lot of people struggle with today and also a lot of people don’t understand. I’m not manic depressive or bipolar but I do have an extreme (social) anxiety disorder and it’s not easy to tell people how it feels. I hope in the next two episodes they will give more information about the mental illness Henrik Holm is portraying and that they will have a happy ending.. because whatever mental illness you may have, we all want a happy end and if we work on it, we CAN have a happy end. Also seeing how heartbroken Isak is reminds me of my parents everytime i’m extremely down and agressive. It’s hard for the people around a mental ill person but if you REALLY love and care for that person there’s no doubt in me you can’t get through it. Also, i want to applaud especially Henrik Holm for his acting. He made me feel extremely anxious, scared, confused and empty (maybe that’s not the best thing) but acting is about emotions and when you can make someone feel like that with your acting, WHERE’S HIS OSCAR? haha. Tarjei did an AMAZING job too. Whenever i’m watching him it doesn’t even feel like he’s acting. I could feel his panic in those last minutes of the episode. Also, he doesn’t need words for me to understand his feelings. Other countries and series can learn from SKAM. It’s just simply beautiful and amazingly written. A HUG FOR THE FANDOM ♡

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I talked to a lady, we were choosing kids clothes from a sale rack. She wanted to know if the tiny polka dots on the little pants she was holding matched the graphics on a shirt. She held them up and showed me.
What do you think, she asked. It’s sort of an in-between colour, isn’t it, I said. Not really fully pink or fully purple. Maybe a kind of lavender? She held up a few different shirts and we stood side by side squinting at them in a store in a mall full of people in a city full of people with their busy days and traffic and phones and trajectories.

I haven’t thought much about what I looked at or what I bought or any of it again, but I think now of this, this standing with a stranger.

Elementary Stifled

time is looming over
my shoulders, brooding
decades threaten
years soar while minutes dread

tread through slimy thick sludge
water of repression drags
prison term in flesh
these periods are
only aggravated

shrieking “bitch” hovers in
my aura looming
teetering with childish idolization
freckled wrinkled hands
grasp the past by the throat
that eternity has no pause