I want to touch you. But not your skin. I want to see your eyes. I want you to look at me as if you’re trying hard to figure out something. I want to see you smile, the kind of smile that you never show to anyone. The kind of smile that reveals who you really are. I want you. The good and the bad. The confuse and sad. The jolly and silly. I want each and every single part of you —from your body to your soul— from your mind to your heart. I want to hold you and break everything that hurts you. Let me see you. Let me pass through that high wall of yours. Please let me, just let me see you. I just want to know that you’re truly happy.
—  ma.c.a // Let me feel you
I am sorry that I may forget that I have you from time to time, that I forget to share the burden I have on my shoulder and the wrinkles on my forehead. I was always alone in my battles, so please forgive me when I forget to take you along with me sometimes.
—  Lukas W. // A loner with a lover

Do you believe distance can work?“

“Absolutely, distance is a physical aspect and I believe falling in love with a soul is much more significant than a geographic location.

—  Tenari Ioapo Distance > Love

anonymous asked:

Just a quick question: what should I avoid when making my story universe? I plan on making a very detailed world for my story, but I don't wanna make the world all dull and not interesting. Love your blog btw <3

Hi! (And thank you! Glad this blog is helpful.)

I’ll link you to a couple of posts – one is my short list of world-building questions that may help you build your world’s culture, and the other is a more extensive exploration of why some worlds fail, and how to avoid failing. Those should help you a bit, but I’ll also give you a couple of general guidelines.

1. Remember your characters still carry the story, so although world-building is important, don’t do too much! You don’t want your story to be a history textbook/travel guide to your world instead of a story.

2. If your world has magic, please create rules! In a few exceptions – the Harry Potter series – a no-rules magic system works, but for most of us it’s best to establish important rules of magic early. That way the audience knows what to expect, and more importantly, the writer knows what he can or can’t do. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not given limitations on magic/powers I tend to go overboard, and then nothing is realistic.

3.Don’t base it too much on cultures or countries here on earth, for the same reason you don’t consciously base characters off real people – doing so is very difficult to do accurately, so the result is as stiff as cardboard because you’re trying too hard. Kick your imagination into gear and create something no one’s ever seen before.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

I would like to marry you one day"

“Marriage is a serious commitment”

“So is my love for you.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Excerpt from a book I may write.
You took all the love I had, built up from my entire life, in less than a couple of months.
I don’t know how to love anymore; I have nothing to give.
When we holds me I can hold onto him with everything, but it will only be for the comfort.
I can kiss his lips and think of their softness, but I can’t put butterflies into my own stomach.
I can trace my fingers down his body and pretend it’s yours, but I know that under his skin is not your bones.
—  v.m -I can(’t) pretend
Make you unseen from
My life,
I greet your last seens everyday.
—  Will you unsee me, too ?
/Methethinkinggirl ❤
For You Are

Wrap your arms around me

Sing me a song
Full of images inspired
By love and desires
Where I am your hero
You are my Muse
Casting a spell
Sparking the fuse

Broken and spent
May I lay at your feet
Having given my everything
Avoiding defeat

For you are

My strength
My purpose
My life
My reason

My safe haven
My storm
My changing
Of season

Shine your rays on my face
Battered and scarred
After years of promises
I’ve overcome so far.

I promise to you
Give all of me, true.
Across plains and high desert,
Mountains, rivers, no lesser.

Still I will come back
To feel you at my side
Feeling your warmth
In bed every night.

One day, say you will,
Until then I’ll be waiting
Hanging onto the dream
My lust finally sating.

Only you,
Always you,
Hopefully you…

Will feel it, too.

-H. Murcia 12:30AM 3/28/2017

Monday Morning Wishes

I wish I’d awakened to you today.

Imagining effervescent fantasies
Sparkling all around you,
Getting drunk upon your beauty,
One you don’t believe you have,
But I can’t help but be
Enraptured and spellbound to.

While the rain falls against my window
On this Monday morning
Wishing you were here,
The rhythmic tapping keeping time
Reminding me it’s another second closer
Until you are finally mine.

-H. Murcia 11:07AM 3/27/2017

Yes I was searching for peace and I tried killing myself for it
—  Cynthia Chapman // recovering
If I’m being honest, you were the worst and best thing to happen to me.
—  a lesson in disguise