Please do not be afraid when the flames of madness find their way into your bones. For you, my darling, have always meant to burn.
—  Lukas W. // Meant to burn


I finally get around to going home. The strange thing is I have no idea where home is anymore. They say home is where safety gets to drink tea without worry that fear would bring the coffee. That shit was never strong enough anyway. So you come home a whole year later. You’re not crying anymore. Ok. Well maybe sometimes. I’m not a robot, but if in some magical way I was a robot, I’d be the only robot with a heart. My poor, poor mechanical heart. It’s a good thing I don’t cry as much. I get to spend more time thinking. Some days I still dwell on the past, but mostly I dream about the future. For example: I used to think my bed would still smell like her. The thing is… you slowly start to forget. Faces become blurry. You forget their eye colors. Everything that used to matter it’s likely that it no longer does. You can sleep without fear. You can wake up without needing someone. I think that’s the messed up part. I went from melting your image into my skull to not needing you at all. So you come home one day and look into your restroom mirror– everything is the same except for you.

– welcome home

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: why do people give writers such a bad rep? Why are people convinced that we sit around doing nothing all day and just stare at a computer screen and one day words magically appear and then they magically turn into a book and then we never have to write ever again because they think publishing a book means you’re set for life and can travel the world and never have to work again? Where does the notion that creating art is lazy come from when it used to be the most celebrated form of work in history? Why do people think that that writing isn’t a Real Job™ and just a hobby, and that writers somehow freeload their way through life to avoid the Real World™ and that all writers somehow live in a disconnected utopian fantasy and need to grow up? Why? Where does that come from?

I waited for days to hear back from you, then I realised I was never going to hear back from you. You made up your mind and in the end your promises meant nothing because that day you left me behind.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.

In those silent moments,
between stillness and time,
my heart yearns for you,
but I know you’re not right.

So instead I’ll focus that love
on someone truly deserving.

But not you,
oh no,
long forgotten friend of mine.

—  Long Forgotten Friend Of Mine// Musings By Moonlight
And then there is that one person you love. So much that they consume all your thoughts day and night. So much that you you just could lie down with them for an eternity. So much that you would do anything to be with them. But then you realize it. Realize the truth. They had been lying. Lying all along. Lying about the fact that they loved you. Lying about how they will love you forever. Lying that every damn time you asked them how much they loved you. Every damn time. It is always that one person you love the most who leaves you broken in the end.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

I was talking to a kind guy the other day
We we’re hitting it off, then he said he liked me and wanted to be more then friends…

I have been ignoring him ever since then..
It’s not cause I don’t like him it’s cause that’s what you said to me once.

Now I’m all alone writing love poems about our love that was never there, it might of been there for me, but it wasn’t there for you, but you never even tried to see it anyways.

—  Poems-she-wrote
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The Italian saga is complete!

Book 4, the last installment of the Italian Saga, will be released on November 6th! Growth, struggle, romance, and side-splitting laughter in Italy <3

A few comments from the Advanced Copy Readers so far: “Read it in a day, then started over”, “Tears were flowing”, “Such a truthful, entertaining, and empowering read!”, “Lyrical, deep, emotional. I traveled to Italy from my couch”

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What’s next?

Leda’s adventures are not over! A new series will follow her as she gets into college and ponders about science, happiness, the meaning of life and, of course, love, making all possible mistakes ;) 

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I could not put this book down for the life of me. I felt my eyes growing heavy so, instead of laying down, I sat upright on the couch and opened my eyes really wide so I could get to a good stopping point. There are none.

I gave this book 5 hearts! I will forever recommend this until the end of my days. Had me belly-laughing, rooting for the characters, and deep in thought for how much sense this book made. Amman perfectly captured the troubles of growing up.

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Lumen Part 3 teaser

Spoiler alert!
Here’s a quick little teaser from Lumen: (part 3/ ): Dark intentions. The full version will be posted either this Friday or next Monday, depending on my schedule.

“It was excruciating to say the least, erupting from the far pits of hell, as if at any given moment Bucky would transform into the personification of Tartarus itself. Was it really you that had inspired such a sudden change in demeanor from the otherwise calm, even stoic sergeant?

You would hold that thought for further consideration because now was not the time to get in between two best friends. Never was a good time to do so, since it would only end ugly.

You had already shed too many tears for too many men and you were determined to not let anyone get under your skin again.

Not even the glorious blond Adonis, Captain ‘call me Daddy’ America, could change your mind. Nor the scruffy, bad boy Bucky ‘gonna get you all hot and bothered’ Barnes. Certainly not him, as his smug grin appeared to be such a fine work of art, you feared it had been brought to life by none other than fucking Hades.”

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i tried listening to our favorite songs
at dawn the other night,
when your face was keeping my heart
beating at high frequency.

when will the singers’ voice
stop sounding like yours?
telling me “stop driving so fast,
you’ll be the end of us both”
funny, you were the one
who ended us both.

The lyrics coat my tongue
with white chocolate and
the vanilla chap stick
you found in my glove box
and put on
saying you just
wanted a taste of me.

that guitar riff kicks in
and you’re right there beside me
drumming slender fingers
against my dashboard with your
eyes closed.
that guitar riff kicks in
and my grin aches my cheeks.
that guitar riff kicks in and my heart swells
along with the crescendo.

then the track ends.
my heartbeat dies out
with the singers’ voice
and you’re in jersey again
sitting pretty in someone else’s passenger seat
and I’m on the corner of fifth and main
wishing this song had a reprise.