Well I didn’t see that coming.
—  Me writing a story written by me.

Writing is so much hard work. Writing in your spare time for free and not knowing if your work will get much attention is even harder. So, to all of you fic writers out there, thank you for being unable to resist the call to create magic with your words. You’re all amazing. I feel your pain, and I love you all.

That moment when you see someone reading through a series of yours because you see their likes in succession and you get all excited because Yay!! Someone likes my stuff!! But THEN. It hits you. They will get to the last part and realize. There is No More. And it’s not finished. You brace yourself for the (hopefully) sweet ask saying that they (ideally) like The Series but where’s the rest? Will you continue it? When? WHEN??? And then you’re like

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me: has been struggling for weeks to finish writing this chapter

me: has idea

me: for a brand new fic

All I’m saying is that the “Power to the Girls” sweatshirt wearing Kara Danvers I know and love would be offended at someone saying something as possessive as “she’s with me” and then trying to punch someone. That’s all I’m saying

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As I’m sitting comfy in bed, cat cuddled up beside me, working happily on the end of a chapter–

My laptop dies. Just shuts off. Bing, boom, black. No reviving it, not one response.

I unplug it. Plug it back in. Take the flash drive out. Take the battery out. Put it back in. Try to open the disc drive. Finally push the new paperweight away, curl around the cat, and do some mental hyperdrive calculating to figure out how soon, for how much, and from where I can obtain a new laptop in the next hour to keep working on this damn fanfiction.

And then I realize: there are two connections in the charging cable that I tripped over earlier.

Things saved: Time. Money. The chapter. Space in a landfill.

Things lost: My pride.