You guys, my “oneshot” Valentine’s Day AU, which I conceived back in early December and wrote in early January (and cannot stop fiddling with), has turned into a 3-part, 9,000-word monstrosity, with a possible epilogue if people like it.

How did it end up like this
It was only a oneshot
It was only a oneshot

Well I didn’t see that coming.
—  Me writing a story written by me.

Question for Fellow Writers

Do y'all ever have random ideas that come out of nowhere and you just HAVE to scribble them down RIGHT THEN?? Also, has one of these ideas ever come to you while you’re asleep or almost sleeping and you blearily open your eyes and fumble with the notes on the phone to type it in before passing out again??

Because one night this happened to me and the next morning I looked at the note I had typed and literally all it said was “WARTHOGS” in all caps.

To this day I have no idea what that means.

Writer friends: do you guys ever get in that mood where you really want to write, but at the same time you REALLY DON’T want to write? Like it’s fun to think about the ideas and imagine the scenes (and maybe even the perspective of the scene or certain lines you could use to evoke the mood)… but the prospect of actually sitting down and writing it all out is horribly exhausting? And then you kinda sigh and open up Netflix instead?