Well I didn’t see that coming.
—  Me writing a story written by me.

Writer friends: do you guys ever get in that mood where you really want to write, but at the same time you REALLY DON’T want to write? Like it’s fun to think about the ideas and imagine the scenes (and maybe even the perspective of the scene or certain lines you could use to evoke the mood)… but the prospect of actually sitting down and writing it all out is horribly exhausting? And then you kinda sigh and open up Netflix instead?  

That moment when you see someone reading through a series of yours because you see their likes in succession and you get all excited because Yay!! Someone likes my stuff!! But THEN. It hits you. They will get to the last part and realize. There is No More. And it’s not finished. You brace yourself for the (hopefully) sweet ask saying that they (ideally) like The Series but where’s the rest? Will you continue it? When? WHEN??? And then you’re like

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  • me: I'm not gonna start anything new. I have 15 WIPs starting from '08, it's the middle of Camp NaNo, I have a ton of homework, and I haven't slept since last Thursday.
  • my imagination: *clears throat*