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Danny Phantom. Coffee. ('Cuz its early and that's all I can think of) :)

Danny stared sleepily into the wafting mug Sam had pushed in front of him. It smelled bitter, kinda burned the back of his throat. It made him scrunch up his nose in distaste.

“You drink this stuff?” Danny said as he pushed it a few inches away. His question dissolved into a yawn, and he took to rubbing his puffy eyes.

try to avoid it, but it does work. Well. I thought you said you wanted to stop falling asleep in cl–”

“Yeah yeah but why’s it gotta smell? Can’t I just drink coke or–”

“At 7 in the morning?”

“Better than this. It smells like…I don’t know, dirt. Hot dirt.”


Danny’s answer was stopped dead in his throat as his breath surged forth frosty and visible. His whole body tensed. He kicked his chair back and shot to Phantom after a quick scan of the room.

“Who’s here?” he called. His feet kicked off the ground. His puffy eyes swung back and forth.

“‘We all are here, dear child. We three to chat the morning mild.” An oily-haired ghost appeared, smile slimy, glasses glinting. “Unless you wish it to become something much more…wild.”

“Oh…god. Not you…” Danny slumped a little. He stared up in disdain. “Got a new story for me, or what? A poem now? Can I just smash your keyboard now or–”

The Writer’s sly smile fell. His eyes looked past Danny and focused with rapture on the table.

“Is…Is that…coffee? You have coffee?” He swooped past Danny and wrapped the mug in his icy hands. “Oh-ho I would drink eight cups a day back when I…Oh how I missed this.”

Danny stared down in befuddlement.

The Writer quickly composed himself, straightening his jacket and sobering his face. “Oh. Um. I will make a deal with you. You’re off the hook for now, in exchange for this c-cup of coffee.” He inhaled deeply and his eyes unfocused.

Danny’s whole body went limp. “Go for it buddy.”

The Writer snatched up the mug and disappeared with hardly a word.

Sam’s head flitted back and forth between the wall where the Writer had disappeared and Danny. “So then…no coffee for you today?”

“I’m gonna go with…no.”

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD is an Anxiety spectrum disorder that results from a failure in the coping mechanisms. In order for this to occur there must be two foundation blocks. 

1. The character encountered a traumatic event. 

2. The traumatic event was not internally resolved properly. 

Let’s take a look at number one first. 

“The character encountered a traumatic event”

The event must be traumatic to the *character* not the writer. While a mugging may seem a traumatic event to you or I, it would not be to a character that is within a society where the strong routinely steal from the weak. 

A Hetalia specific example would be that most European nations would not be traumatized by fighting in World War Two. Europe was a bloody battleground for centuries before WWII, fighting in a war would not be anything new to them. 

Now let’s look at number two, 

“The traumatic event was not internally resolved properly”

This is referring to the character’s psyche. PTSD is a byplay between the event and the character’s relationship with what happened. Just because a character experienced a traumatic event does not mean PTSD will develop. It varies on an individual person. The criteria for PTSD in this case is lasting psychological damage. (Please note, you should be able to give an example other than “it gave him/her/it PTSD”. That is lazy writing and poor character development)

A Hetalia specific example would be that America has PTSD after 9/11 because of the continued hyper-vigilance and paranoia about terrorism. 

Now that we have a basic understanding of the two most important criteria of the disorder, let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms. 

                      Re-experiencing part of the traumatic event (commonly referred                         to as flashbacks)


                    Continually returning to thoughts about the event and similar                              possibilities 

                   Avoiding situations that remind them of the event

                   Guilt/ Depression/ Self-recrimination 

                  Feeling emotionally distant 

                  Being easily startled/constantly feeling on guard or on edge

                  Difficulty sleeping at night 

                  Increase in angry outbursts. 

Most of these are self explanatory but there are a few I would like to go over in better detail. 

1. Flashbacks: This usually does not refer to reliving the memory whole cloth- especially when you are a few years out (or more) of the original encounter. A flashback is more commonly experienced as a sudden burst of intense uncontrollable fear at a reminder of the experience (a sound, or touch are the most common types of triggers . The person having the sudden fear is often so afraid that they may forget that they are in a safe place, however it is far more rare (though not unheard of) for them to literally think that they are back in the time/place of the original event. 

2, Nightmares: These don’t only refer to nightmares about the event itself but a general pattern of scary dreams. 

******Please remember that a person/character would not experience only one of these symptoms so “random flashbacks!!!!!” is not an accurate representation of the disorder*********

A final note, 

A person or character suffering from PTSD would have good days and bad days just like any other illness. Some days they could even think that they’re fine and they’ve finally beaten it only to find out that no, it is still very much a part of their life. That being said, it is not the only part of their lives so their character/the story should not completely revolve around their illness (unless you are specifically writing a story where the main focus is dealing with PTSD)

*Again, this is meant for writing reference purposes only, not as a self-diagnoses tool.*


January Journal Challenge Day 10: Journaling and Coffee Tea

Here’s the recipe for my guaranteed pick-me-up:

  • 2 tsps. of Teavana Earl Grey Creme–steeped for 5 minutes
  • 1 heaping scoop of Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix
  • a spoonful of honey
  • a splash of milk, if not expired
  • && the most crucial step: your favorite mug


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