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New thing I learned today

Selling a self-published print book through Barnes & Noble is a complete rip off. They only want to offer you 55% royalties and then the cost of production comes out of YOUR royalties, so while they’re sitting fat and happy on 45% of your book money, you get 55% - the cost of production which, for a reasonably priced book, is about 50% of the price.

Example: a 350 page hardcover book costs $11.97 to print. So, assuming it’s priced at $19.99 which is already a little steep, the author would earn $10.99 - $11.97 which is impossible so basically overprice your book at like $25 so you can actually make like $1.50 on each book sale goodbye

Lately, I’ve been wringing your smell out of my bedsheets and into perfume jars so I can keep you on my wrists, on my neck, and in the creases underneath my ears.
—  Joshua Greenaway | Souvenirs

Remove Stereotypes

Write about a subsection of a mythical species. Maybe instead of just mermaids, these are swamp mermaids with films over their eyes like gators. Instead of werewolves, there are Mexican Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, or even Arctic Wolves. Centaurs that are half miniature horse. Vampires that drink life essence rather than blood. What is different about these creatures from the usual suspects? 

Write about a woman who is not looking forward to her arranged marriage, and although all of her bride’s gifts are lavish and some priceless, she finds comfort in a peasant’s gift to his soon to be queen, the finest piglet from his farm. Focus on the character development of this woman. Does this piglet represent the life she used to know before becoming a Queen? Is the farmer an old lover, whose gift rekindles a forbidden love? Or is she an ice queen who softens to her new husband, thanks to this unexpectedly important gift?

Break the Curse

Write about your character trying to rid himself or herself from a curse. What measures is this person willing to go to? Or does he/she even know how to go about it in the first place? Why was the curse placed at all? What does this curse do? Can this person explain to others what the curse is, or is that a part of the curse (the inability to tell others about it)?