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If I am silent it’s because there is thunder inside me.
Or I’m just chillin, it depends. May the odds be ever in your favour.
—  An Introvert

That which does not kill me, only makes me weirder and harder to relate to.

!!!!Introverts Unite!!!!  Separately… in your own homes…

Supercorp Calculations?

I’m no good at math but there has to be someone out there that can make a pie chart with the following likelihoods:

1. Chance of the writers being Lazy™ and making Lena evil
2. Chance of Lena and Kara just being friends
3. Chance of Supercorp being cannon
4. Chance of them saying Lena is straight and putting her with Winn
5. Chance of her being gay but still not ending up with Kara

Can someone please do that? Because I sure as hell can’t. And I need a mathematical likelihood to bring me back to reality. Or else I’m going to be forever stuck in Supercorp Land. I mean I’ll probably stay here anyways. But a pie chart sounds nice.

slowly accepting the mortality of everything
over my morning cup of tea.

there is a boy until there isn’t.
and there isn’t,
not anymore.

last night i had a dream
that felt so much like you.
this is to say, i was afraid.
this is to say, it hurt.
this city has your name plastered
all over its walls
and that will take some time
getting used to.

in these dreams, you finally unravel before me.
you tell me:
“the thing i loved most about Boy Scouts
were the knots. how we learned to create
and unmake.
how i could keep everything in its place.
how i could hold anything together.”
i finally tell you:
“our sun signs aren’t the most compatible.”
neither of us ever care about this.
you go on and say “once, i got a badge
after saving a baby bird. i fixed its wing”
and i say,
“i have never wanted to be saved to begin with.”

in this one, you tell me everything.
you look me in the eye and say:
“hurt people hurt people
and darling,
sometimes it hurts too much.” you say,
sometimes i look at you
and wonder if i ever really wanted this,” or
“baby, you make me so weary. there is no space left
in you that looks familiar anymore,” or
“honey, you’re something
i don’t know if i can handle.
something i am afraid to leave.”
and though i have already said these things to myself, in this dream
i do not know how to keep quiet. there is a truth
inside my mouth screaming

in this universe,
you speak
of boy scouts. say the bird flew too close to a fire,
said its wings were always broken, said you always wanted to fix
sad things
so you took some string,
crossed my heart,
and i hoped to die.

in this dream, you tell me
“sometimes i touch you and get burned
and i am already all out of rope.
there is no more saving left in me.
there is no more water left in these bones.”

and you finally believe me when i tell you:
“that’s okay.
i wasn’t thirsty anyway.”

My creative writing professor once said that the more you know about your character the better. He said that even knowing those tiny, insignificant details about your character and their lives makes those characters more real, to not only you, but your readers as well. Even those details you don’t write, your readers will still be able to feel the realism that you are portraying.

So anyway, I searched and searched but this is the best list I could find. I am thinking of creating my own but until then, here you go.

anonymous asked:

Placement can make someone a poet or author?!

For the author/writing/story telling aspect of it:

• Gemini, Virgo, Pisces Sun/Mercury
• Moon x Neptune aspects
• Mercury/Moon/Neptune dominant
• Gemini, Virgo, Pisces Moon
• Mercury x Neptune aspects
• Neptune in 3rd
• Mercury in 3rd/5th
• Surprisingly Air and Earth Midheavens often
• 5th house stellium

Otherwise, any sign will have its only style and way with words which makes them a great writer! Each sign brings something different to their writing and stories!

Going to look for an analysis I did of some writers charts a while ago so check the reblog ABOVE this for other interesting things!!