writer's notes

concept: not everyone you meet is a lesson. not everyone hurts you just so you could learn to heal yourself. most of them come with hatchets and hammers and none of them come with gauze, none of them come with Band-Aids or a sewing kit. listen to me, not every pain you feel is part of a bigger plan to force you to learn. stop forgiving people for hurting you because you think they helped you grow. you helped yourself grow. you put all your limbs back in place, put your heart back inside your broken ribs and stitched your own chest up. it was all you. stop giving people who hurt you credit for things they do not deserve.

I’d rather have a Hades in my life than a Zeus. There’s something far more appealing in a man who is as dark as the night sky but loyal, as opposed to a man who is brighter than the sun but has a dishonest heart.

- Nievana Judisthir

It’s freeing when you realize you’ve finally let things go. You stop looking back on the past. You stop checking up on people who have left you. You move forward, you never look back. You go through your day without a thought about the one thing you used to think you would never get out of your head - things feel less heavy now.

here’s to the women with fire in their eyes, the ones who sing too loud and love too hard. the one’s who know what they want, the ones who know how to get it, and the ones who will do whatever is needed to get it. here’s to the fighters.

here’s to the women with clouds in their eyes. the ones who hum under their breath, whose smiles can light up a thousand cities, the ones who love gently. the one’s who don’t want for much, but they will take what they do want. here’s to the lovers.

here’s to the women with cities in their eyes, cites of their very own. here’s to the ones who make things before other can even imagine them, the ones in love with creation. the ones who find what they want for themselves. here’s to the dreamers.

here’s to the women with civilizations in their eyes. the ones whose knowledge encompasses galaxies and centuries, the ones who thirst for knowledge. the ones who love recklessly and think rationally, who are the tacticians in a fight. here’s to the thinkers.

here’s to the ones who fight back, every day. here’s to the ones who persevere, no matter what. here’s to the ones who don’t take abuse and intolerance lying down.

here’s to all of us. 

happy international women’s day. keep fighting. 

We praise people about things they have no control on, like their beauty and the shape of their body, and we value it more than intelligence and integrity. We care more about the package than the present.
—  giulswrites

A messy little comic where Otabek calls it out.

Part 6/Part 8

It only gets happier from here, I promise. Next part coming out next week 👍🏾

Can you tell me how you feel? I mean tell me how you feel when your eyes are closed and you become nothing but sound. Tell me about the melancholy hidden behind the breaths you take. What is it that I will find after digging out the sandy layers to your soul? Can you tell me how you feel? I mean tell me how you really feel when your eyes are closed and you become nothing but sound. Tell me why the echoes of your voice crack every time you sing the song of life. Just tell me how you really feel. Tell me how to find you underneath all of these layers. I want to find you. I want you uncovered. Just you. Can you tell me how you feel?
—  Sesa
Things I wish I knew at 18

1. High school friendships don’t last.
Not the way you want them to anyway.
Even if you swam oceans of pain together.
Even if you never wanted to drift apart.
Friendships fall apart.
Most times they sadly do.

2. Your parents will still treat you like a child. They don’t care about your legal reality. When you’re with them, they still see you as their baby. That can get frustrating but also comforting.

3. Your undergrad degree won’t matter as much as you think it will. So choose what you want to explore. Don’t choose something you think is going to be your career. Chances are when you graduate you will be doing something completely different than what you were dead sure of when you started college.

4. People are more selfish now. People are more broken now. People are more cautious now. Everyone has been through something that haunts them.

5. Everyone is suffering. Some will use that as an excuse to mistreat you. Some will because of that very reason be there for you in your suffering in anyway they can. Most times it’s hard to tell which person you’re being. Don’t be an ass.

6. Not everyone makes life long friends in college. You won’t. That’s okay. Nothing good comes out of forceful relations anyway. It can get lonely but at least that kind of loneliness isn’t because of shitty company.

7. Grades. Internships. Extra curricular activities. They matter. Everyone acts like it doesn’t but it does. Whatever choice you make, whatever your course may be, how you perform does matter. It isn’t everything but it matters.

8. Self care isn’t boring or unnecessary. It’s important. It’s hard but it’s crucial.
You don’t have to click pictures for aesthetics or share your progress. You can if it helps. But you don’t have to. Because that’s secondary. You know what’s primary. Do it.

9. Just because you become an adult by a number and are recognized as one because of law doesn’t mean you aren’t you anymore.
The way you are at 17 years 364 days, is the way you will remain at 18. Perhaps 19.
That’s okay.
There’s a lot learn. You may have fought and conquered adolescence but this is a completely different story. There are new skills and lessons to be learned. All previous ones may not necessarily remain valid.

10. You genuinely have to learn to let go.
Imagine your life to be a tiny box. A box that fits in your palm. If that box is full of past pain, regret and disappointments, of all the people who broke you, of negativity and dried blood, all the good things and beautiful people that are to come into your life will fall right off because there just isn’t enough space in that box. It is full of everything you don’t need or deserve.
Good things will come your way, they will fall into your hands but you still won’t be happy if you don’t remember to take out the trash.

No one likes showing they’re sad. Ever. But look into her eyes and tell me that she’s not broken.
—  @typicalboreddteen “Excerpts from a book I’ll never write.”