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So this is more about characters, but do you have any suggestions for some negative character traits, like lying and drinking. I always make really nice and polite villains and it makes my writing really bad and I need help 😂 it's ok if you can't think of anything, I understand that this is an odd question. Ps: Really big fan of yours!!💖

 Aw the ‘PS’ made me squeal hehe! Also I’m literally here to try and help with any of your questions, honestly I don’t mind whether it’s about the temperature of my house for all I care- I’ll answer them all. Okay so negative character traits/ideas, here we go…:

  • Violence. Lots of it.
  • The need to kill vs the want to kill.
  • Lying (as you said), deceit.
  • Anger. This can be over tiny things- remember that!
  • Loss of control.
  • Hatred/loathe.
  • Payback, karma.
  • Psychopathic, sociopathic, anything else under that umbrella (I don’t know all that much this category, sorry!)
  • Facial expressions, trademark. Eg. the Jokers trademark is the smile scars- even though it wasn’t included in suicide squad :(
  • Weaponry. Sword, gun, baseball bat, knives etc.
  • Alcoholic.
  • Drug addict.
  • Pyromaniac- Someone who finds pleasure in setting things on fire. Arsonist.
  • Megalomaniac- Someone who has an obsessive desire for power.
  • Maniac- Someone suffering from mania, raving and violently insane(I don’t really like this definition because someone who is mentally ill-suffering from mania- should not be called insane for something they can’t help, but yeah. It’s fictional though!).
  • Blackouts. Doing bad things not in their right mind and coming to their senses with no recollection of the happenings.
  • Mixed-personality disorder. I don’t know if it’s the same as the above so it has it’s own bullet point! I think it’s basically what Eurus Holmes dealt with, but don’t quote me on that. That was just my view and my families due to my mother being a counsellor and diagnosing a fictional character… sort of.

There’s a fair few ideas out there and this is barely scratching the surface! Your villain could be denying their evil, or simply embracing it, it’s all down to the storyline and character’s personality. Good luck, lots of love from Yasmine xox

GUYS check out what @thirtyfivefoxesinablog had to say in her repost it’s really useful! x

he’s beautiful and nothing like those who have hurt me. i hate that about him; i want him to make me suffer. he already makes me suffer though, taunting me a sweet smile and reaching with gentle hands. i want him to harm me, tear me apart, break me down, and rip me to shreds but i know he never will.

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Oh my gosh! I really missed seeing your DC Hero Sims on my dash. Do you mind if you could show some of it? I especially loved your Batfam Sims! :)

Absolutely! I love requests for my Sims to justify my posting them, because I fully acknowledge that it’s Very Silly Business.

My Batfamily house is safe and sound on my PC back in the USA. I’m on my laptop in Korea for another month, however, and the Batman v Superman trailer is getting me hyped against my better judgment. So I made a new household: Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor. Super Roommates!

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman 
Traits: Good, Rebellious, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Charismatic

Lois Lane
Traits: Bookworm (writer trait), Good Kisser, Hot-Headed, Ambitious, Daredevil

Clark Kent/Superman
Traits: Good, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic (writer trait), Friendly, Easily Impressed

Bruce Wayne/Batman
Traits: Genius, Loner, Grumpy, Brave, Computer Whiz

And best roommate ever, Lex Luthor
Traits: Evil, Genius, Mean-Spirited, Perfectionist, Ambitious

In this episode: jilted Superbat, Lex deliberately scaring people, Lex starting a fire (ffs), Diana and Lois bff beach day, the fall festival, Bruce and Diana realizing they’re both smokin’ hot and should jump on it, and, finally, a Lois and Clark wedding. 

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