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Brooklyn Nine-Nine to take on racial profiling with stop-and-frisk episode

Brooklyn Nine-Nine tends to take a light-hearted approach when it comes to the long arm of the law: After all, it’s a comedy in which Andy Samberg effuses lines like “Don’t worry, we can outsmart some small-town sheriff. We’re NYPD detectives. We caught the Son of Sam! Ice-T plays us on TV! We keep the Tonys safe!” But an upcoming episode is aiming to mine humor in a serious topic involving the police: Racial profiling via the controversial stop-and-frisk program, in which officers temporarily detain and search citizens for concealed weapons and illegal goods.

In an episode airing May 2 on Fox, Terry (Terry Crews) — a sergeant in the Nine-Nine — is subjected to a stop-and-frisk (which, coincidentally, is also known as a “Terry stop“) by an officer when he’s on the street looking for his daughter’s blankie. “He tries to work it out with the cop by going out to dinner with him, but that doesn’t work out, and he has to decide whether or not to file a formal complaint,” series co-creator Dan Goor tells EW. “To a certain extent, it’s the question of: Am I blue or am I black?”

It’s a subject matter that the show’s writers have been wanting to tackle for a long time, but “because our heroes are the police, it’s difficult to talk about the police in an abstract way,” says Goor. “We’ve talked about a million different stories and I think this one really works. It felt very natural and real, but at the same time, we’ve managed to make it as funny as any other Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.”

The idea for the story stemmed from a conversation with Crews, who revealed a similar incident in which he had been racially profiled. The writers began working on an episode but were having trouble around the halfway mark. It was a conversation about the episode with a different cast member — Andre Braugher, a.k.a. Captain Holt — that led to a breakthrough moment. “Andre told me what he thought Captain Holt would do at that moment,” says Goor. “And it was like the clouds parted and I could see for the first time. It was so unexpected, but true to the character and honest, and made for an entire act’s worth of scenes.”

In the episode, after Terry hashes it out with other members of the Nine-Nine, “ultimately it comes down to a great set of scenes between Holt and [Terry],” says Goor. “It’s Andre at the height of Andre and Terry really keeps up with him. And it’s the first time we’ve done an A story for anyone other than Jake.”

Speaking of Jake (Samberg), he and Amy (Melissa Fumero) will spend most of the episode taking care of Terry’s twins with Sharon (Merrin Dungey) out of town. “They want to know why their dad was arrested, so Jake and Amy have to talk about these issues with these kids,” says Goor. “It’s one of the funniest stories we’ve done.”

Dating Profile of a Sapiosexual

Seeking intelligent being
For long walks across the cerebellum beaches,
Parietal sunsets,
And moonlight swims in the limbic ocean.
I want the vibrations from my lips
To tickle your supramarginal gyrus,
And I want the cerebral map to your soul
Painted on my mind’s eye.
I want to run the track of cortex
And feel your neurons firing
- Connecting
My mirrors -
Without any
Visual or tactile stimuli
At all.

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Since you love cardcaptor sakura, do you see any similarities between Sakura and Syaoran, and Marinette and Adrien?




I have actually made a draw paralelling the umbrella scene with them (oh god that old art xD) 

like cmon, Nadeshiko, Sakura’s mom has 17 when she met Fujitaka, Sakura’s dad, and wow how coincidentally that Adrien has a mother, who was also a model! which photo  he has at age of 17!!!

she is teaching her son to play the pieano LIKE WTF ABOUT PARALLELISM ASLKDJAKSLJ

But like, Fujitaka is actually what Gabriel SHOULD BE AS A FATHER ARE YOU LISTENING GABRIEL.

And like, Plagg is basically the fusion of Kero and Suppi???!!!

Tomoyo is like Alya, cause she is the best friend of the protagonist and most of the time voice of reason and who also finds the time to film everything no matter how risky cause she must to

Originally posted by shenni-shun

(and who also has a crush on her friend. Fite me, Alya has an obvious crush on Mari. Pre and post Animan)

Sonomi and Nathalie? I mean we still dont know what Nathalie felt/feels for Mama Agreste but she will do anything for Adrien, same what Sonomi does for Sakura. Even if that means accepting the father in this (altho Fujitaka is a good man and Sonomi was just jealous. Nathalie, on the other side, has to deal with Gabriel bs, but she will do it for Adrien)

And this is just speaking of the characters cause if i start talking about the cards and the akumas…



(cant find the picture of ladybug screaming for adrien, but you get me)


actually more than one card can apply here, time and return, but it involves time travel like timebraker

obviously Miraculous is more superhero like, so there other stuff that would not fit. But there are obvious parallels between the shows (not only for the obvious tropes).

WC Profile!


These questions only need yes or no answers. They’re not commitments if you say yes, simply organizational tools.

Are you interested in finding critique groups/partners? Not particularly. I kinda write my way and like it that way. I suppose I wouldn’t mind the right person to change my habits~

Are you interested in being a beta-reader? That would be so cool! Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time, but I would definitely love to try it!

Are you open to being tagged in writing questionnaires/asks/games? Oh, yes please!! I would love that!

Are you open to being messaged to talk about writing? Please please PLEASE!! That’s actually what I’m looking for!

Are you open to being tagged to participate in writing discussions? I suppose~

Would you like to participate in Writeblr by Region? Sure, that sounds cool!

Would you like to participate in the Translation Corner? I only speak English, so I don’t think I’d be too big of a help.

      If so, which languages would you like to be listed under?

Short Profile: I’m Kat, a 19 year old from the United States. I love Fantasy, Sci-Fi and non Fiction~ I’m a goofy, smiley person who loves to bounce ideas off others and kind of blab about my ideas and characters.

Preferred Nickname: Kat

Country/Region: North Eastern USA

Languages: English

Preferred Writing Type: I normally write poetry and short/long stories but I am open to talking to people about anything!

Preferred Genre(s) to Write: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction

Preferred Genre(s) to Read: Anything, really!

Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Dragonriders of Pern, The Morganville Vampires, Vlad Todd, The Dresden Files…

Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): I love alternative, pop, electro-swing, steampunk, grunge, pop punk…

Favorite Fandom(s):

    Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Coreline, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Big Hero 6, Serenity, Doctor Strange

    TV Shows: Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Invader Zim,

    Anime: -

    Comics: I’m actually just getting started with my collection, so, so far I’m at Gwenpool and Fable.

    Video Games: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin

Hobbies/interests other than writing: Singing, Smiling, Laughing, crochet, crafting, drawing, doodling, photography, acting, painting…

Extended Profile:

Personality: I am a very silly, bubbly, positive person who really just likes to spread love and make friends! Some days I can be a little off but I try not to be.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

—Does it match your personality? Not particularly, no

MBTI Type: Dunno

—Does it match your personality well?

Introvert or Extrovert? Both kinda??? Depends on the day and mood and all that jazz.

Writing Habits

Number/Names of WIPs: Ahaha…. Hah…. Countless. So right now?? I’d say… 3 I’m serious about. Blue Casper, The Gee Gee’s and Deerly Poetry

Favorite book about writing: I don’t think I have any, really… I’m open to suggestions, though!

Planner, Pantser or Plantser? If this basically means someone who plans out, does both or wings it, I have only Basically planned a lil. I normally wing it.

Favorite Outlining Method: Never had. I’d love for someone to teach me, though!

Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? Sadly, very sporadically but I am looking for more motivation to be writing more.

Any creativity rituals that you use: Sometimes I like reading or listening to music beforehand but other times, it distracts me.

Your Writing Community

Tumblr: misskittiemae

Current writing/creative communities you participate in: None at the moment

NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable): Kittie (Kat) Mae

Wattpad Community Name (if applicable): N/a

fanfiction.net or AO3 Community Name (if applicable): N/a

DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable): screechingskylark

Patreon Community Name (if applicable): n/a

Baratheon, Cersei

10th Level (Noble 10)

The queen stood. “And what of my wrath, Lord Stark?” she asked softly. Her eyes searched his face. “You should have taken the realm for yourself. It was there for the taking… Such a sad mistake.”
“I have made more mistakes than you can possibly imagine,” Ned said, “but that was not one of them.”
“Oh but it was, my lord,” Cersei insisted. “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
— Cersei Baratheon and Eddard Stark, A Game of Thrones

If there is one woman destined never to be a hearth-mate or homemaker, she is undoubtedly Cersei Lannister. The Lannister symbol is a lion and Cersei is undoubtedly a lioness, a golden-haired green-eyed feline among queens. Had she been born a whore, she would have been an empress of brothels. She was born noble, however, the first of two bright blond glittering twins fathered by Tywin Lannister and his beloved wife, Joanna. Little brother Jaime came out clutching his sister’s heel, and has been clutching other bits of her ever since.

Jaime would one day become a knight, wild and reckless of reputation. Had she been born male, Cersei would have out-Jaimed Jaime. She lacks no bravery when it comes to conflict, and would happily have slit half a dozen Targaryen throats to sit unchallenged on the Iron Throne. Unlike her brother, it would never have occurred to her to get off it. Unfortunately for Cersei, she was born female, and her path to conquest was never going to be that straightforward.

Cersei is the eldest of the Lannister children. As a male, she would be the heir to Casterly Rock, irrespective of looks, abilities, or any other factors. Because of her sex, however, she finds herself third in the line of succession. Anything she has must be given to her by her father or earned between Robert Baratheon’s bed sheets. It is not a situation designed to breed self-esteem. Kept back because of her sex and because there is room for only one Tywin-shaped ego in the family, it could be no surprise that this volatile, passionate woman’s nature would warp a little.

Under such circumstances, it might be thought that a woman like Cersei Lannister would become a Dacey Mormont or even a Mirri Maz Duur, finding power through arms or the occult. That, however, would not be Cersei’s way. She may crave self-determination, but in the end Cersei accepts the world into which she is born.

Cersei has taken on her culture’s distaste for women, so she both despises and treasures her own femininity. She has to work very hard for the gifts of command and influence given so easily to men of her station. As a result, she has no time for hapless females. At best, she will sneer at them; at worst, she will use them without a shred of pity. The world is harsh to women; to her mind, the sooner they learn how to use the rules to their own advantage, the better. If Cersei gave it a second thought, she might even argue that she does her own sex a favour by teaching them the lessons she had to learn by herself.

Cersei did indeed have difficult lessons to learn. When dealing with Lannisters, all roads lead to Casterly Rock, and the pervasive influence of Tywin. They pride themselves on a tradition of intelligence inherited from their famous ancestor, Lann the trickster. They use every resource they have to get what they want. They are abundant in wits, in wealth and in comeliness.

Like all the Lannister family — with the notable exception of Tyrion — Cersei is lovely to look upon. This alone makes her a treasure. The Lannisters understand the importance of appearances only too well. In a world where a woman’s worth is judged by her beauty, bloodline, and fertility, Cersei is worth a great deal. She may just be another breeder, but her owners can expect a fine price for her — nothing less than a crown.

Unfortunately for Cersei, the death of Lyanna Stark left Robert Baratheon an angry man. All her beauty could never mend his heart — something she could never forgive. Despite this failing, Cersei could certainly take care of his other needs. Sensual and exquisite of form, Cersei is extremely alluring. Robert Baratheon found nothing to object to in her person. This was the beginning of Cersei’s rise to power. Her father can subsidise a king, her brother can kill one, but neither can create one. That task, the creation of a Lannister monarch, came down to Cersei alone.

It would never be easy for someone of Cersei’s ego, already thwarted in ambition and expression, to become the bed mate of a man in love with another woman, though — especially a woman made ideal through death. Cersei could not even have the satisfaction of watching her rival grow old and ordinary. Lyanna Stark is forever the unattainable and tragic love in Robert’s life. The implicit rebuff, both to her status as his queen and her adequacy as his bedfellow, is more than she could possibly tolerate. She gave her royal husband three healthy, beautiful children to inherit his throne and continue his line … but none of them are his. Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are golden children, who resemble both mother and father, Cersei and Jaime Lannister.

It is hard to understand the complex link between twins, but by itself this does not explain the extent of the love between the Lannisters. They consider themselves to be bonded souls, perhaps even the same soul. It is not true. Jaime’s needs are very different to Cersei’s. Jaime may follow his sister’s lead, but he is a warrior; she is a politician.

It could be argued that Cersei’s feelings for Jaime is the nearest she will ever come to making love to herself, for they are so alike, so heroic looking, so beautiful. Whether she would love him so much were he not created in her own glorious image is a moot point. This might, however, explain Cersei’s contempt for her other brother, Tyrion. If Jaime is Cersei made male — a mirror of herself as she would wish to be — what is Tyrion but a grotesque distortion? Jaime is not the only Lannister male Cersei mirrors, though. Cersei inevitably echoes her father, the most powerful and successful being she knows in everything from her manipulation of her children to her personal disdain for Tyrion.

Her love for Jaime, however, is a radical departure from her father’s cool approach to matters of the heart. This alone is all her own feeling, and the intensity of it pulls her. It is dangerous, and yet comforting, for Jaime gives her most of the power in the relationship. While Jamie appears to be devoted to only Cersei, she in turn knows that her body is a weapon, and is willing to use it as needed, whether to deal with Robert’s occasional urges, or to attempt to seduce Eddard Stark. It is hard to tell whether she ever enjoys her lovers, or simply revels in the exercise of her personal power over men.

Incest is considered an abomination throughout the lands of Westeros, but curiously it does have a precedent in the royal house of Targaryen, where brothers and sisters become husbands and wives, kings and queens together. The theory was that it kept the blood pure. Cersei takes that precedent to heart, using it to justify her relationship with Jaime and her denial of her royal husband’s marital privileges. In at least two cases, those of Aerys II and Viserys — styled the Beggar King — the genetic inheritance seems to be mental instability, whatever the state of the blood. This situation repeats itself in the first child of Cersei and Jaime’s union: the heir to the throne of Baratheon, Prince Joffrey.

Cersei is so passionate and vivacious that even Tyrion, long since hardened to her wiles, finds her irresistible when joy overtakes her. When she is truly happy, she sparkles like a diamond. It is almost impossible not to love her. Cersei has not grown in circumstances where this bright side to her could develop, but it still reveals itself from time to time. Cersei Lannister is a brilliant but fickle friend, a proud and cunning foe, and above all, a guardian of her own power.

– A Game of Thrones, Deluxe Edition Role-Playing Game and Resource Book

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Hey, so I spent all of yesterday reading through your writing tag, and there was not a single story that I even remotely disliked. Your style is so unique, and your stories are all fascinating and have your own original voice. I was wondering if you know others who write original short stories as well, b/c I know you can't constantly write, and refuse to demand it of you no matter how much I love reading your stuff. Thank you so much, you are a fantastic writer and I'm glad you've shared it. :)

Ah thank you! I’m glad you liked them all, I have to say that I wish I could constantly write lol. These past few weeks have been busy and I haven’t been as active as I want!

That being said, there are a lot of great writers on tumblr! @elleleuthold, @fontess, @musingsofanintp, @nyxtales, @elisalromagnoli just to name a few off the top of my head! 

You can also check out the Caffeine Challenge tag (X) for all the great writers that participated in my once in a blue moon challenge! They’re all great and I love them!

I’d also be remiss if I didnt mention @writeblrconnections! A lot of writers have profiles on there and it’s absolutely wonderful!

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Send your posts directly to Poetry portal’s inbox by this Friday, 9/22.

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I hope you will participate!🌺. Thanks for supporting Poetry Portal and all the writers who have made it a safe haven for poets.

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In 'Beyond Respectability,' A History of Black Women As Public Intellectuals

But it’s clear early on that Beyond Respectability is a work of crucial cultural study. It introduces concepts of the black woman as a public citizen in post-Restoration America, and explores women whose work pushed against the dominant narrative — Fannie Barrier Williams speaking of black women as a political body, Mary Church Terrell documenting resistance over the course of decades, Pauli Murray’s discussions of queerness, Toni Cade Bambara’s 1970s anthologies of black women’s writing — and draws us through that history to the present.

That’s no small task; the book lays out the complicated history of black woman as intellectual force, making clear how much work she has done simply to bring that category into existence. By the turn of the 20th century, educator and activist Williams was already adamant about the necessity of seeing black women as public citizens. In “The Club Movement Among Colored Women of America,” she wrote of the “organized anxiety of women who have become intelligent enough to recognize their own low social condition and strong enough to initiate the forces of reform,” urging black women to organize and agitate for power — and credit — within the wider body politic.

And Cooper deftly addresses the complex forces at work as the movement developed. The idea of “respectability” itself is one of the book’s major concerns; some of the writers she profiles held to the idea that being seen as respectable enhanced their political message; later writers and activists would argue that respectability too often equaled a demure and ineffective silence. Cooper chronicles generational shifts in the methods of dissent, divisive issues of queerness, and debates about activism as intellectualism when the first is necessary in order to make space for the second.

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Okay, am sure this is a dumb question but I just got to ask. How long has Rung been in Transformers? I have only been read mtmte and Lost Light but I heard from someone that he been in other comic books before is that true.

It is true, but… sorta like, just barely. The basic idea of a psychoanalyst named Rung was originally created by James Roberts many years ago, when he was still a fan-writer, and he was referenced in Roberts’s unofficial 2001 novel, Eugenesis. When co-writing 2010′s Last Stand of the Wreckers, Roberts brought the character into IDW continuity, making him official for the first time, but again, he only appeared in a prose story, and as the writer of the psychological profiles of the individual Wreckers. He actually appeared on panel for the first time in “Chaos Theory,” the two-part story Roberts wrote towards the end of the 2009-2011 ongoing Transformers comic book, which only really existed to plant seeds for MTMTE. It was only a briefly appearance - the scene in which he gets knocked out during the bar fight that we later saw again during the “Elegant Chaos” story arc.

Morty’s Mind Blowers review

Oh thank god, it’s an easy one.

I was surprised that this turned out to the the answer to Interdimensional Cable this season. I thought Tales from the Citadel was going to be it, since it basically had the same anthology structure but more focused and less based on vignettes.  

Actually if anything, the episode Morty’s Mind Blowers most reminds me of is the parasite episode, given that it focuses on the unpleasant memories you have about your mistakes or your family that you wish you could erase but have to live with because that’s a part of your shared history, for better or worse.

I can totally buy from a character perspective that Morty would want to erase the terrible things he does and Rick would allow him because when Morty gets emotional, it interferes with Rick’s work. I especially love the idea that Rick erases any evidence that he isn’t a hyper-capable genius in Morty’s mind (and that beating him at checkers is one such slight deserving of memory erasure to him). My one gripe though is when they hit the amnesia angle halfway through. It works for what the episode is trying to do because it means we get to see more Mind Blowers, but I’ve never been a fan of amnesia plots because they don’t really tend to use that opportunity to teach us anything new about the characters and just expect the audience to laugh at the characters rediscovering who they are, which is never as funny to me as putting characters in new environments or familiar but slightly off versions of them, which is where Tales from the Citadel really succeeded.

As good as all those Mind-Blowers were (I don’t think there’s a bad one in the lot), I kind of felt the framing story could have leaned into similar thematic territory. If you’ve read my rankings of Rick and Morty episodes from the first two seasons, you’ll see a pretty big disparity between the two Interdimensional Cable episodes. To my mind, Rixty Minutes works better over Interdimensional Cable II: Tempting Fate because while they both lean into the escapist power of television to distract you from getting involved with complicated family drama, Rixty Minutes uses that conceit for one of the most life-affirming character moments ever put to television and a thesis statement for the entire show, while Interdimensional Cable II takes what could have been an interesting reason to have all the characters watching television (to distract from worrying about a mortally diseased Jerry) and proceeded to do nothing interesting with it. I can’t really blame them though. From what I’ve gleaned about that episode’s production, Interdimensional Cable ran out of steam as a concept pretty quickly, as they initially thought was going to be their answer to Treehouse of Horror but then decided against it when they realised that they couldn’t make that lightning strike twice. And so instead we have Morty’s Mind Blowers, which gives the writing team time to really hash out a solid joke rather than rely on any random thing that Justin and company want to riff on in the booth.

There’s not really a whole lot to comment on here, so I’m probably just going to bullet point the rest of this one out. A freeform anthology review, if you will.

  • I’ve been trying to think of what regular episodes could count as mind-blowers, but then I realised that all of them take place after Jerry left, because he isn’t in any of them other than one brief one at Morty’s 13th birthday. Which is also an interesting continuity note, because Morty is 14 by the time the show starts and Rick had already been with the family for about a year prior to that point, since the anniversary of his coming back was in the first Council of Ricks episode. I’m guessing the 13th birthday one is either due to Rick’s shitty filing system and/or Rick deciding to remove that memory from Morty’s mind sometime after Jerry left, maybe because Morty reminded him about it and then removed it out of spite.
  • Hey look, it’s Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. This show is full of Endless possibilities. Also, the Truth Tortoise said “I’m a Beatle, Paul is dead” backwards, because of course it did.
  • I love how Jerry has a crappier version of the Mind Blower helmet with VHS tapes instead of vials of memory goo. One of them’s labelled “Sleepy Gary”.
  • They were pretty spot on with those Men in Black II jokes. “Save it for Youtube” made me chuckle, and also a little ashamed at the fact that I do spend a good chunk of my time online watching video essays.  

Anyway, it seems like that The Ricklantis Mixup took up the majority of the time and budget and was an emotional gut-punch to boot, so Morty’s Mind Blowers is meant to serve as a breather for the fans and the writers before we get to what I assume is going to be a gut-punch Beth and Rick episode and a climax to either Rick-Shank Redemption or The Ricklantis Mixup. And structural nit-picking aside, while The Ricklantis Mixup was a better anthology this season, this one had enough good clips in it that it passes the bar. Not Rixty Minutes good, but not Interdimensional Cable II bad. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of Lawnmower Dog.

Episode MVP: Summer, for not getting paid enough for this shit.

Favourite bit character: Poor Beebo. If only it were Venzenulon Nine, then he wouldn’t have died in vain.

And instead of best joke, here’s my:

Top 5 Mind Blowers

5) Beth’s Choice

Only including this one because it got such a reaction out of me. I’ve mentioned before how I find Beth one of the more interesting characters on the show because of how the writers base her psychological profile out of Rick leaving her as a child and how that affected her ability to relate to people, including Jerry and her own children. Choosing Summer over Morty feels in line with that. It kind of the inverse of that bit in Malcolm in the Middle where Lois says if she was to choose between saving Reese or Malcolm, she’d choose Reese, because he needs all the help he can get while Malcolm is smart enough to look after himself since he’s smart and Reese is an idiot. Whereas Beth would choose Summer since she’s more capable and less of a hassle to look after than Morty, who I think she sees as a smaller Jerry and she probably made that Sophie’s Choice a long time ago in her mind.

4) Talking to Animals

RIP Erica Henderson and Ryan North’s mentions. I’m really only including this on the list for the hummingbird’s thoughts, since it reminded me of The Far Side. I find the idea of animals secretly plotting against us kind of rote because it is almost always something cute and innocuous like a squirrel or a rabbit or a dolphin, and never something more genuinely benign and out-of-left-field like…I dunno, anteaters. Also turns out Rick and Morty have hopped realities again, which at this point they could only really do as a throwaway joke, cause there’s no way in hell they’re going to be able to top the end of Rick Potion #9.

3) The Whole Enchilada

Speaking of hell, the bait-and-switch of the alien having has an actual objective afterlife was excellent, and something I’ve always wondered why that hasn’t been explored more. Especially if a species were to have a soul and what their notion of “life” would be if they know it continues to exist for them after their tangible existence. That’s been done, right? Trek’s probably done it, surely.

2) Wrong Light Switch

Great set-up, excellent punch-line. The less you explain it, the funnier it is.

1 ) “True Level”

My favourite kind of joke is to take an ordinary activity or thing and ramp it up to a ridiculous science fiction version of that thing. My favourite kind of Rick and Morty joke is to have Rick be the one to introduce the sci-fi version of a thing to Morty, only for Rick to get frustrated at Morty’s inability to wrap his head around it. My second favourite kind of Rick and Morty joke is to have a character gain a sudden cosmic revelation and having it crush their spirit so completely as to be permanently emotionally crippled, usually while woefully lamenting their own insignificance. So this is basically the perfect joke to me. My true level of jokes.

It does feel a little familiar though, mostly because I think I can tell that Dan Harmon wrote this segment. Rick’s rant about judging level with “your naked caveman eye and a bubble of fucking air” could have been taken from any first five minutes of a Harmontown episode, and the whole premise seems incredibly similar to that Community joke about the room where they get room temperature from. Be that as it may, there’s no sin in being familiar, and “REALITY IS POISON!” made me laugh my ass off, so it’s a very easy hit to my funny bone regardless.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 grapples

anonymous asked:

hi love! I have a problem: I'm opening an rpg soon with ocs want to create about 10 pre made ocs like write their bios choose their fcs etc, but I've never done that before so I'm not sure how to make a believable character that's also fitting for their fc, name, etc. any tips on at least how to start? I've already begun searching for fcs and I have a few names but that's about it. thank you!






An ENFP on Introversion

ENFPs may not always be the loud, life of the party types
they’re made out to be…
there’s a side of us that’s very personal, deep, private, and not at all a “party animal”. It’s not a huge side, but it’s there.
That side of me writes poetry. What’s your dark side do?

Brief Character Profile Form

Anyone can use! I made this for my nano prep to help flush out some of the details for my characters! :)

  • Name:
  • Nickname:
  • Birthday/Age:
  • Hair (color, style):
  • Eyes:
  • Skin:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Build:
  • Pronouns:
  • Preferred Gender:
  • Sexual Orientation:
  • Romantic Orientation:
  • Mental Disorders (if any):
  • Habits:
  • Attitude:
  • Fashion Style:
  • Speed/Voice:
  • Scent:
  • Languages:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Nationality:
  • Religion:
  • Birthplace:
  • Current Residence:
  • Education:
  • Occupation:
  • Interests:
  • Hobbies/Skills:
  • Likes:
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Profiling the Pen:  Supersillyanddorky06

During the Arrow hiatus - which is longer than a third of the year - the fandom has to find other ways to get their Olicity fix, and one of those is fanfiction. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our talented fanfiction writers with a new Tuesday feature: the Olicity fanfiction writer of the week. I started by asking Matty, also known by her Tumblr/AO3 handle supersillyanddorky06, a few questions about what it’s like for her to write fanfiction and what she enjoys about it.

Matty was a driving force behind the MTV Ship of the Year voting in June, writing over a hundred mini-ficlets about Oliver and Felicity (and the team) and the things they learned about each other once they got together at the end of season three. Because of the way voting equalled reblogging in that contest, it certainly would have been far more tedious to live through on Tumblr without all of the creativity the fandom came up with to incentivize more reblogs.

Matty was so gracious and enthusiastic about being interviewed; I’ll stop blathering now and let you read her answers.

What is your writing process like?

Well, there is no process as such. I just get a vague story in my head and as I write it out, the details keep coming. I just don’t like confining myself to something, like “this is what I have to write in this chapter and then this in next”. I can’t write like that. I love being surprised, even by myself, so I let whatever comes come naturally and thankfully, it’s worked pretty well so far. :)

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone?

I write an entire chapter in a sitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3k words or 9k words, I can’t write it in installments. If I get up from that sitting, then I can’t continue where I left the story. I have to rewrite the entire chapter again to get in the feel of it. It sucks sometimes, especially when someone interrupts or my fingers hurt, but finishing a chapter well makes it worth it.

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing?

Nope. I thankfully can zone out anything going on around me when I get to writing. It doesn’t matter if I am in a crowded room or alone or if there is music playing in the background or not, I just thankfully need to get my mind in the story and start typing.

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes?

I don’t have any favorites as such. I enjoy reading all sorts of tropes- from kidnapping to fake wedding and what not. If something clicks well, it just does.

I am particularly enjoying writing the Strangers In The Night Series, though. That is one trope that’s gone crazy in my head. Lol.

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page?

I think it’s the characters themselves, for me. I enjoy the challenge they present to me at every point in the story. I just never want the story to feel forced, or for the readers to feel like I am forcing something over them rather than keeping it natural. For example, the biggest challenge in The Phoenix was making Oliver’s redemption seem real and natural to both Felicity and the readers while keeping the story through Felicity’s eyes. The amount of anger Oliver had in the beginning, I was sort of worried that I won’t be able to do them justice. But I am so grateful it all worked out well.

I just love telling stories which are believable to me and to the readers, most importantly, in the character’s love for each other and how that love is achieved.

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read?

Not really. I started writing itself because I was out of stories I loved to read. But I realized the downside of it. I can’t read my own stories without being overly critical, which is why I have no idea what a reader feels when reading them. It’s always surprising me.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written? Why is it your favorite?

I am particularly proud of the Things They Learned Series because A. That MTV week was one CRAZY time and I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest; B. I did not know I had that in me at all. To write so many things so quickly, spew them out one after the other, it stunned me after the week was done. So, yes, I am super proud of that.

But, that was like a quickie. Every multi chapter story I have written is equally special to me. Free Fall has a special place because it was my first story, about a trope I absolutely love. The Phoenix is so close to my heart because of the absolutely incredible journey it took me on not only as a writer but as a person. The Firebird, The Albatross, The Phoenix Rises - they are all so, so special. And these are only the longer ones.

I cannot write a story for such a long period if I don’t connect to it. So just the fact that I am writing it makes it special for me.

Who are your fanfiction inspirations?

Oh, there are such fantastic writers in this fandom. anthfan, sarcasticfina, @hopedreamlovepray dust2dust34, poisonangelmuse, thealternativesource, @justanother90sbaby , smoakandarrow, dettiot, @nikkibeckettcsm are the first few that come to mind and the list is really long. There are so many who aren’t even on Tumblr or I don’t know if they are. Every writer I have ever read has inspired me in some way to write. Every single one. And I am actually making a rec page soon where I can actually go into detail about this.

Why Olicity?

I can write an entire essay on this and still come up short. In simple terms? They connect to me. Their characters, Oliver being the way he is and Felicity being the way she is, what they do for each other, consciously and unconsciously, just clicks somewhere deep down with me. It has never happened with this intensity before, but writing about them helps. There have been such great ships on TV and not one has called to me (cheesy as it sounds) like Olicity does. That’s why I think. I am trying to understand this myself.

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat?

Personally, I have received nothing but absolutely overwhelming love and acceptance from this fandom (with some occasional hate but that’s fine). So, on a personal level, I am amazed by how passionate and intense this fandom is. Seeing everyone in action, coming together as a unit, during the MTV awards was just something.

I am comparatively newer here so I can’t exactly say what needs to be worked upon.

As long as people are good to you and you are good to them, as long as you do your thing with the passion you started with, this fandom is phenomenal. :)

Thanks so much for this! :D

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