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Baratheon, Cersei

10th Level (Noble 10)

The queen stood. “And what of my wrath, Lord Stark?” she asked softly. Her eyes searched his face. “You should have taken the realm for yourself. It was there for the taking… Such a sad mistake.”
“I have made more mistakes than you can possibly imagine,” Ned said, “but that was not one of them.”
“Oh but it was, my lord,” Cersei insisted. “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
— Cersei Baratheon and Eddard Stark, A Game of Thrones

If there is one woman destined never to be a hearth-mate or homemaker, she is undoubtedly Cersei Lannister. The Lannister symbol is a lion and Cersei is undoubtedly a lioness, a golden-haired green-eyed feline among queens. Had she been born a whore, she would have been an empress of brothels. She was born noble, however, the first of two bright blond glittering twins fathered by Tywin Lannister and his beloved wife, Joanna. Little brother Jaime came out clutching his sister’s heel, and has been clutching other bits of her ever since.

Jaime would one day become a knight, wild and reckless of reputation. Had she been born male, Cersei would have out-Jaimed Jaime. She lacks no bravery when it comes to conflict, and would happily have slit half a dozen Targaryen throats to sit unchallenged on the Iron Throne. Unlike her brother, it would never have occurred to her to get off it. Unfortunately for Cersei, she was born female, and her path to conquest was never going to be that straightforward.

Cersei is the eldest of the Lannister children. As a male, she would be the heir to Casterly Rock, irrespective of looks, abilities, or any other factors. Because of her sex, however, she finds herself third in the line of succession. Anything she has must be given to her by her father or earned between Robert Baratheon’s bed sheets. It is not a situation designed to breed self-esteem. Kept back because of her sex and because there is room for only one Tywin-shaped ego in the family, it could be no surprise that this volatile, passionate woman’s nature would warp a little.

Under such circumstances, it might be thought that a woman like Cersei Lannister would become a Dacey Mormont or even a Mirri Maz Duur, finding power through arms or the occult. That, however, would not be Cersei’s way. She may crave self-determination, but in the end Cersei accepts the world into which she is born.

Cersei has taken on her culture’s distaste for women, so she both despises and treasures her own femininity. She has to work very hard for the gifts of command and influence given so easily to men of her station. As a result, she has no time for hapless females. At best, she will sneer at them; at worst, she will use them without a shred of pity. The world is harsh to women; to her mind, the sooner they learn how to use the rules to their own advantage, the better. If Cersei gave it a second thought, she might even argue that she does her own sex a favour by teaching them the lessons she had to learn by herself.

Cersei did indeed have difficult lessons to learn. When dealing with Lannisters, all roads lead to Casterly Rock, and the pervasive influence of Tywin. They pride themselves on a tradition of intelligence inherited from their famous ancestor, Lann the trickster. They use every resource they have to get what they want. They are abundant in wits, in wealth and in comeliness.

Like all the Lannister family — with the notable exception of Tyrion — Cersei is lovely to look upon. This alone makes her a treasure. The Lannisters understand the importance of appearances only too well. In a world where a woman’s worth is judged by her beauty, bloodline, and fertility, Cersei is worth a great deal. She may just be another breeder, but her owners can expect a fine price for her — nothing less than a crown.

Unfortunately for Cersei, the death of Lyanna Stark left Robert Baratheon an angry man. All her beauty could never mend his heart — something she could never forgive. Despite this failing, Cersei could certainly take care of his other needs. Sensual and exquisite of form, Cersei is extremely alluring. Robert Baratheon found nothing to object to in her person. This was the beginning of Cersei’s rise to power. Her father can subsidise a king, her brother can kill one, but neither can create one. That task, the creation of a Lannister monarch, came down to Cersei alone.

It would never be easy for someone of Cersei’s ego, already thwarted in ambition and expression, to become the bed mate of a man in love with another woman, though — especially a woman made ideal through death. Cersei could not even have the satisfaction of watching her rival grow old and ordinary. Lyanna Stark is forever the unattainable and tragic love in Robert’s life. The implicit rebuff, both to her status as his queen and her adequacy as his bedfellow, is more than she could possibly tolerate. She gave her royal husband three healthy, beautiful children to inherit his throne and continue his line … but none of them are his. Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are golden children, who resemble both mother and father, Cersei and Jaime Lannister.

It is hard to understand the complex link between twins, but by itself this does not explain the extent of the love between the Lannisters. They consider themselves to be bonded souls, perhaps even the same soul. It is not true. Jaime’s needs are very different to Cersei’s. Jaime may follow his sister’s lead, but he is a warrior; she is a politician.

It could be argued that Cersei’s feelings for Jaime is the nearest she will ever come to making love to herself, for they are so alike, so heroic looking, so beautiful. Whether she would love him so much were he not created in her own glorious image is a moot point. This might, however, explain Cersei’s contempt for her other brother, Tyrion. If Jaime is Cersei made male — a mirror of herself as she would wish to be — what is Tyrion but a grotesque distortion? Jaime is not the only Lannister male Cersei mirrors, though. Cersei inevitably echoes her father, the most powerful and successful being she knows in everything from her manipulation of her children to her personal disdain for Tyrion.

Her love for Jaime, however, is a radical departure from her father’s cool approach to matters of the heart. This alone is all her own feeling, and the intensity of it pulls her. It is dangerous, and yet comforting, for Jaime gives her most of the power in the relationship. While Jamie appears to be devoted to only Cersei, she in turn knows that her body is a weapon, and is willing to use it as needed, whether to deal with Robert’s occasional urges, or to attempt to seduce Eddard Stark. It is hard to tell whether she ever enjoys her lovers, or simply revels in the exercise of her personal power over men.

Incest is considered an abomination throughout the lands of Westeros, but curiously it does have a precedent in the royal house of Targaryen, where brothers and sisters become husbands and wives, kings and queens together. The theory was that it kept the blood pure. Cersei takes that precedent to heart, using it to justify her relationship with Jaime and her denial of her royal husband’s marital privileges. In at least two cases, those of Aerys II and Viserys — styled the Beggar King — the genetic inheritance seems to be mental instability, whatever the state of the blood. This situation repeats itself in the first child of Cersei and Jaime’s union: the heir to the throne of Baratheon, Prince Joffrey.

Cersei is so passionate and vivacious that even Tyrion, long since hardened to her wiles, finds her irresistible when joy overtakes her. When she is truly happy, she sparkles like a diamond. It is almost impossible not to love her. Cersei has not grown in circumstances where this bright side to her could develop, but it still reveals itself from time to time. Cersei Lannister is a brilliant but fickle friend, a proud and cunning foe, and above all, a guardian of her own power.

– A Game of Thrones, Deluxe Edition Role-Playing Game and Resource Book

WC Profile!


These questions only need yes or no answers. They’re not commitments if you say yes, simply organizational tools.

Are you interested in finding critique groups/partners? Not particularly. I kinda write my way and like it that way. I suppose I wouldn’t mind the right person to change my habits~

Are you interested in being a beta-reader? That would be so cool! Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time, but I would definitely love to try it!

Are you open to being tagged in writing questionnaires/asks/games? Oh, yes please!! I would love that!

Are you open to being messaged to talk about writing? Please please PLEASE!! That’s actually what I’m looking for!

Are you open to being tagged to participate in writing discussions? I suppose~

Would you like to participate in Writeblr by Region? Sure, that sounds cool!

Would you like to participate in the Translation Corner? I only speak English, so I don’t think I’d be too big of a help.

      If so, which languages would you like to be listed under?

Short Profile: I’m Kat, a 19 year old from the United States. I love Fantasy, Sci-Fi and non Fiction~ I’m a goofy, smiley person who loves to bounce ideas off others and kind of blab about my ideas and characters.

Preferred Nickname: Kat

Country/Region: North Eastern USA

Languages: English

Preferred Writing Type: I normally write poetry and short/long stories but I am open to talking to people about anything!

Preferred Genre(s) to Write: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction

Preferred Genre(s) to Read: Anything, really!

Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Dragonriders of Pern, The Morganville Vampires, Vlad Todd, The Dresden Files…

Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): I love alternative, pop, electro-swing, steampunk, grunge, pop punk…

Favorite Fandom(s):

    Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Coreline, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Big Hero 6, Serenity, Doctor Strange

    TV Shows: Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Invader Zim,

    Anime: -

    Comics: I’m actually just getting started with my collection, so, so far I’m at Gwenpool and Fable.

    Video Games: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin

Hobbies/interests other than writing: Singing, Smiling, Laughing, crochet, crafting, drawing, doodling, photography, acting, painting…

Extended Profile:

Personality: I am a very silly, bubbly, positive person who really just likes to spread love and make friends! Some days I can be a little off but I try not to be.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

—Does it match your personality? Not particularly, no

MBTI Type: Dunno

—Does it match your personality well?

Introvert or Extrovert? Both kinda??? Depends on the day and mood and all that jazz.

Writing Habits

Number/Names of WIPs: Ahaha…. Hah…. Countless. So right now?? I’d say… 3 I’m serious about. Blue Casper, The Gee Gee’s and Deerly Poetry

Favorite book about writing: I don’t think I have any, really… I’m open to suggestions, though!

Planner, Pantser or Plantser? If this basically means someone who plans out, does both or wings it, I have only Basically planned a lil. I normally wing it.

Favorite Outlining Method: Never had. I’d love for someone to teach me, though!

Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? Sadly, very sporadically but I am looking for more motivation to be writing more.

Any creativity rituals that you use: Sometimes I like reading or listening to music beforehand but other times, it distracts me.

Your Writing Community

Tumblr: misskittiemae

Current writing/creative communities you participate in: None at the moment

NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable): Kittie (Kat) Mae

Wattpad Community Name (if applicable): N/a

fanfiction.net or AO3 Community Name (if applicable): N/a

DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable): screechingskylark

Patreon Community Name (if applicable): n/a

What happens next?

You found a book online that’s periodically updated, and you notice the striking similarites and parallels between the MC and yourself. Family, hobbies, and even events are consistent. From the writer’s profile, you see that you live in the same place. You figure that the writer knows you and has taken the basing characters off of real people thing a bit too seriously. More amused than concerned, you continue following the book. One day, it’s updated early and you read about a shocking occurrence that has yet to happen…

Race to the Edge Fanzine, send me a message and I'll give you my email, which should include the following:

So, for the artists/writers profile page, it’ll be a bit different whether you are an artist or a writer (you can be both as well, that’s fine)
For both writers and artists:
1)Your name/username (what you want to be called)
2)Age (so we can show the variety of ages in the fandom)
3)your favourite dragon rider
4)your favourite berkian (can be anyone other than the riders so, for example, Gustav. Or stoick)
5)your favourite rtte villain
6)would you live on the edge or Berk?
7) hopes for the next season’s of rtte
8) favourite ship?
9) what dragon would you ride?
10) a bit about yourself, how you got into httyd/rtte, basic personal description.
11)favourite quote (yes, im making you choose one)
12) are you an artist, a writer, or both?
******If there’s anything else I should add to this, or alter, let me know******

Include a drawing if yourself as a dragon rider/viking (dragon optional).

You can use your profile photo or another photo, or ask another artist if they would be willing to draw something for you, but be sure to try and relate it to race to the Edge.
You may also include some rtte or httyd Fanfics you have written, and/or


Go wild! Draw something, write something, be sure to make it five pages max if you are writing something.

Writers also are asked to help out with a info section, where we will do research on each dragon rider, and Vikings in general, and make a magazine-type section where the information will be posted. (Ex. What do they eat, favourite colours, traditions, info about the dragons, their huts etc.)


Anyone interested in journalism, this is your calling.
So artists, you have five pages to go wild and draw anything you want about race to the Edge.
Please try and use new art, and not art you have posted, we are making this a surprise until it is released, so no one will see the art, fics except the writers/artists, and those helping me make the Fanzine itself (anyone up for that message me @angies-team )
Im currently designing the cover but its going to need some work as well so anyone up for that let me know.

So, since we have writers, I was thinking that, if you have a specific fic you really like, you could do something from it, no matter what it is.
Remember that every piece of work you do should have a title, artists name, and what it was that inspired it (if it was inspired by a specific fic or other art piece)
The colouring book should not be coloured in (duh) but a lineart is all. Again, be sure to sign your work.

for the next two years, the fandom is going to explode, and that’s going to keep people confused as to when things will be released etc.
I am thinking about releasing the Fanzine sometime around the new year.
There will be a 2017 (and maybe a 2018) calendar inside the Fanzine, with artists drawings. We can make up days as well, so the writers can help out as to not feel left out. For example, we can make a random day the unofficial international hiccstrid or something.
Once the entries are closed, ill make a group chat somewhere where these things can be discussed.
Even if you aren’t part of it, you can still send in ideas.
(We can include people’s birthdays too! Send me your birthday and I’ll include it in the calendar!)
If I forgot anything, let me know, and I’ll add it on.
I will reblog this on my other blogs so that the message is spread! Be sure to do the same!


Artists in Action!

Meet Peter DiCicco, writer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and nerd extraordinaire! We sat down with him to talk about his career, the joy (and grind) of writing, and the Royal Library of Alexandira (really).

Read on to learn more about this dedicated Turtle-head.


Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Peter, and I’m a writer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’ve also written comic books and a mobile video game. And I’m a big Star Wars nerd and bit of a pie connoisseur.

How did you get your start?
I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I was involved in my high school theatre, and for college I went to New York University and studied in the Film/TV Production program there at the Tisch School of the Arts. When I moved out to LA, I worked a variety of jobs, including as a P.A. (production assistant) on a couple shows. I first started working at Nickelodeon in 2007 as an executive assistant in Live Action Current Series, then I eventually moved over to production at the Animation Studio.

What do your day-to-day tasks look like?
I usually meet with Brandon Auman (Story Editor/Executive Producer) every day to talk story or give notes on scripts and outlines we’re working on. If I’m working on a specific episode, I’m basically writing all day, working out the story beats into a premise, then outline, then script. Every week, we have at least two or three outlines or scripts due, so we’re constantly going.

Favorite parts of the job?
There’s usually some key element to each story that excites me, whether it’s a specific character or a story point, so when I figure out what that is, I get really jazzed about writing it. That and the excitement of seeing the story come together in the boards and seeing how the board artists interpret and sometimes improve on it.

Advice you’d give to aspiring artists in this industry?
Study and practice. Study movies and TV as much as possible, not just for enjoyment and inspiration but for the craft and to see why they work.  And especially if you want to be a writer, write something every day, whether it’s a story idea or character, anything just to practice and build your skills.

What tools have helped you get to where you are?
Studying really helped because I got to really understand the language of film, which I think applies just as much to TV these days.  What’s nice as a writer is you can do it anywhere. You don’t even need a computer, you can do it with pen and paper. I use Final Draft 8 for scriptwriting, but outside of formatting you can write in any word processing program.

What inspires you?
Whenever I see others being creative. I love looking at a lot of art and photography. The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is so true. It’s always fascinating to me seeing how an artist renders a world from a point of view I might not think of.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I read a lot of books, and I play video games quite a bit. I’ve been playing through the Mass Effect games, which are a total time-suck but really fun. Also, I’ve gotten into drawing for fun again, so I find myself doodling a lot now.

What is your biggest responsibility?
Getting my scripts finished (and making them good!). The production schedule is really tight, so we’re constantly forging ahead.

What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?
Staying fresh can be very difficult. There are some days when I’m constantly writing or trying to think up new ideas, and that can get mentally exhausting.  I sometimes have to force myself to take a break and just stand up from my desk and stretch my legs or just look outside the window just to give my brain a break.

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
It’s hard to pick one because every new thing is significant. Maybe seeing “Metalhead Rewired” for the first time because that was the first episode I wrote. But every time a new episode comes out that I wrote, I get really excited, like “I did this thing!” And then the next thing comes out and I get just as excited. And every time I hear about a voice actor that gets cast on our show, I think, “Wow, I can’t believe this awesome person I admire is going to speak my dialogue!”

Where would you go in a time machine?
So hard to choose. I’m such a nerd, I’d want to go back to the Ancient Library of Alexandria before it was burned down by the Romans just to learn all the history that was lost. Or maybe back to the day Star Wars first opened in 1977 so I could experience people reacting to it for that first time.

Choice of superpower/ability?
The ability to freeze time. I’m gonna sound like an old man, but everything is so fast these days, I wish I could slow it all down and appreciate the world for a bit. Also, I’d be able to snooze a bit longer in the morning.

Favorite dessert?
A local pie shop near my house, Republic of Pie, does an amazing chocolate banana bread pudding pie. It’s to die for.


Follow Peter for more insights into his creative process, plus behind-the-scenes goodies from TMNT!

Tumblr: peterdicicco.tumblr.com
Twitter: @PeterDiCicco

Fanfic Etiquette (Or How to Make Your Fanfic Writers Feel Appreciated)

1. Upvote! AFF has a very simple upvote system. If you liked a fic, go to the forward and click the little arrow by the subscribe feature. Nothing makes an AFF writer’s day like logging in and seeing that their fic got upvotes. 

Archive of Our Own has the kudos system, which doesn’t even require you to be logged in, you can leave a kudos anonymously! You will make the AO3 writer dance for joy, I promise. You could even give a fic kudos a second time if you log in!! 

2. Recommend! I’m not just talking about submitting a fic to us or another blog, I’m talking about recommending it on your personal blog. I know sometimes you’re embarassed to put your kinks out there, but you don’t even have to do that. Sometimes its enough to just post a link to the writer’s profile and then let your friends do the exploring from there!

3. Reblog! See your favorite author has posted a drabble to tumblr? REBLOG IT! Like it! Leave a comment! Anything to show them that their time was appreciated. If they post a link to a new fic, reblog the link!

4. COMMENT! This is the biggest one. Too often fanfic writers put their fics out there and wait. And wait, and wait. Sure, subscribers are great, and kudos and upvotes are even greater, but why? Why did you subscribe? Why did you give an upvote/kudos? What stood out about this fic? Is it your favorite pairing, your favorite trope? Tell the writer! It’ll make them feel like their efforts weren’t wasted. 

Your comment doesn’t need to be a great opus about every scene and a simple “Thank you for writing this! I thought it was really cute/hot/angsty/funny and it made me laugh/cry/yell/clutch my heart” will suffice. 

People always wonder why the fandom seems to be losing writers, and honestly, the lack of feed back is definitely a reason why. Show the fanfic writers you appreciate them, and you’re going to see a huge shift in how much fic they put out. 

- aeryn

Online Dating Profile

I’m a 6 naturally but a 7 when I try.

I like long walks on the beach

if you replace “long” and “walk”

with sitting on a towel

complaining about the heat.

I love to laugh.

Travel is my passion.

Once I drove a whole half hour to the city

just to have dinner.

My friends say I am really smart,

and interesting,

and fun,

and hilarious,

that my smile lights up every room

and that I could have been a model

or on tv with my own show

but that’s just their opinion.

I may be closer to a 5 without filters and the right angle.

If you tell me I’m pretty I will disagree

and make you reassure me that it’s true

for the next several minutes

just because I like hearing it.

I am not crazy.

anonymous asked:

I admit, this has been vey confusing. I do have to take what's said on a goofy radio show with a larger grain of salt than what's thoughtfully said to a writer doing a profile. Tom's said it's private, so there's more salt. More importantly though, actions speak louder than words. The actions of these two have had them running parallel since Thanksgiving, and Tom just put himself in Tay's inner circle by chumming with Ed.


Profiling the Pen:  Supersillyanddorky06

During the Arrow hiatus - which is longer than a third of the year - the fandom has to find other ways to get their Olicity fix, and one of those is fanfiction. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our talented fanfiction writers with a new Tuesday feature: the Olicity fanfiction writer of the week. I started by asking Matty, also known by her Tumblr/AO3 handle supersillyanddorky06, a few questions about what it’s like for her to write fanfiction and what she enjoys about it.

Matty was a driving force behind the MTV Ship of the Year voting in June, writing over a hundred mini-ficlets about Oliver and Felicity (and the team) and the things they learned about each other once they got together at the end of season three. Because of the way voting equalled reblogging in that contest, it certainly would have been far more tedious to live through on Tumblr without all of the creativity the fandom came up with to incentivize more reblogs.

Matty was so gracious and enthusiastic about being interviewed; I’ll stop blathering now and let you read her answers.

What is your writing process like?

Well, there is no process as such. I just get a vague story in my head and as I write it out, the details keep coming. I just don’t like confining myself to something, like “this is what I have to write in this chapter and then this in next”. I can’t write like that. I love being surprised, even by myself, so I let whatever comes come naturally and thankfully, it’s worked pretty well so far. :)

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone?

I write an entire chapter in a sitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3k words or 9k words, I can’t write it in installments. If I get up from that sitting, then I can’t continue where I left the story. I have to rewrite the entire chapter again to get in the feel of it. It sucks sometimes, especially when someone interrupts or my fingers hurt, but finishing a chapter well makes it worth it.

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing?

Nope. I thankfully can zone out anything going on around me when I get to writing. It doesn’t matter if I am in a crowded room or alone or if there is music playing in the background or not, I just thankfully need to get my mind in the story and start typing.

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes?

I don’t have any favorites as such. I enjoy reading all sorts of tropes- from kidnapping to fake wedding and what not. If something clicks well, it just does.

I am particularly enjoying writing the Strangers In The Night Series, though. That is one trope that’s gone crazy in my head. Lol.

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page?

I think it’s the characters themselves, for me. I enjoy the challenge they present to me at every point in the story. I just never want the story to feel forced, or for the readers to feel like I am forcing something over them rather than keeping it natural. For example, the biggest challenge in The Phoenix was making Oliver’s redemption seem real and natural to both Felicity and the readers while keeping the story through Felicity’s eyes. The amount of anger Oliver had in the beginning, I was sort of worried that I won’t be able to do them justice. But I am so grateful it all worked out well.

I just love telling stories which are believable to me and to the readers, most importantly, in the character’s love for each other and how that love is achieved.

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read?

Not really. I started writing itself because I was out of stories I loved to read. But I realized the downside of it. I can’t read my own stories without being overly critical, which is why I have no idea what a reader feels when reading them. It’s always surprising me.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written? Why is it your favorite?

I am particularly proud of the Things They Learned Series because A. That MTV week was one CRAZY time and I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest; B. I did not know I had that in me at all. To write so many things so quickly, spew them out one after the other, it stunned me after the week was done. So, yes, I am super proud of that.

But, that was like a quickie. Every multi chapter story I have written is equally special to me. Free Fall has a special place because it was my first story, about a trope I absolutely love. The Phoenix is so close to my heart because of the absolutely incredible journey it took me on not only as a writer but as a person. The Firebird, The Albatross, The Phoenix Rises - they are all so, so special. And these are only the longer ones.

I cannot write a story for such a long period if I don’t connect to it. So just the fact that I am writing it makes it special for me.

Who are your fanfiction inspirations?

Oh, there are such fantastic writers in this fandom. anthfan, sarcasticfina, @hopedreamlovepray dust2dust34, poisonangelmuse, thealternativesource, @justanother90sbaby , smoakandarrow, dettiot, @nikkibeckettcsm are the first few that come to mind and the list is really long. There are so many who aren’t even on Tumblr or I don’t know if they are. Every writer I have ever read has inspired me in some way to write. Every single one. And I am actually making a rec page soon where I can actually go into detail about this.

Why Olicity?

I can write an entire essay on this and still come up short. In simple terms? They connect to me. Their characters, Oliver being the way he is and Felicity being the way she is, what they do for each other, consciously and unconsciously, just clicks somewhere deep down with me. It has never happened with this intensity before, but writing about them helps. There have been such great ships on TV and not one has called to me (cheesy as it sounds) like Olicity does. That’s why I think. I am trying to understand this myself.

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat?

Personally, I have received nothing but absolutely overwhelming love and acceptance from this fandom (with some occasional hate but that’s fine). So, on a personal level, I am amazed by how passionate and intense this fandom is. Seeing everyone in action, coming together as a unit, during the MTV awards was just something.

I am comparatively newer here so I can’t exactly say what needs to be worked upon.

As long as people are good to you and you are good to them, as long as you do your thing with the passion you started with, this fandom is phenomenal. :)

Thanks so much for this! :D

For another look into the minds of a fanfiction writers, check out previous Profiling the Pen interviews:





















Writers' Emotional Development ​Profile

​1. What is your writing goal?

2. What stands in the way of you achieving your writing goal?

3. What do you stand to lose if you are not successful?

4. Name some of your flaws as they have to do with your writing.

5. Name some of your strengths.

6. Name some things you hate about writing.

7. Name some things you love about writing.

8. Name some things you fear.

9. Describe a dream or aspiration.

1​0​. Write down a secret no one else knows about​ you​.

From The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson

Back in August 2010, Lukas was trying out Tumblr for the first time and wasn’t quite sure how it worked. His activity on the site consisted mainly of posting photos and writing sporadic stories about himself, musing on his life.

Then one day, he decided to click on a comment, to investigate the writer’s profile. He began commenting back. It only took a few days of this back and forth before the interactions turned into Skype conversations, and then texting and calling.

“Before I knew it, we were talking quite often and she was good at giving advice, and for some reason (baffling as it still is to me), she put up with my idiocy,” Lukas told Mic.

What started as a few innocuous comments on a social media site quickly turned into a real, honest-to-God relationship.

This is what it’s like to meet your significant other on social media 

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in to tell us how they met their SO on Tumblr! We were overwhelmed and blown away by all the love that started right here on the dashboard.

My manager on Bleacher Report: “Well, I’m sorry, you’ve had to endure this much abuse and meanness. No writer, ever, should have to cope with what you have. This is the worst I’ve seen.”

I was confused.I was sad. But then I realized; I was the only high -profile woman writer on that entire site.

And the only other writer who get anything close to the abuse I did? He was a black guy. And, Christ, some of what got said to him.

Everyone else regularly writing was a white dude. They got left alone,for the most part.

Do not tell me that shit is a simple coincidence. Just don’t. I don’t buy it.

Fan Fiction Friday: I Want to Interview You

I am looking for ten femslash fanfic writers to profile for my Fan Fiction Friday column over on Autostraddle. It’ll all be via email and you can use your fanfic pen name. Hit me up [heather at autostraddle dot com] if you’re interested!