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Her cascading smooth curls,

Beautiful yet wrinkled face,

Her loving and caring gaze,

Her womb was once my abode,

Warm and safe,

Congregating sea shells on the shore,

She would escort my tiny footsteps,

She gave me life and taught its ways,

I gave her nothing but a wrinkled face,

First wrinkle when I was born,

Her body felt like it has been torn,

Yet she was jovial,

I fed from her breasts taking all I could,

This was the time I gave her second wrinkle,

I gave her third wrinkle when I left her alone to sob,

While I was in my rage,

Time fades away like thin air,

And so do we,

I’ve given her wrinkle after wrinkle,

Strain after strain,

Draining life out of her being,

She built me and cherished each moment of my life like her own,

For I am a part of her and will always be till eternity,

From this day until my last day…

-Pratibha Badgal AA

This poem is dedicated to all the mothers. Motherhood is the most beautiful yet difficult part of a woman’s life. It is a blend of joy, love, pain and suffering.

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Hi, I don't know if you can help much but I'll ask anyway. I have a question regarding mom/mum. As an Australian we use "mum" and that leaks into my writing so even if I am working with characters from America I write them saying "mum" but I have had people from America tell me that they say "mom" and my American characters should be saying "mom" but I don't see how that makes any sense. They are both the exact same word with the same meaning? Do I need to switch to mom for American characters?

Yes, yes, yes. I am one of those readers. “Mum” is never, ever used in America unless we’re jokingly pretending to be British or using the expression “Mum’s the word” or “keep mum about it” which means “Don’t tell anbody.” Even then, most people just say “don’t tell anybody.” 

Terms for mother in U.S.: 

  • mom
  • mommy
  • ma (primarily Midwest and Southern dialects)
  • mama

Your American characters will NOT use mum, I give you my 100% guarantee. My other pet peeve is having American characters say “telly” or “mate.” It’s never going to happen and will drive your readers insane.

Unpopular Opinion on Hiashi

I still hate Hiashi. 

I don’t care if he’s a doting grandpa. I’m glad for Boruto’s and Himawari’s sake, but it’s not enough for me to redeem his character. Not after all the abuse he piled on his children and his clan. Right now, it’s incredibly vague whether the branch clan members are free or if Hiashi ever made amends with his daughter. I’m leaning towards no on both counts.

The writers are being strangely mum on the state of the branch clan. Instead of addressing the issue, they decided to empty out the entire compound save for Hiashi and his daughter. Seriously, the place is a ghost town. Either the writers are going to absurd lengths to whitewash the past, or they are saving the branch seal revelation for a gut punch in a later episode. 

Also, Hinata still has a strained relationship with her clan. She avoided telling Boruto ANYTHING about her clan or her past. When she hears Boruto has the Byakugan, she isn’t just surprised, she is upset. Naruto’s words imply that the Hyuuga training is brutal as ever (remember, this training made Hinata go temporarily blind at one point). Neither Naruto nor Hinata want to put their kids through that.

More telling is the fact that Hinata does not accompany Boruto on his visit. The ever-busy Naruto goes, and Himawari goes, but Hinata stays home. Neither Hiashi nor Hanabi seem surprised that Hinata is missing or ask how she is doing.

Yes, I know Hiashi smiled at Hinata during her wedding. Big whoop. Hinata’s dream wasn’t to be called “pretty,” it was for her father to accept her as someone both kind and strong. He never apologizes to her or gives her the acknowledgement she craved for the entirety of Naruto. You can theorize that maybe, possibly, he apologized off screen. But considering Hinata’s attitude towards him during the wedding arc and her current avoidance of all things Hyuuga, it’s unlikely that reconciliation ever happened.

The show implies that Hinata’s cut ties with her toxic past and found validation in raising a family with Naruto. Good for her. And good for the kids that they still get to visit their amazing Aunt Hanabi. But Hiashi can go die in a dumpster for all I care.

Looking back,
I don’t blame you,
For the way you use to drink.
Since becoming a parent myself I often think.
That you were only doing your best,
With a free spirited heart,
And ok, maybe I didn’t get the best of starts.
I don’t hate you.
I love you more now you are gone.
Strumming the same old chords with drunken song.
That laugh,
When things went wrong.
Your gypsy soul,
Not knowing where you belong.
I see you in me,
Whenever I have a drink,
A free spirt,
With the tendency to overthink.

Words for Elysium ©

| Imagination is a gift. I imagine myself inside a painting of Monet…sitting on a balcony overlooking pastel skies and jewel seas….Writing tales and rhymes..Daydreaming and philosophizing..  Who knew that reality would even be more magical?|

It is said by the writers that Toby’s mum has a connection to everything and her story will be revisited - therefor Toby is connected also. Toby has been punished the most by far in the show and a character I have felt the most sorry for. Not necessarily saying he’s uber A or Charles, but just he plays a key role which will connect a lot of dots.

A few things that has happened to him:

- his mum committed suicide
- he was molested by Jenna
- Alison bullied him because he apparently “peeped” on her
- he was blamed for the “Jena thing” by Allison and the liars.
- he went to juvie because of the liars
- he was a main suspect in Alison’s murder case
- people forget this but Emily did sort of reject him during the prom thing in one of the first seasons and she ran away from him terrified when all he was trying to do was explain himself.

I can’t think of any other character where the most and worst things have happened to. Toby has gone through a lot, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was getting pay back on Alison. Who could blame him really?

After re-watching a lot of episodes from varying seasons, I feel like Toby made a real transformation once joining the A team. His whole look and vibe changed, it was as though he finally got sick of everything Alison put him through and decided instead of playing the nice guy he would make change. Maybe the biggest thing Alison did to him was getting his mum killed one way or another- or she’s somehow connected - - and he found out just as MONA went to radley. This would explain the change in him.

Just something to think about