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Sometimes when I am editing, I have to wonder if other Brits go through the same disconnect that happens when a US writer refers to women’s underwear as “panties”. 

It’s especially jarring when I read it in fic meant to be set in the UK, and I just know the words “take your panties off” just wouldn’t fly, especially in Scots. Knickers, yes, and even briefs and drawers. But panties, not so much.

Like I know it’s in our vernacular too, and maybe I’m just showing my age (what do I know what the kids are saying these days, old thing that I apparently am), but panties just has such a juvenile and patronizing quality to it that the word just makes me want to shrink in on myself. I dunno, maybe it’s just me being to finicky. Which I suppose is kind of the point when you hire me to make accurate cultural edits like Brit Eye for the Yankie but whatever, I feel certain in telling you the word “panties” would not have been used in 17th century Scotland.

Although if you want to tell someone not to get their pantaloons in a twist, I’m 100% here for this.

It does not hurt you to show heart. It is not difficult to give someone a little bit of happiness, a little bit of kindness or even the simplicity of human decency. And yet, some act like it is gold dust, gold dust that would pain them to have to share, gold dust that is not worth sharing at all. When you are unkind, when you are cruel or unnecessary, you do not look like greatness, you look like a coward.

kindness is not linked to weakness, it is greatness by Amy Kennedy


Eeee, omg! My fic Vena Cava just reached 40,000 hits today! This is only the second one of my stories to have achieved this milestone (the first is Best of Three). It currently has 474 comments (though half are my responses!), 997 bookmarks (772 public), and 1,950 kudos. Of the many series 3 fix-it fics I’ve written, this is still one of my very favourites. I based scenes of my original novel on this story. Thank you so much for every single one of these hits and for all of your comments and bookmarks and kudos and love! You guys are so great! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Day Five Hundred Ninety Nine.

i am curves in wrong places 
and poorly stifled laughter
i’m big dreams and doe eyes
and belief in a happily-ever-after

There is no secret code to life, no underground ideas, no backstreet cures to make your life perfect. A perfect life will only occur when you find happiness in the everyday. When you base your decisions on what will make you happy, when you strive for happiness as your outcome everyday, and when you hope to achieve joy in your every move. Don’t be pulled in by the false security of material, rely on your heart.

happiness, success, and everything in between by Amy Kennedy


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My favorite thing to hear as a writer is that I’ve moved someone to tears.

Oh yay! :) My story Inappropriate, sequel to In Plain Sight, just reached 20,000 hits! This is the 21st of my 73 stories to reach this milestone, and the first sequel to do so! Sequels are generally much less read than originals, so this is a big deal for this fic! Thank you so much for reading both of these and giving them love! One of my favourite things about this one was getting to write from six different POVs in one fic! Both In Plain Sight and Inappropriate are 5+1 formats: In Plain Sight is written on the concept of “five times Sherlock and John have sex in public and don’t talk about it and one time when they do”, and Inappropriate is written on the concept of “five times Sherlock and John have sex in public and get caught, and one time when they don’t (get caught, that is!)”. The first story is a Sherlock POV, but the second has a different POV for each section: Sally Donovan (S&J have sex in the back of the police cruiser, starting in a bar during a pub quiz), John (they have sex on the London Eye), Lestrade (they have sex in a boat in a park), Sherlock (they have sex in a prison cell, in front of a third party), Mycroft (they have sex at the Holmes’ parents’ house), and Mrs Hudson (they have sex at their own wedding, very close to the guests). One memory that makes me laugh hysterically is the commenter who scolded me over how inappropriate they are in this story, and all I could say was… um… the title?? It’s true, though. They were fully inappropriate almost throughout. :P 

  1.  Wake up
  2.  Cry about Mark Pellegrino coming back to SPN
  3.  Re-watch 12x12 ending scene
  4.  Call everyone I know and tell them that the true Lucifer has returned.
  5.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until I pass out clutching my laptop or a priest is called to intervene. 😈
Joy of the Seas

When you board the ship
She’s the first you meet
She takes your hand
And guides you
Across these galaxies

You’re entering a world
Where magic’s in your grasp
Maybe you packed darkness
But she’s brought the laughs

And I know why the moon sings
Pop songs as lullabies
And why there’s a rhythm
Still clinging to the tide
Why she always knows us
Even in disguise
Because no matter where we are
She’s by our side

So, all aboard and sail with her
To wherever you can dream
She’s the one and only
The Joy of the Seas

Happy Birthday SHIKHA @sonador-reveur

Someone once foolishly
Tried taking my joy from me;
He honestly thought he could,
Expecting that I would
Just roll over and allow it,
Disconnect and disavow it.
But he was in for a surprise
When the fight in me gave rise
And he gave up abruptly,
Seeing he’d get nowhere with me;
That my joy was staying in place,
Sewn into my soul with grace.
My heart may break, my hope get shaken…
But my joy will never be taken.
—  Even when it’s misplaced in the darkness, it’s there somewhere

anonymous asked:

brutally honest ships: Rebelcaptain (i know what your gonna say but imma ask anyway)

AHAHAHAH. Bless you, anon. Bless you.

Well, to start, I did write this treatise on WHY I SHIP REBELCAPTAIN, but that’s more a technical breakdown than it is brutal honesty.

The brutal honest answer? I haven’t loved a ship like this one in a very long time. I almost never ship characters from a stand alone movie because the tension begins and ends within the span of those two hours. But Jyn and Cassian? They’re a different animal. I went in jokingly wanting to ship them based on the first trailer and general Diego Luna lusting, but on the first viewing, I was like oh ok, I guess I am probably not gonna end up shipping them, and that’s fine, that’s cool, that’s … what the hell is going on in that elevator scene. OH MY GOD BITCH DON’T YOU DARE OH GOD.

But here are some new hot takes I don’t think I’ve put down into words before:

My brain can’t comprehend that there’s another person in the universe that would make sense for the other. Other OTPs, other characters, I could be game with the “they could love someone else–maybe it would be the great love, but it could be love.” With Jyn and Cassian, I feel like they just wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. I think they both would rather be alone than be with someone else just to be with someone else. Cassian’s married to the cause when we met him. Jyn’s just trying to survive. Romance and love aren’t on the agenda. That is, until they meet each other, and like, something snaps into place.

I also believe that if they had survived, they’d be relatively okay mentally and emotionally, relatively speaking. Relatively, because these two have already been massively traumatized by their lives when they meet, and they’re still functioning. I think they are natural survivors and survivors who have learned how to cope. They’ve both learned to compartmentalize  Maybe they have nightmares, they probably have additional layers of PTSD and survivor’s guilt, but I don’t see them in my mind as withdrawing from each other, either? But then I’ve read fics where they’ve done just that, and I love those?

But one thing I do love about this ship is that I find that their dynamic is quite … healing for the other. It’s a pairing of equals, and though on the surface they are somewhat opposites (he’s careful and cool; she’s reckless and hotheaded), they’re also very similar in other ways, which is why I think they get one another, and why I think they work so well. In a span of a week they can communicate almost wordlessly. They trust one another. It’s beautiful and tragic.

Speaking of which. One upside to them being dead is that they can’t be ruined or torn apart. They exist forever in this perfect little bubble of what if and if only. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it (and I don’t want to).

Day Six Hundred Five.

we snuck outside, 
stealing kisses between wayward glances.
the night sky lit up with colour
as we watched from a park bench,
arms wrapped around each other tightly
as the rest of the world fell away.