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It does not hurt you to show heart. It is not difficult to give someone a little bit of happiness, a little bit of kindness or even the simplicity of human decency. And yet, some act like it is gold dust, gold dust that would pain them to have to share, gold dust that is not worth sharing at all. When you are unkind, when you are cruel or unnecessary, you do not look like greatness, you look like a coward.

kindness is not linked to weakness, it is greatness by Amy Kennedy


I crossed a big milestone today. :) 

For years I’ve been saying that before this, from roughly 2003-6, I had a previous fanfic-writing life in the Harry Potter universe, wherein I wrote just over 1.4 million words of fic. I lost the file with the exact number of words on an old laptop, so I never knew when I passed that number with my Sherlock writings. I decided, therefore, to celebrate this when I crossed the 1.5 million word mark. I have now done this: I have written, as of today, over 1.5 million words of Sherlock fanfic, totalling in around 2.9 million words of fanfic altogether. :)

Also: the new fic is over 2,500 words now. :)

Day Four Hundred Sixty Four.

I love you
isn’t enough

it’s long nights
and tight hugs
it’s laughter
and curling into each other
when the world is relentless
it’s understanding and patience
endless patience

it’s that you know how i like my coffee
and can tell something is wrong before i do
it’s finished sentences and inside jokes
it’s planning our future together
planning a life
it’s the calm to every storm
the impenetrable protection from every danger

it’s you and me
in this crazy world
taking on every moment
because there’s no other way
it’s happiness
and sadness and everything in between
tackled hand in hand
side by side

I love you
is true
it’s sweet and sentimental
it fills my heart so much it overflows
but it isn’t enough

thank you
is a better place to start

My favorite thing to hear as a writer is that I’ve moved someone to tears.
Live your life according to what your heart longs for. You are not living for them, you are living for yourself. Live for your joy and your own good times, make yourself laugh and create a home inside yourself. You can satisfy people until the day is good and through but that will never generate happiness within you. Treat yourself like you are worthy, and others will feel it too.

Worthy by Amy Kennedy


Oh yay! My fic Right Hand Man just crossed the 20,000 hit marker today! It is the 17th of my 70 Sherlock fics to have reached this milestone, so it’s very exciting to me! Thank you so much for reading this story and giving it love! Hurt/comfort always has a particularly special place in my heart, and angry, hurting John and Sherlock figuring out how to comfort him is special to me, too. Thank you!!!!! <3333333333

  1.  Wake up
  2.  Cry about Mark Pellegrino coming back to SPN
  3.  Re-watch 12x12 ending scene
  4.  Call everyone I know and tell them that the true Lucifer has returned.
  5.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until I pass out clutching my laptop or a priest is called to intervene. 😈
Try as I might, I just don’t have any hate in me. I must have been born without it. I’ve been told it’s much better this way. But people look at me like I’ve gone mad when I tell them I’ve forgiven that man or this one. People tell me I’m manipulative for sharing my soul or offering kind words. There must be so few of us feelers that genuine empathy is no longer distinguishable. My tears aren’t made of crocodiles, and if you never know I truly love you whose loss is that really? Hate is heavy. I prefer love and light.
—  k. n.
It is not who you love, it is how you love, why you love and what makes you love. It is what makes you feel like the world could cave in and your heart would be consistent. It is how you could stay strong in a moment of fear to keep another warm, to keep yourself pushing forward. It is why you are happy, why everything is ok and why you believe in a better world. Don’t let anyone define your love. Your love cannot be defined by another's unreliable source of a mind, your love is yours, and only yours, to confide.

your love by Amy Kennedy


Oh yay! Merry Christmas to me! One of my angstiest fics ever, Love Is, just reached 20,000 hits tonight! Thank you to everyone who’s ever read this one! This story is the 16th out of my 64 (almost 65!) to have passed this milestone and it’s so exciting! Thanks for giving it some love! (And if it leaves you angry at John, don’t forget to read the companion story, which is from his POV, The Things That Matter!) :) Thanks, everyone! <33333333

The taste of happiness causing sparks to shoot off in your mind.
The comforting sense of home at moments when you don’t realize you need it.
The feeling of elation on a beautiful spring morning for no particular reason.
Joy from the little things in life that we tend to forget.
—  existential-words
Love yourself, your friends, the world, the nature and the animals. Love the things that keep you alive, the things that make you smile, the things that make you laugh deep from your belly. There will be days my dear when you cannot function, there will be times when your shelter is no longer warm and the cold is all you have. You’ll always have those belly laughs though. And, you’ll always have those memories, you will always be able to look back at the bright days and wait for the sun to shine once more.

bright days & belly laughs by Amy Kennedy


Day Five Hundred.

trail your pretty lies down my spine
shelter my innocence with your hardened heart 
whisper softly that it’s going to be okay
before you tear my world apart 

Mood board for And, action! Written by @bluethisisforyou . This fanfic was one of the best klance fanfics I have ever read and it was well done. If you have not read it here’s a link: