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Life of a Fanfiction Writer

Starting like:

Needing to write quickly before you forget:

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Needing to remember all the small details:

Losing your train of thought:

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When it’s going well:

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Writing smut:

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Not able to fill in the gaps from one scenario to the other:

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Serious writers block:

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Reading through finding you’ve gone wrong:

Finding all your spelling errors:

Finally Finished:

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Sometimes when I am editing, I have to wonder if other Brits go through the same disconnect that happens when a US writer refers to women’s underwear as “panties”. 

It’s especially jarring when I read it in fic meant to be set in the UK, and I just know the words “take your panties off” just wouldn’t fly, especially in Scots. Knickers, yes, and even briefs and drawers. But panties, not so much.

Like I know it’s in our vernacular too, and maybe I’m just showing my age (what do I know what the kids are saying these days, old thing that I apparently am), but panties just has such a juvenile and patronizing quality to it that the word just makes me want to shrink in on myself. I dunno, maybe it’s just me being to finicky. Which I suppose is kind of the point when you hire me to make accurate cultural edits like Brit Eye for the Yankie but whatever, I feel certain in telling you the word “panties” would not have been used in 17th century Scotland.

Although if you want to tell someone not to get their pantaloons in a twist, I’m 100% here for this.


Today in Black Excellence: Donald Glover, Lena Waithe and Sterling K. Brown all make history at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Glover took home two Emmy’s for his work with Atlanta. The first was “Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, which he is the first Black director to win, and “Best Lead Actor in a Comedy.”

Waithe became the first Black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing. She co-wrote Master of None’s “Thanksgiving” episode, which was based on her personal experience of coming out to her family, with series co-creator and star Aziz Ansari.

Finally, Brown became the first Black actor in nearly 20 years to win “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for his role in This Is Us.

Congrats to these three talented artists. 

Photos courtesy of the Emmys/Television Academy’s Official Facebook page. 

It does not hurt you to show heart. It is not difficult to give someone a little bit of happiness, a little bit of kindness or even the simplicity of human decency. And yet, some act like it is gold dust, gold dust that would pain them to have to share, gold dust that is not worth sharing at all. When you are unkind, when you are cruel or unnecessary, you do not look like greatness, you look like a coward.

kindness is not linked to weakness, it is greatness by Amy Kennedy



This is for @dizzy-redhead, and it’s from one of my favorite pieces of writing from this fandom. The Closer series can be found here, and this scene is from the last part, titled Can’t Stop.

me: this fic is so hot

me: draws like the only part where they’re clothed

me, later: draws a slightly nsfw part for under the cut

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Oh, yay! My story Bridging the Ravine just reached 10,000 hits today! Thanks for reading this one! The sequel is 10,000 words in, and now that I’m properly on vacation (as of today, omg yay!!!!!!), I plan on being able to sit down and write for longer stretches! Exciting! :) Meanwhile, thanks so much for the incredibly warm reception this story has had so far! Warms the cockles of my little heart! <333333333333333333333

Celebrities who should play in AHS (the list of @buzazar)/ PART 1

AHS is the show where you can see amazing main actors in every seasons (like Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson), talented ones in some of them (Jessica Lange or Angela Bassett) and some great single roles (Lady Gaga or Ian McShane). 

There is a list of famous people I would like to see in this colorful show somewhen. I guess they will be able to make AHS much better than it is now (Yes, it can be possible).

1. Helena Bonham Carter

Is that really important to explain why this incredible woman should appear in AHS? Indeed?

When I knew that Jessica Lange left the show, I had no idea who was able to change her. Lady Gaga (sorry, fans) - no. That was wrong. Nevertheless, it was awesome to see Kathy Bates. They are the same high level actresses. So…some time later I understand who can be the real queen of AHS. She even doesn’t need to play main role to catch our attention. Right? Look at her - Mommy of Horror:

2. Johnny Depp

I know there is a lot of hate nowadays to him. As for me he is the greatest modern actor. The majority of his films are my childhood and teen periods which was pretty tough time. However, I think it will be cool to see him in AHS (at least as a cameo) because of his talented play. Remember all Tim Burton’s movies (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood) , great job in Secret Window, Dead Man or The Libertine. He is master of masks. Don’t you agree? 

3. Jared Leto

Another chameleon in this list is Jared Leto. I am sure you expected his name. That’s true. Everyone knows how freaking talented this man is. He can be anyone or anything. You must love Jared, so don’t mind to see him in AHS in the future. 

4. Bjork

One more great musician here. Bjork. This is true many-sides person. Sometimes I doubt if she is human. So adorable alien from Iceland. If Gaga is mother of monsters, Helena - mommy of horror, I guess, Bjork is the mom of freaks and unexplained. 

5. Saoirse Ronan

I don’t want to argue with fans of this show, but I guess Saoirse would be more than able to compete with young actresses of AHS, Taissa Farmiga and Emma Roberts. Her angelic appearance would only play for her. Saoirse has incredible acting talent what let the young woman play different roles. She can be pure and innocent or be fatal. 

6. Anya Taylor-Joy

More about wonderful young actresses. Anya Taylor-Joy. She has already proved that isn’t so sweet and lovely as seems. Her most known role (VVITCH) shows this young beauty hides darkness in her raven eyes. To discover more of her skill you should watch Morgan. These two movies created the thought in my mind that it would be great to see Anya in AHS one day. 

7. Marilyn Manson

Do I really have to explain why this personality must appear in AHS? Sometimes I see Marilyn as embodiment of this show: the mixing of love, pain, darkness, sex and violence. He could play the role in any present seasons of AHS: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel…JUST SAY THAT! 

8. Brendon Urie

Another face of AHS. He contains other side of show which is full of energy, glamour, beauty, grace and hope (and sex as well ahahaha), but mystique and secrets. If Manson is ugly truth, Urie is handsome trickster. You will choose who is your leader.

9. Jesse Rutherford 

In AHS we’ve seen a handsome musician before - Adam Levine. I am afraid Jesse will be able to eclipse him (I am so sorry (or not)). Jesse writes dark songs about lust and love. What a perfect incubus for such show! 

10. Rosamund Pike

This list is started by amazing British actress, so it must should with another amazing British actress. I adore Rosamund Pike. I admire her cold and dark beauty which should inspire the creators of AHS one day. The show has told us stories of strong, gorgeous women. All actresses who played them are also powerful and wonderful. Personally I think, Rosamund can play the character full of grace and increasing desire to kill. 

There is no secret code to life, no underground ideas, no backstreet cures to make your life perfect. A perfect life will only occur when you find happiness in the everyday. When you base your decisions on what will make you happy, when you strive for happiness as your outcome everyday, and when you hope to achieve joy in your every move. Don’t be pulled in by the false security of material, rely on your heart.

happiness, success, and everything in between by Amy Kennedy


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Flights of fancy,
Fantastical butterflies
Alighting on
My heartstrings from on high…

Soon igniting
Iridescent indulgence;
Elegant effulgence.

Spiders may try
Weaving webs to ensnare.
Butterflies remain
Vigilantly aware.

Eeee, omg! My fic Vena Cava just reached 40,000 hits today! This is only the second one of my stories to have achieved this milestone (the first is Best of Three). It currently has 474 comments (though half are my responses!), 997 bookmarks (772 public), and 1,950 kudos. Of the many series 3 fix-it fics I’ve written, this is still one of my very favourites. I based scenes of my original novel on this story. Thank you so much for every single one of these hits and for all of your comments and bookmarks and kudos and love! You guys are so great! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

My favorite thing to hear as a writer is that I’ve moved someone to tears.
Imagine Deadpool trying to set you and Spiderman up

As you set the small bandaid over Peter’s final wound you sighed, feeling a presence over you as you rolled your eyes, “Personal space Wade,” you reminded as the red and black clad hero behind you’s breath left your shoulder, “Right, sorry (Y/N)” Wade breathed, still a little too close for your liking, although knowing there was no way to get him to back up further. You look from the bandage on Peter’s forehead to his brown eyes glaring at Wade, although softening as they land on your (E/C) ones. He offers you a small, thankful smile, although knowing that he despised having to breath the same air as the merc with a mouth who was probably making faces at your best friend as we speak. “I’m gonna go get some more ice for your eye,” you tell the curly haired brunette who only offers you a, “Thanks (Y/N),” before you leave Wade’s bedroom to his kitchen to look for something cold. Peter hated it here. It was dirty and smelled like month old mexican food which, knowing Wade it probably was. He had no choice though, with May at home and no other shelter, Deadpool literally picked up the teen and raced him to his home for the opportunity. Luckily, you had been there, chilling at Wade’s home like you did sometimes when you needed to be away from your home for a while. You immediately went into action when you saw Peter’s injuries, using whatever first aid crap Wade had lying around, which wasn’t much to be honest, to the best of your ability while Wade sat and watched not so patiently– Peter’s thoughts were interrupted as a ball of paper hit his face. His eyes snapped from the door he was trained on to Wade, who laughed at Peter’s confused expression. Peter rolled his eyes at Wade’s annoying antics. “Watcha thinking about?” Wade asked curiously as Peter turned red, not wanting to admit that he was thinking of you, and the way your eyes lit up when you smiled, and how you were perfectly imperfect in every way. “N-nothing,” Peter mumbled, giving Wade a harsh glare, “Screw off Wade,” he added on, almost surprising himself with his rude manners. Wade gasped dramatically, putting a hand over his heart to feign hurt, “Rude,” Wade declared, “If your going to insult me, do it right. Call me a c*** s*cker or someth–” Wade stopped, “really writer? You’re seriously gonna censor me?” he groaned angrily, “and c*** s*cker? That’s the best you got?” he furrowed his brows, or lack thereof, “I mean, if you’re writing for me at least do it right.” the ugly potato rolled his eyes, scoffing at the writer once more, “Oh wow, reeeal mature of you,” he slow clapped, ignoring Peter’s horrified face. “Uh-” Peter spoke, interrupting Wade’s insanity as Wade looked at the young lad, “A-are you okay?” Peter asked uncertainly as Wade groaned angrily, “Not with this f*cking writer!” he exclaimed, “See! There it is again!” he said exasperated, laying diwn on the bed as Peter sat, more confused than ever in his life. Slowly, Wade raised himself up, giving Peter a knowing look, “Oh I know what you’re thinking,” he smirked under the mask. “Y-you do?” Peter asked uncertainly, heat rushing to his cheeks as Wade nodded so fast Peter swore he’d get whiplash, “This kill-joy writer won’t let me say it, but I found a loophole,” Wade grinned, grabbing a notebook and box of crayons as he began scribbling on the white sheet. Eventually, he finished with an “a-ha!” holding up a picture of–***** ******* *** ***** and ******* *** ****** **** to ****** slowly ***** until **** “God Dammit writer,” Wade mumbled under his breath as Peter, turning 50 shades of red, stared at the picture in horror, quickly ripping up the erotic picture. “N-no Wade!” Peter declined, “I-I mean, I-I wouldn’t ever!–” “Look Spidey, we both know you got a thing for (Y/N). You wanna tap that, I get it, I get it.” he pressed a finger to Peter’s lips as he parted them to protest. “Now, (Y/N) is like a little sister to me, making me the hot older brother that makes out with all her friends.” Wade paused, shaking his head, “No, that’s not right…anyways, I am very protective of her, and I just want to say that,” Wade stopped, moving his gloved finger from Peter’s lips to slide down and pat his shoulder, “I think you and her would be adorable!” he exclaims as Peter shakes his head, attempting to get Wade to shut up, “Okay fine. I am head over heels in love with (Y/N)…but I can’t so anything about it,” he mumbled twiddling his thumbs nervously as Wade gives Peter a strange laugh, standing up and dusting imaginary dirt off his suit, “No need to fear, your friendly neighbourhood Deadpool is here,” Deadpool states, running for the door when Peter immedietly shoots hit webs to stick Wade to the doorknob. Wade gives Peter a “what the f*ck” look and Peter glares, “You can’t tell (Y/N)!” he delcared as Deadpool whined like the child he is, “Aww why not?” he asked as Peter glared harder at the red and black clad “hero”. Neither of them knowing what was behing the door. As you stood, listening to their conversation, you couldn’t help but the smile that makes it’s way across your face. Peter likes YOU! No, LOVES you! You were trying to keep your cool as you smirked, imagining how much fun you were going to have with this information.

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Oh! *ahem* In the midst of all the hoopla about the newest fic, I almost didn’t notice that my most popular story ever (which used to baffle and/or frustrate me, but now… sure, okay!) Best of Three just surpassed 90,000 hits!! Goodness! Thank you so much for reading this one so much, you lovely people! :)))) Best of Three is the only story of mine to have surpassed 50K hits, never mind 90K! It has 582 comments (half of which are my responses, of course), 3,832 kudos, 1,261 public bookmarks and 1,712 bookmarks in total. Thank you so much for reading it and giving it love!