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BiTalks Topic#20 submission: Brittany S. Pierce

Who is your favourite bi character? 

This beautiful bicorn:

Why are they important to you? 

Brittany is just so real. I feel like the Glee writers initially created her to fill the ableist brainless beauty trope (as well as the promiscuous bi trope) but then she took on a life of her own, and became surprisingly complex. And that is what I value in bi characters: that they are complex, maybe even problematic at times, but genuine, and that their sexual orientation is neither glossed over nor the only focus of the whole character. 

Which of their qualities do you like best/identify with? 

I use Brittany as my blog’s mascot because she reminds me of the fun, light-hearted parts of being bi. She is also so genuine, and always says what she feels, which inspires me to do the same online and irl when calling out biphobia. Most importantly, she has a huge heart and looks out for others who may be treated poorly in high school (like Becky, the cheerleader with Down Syndrome), so I think she’s a good representation of solidarity with some other marginalized identities.

To be fair, Brittany definitely had her problematic aspects (like, you know, constantly misgendering Unique, a trans woman, as well as Joe). Putting aside the fact that the writers for that show just generally sucked at representing issues like these, I remember my own problematic moments in high school (and still!). On tumblr there are so many teens expressing bad opinions and getting harassed by adults, who maybe forget what it’s like to be a teen. Things like transphobia should never be ignored, but we should try to call out teens in as compassionate a way as possible, because they are still learning and growing. Brittany helps me to remember that.

What about their story strikes a cord within you?

I love how fiercely protective she and Santana are of each other. And I love that Brittany got a happy ending - that’s so rare for LBPAQ women in fiction!