writer 1: so

What other people in the ANE fandom title their fics: Really cool titles reminiscent of the story, often which have a strange sense of irony and/or foreshadowing, often even go so far as to research outside their native language to search for the perfect name.

What I title my fics:

  • person: don't
  • me: fine i'll say it
  • person: dont
  • me: the get down ACTUALLY got cancelled because of the lack of (2 SECONDS OF) lgbtq+ poc representation and gay shit and lack of thizzee and those WHACK ass comic strips as filler ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Writer 1: So we called for a meeting obviously...to discuss the big elephant in the room...
  • Melissa: my short skirt? When I'm supergirl...
  • Chyler: How short the screen time of my supposedly love interest
  • Floriana: my screen time?
  • Katie: is it my boobs?
  • Writer 1: no, no and no...not ur boobs katie...Look guys, there can only be one lesbian love story in the show...
  • Chyler: Is that why your killing my character?
  • Melissa: awww babe...sorry...*patting Chyler's back*
  • Writer 2: what? No! I don't meant yours!
  • Katie: Shit not--
  • Melissa: Sssh...don't worry babe...the show is named after me..we're safe...
  • Floriana: What's happening??
  • Writer 2: *deep sigh* Look Mel, katie...lena and kara...they are not in love, okay?
  • Melissa: *surprised gasp* they're not?!
  • Writer 1 & 2: So do we make ourselves clear?
  • Melissa: Yeah...
  • Katie: as a crystal...
  • Melissa: *whispers to katie* i really feel bad for floriana, they're gonna kill her off...or try to make her straight...
  • Katie: yeah...
  • Writers 1 & 2: *accomplished smug* #straightbaited
  • AoS Writer 1: So what should we do for the alternate reality in the Framework?
  • AoS Writer 2: I dunno.
  • AoS Writer 3: Why don't we read some fanfics for inspiration?
  • AoS Writer 1: Great idea!
  • AoS Writer 2: Why don't we just take all the AU's and put them on the show?
  • Aos Writer 3: Brilliant!
  • Aos Writer 1: Awesome job guys! Nailed it.
the supergirl writers writing 2x14
  • Writer 1: so Kara wants to keep her relationship with Mon-el a secret.
  • How does Mon-el react to that?
  • Writer 2: well, we all know what a great boyfriend Mon-el has been!
  • He's supported her so much!
  • Writer 1: okay, we'll just go with the classic "best boyfriend ever" move.
  • Writer 2: jup, he just ignores Kara and is a disgusting person in general, 'kay?
  • Writer 1: this relationship is so healthy! *high five*
Writers for AHS Season 7

writer 1: “Hmmm… so what are people afraid of?”

writer 2: “Clown’s?”

writer 1: “True especially since that clown siting thing…”

writer 2: “Oh and bees… lots of people hate bees”

writer 1: “Yeah and the honey comb is like that trypophobia thing!”

writer 2: “True! everyone on the internet thinks they have that.”

writer 1: “Ok so one more thing, something more threatening, something that’ll scare the parents as well… ”

both, in unison: “Cults!”

(I’m so excited for ahs cult)

writer 1: ok so here’s my character concept. she has short hair so you know shes a butch lesbian, she’s standing in front of a giant red star and a bust of lenin. behind her, a general talks about how great she is at flying giant robots while a bunch of ladies look on enviously

writer 2: ok whats her name? shes german right?

writer 1: jung freud

what was going through writers heads while writing jacqueline/jane scene in 1x06 (probably)
  • writer #1: so let's make her invite jane to her house, introduce her to her children, dog and a husband, then let's make them have heart to heart on the couch while Jacqueline stares deeply into Jane's eyes and holds her hand and understands her and makes her feel better
  • writer #2: but.... won't the audience think that's a bit... gay?
  • writer #1: ....
  • writer #2: ....
  • writer #1: pft nah it's fine

Your voice is something I want to remember but need to forget. The addictive sound of you pulls me out of my own skin and carries me up into the sky, it’s almost as thrilling as being alive. When we’re together, all my heart wants to do is fly and I still haven’t figured out why. Why do I believe that I might be the image of something you’d beg for? Why do I trust the warm feeling in my chest when we kiss more than the cold feeling in my head because I know I’m not someone you’d miss. I respect myself enough to be bigger than your pride. Than your lies. Then why am I so unbelievably incapable of undoing our ties? It’s ridiculous, I’m hopelessly hopeful, I still search for love in your eyes. My body feels a rush when I think you might be in love with me, but honestly, I think I have a habit of falling in love with what ifs, and a habit of ignoring reality. I’m in love with you loving me but sleeping beside you has made me feel lonely. Cause I just lay awake, deafened by my thinking. Why am I here? I don’t know why the fuck I’m here, but you’re sleeping and you’re warm and this love I have for you is such a storm but right now, I’m just happy you’re warm. I may feel alone and you may be the reason, but at least you’re warm. Because I have this theory that your heart has felt cold for a while, so the observation of you finally feeling warm makes my heart smile. Last night you fell asleep next to me, and I fell in love next to you. And if “making love” is all you wanna do then at least make some love for me too. Search for something worth loving inside me and build a home or search for another heart and leave mine alone. I’ve gotten so used to waking up in your arms though. I’ve gotten so used to closing my eyes with a starving hope that you’ll realize you love me tomorrow. I don’t know, maybe you will, or maybe I’ll finally wake up and go.



You want to change things? You’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

anonymous asked:

The writers just went for too much this season. I mean hell, how many subplots are there? The lying, cheating, secret wife, almost dying... You can tell poor Dom and Kat are struggling to make Wayhaught work. The only parts of Wayhaught that I like so far are 100% because of Dom/Kat and not the writers. Season 1 was so well done that the writers tried to go above and beyond, and well... yeah. This isn't the Wayhaught we know, and isn't where we wanted them to go.

look…i’m not trying to be an asshole, but there’s no such thing as a 100% happy ship. There just isn’t. Wlw or not, ships on shows have drama. That’s just what they are. And honestly, I think people are overreacting to a lot of the things, because they want so badly to cling to this relationship as a flawless one, since wlw get so little representation in media. But relationships are flawed. So, let’s break this down:

- They “lying”…it was a lapse in judgement that, if anything, showed us how much Nicole loves Waverly, and showed that she has flaws and is overprotective (and honestly, as far as character flaws go, that’s one of the best ones to have). It’s also something that happens in all types of relationships. People lie all the time to protect the people that they love. Am I saying it’s right? No. Am I saying it’s for the right reasons? Yes.

- The “cheating”….ok, I’m kinda with Wynonna (and please don’t immediately message me about this cause I’ve thought about it for a while) in that one kiss isn’t really “cheating” so much as it is a mistake. Much like Nicole’s “lying” it showed us that Waverly isn’t perfect. And, in a fucked up, twisted way, it showed how much she loves Nicole, with her being so instantly mortified with herself. It would be one thing if this was a pattern of behavior, but it isn’t. Sure, I wish this particular plot line hadn’t been explored, but it has. And what’s important is that nobody is saying that it was ok; not even Waverly is trying to make excuses. Everyone recognizes that it was very wrong.

- The secret wife…look, first of all, just because you don’t tell someone something, doesn’t really make it a secret. Nicole probably didn’t tell Waverly because a) it doesn’t really seem to matter if it was an impulsive fling with nothing really there between them and they are in the process of getting it annulled/divorcing, b) she never really had a chance to bring it up, and c) she was ashamed because how the hell are you meant to tell the person that you love and want to marry one day that you are currently getting a divorce from someone you married without really loving? I mean, how can she properly explain that the next time she makes the commitment, it will mean something for real when the first time was literally just a fling (even by her “wife”s own admission). To me, Shay isn’t even her “wife”. It didn’t really mean anything. It was just a word.

- The almost dyingthis show is literally built on the idea that there is constant danger from hell. I mean, Wynonna literally did die for crying out loud. Having a character almost die for drama is…well…dramatic. It would be one thing if the writers had killed Nicole off, but they didn’t. I honestly can’t understand why people are upset with this plot line.

In conclusion:

  • I really like this season.
  • I recognize the flaws, but have faith it will continue to improve.
  • If the show/ship were 100% predictable and fluff, where would be the fun?
  • The show is a drama, and, therefore, requires drama.

                           Will you defeat them,
                Your demons / Give a cheer for all the broken
                       Listen here, because it’s who we are

                                            rest in peace grant douglas ward

  • writer 1: so we have this horse furry knight guy in our RPG
  • writer 2: right
  • writer 1: we were thinking of like, making him sexual, to grab that base
  • writer 2: dipshit
  • writer 2: the money in that base is in making the horse furry knight very sweet and easily embarrassed
  • writer 2: god you're green
  • Soap Magazine Writer #1: Oh, Emmerdale is having Robron on the verge of breaking up again.
  • Soap Magazine Writer #2: Didn't they just do this a month ago.
  • Soap Magazine Writer #1: Yep. So what headline do we use?
  • Soap Magazine Writer #2: Fuck man, I don't know. We used crossroads last month, and the previous month we used the word precipice. I got one: "Robert and Aaron nearly breakup for the 10,000 time. Water is wet."
  • Soap Magazine Writer #1: Good enough.