SHINee’s 1and1 Fansign in COEX Live Plaza
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Fan: Oppa as a p.s. please write something you wish to hear. I’ll say it to you next time if I get into a fansign again.
Taemin: Ah words I want to hear? Write something I wanna hear as the p.s.?
Fan: Yes, I won’t look. (Taemin in the middle of writing) I won’t look. (Taemin still writing). Is it long? It’s taking a long time to be writen? ;;
On the album he wrote: “The base of mountain Jeongbal bear’s feet stink ballad madam say hello.”*

(*) Taemin just wrote the words from this meme (same words on the caption), that you can understand more by watching this.

Its not to bad dut one time in my gr 10 science class the teacher was on a rant or something semi related to science and my friends were mssing with me, we had just started a kind of war were we draw random things over each others homework and notes but this time they were being being real dicks i would llok away for a second and my stuff was gone and having a bunch of dicjs and stuff writen on it and so after i wile i finally said “will you just fuck off.” kinda jokingly and apparently much louder then i ment because the teacher looked me dead in the eyes and said “do i need to send you out of the class like the child you are.” so i just shut up and looked down albut nothing happend to my friends even though they were doing that stuff as he glared at me

Phases of the moon

•Very full
•Unsure of itself
•Mad with power
•Disappointed with the newest Marvel movie
•Very very full
•Feeling like an imposter
•Jealous towards the sun
•Being extra nice to the sun to make up for the jealousy the sun is unaware of
•Trying to sabotage the sun’s happiness, but succeeding in sabotaging it’s own happiness
•New again